Levels by Bjorn


Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth





After the opening flyby, resist the temptation to take a cruise down the river in the kayak parked in front of you. Turn around and enter the sheltered alcove, where a breaktile will drop you into a lower area infested with rats. Pull the skeleton away from the SW opening and grab the LASER SIGHT and the REVOLVER. Crawl further into the passage and pull up into a room with buttons on the side walls that don't work. However, if you go up the steps there's a hard-to-see button on the N wall that opens a nearby door and triggers darts that issue from what first appeared to be buttons.


Take a running jump over the darts and hop E with grab over the floor hole to land past the opened door in the passage leading to the sheltered alcove. Jump over the remaining breaktiles into the E corridor and come to a trigger tile that changes the camera angle and reveals a nasty set of spears that render even more hazardous your upcoming walk across a tightrope with deadly water down below. Make your way N to the other side and save your game for a rather tricky running jump to activate the jump switch on the brick wall ahead. It helps to hop back and jump straight up before initiating the running jump


A door opens in the canal, but if you try to enter you'll be blocked by a strong current, so swim W and pull up S next to the kayak and opposite the opened door. Combine the revolver and laser sight, look inside the opening and find wooden supports jutting from either side of the brick column. Shoot them both to close doors on the other side of the column and shut off the current. Hop over the current, swim past the opened door and grab the flares. Pull out onto the S steps and go up and around to face a gauntlet of flame blowers.


Jump up to grab the ceiling and monkey swing past the generously timed flames to drop down onto the E ledge. Hop down next to the Shiva statue and activate the cleverly disguised jump switch in the SW column. A floor trap door opens nearby, so swim down into the passage and look in the seaweed for the BRONZE IDOL that registers as SECRET #1. Swim back out, pull out S at the steps and repeat your trip along the ceiling to the E ledge (the flames are now off). Pull up through the ceiling hole and loop around left through the W passage.


The door ahead opens upon your approach, so continue around the corner and a second door will open. Prepare to engage a tiger and continue around corners to open two more doors in similar fashion. When the fourth door opens, go just past it, reverse roll and go back the way you came. You'll soon come to a N opening with steps on either side. You might want to go up the left side first to flush out a tiger and keep it from becoming a distraction later. Then go up the right side and save your game in front of the timed wall switch.


Pull down the switch to open the first of several timed doors and trigger horizontal blade traps nearby. Go back the way you came, hop over the blades and come to a second timed wall switch N. Pull it down, reverse roll and run down the steps, take an immediate right and run up the steps, continue clockwise to a flame-surrounded ramp and run around the skeleton past the E timed doorway. Pick up the SILVER IDOL for SECRET #2 and exit to find a small medipack next to the skeleton. Run up the ramp between the flaming oil to trigger a boulder and jump into the alcove on your right or left as it rolls by.  


Continue up the ramp to a crawl space. Enter and crawl around until you trigger a flyby of the multiple hazards awaiting you, but it's not as hard as it might seem at first glance. Step down onto the safe tile, crawl W and N to the next safe tile, take a walking/running jump NE to the next safe tile and try not to land astride the skeleton (nasty collision). Finally, crawl N and W to get past the spear field. There appears to be only one rolling blade ahead, but when you run past it another is triggered in the opposite corner. However, they don't travel the full length of the hallway (at least not in my game), so stand between them facing the closed N door. When the roller blade to your right moves away from you, run forward and push the button to the right of the door to open it. Hop back twice to avoid the returning roller blade, then dash inside the alcove and pick up the GOLD IDOL for SECRET #3.


Go to the E end of the hallway and turn right into the opening for a large medipack and an onscreen secret code: 1402. Go up the steps and pull up E out of the ceiling hole to trigger another flyby and awaken two Shiva statues (not to mention a burst of GMac-esque heroic music). After you've dispatched them, push the buttons in the middle of the N, W and S walls to lower the central column so you can step forth and claim the NOTE that ends the level.




After the introductory flyby, and as in the first level, turn away from the tracks and go through the subway station to meet a

beggar with expensive tastes. You left your purse at home, so go past him up the working escalator to higher tracks infested with bats. Look for a small medipack near the bench on your right, hop down to the tracks and head E, staying left so you can scoot into a protective alcove as a train rumbles past you. Pick up 999 EURO and, as the nearby door won't open, return to the escalator and go down to the lower level.


Loop around right and go still lower down the other escalator. At the bottom, turn around and open the trap door. Hop down and crawl S under the escalator, shoot the grate to your left and continue around to the end of the crawl space for flares if you wish. Return to where you shot the grate and emerge at the bottom of some winding steps. Go to the top and push the button to open the door. Step forward and pick up the BRONZE CROSS for SECRET #1. Each level is independent in this game and starts from scratch, so the secrets aren't numbered consecutively.


Return to the escalator via the crawl space and you will likely get a fixed camera, which provides a hint that you're to jump up and shoot the grate over the vending machine. After doing that, shoot the lower grate to the right of the vending machine and enter the crawl space. Shoot the grate at the far end if necessary, loop around left in the next room and find several bunched pushblocks at the top of the steps. Push the one on the left into the N alcove. Pull the revealed block one time W, push the third block one time E and see a fourth pushblock with a different design. But first, push the second block one time W, pull the third block back to its original position and go around it into the S alcove for the SILVER CROSS and SECRET #2.


Go to the pushblock with the different design and push it two times E so that it falls down onto the subway platform and breaks something down below. You'll note a fifth pushblock that serves no apparent purpose, so hop down to the platform and pick up 2.55 EURO. Go S up the nearby escalator and loop around to the fellow with the expensive tastes. Combine the two Euro pieces and place the 1001.55 EURO into his bowl. He only asked for an even thousand, so you're entitled to some change, namely the 1.55 EURO that appears in your inventory. The nearby dog perks up, sensing the presence of a nearby friend or rival, and a flyby shows a gate opening down in the lower platform area.


When camera control is restored the dog is nowhere to be seen, so go down the NW escalator and through the upright trap door to find the W passage where the gate opened. Follow to a menacing-looking guy with a guard dog, but they both graciously allow you safe passage, so turn left and find a crawl space in the S wall. Go on through to an underground sewer filled with water of a sickly green hue. Shoot the crocodile swimming nearby, jump into the water and quickly swim N as your health starts declining steadily. Pull out E next to some steps, shoot two more crocodiles and go up to a zip line.


Ride the zip line down through a fixed camera and release to drop onto a metallic bridge. Shoot a couple of bats and locate the ladder on the far side of the bridge. Climb down to a grated floor area and jump into the N gap in the grates. Swim into the underwater E opening and pull out into a passage that takes you around past another menacing dude to a lodge-style dwelling where yet another menacing dude is standing guard. Go past him S to trigger another flyby through a cathedral that ends with the release of several hostile workers and miraculously adds the SCORPION X to your arsenal.


Return to the previous dude and go down either E or W into the cathedral and meet a trio of workers, one of whom will drop the TREASURE ROOM KEY. Grab the large medipack in the SW corner, go back upstairs and S to a pair of guards posted at a balcony. Go past them and hop over the railing two times to get over to the S side. Use the key to move the angel statue out of the alcove and open a wall panel so you can jump to grab the ladder. Climb down, shift left at the floor hole and drop to pick up the Scorpion X ammo. Climb down the rest of the way and time jumps over the two lasers guarding the underground passage.


Continue S as the passage narrows, pause for flares and emerge to trigger a flyby through a deep room. Mount the chain in the corner to your left, facing NE, climb up until you see an opening behind you and back flip into the alcove. Jump up to shoot the grate in the E wall and safety drop to the floor. Go across the room for more flares near the E wall and find a pair of chains at the middle of the N wall. Climb the one on the left, facing NW, and back flip into the opening for the CROWBAR. Open the nearby crowbar door and enter a small room for Scorpion X ammo. Go back, carefully line up with the chain, jump to grab it and continue climbing up.


Back flip onto a platform with a chain at each corner, climb the SE or NE chain, back flip into the opening and face W. Jump up to shoot the grate in the far wall and jump to grab one of the chains. Slide down to the platform, mount the NW chain, climb up and back flip into a passage with a crowbar door. Open it and loop around right to find a pushblock. Pull it three times, get up on it and jump up N to shoot the grates ahead. Jump again to grab the ledge, pull up in a crouched position and crawl forward until you can stand up. Find the ceiling hole, jump to grab the edge and pull up into a control room guarded by a worker.


The fuse boxes in the E wall are shatter proof, so go down the S steps to flush out two more workers in the hallway ahead. Enter the room where they came from, loop around left, push the button to open a trap door in the hallway, exit the room and loop around right to find a ladder. Climb up past the opened trap door and a flyby will show you the museum ahead as you pull up into the next room. But first, turn around and push the E button to open the gates back to the subway station. Loop around right past the mercenary beggar and find the W receptacle that accommodates the change you've been carrying. Out pops a TICKET, but it can't be used here.


Return W to the previous room, jump up to shoot the grate in the S wall and pull up into the crawl space. Crawl through, drop down the other side and go to the E turnstiles. Place the Ticket in either one and go past the opened gate for the GOLD CROSS and SECRET #3. Exit via the crawl space, go W up the steps and you'll finish the level with another secret code: 1996.




After the opening flyby, start wreaking havoc in the museum by going around to your right and shooting the glass cover protecting the SE exhibit to set off an alarm. Take the STOLEN MUSEUM OBJECT and shoot the guard who comes to investigate. Pick up the Scorpion X ammo he drops while your attention is drawn to the W control room. Reverse roll and shoot the NE exhibit to pilfer another STOLEN MUSEUM OBJECT. Go where the guard came from down the NW hallway, run past the control room that so fascinated Lara and go down W into a hub room with a central tree.


Turn left at the entrance, go up the stairs past the S archway and up more stairs to a lavatory with a checkered floor. There's nothing of interest in the stalls to your left, so go through the SE opening and stoop to shoot the grate. Enter the crawl space and loop around right for a small medipack. Return to the crawl space and come to a crossing. Go around left for flares, continue clockwise to a grate, shoot it and enter a deep room for a brief overhead camera shot.


Climb the chain near the E wall facing S and back flip onto a ledge. Jump up to grab the ceiling and monkey swing forward and around the corner to drop onto a catwalk in front of the S opening. Go up the steps to an enclosed room and pull down the wall switch to turn on a giant fan that creates a strong air flow. Return to the catwalk and jump NE to be carried to a higher catwalk along the E wall. Lara's attention will be attracted to something across the room on the W side, so take a precise running jump in that direction and grab the high opening. If you happen to fall even a bit short you'll drop to your death.


Pull up and step forward to trigger another remote camera view. Turn around, hang from the edge, drop to grab the crack and shimmy left until you can drop safely onto the column in the corner. Jump down W onto the catwalk, hop over the railing down to the floor and climb the ladder in the W wall. The opening at the top is blocked, so shift left and drop onto the short catwalk for a small medipack. Climb back down and go through the N opening, shoot the grate and crawl through the passage to a dead end. You can shoot both grates, but crawl out left for the MUSEUM ACCESS PASS and engage the guard posted in the lavatory. 


You've been here before, so exit W, loop around right and go down to the hub room. You can now use the pass to access either the Tibet section S or the Egypt section N.




Open the gate and follow along the hallway to attract a guard. Pick up his Scorpion X ammo and go a bit further to left left into a S side area. Shoot a couple of rats and go up the steps right or left onto a balcony. On the N wall behind a brick column is a fuse box. Shoot it and pull down the wall switch to open a couple of doors in the room with the giant golden statue. Go back downstairs, into the room with the statue and left to the opened NE doorway. Save your game and slide down onto a moving treadmill. Turn right, left and right again to avoid being drawn into the deadly fans. Continue to an alcove with a button that opens the door to your left.


Getting across to the other side is a simple matter of taking a series of standing jumps over the blocks when the flames subside. Push the button to open the next door and follow up the steps to a balcony overlooking the golden statue. Hop SW over the railing and climb the ladder in the brick column. Back flip near the top onto the golden statue, turn around and take a running jump to grab its head. Pull up, run to the other side, jump onto the outstretched hand and pick up the GOLDEN COINS. Get down to the floor with a series of slides and drops, hop over the railing and look for a large medipack near the NW corner. Exit N, continue forward to the hallway and turn right. Exit the Tibet section and shoot the guard waiting in the hub room.




Open the N gate with the Museum Access Pass and follow the hallway to meet another guard. Pick up his M16 ammo and turn left Go around to find another glass-covered exhibit you can shoot for a third STOLEN MUSEUM OBJECT. On the other side of this hallway is a receptacle for the Golden Coins, lowering a rope while a tune plays and a flyby previews the main exhibit room.


Ignore the rope for now and go around to enter the main room for a remote camera view. There's a button on the W side of each of the six central columns. Push only  the NE one and the middle one on the E side. A mummy pops out of the coffin to your left and the MUSEUM KEY drops to the floor. Use it to open the gate on the W side of the room and enter a new hallway. Go forward and look for the SILVER DRAGON near a portrait of Indiana Jones for SECRET #1. Go back to the main room, exit E and loop around left to the lowered rope.


Climb the rope, back flip onto the roof of this structure and go NW to jump onto the golden arch. Make your way to the other end, being mindful of the slope, and take a running jump to grab the SE column. Pull up, jump W to the next column, S to the next column, a walking/running jump to the SW column and a final hop over the railing toward the sarcophagus you saw in the flyby. Shoot a couple of rats and go around the perimeter for a small medipack between the middle S columns before hopping over the N ropes to find another receptacle for the Museum Access Pass. The E door opens, so follow the passage to a lower room with a keypad.


But first, turn left through the N opening and find your way blocked by laser beams. You can get over the first row with a standing jump, but you'll need to get over the next two with angled side flips due to the cramped space. Continue up the steps to a room with a glass floor and a glass wall. Open the chest on your right for the M16 and M16 ammo, return to the lasers and get past them the same way as before but in reverse order, go to the room with the keypad and continue straight across through the S opening.


You'll come to a green-tinted control room with many buttons. Push them all and carefully note the cut scene that follows each one, including the onscreen code: 2024. Exit to the previous room and punch those numbers into the keypad, followed by the star key. The E door opens, so go on through and follow up the stairs to meet a guard on the other side of the glass wall. Pick up the SCULPTURE GARDEN KEY, return to the room with the keypad, go straight across through the W opening and up the stairs to the ledge surrounding the main exhibit room.


Exit E, go downstairs and push the button to open the gate to the hub room. Go around right, see the closed W doors and keyhole near the corner, but first pull up into the S opening and hop down for a small medipack next to the glass wall. Return, use the key to open the W doors and enter the sculpture garden. First, go forward past the street light and loop around right for flares. Note the nearby rising block tile, go to the E angel statue and get an onscreen hint. The wall switch raises and lowers a number of blocks in this room, and the builder apparently intended that the player move the statue (actually a pushpiece) onto one such tile, use the wall switch to raise it and then move the statute laboriously along the top of the hedges to its ultimate destination. However, there's a much easier way to accomplish the same purpose, so decide for yourself which method you wish to use.


Unintended Short Cut


Move the angel statue NW past the rising block tile and through the W opening between the hedges. You've still got a long way to go, so move the statue N, then W along a narrow passage, then S to an opening opposite the Indiana Jones portrait. Push it into the E alcove (either side, it doesn't matter) and a floor trap door opens in the exhibit room with the six columns.


Intended Path


Move the angel statue W, S and W onto the rising block tile next to the Inca statue, then go back and use the wall switch to raise it. Hop back a few times to break the overhead camera view, pull up to the statue and move it along the hedge W, N, W and W past the pool and onto a corner next to a street light. Go back to the wall switch and push it back up. Return to the angel statue and push it W onto the raised block. Pull the wall switch back down to lower the statue, then push the statue S and W onto a trigger tile to open a floor trap door in the exhibit room with the six columns.


Go to the SW corner of the sculpture garden, climb onto the hedge and jump to grab the corner ledge with the griffin statue. Shimmy to a juncture, pull up and go around the statue to a floor hole. Climb down the ladder, shoot the grate and crawl to the other end. Shoot another grate and pull up into a private exhibit room. Step forward and take the JADE DRAGON from the plinth for SECRET #2.


Grab the small medipack next to the N bench, admire the stuffed T-Rex and exit vis the crawl space to the ladder. Climb back up to the griffin statue, hop down to the sculpture garden and exit E to the hub room. Go forward a bit, turn left and go down the steps to the Egypt area. Return to the main exhibit room, drop down the huge floor hole and go down the steps to find a button that opens the N door. Go a long distance down the seemingly interminable winding stairs past a couple of closed doors until you can finally drop or climb down near another button that opens the next door and previews the cluttered storage room beyond.


Lasers have appeared to bar your escape, so enter the warehouse with weapon drawn to engage the waiting guard with a device that spews out blue flames. When he dies a door opens somewhere and the lasers disappear. Search the perimeter for a large medipack near the SW corner, locate the opened door at the middle of the W wall and proceed to a cozy cabin. Turn left to flush out a couple of rats and continue down the S steps to find an alcove plinth with the WORLD'S WORST DAD JOKES (PART THREE).


Note the receptacle in the opposite bookshelf. Go back around to the main cabin area and past the N archway to an alcove plinth with CROSS STITCHING BIBLICAL ARTEFACTS. In the alcove around the NE corner is a book switch that opens up a book shelf upstairs. Return to the main room, go up the stairs near the fireplace and find the opening to your right. Enter the small S bathroom for the GOLDEN DRAGON and SECRET #3. Exit and continue counterclockwise around this upper ledge until you can jump SE over the railing onto the top of the fireplace. Loop around into the alcove and take COOKING WITH THE HUMAN HEART from the plinth. Safety drop to the floor, go back to the area where you got the joke book and place the cook book in the receptacle you noted earlier.


Nothing seems to happen, so return to the main cabin area, go upstairs again and loop around right at the top to find a similar receptacle in the W shelf. Place the joke book there, reverse roll and make another counterclockwise circuit around the perimeter. This time, when you reach the NE corner go up the steps and loop around right to find a third receptacle that accommodates the final book in your collection. The fire goes out in the fireplace downstairs and a door opens beyond the cooling coals, so go back down there and proceed down some steps to a small connecting room where you get another secret code: 2008.


Push the button to open the W door and go on through to a dark and apparently empty room. However, if you push a second button in the connecting passage, the door closes to reveal an opening that leads up to an exhibit with a special treasure surrounded by lasers. Go around right or left to a S alcove with a plinth bearing yet another STOLEN MUSEUM OBJECT. Go back, stand jump over the railing down to the central plinth and claim your final prize, the IDLE IDOL.




After the opening flyby, turn around and jump up to grab the ledge over the front door entrance. Pull up to find a GOLD SHIELD for SECRET #1. Drop down and go outdoors and left under the N archway. Hop over the railing and go down to where some squatters are camping out on your property. Go behind the far tent and pick up SECRET #2 (I won't continue to mention the shields). Return to the mansion, go around the right side of the main staircase and find a crawl space in the back corner. Crawl under the stairs for SECRET #3 and return.


Head N along the covered passage and turn left into a hallway. You can shoot the glass cover in the first alcove on your left if you wish. The next alcove has a jade dragon you can't pick up, and the next has a glass cover you can shoot. Continue around the corner, noting the keyhole, and go down left (E) into the kitchen area where Winston is lurking. Push the button to open a couple of doors and go up the winding stairs to a bedroom where you'll find the GYM KEY in the NW alcove. Push the button to open the S door to the bathroom and grab the small medipack inside. Wait for Winston to enter, then dash outside and push the button again to lock him in.


Go back downstairs past the kitchen into the hallway, turn left, continue around the corner and shoot the glass case in the first alcove for SECRET #4. The next alcove has a dagger you can't pick up, and the last alcove has another shootable glass case. Push the SE button to open the adjacent door and go down a long flight of stairs into an underground target area. Shoot all 8 of them (7 are out in the open and can be located quite easily, but the last one is in a crawl space to the right of the W flaming grill. When done, go up the E steps as if to leave and you'll be brought up short as a door opens behind you next to the N grill.


Pull up there for SECRET #5 and take the SHOTGUN from the plinth. Unfortunately, the remaining items in the armory are inaccessible. Exit E for real this time and at the end of the hallway pull up next to a button that opens the door above your head. Pull up into the main hallway and head W. Use the Gym Key to open the NW door and enter a brightly lit workout area. Go all the way to the SE corner for SECRET #6 and find the starting point for your workout (conveniently marked with a 1). Follow the course in a counterclockwise direction until you reach the SW alcove. Grab up E, shimmy left around the corner and continue until you can drop onto the numbered block.


Jump to the next numbered block, monkey swing around the corner and drop onto a ledge. Pull up higher to your left and go clockwise now to a crawl space. Go through, turn right and follow to a deep shaft. Drop down into the water below and allow the current to carry you along the octagonal passage for a while, then swim the rest of the way to an E opening that brings you out to a shallow pool. Don't push the SW button, or you'll release Winston's twin brother locked inside an otherwise empty alcove. The N opening leads back to the main hallway, so go SE to trigger an impressive flyby through an atrium with a central swimming pool.


Turn left and go clockwise around the perimeter to a ladder on a column near the N wall that you can climb and shift left around the corner to drop onto a diving board. Face W and stand jump to grab a higher diving board. Pull up and take a running jump SW down to a shallow trench where a tree is growing and pick up SECRET #7. Jump back to the previous diving board and pull or climb up to the highest diving board. Go to the S end and take a graceful dive down into the pool. Pull out W, turn left in the passage and find the ladder in the S wall.


Climb up to the opening, go up the steps and slide down into the pool from the other side. Swim E to the smaller pool, pull out and find that Winston or his twin has somehow escaped. Turn right (S), enter the hedge maze and start by going left to shoot a crow. Go the other way, run past the crossing and loop around right to find a wall switch. Pull it down to light one of three torches in a cut scene. Go back, turn right (E) at the crossing and stay right until you come to another wall switch that lights the second torch. Reverse roll, run back to the previous crossing, loop around right and run to the S wall. Just to your right is a wall switch that lights the third torch and opens the exit gate. Go back, take the first left, turn left again at the W wall and continue to a crossing.


For maximum kills, turn left to engage a crow, then take the other path on the right to find the opened gate. Go on through and up the ramp to a ladder that brings you up to a fixed-camera alley leading to a crawl space in the mansion. Enter and crawl around to a floor hole. Safety drop into a bedroom where Winston or his twin has anticipated your arrival. You can lock him in the room off the SW corridor if you like. The button in the S alcove opens a door to the atrium, but don't go there. Proceed down the SW corridor into a den and turn right past two N openings to trigger a flyby through an art gallery featuring Lara's exploits. Most of the paintings have buttons beside them, but push only the ones next to the paintings depicting (1) a ship in Arctic waters and (2) a subway platform scene and a wall panel will open to your right.


Go up the steps to a dead end, turn around and pull up into the attic. A flyby shows you where you need to go, but first go around the central crates bunched together in the middle part of the room and look for an opening you can drop into for SECRET #8. Pull out and go SE to find the opening to an inner passage that follows an aquarium wall. Loop around into a parallel passage and look left for an opening in the E wall just past the first crate. Pull up into a crawl space and follow to a water hole above the aquarium. Jump in, swim down for SECRET #9 and pull back out. Return to the inner passage, continue S into the attic and find a working quad bike.


Mount the quad bike if you like (it's not necessary to do so for progression) and take a counterclockwise spin around the perimeter. Otherwise, go directly to the three quad bikes parked against the S wall (they all work as well), hop W over the crates and find the ladder shaft in the back SW corner. Climb down as you hear the sound of a gate opening and exit W to a veranda. Look behind the Jeep in the second alcove on your left for SECRET #10 and continue around to the back door of the mansion. Directly opposite is a closed gate. Push the button on the left to open it and exit to finish this level.




After the colorful introductory flyby, turn around and go to the keypad. Refer to the secret code you got at the end of Level 2 and punch in 1996 followed by the star key. The panel to your left opens, so enter a room with staircases and go around to collect the SCORPION X, the REVOLVER, the GRENADE GUN, the SHOTGUN and the M16 from the alcove plinths. Now that you're suitably armed, exit this room to trigger a cut scene of assorted baddies.


Go down the E steps to engage a baddy and a dog, go back up and down the W steps Shoot two baddies, continue S to the canal area and engage two more baddies and a dog, and as many as four frogmen in the water. Go all the way to the SW corner and up the steps where two more baddies are waiting. Continue around the walkway toward the twin bridges where a quartet of baddies and a dog are waiting for you.   


When the area has been cleared, go to the NE corner and hop down to a lower area with a hotel where a baddy, a dog and a frogman are lurking. Shoot the wooden barrier opposite the hotel entrance, jump E from one ramp to the next, shoot three baddies and enter the S passage if necessary to flush them all out.


As this is turning into nothing but a shootfest, I'll stop naming and numbering the various enemies but will just point you in the general direction from here on.


Return to the canal area, jump into the water and swim into the E sewer section to flush out a frogman. If he won't follow you to open water where you can pull out and shoot him, swim back to the SE corner where there's a small ledge to accomplish the same purpose. Swim N through the sewer, emerge at the canal and pull up onto the ramp. Jump into the water on the other side, follow around right to a warehouse area and pull out. Engage the enemies and find a fuse box near the E wall with apparently nothing inside.


Dive into the canal opposite the fuse box and swim W. Pull out right onto the jetty near the underwater opening and find a closed door next to a keypad. Punch in the code from Level 1:  1402, press the star key and the door will open. Go in, hop into the waiting motorboat and exit to the canal. Turn left and save your game for a timed ride. The timer starts when you go between the two flags, and you have 36 seconds to make your circuit around the canal area. If you beat the clock (it's pretty tight), you'll receive onscreen congratulations for completing the first of 3 challenges (but nothing tangible).


Dismount, swim to the W ledge and pull out. Go S, turn left at the corner in front of the hotel and go past the steps to a doorway where you see the red awning. Find the keypad and punch in the code from Level 3: 2008. Go inside, mount the motorbike and save your game for a timed ride. When you turn right past the arrow the 45-second timer starts, giving you that much time to complete the circuit through the building and along the outer walkway area, making a final jump over the ramps in the canal, for successful completion of the second challenge.


For the third and final challenge, dismount and go S past the hotel sign, pull up onto the ledge where the small trees are and go down the steps ahead into the canal. Jump into the water, swim E under the arch and turn left into a side passage with a closed gate at the end. Pull out into the E alcove and climb the ladder to an upper room with a baddy and a dog. When both are dead you've conquered all the challenges and have done everything that's to be done here. Since there's no finish trigger, you can now exit the game.