Level by mathew9r

Walkthrough by Dutchy

Savegames mentioned in this walk are in this Saves folder.

It’s pretty dark in these levels, you can use firing pistols to lead your way if needed. The Controls didn’t work very well for me at first, but after selecting a lower resolution than what I normally use, the game played well.

The provided Flares last a pretty long time, pick them back up after Lara dropped them.


Turn right from where you start, shoot the crates in the corner and grab SECRET #1, SHOTGUN and 2x SHOTGUN AMMO. Straight from where you entered is a lower part in the ground, there’s a trapdoor you can open from one side. Drop down and get the CROWBAR from the nearby shelves. Go to the other end of the chamber and open the right hand gate with that Crowbar.

It’s pretty obvious you shouldn’t fall into the sewer, go left and cross the bridge, open the gate left with the Crowbar and inside shoot a Baddy, and look for the HK CLIPS he dropped. On a block in the back is a switch that will open a gate for later (X). On the other side of the block is a MEDIPACK. Leave the room.

Backtrack for a Secret, return to the start room, a gate opened in a crawlspace left as you come in, retrieve SECRET #2, FLARES and a SMALL MEDI. Go back where you left off and follow the walkway along the sewer. Hop over a pipe and shoot some Bats, just around the corner some Rats will appear (notice the Secret crawlspace for later), at the end you can jump/grab over the deep pit and come to a ladder.

The Deep Pit, The Barrel Push Puzzle.

First jump over the ladder hole to a gate, open it and enter, I believe the second (open) gate is the one we opened earlier (see X). Shoot the Baddy and look for the HK CLIPS. he dropped. In this room are 3 Barrels we need to push, but first we have to lower them. Go left around the pipe to the red barrel and next to it is a trapdoor in the floor, open it and drop down onto the platform below. Walk to the end and run jump up left to a platform under a monkey climb. Grab up and follow, through a flame trap, around a corner and another flame trap. Drop at the Valve wheel and lower the barrels with it. Turn around right and spot the platform behind the Flame pillar, run jump up there and grab a MEDIPACK. Stand jump and grab the Monkey bars and follow them back through the two flame traps and after the second, turn left at the crossing to drop onto the platform at the ladder (savegame.0), go back up to the barrel room and back flip off.

First we need to do the blue one in the far opposite corner, it goes to the grey tile near the trapdoor (bluish light). Now do the Red, it goes to the corner where the blue was. Last is the Green (close to the entrance) and it goes to the opposite corner, a cage will lower nearby, use the switch there to open a hatch (Y). Leave the room, go up to the walkway above the Deep Pit.

Underwater Labyrinth.

Go left, run jump/grab over the gap and just follow the walkway, on that walkway are some crates (you might have shot them when you tackled the Bats). Pick up the REVOLVER AMMO. Go back to the ladder, hop and grab it to climb one level down and to the right onto the walkway for more SHOTGUN AMMO.

Now safety drop down at the ladder to the lower level, in the “safe” shallow part of the water is a MEDIPACK, climb back out and open the gate. Follow in and just right around the corner is the hatch (Y) we opened. It gives access to an underwater labyrinth which is pretty hard to describe without a Compass.

Swim down and right, when you come to a larger tunnel, there’s an UNDERWATER LEVER (1) down to the right opening a hatch in the floor. Use it and best swim back for air, dive back down and in the larger area go down into the hole in the floor. Follow through to a diamond shaped brick tunnel, go left/right into a narrow tunnel again, down and left and up in the end for an air pocket. Be sure to Save your game! 
Turn around, swim back and straight after going around the first corner, then keep left till you swim to a closed gate, take a right there and follow to an UNDERWATER LEVER (2), opening a hatch up to a room. Swim back keeping right and find that air pocket again.

Swim down again, keep right this time and come across some wet FLARES. Roll, swim out and right and in the end go up through that open hatch.. Shoot a Rat and flip the switch to open that underwater gate we saw before.
Dive back in, swim keeping right and you’ll see the open gate ahead. Go through and in another diamond shaped brick tunnel go left/(first)right and just right around the corner is an air pocket. Turn around, swim back into the brick tunnel, right/right into the next opening and grab a SMALL MEDI. Get back to the air pocket and Save. Turn around again, swim left around the first corner and find SHOTGUN AMMO, back to the air pocket.

Now swim straight ahead, right when you come to a diamond shaped brick tunnel, first opening right has a closed gate, just a bit further is a room where you can surface for air. Nothing you can do there now, so just swim straight, left into the low tunnel, right around and then near the end left to use an UNDERWATER LEVER (3) opening the gate in the diamond shaped brick tunnel. Swim back and get air, swim straight and left into the open gate for an UNDERWATER LEVER (4). A gate opens in the room where you last got air, swim back there and climb out. As you enter the gate, a Baddy shows up and he will drop more HK CLIPS. Check the Shelves for the ??? KEY, SHOTGUN AMMO and SMALL MEDI, and the HK WEAPON. Flip the switch to open a gate somewhere (Z).

Go back to the water, run in and swim right, left into that low tunnel we went in before and just up right where we used the last Lever is a now open gate, get SECRET #3, the REVOLVER and REVOLVER AMMO. Swim back for air, go straight and left into the second opening you came from before, follow through to the air pocket.

We now have to find our way out of this Hell Hole. Save, swim straight and left into the opening with the black/yellow band, left into the brick tunnel and right, down and keep right to come to that first air pocket. Turn around and swim down, keep right and around the corner up right through the tunnel to the diamond shaped brick tunnel. Left/right and up in the end to the pit with the first UW lever, through the opening opposite the lever and up in the end to climb out (savegame.1).

Go right to another part of the sewers and shoot a Rat. Cross a bridge and open a gate (is already open or will open on approach), go in and shoot the Baddy. On the left side of the room are block with Flames, you can jump onto the lower side of the slanted block and walk over to the other side, pick up REVOLVER AMMO from under the crates and flip the switch to open a large fence opening another section of the sewers, next to the deep pit. Get back out of the room, cross the bridge again, left/right through the passage to the Deep Pit, go up the ladder to the upper level and off left.

For a Secret: First jump over the sewer to the walkway we came from earlier, go around the corner, over the pipe to the bridge there. That crawlspace is now open, get in for SECRET #4, the UZIS and UZI CLIPS. Get out, get back to the Deep Pit and jump back over.

Go in to the new section and open the gate in the back. Follow in to where another gate opens for you, take a right and pick up SHOTGUN AMMO. Then go to the other side, shoot the Bats and make it down the ladder. Jump over to the opposite side gate any way you like and pick up the FLARES. Now jump to the gate and open it, shoot a Dog and check the shelves for FLARES. A Valve on a block will start the pumps, the shaft outside will flood, go out of the room and hop into the water.

In the bottom is an opening, swim down into the shaft from facing the pump room. Swim into the tunnel and just keep straight till you see a closed gate, go in left and come up in a pool where you can surface. Get out, open the gate and you are in a shoot the Rats from the gate, then jump quickly over the track as a train will come. Look a bit to the right in the opposite wall and spot the gate, open it and shoot the crates for SHOTGUN AMMO. Flip the switch to open that underwater gateGet out to the track take a right and jump to the central platform when a train is coming, in the end right is an alcove with SECRET #5, a SMALL MEDI, 2X UZI CLIPS and FLARES. Now get back where you came into the tunnel and hop into the water, swim left around to get to the gate you opened.

Excavation Site.

Take a right at the intersection and the current will basically take you to where you can surface in a room. Get out, shoot the Baddy and get his HK CLIPS, on the shelves is a SMALL MEDI. Push the button right of the gate and go through and either side will take you to the same huge cavern. Shoot a small army of Bats and looking at all the scaffolding, someone’s been digging here. Climb the ladder down to the ground, there could be more Bats around. Turn around and go to a fenced off area with wooden containers, shoot some rotten crates next to the containers and pick up SHOTGUN - and REVOLVER AMMO. There’s a machine on that platform, push the button and a Dog appears. When you turn around towards the wooden containers, you can see a new platform appeared on the structure up left. Climb the containers to the top, run jump/grab straight to the high platform in the back.

Go left and from the opening in the fence, run jump onto that new platform against the structure. Go over the top of the structure to the other side and grab SECRET #6, the ROCKET LAUNCHER and a ROCKET right next to it. Hang from the side and safety drop onto a slope below. Now go into the far back of the cavern, shoot the Rats and open the gate in the tunnel. Run into the back for a SMALL MEDI, hop back and open the trapdoor. Turn around to climb down a looong ladder, open the gate down there and step out into the subway tunnel. To the right is SHOTGUN AMMO, go to the other side, onto the track and left, run and jump to the right onto the platform


Run to the other end of the platform, open the wooden barrier and start the generator by pushing the button, but beware, a Dog and a Baddy (HK CLIPS) will show up. Go back a bit to where you came from and left into the first opening in the wall, shoot the crates for SHOTGUN AMMO. Looking over the edge of the floor you’ll see a tunnel below, we’ll get to that later.

Run jump over to the rock ledge along the wall and then jump over the lower tunnel to the entrance to some old escalators. To the left behind the steel fence you can see a pickup. Go up the right hand escalator and run right into the wall as the boulder comes, back flip onto the safe central part and go down the other escalator to what happens to be SECRET #7, GRENADES and a MEDIPACK.

Make your way up and pass through the left hand checkpoint. Shoot a Dog and a bit later another Dog. On one of the Toll booths (the most buried one) is a SMALL MEDI. To the right of where you entered is a wooden barrier with Condemned on it, open that and a Baddy shows (HK CLIPS). Go down the short escalators, turn around and hop backwards onto the steep part, grab the edge and drop down into a flooded area. Light a Flare, turn around and swim straight, keep right where possible (there’s one dead end) and come to a low cave with an opening in the ceiling, go up and climb out. Shoot the Bat and go into the cave, keep to the left and come to SECRET #8, GRENADES and SHOTGUN AMMO.

Turn around, walk out straight and you’ll bump into a pillar, around the back of it is a hole in the ceiling, grab up into a crawlspace. Follow to the end, shoot a Bat, turn around and grab up again. One more grab up and you are in another part of the Underground. Go to the far end, shoot the crates for a SMALL MEDI and go through one of the openings in the wall to the platform of theWestbound trains’, shoot some Rats there. Facing the tracks, go right to the end and sprint over the track, jump onto a small platform right to avoid getting run over by the incoming train (savegame.2). Onto the track again and into the next safe alcove, open the wooden barrier and grab FLARES and a SMALL MEDI.

In and around the Hall.

Out and right around to go through the next barrier the floor crumbles as you run in, keep right and find a MEDIPACK. Turn back and hop right around the corner to get to a back corridor with big candle holders. Go right in the end and come to a large hall. Get to the center where the floor has given away and safety drop down into the caves below and shoot a Bat. From standing on the broken piece of floor and that big grated steel ball behind you, go straight into a tunnel ahead and keep left to find a ROCKET, turn back and keep along the left wall to come to a long slide.


All the way down and run over two Spike Traps with break tiles, then take the right hand passage, follow to a bridge, hop or side flip over the Dart traps and in the dark passage at the other end, you can climb up left, up left again and one more time to get to a room with a button which will open a door in that large Hall, jump/grab the ladder and go up to the Hall. The door you opened is in the diagonally opposite corner. Drop down the hole in the floor, shoot some Rats and follow the partially caved in tunnel (crawl). Open the barrier and hop onto the scaffold, go left and pick up UZI CLIPS. Go back to the open barrier, hop onto the scaffold there and look for the walkway with the fence (above where you just got the Clips). Run jump onto that walkway, there should be SHOTGUN AMMO. Hop back and then hop onto the platform above where the Ammo was. Turn right and grab up to a slanted pillar, stand jump straight onto a platform in front of a lit passage, shoot the Baddy as you enter and he’ll drop the GATE KEY.

Back out to the platform, grab up to the monkey bars and go left at the end into another lit passage. Follow through to another Subway entrance and shoot the Dogs and a Baddy, the latter will drop the BORE ROOM KEY. Pick up some FLARES from under some crates in the far corner. Now we have to go down the escalators in the opposite corner….

BUT…: If you want a nice Secret, you have to backtrack to the Hall, so, back into the lit passage with the stairs you came from and to the place with the monkey bars, make your way down to that wooden barrier you came from and through the crooked tunnel where you have to crawl, climb up to the Hall, keep left into the corridor, right around the corner and jump over a spike trap. Take the second right, second left and find the gate you can open with the GATE KEY. Inside is SECRET #9, the GRENADE LAUNCHER. Back to the Hall, right into the room and down the hole through the crooked tunnel and up the scaffolds again as before to get to the room with the ticket booths where you got the Bore Room Key.

The Bore Room.

Go down left escalator and to the left is a ROCKET in an alcove, then run over the breakable tiles and drop down go right and open the barrier, you are now on a walkway over the track where this level started. Safety drop down onto the platform, behind you is the generator room we visited before, just go straight from where you dropped and into the second opening in the left wall. Go down a short ladder to the lower (blue) tunnel, run left and then right onto the platform with the barrier, open it with the Bore Room Key. Shoot a Guard inside and go to the back of the room, another Guard nearby. Climb some containers under a walkway and go inside to flip a switch activating the Bore. Go out, get down to the floor and hop up to the big hole under the Bore. Stand at the right hand corner, turn around and safety drop onto a ledge below, turn around and run jump into an alcove in the opposite corner to get SECRET #10, UZIS and 2X UZI CLIPS. Safety drop out of the alcove onto a breakable floor and fall through into a pool, wade up to safety.

On one side of the cavern is a large opening, go in and shoot all the Bats. Take a right and grab a ROCKET. Turn to the opposite tunnel and in the end is a hole down, just run in…


In a corner of the room you dropped into, is a lever opening a crawlspace gate. Just stick your head in and get back out again to shoot the Rat coming out of the crawlspace. Back in and right around the corner is a break tile, just crawl on and drop into a partially flooded tunnel, go to the intersection and left, shoot Bats and go right at the next intersection, then left of a wooden wall is a niche and that’s where you’ll find SECRET #11, a SHOTGUN and SHOTGUN AMMO.
Old Prison.

Go back where you came from and go straight to a steel fence, to the right is an opening. In that room is a Spike trap ceiling. There is a SMALL MEDI on the floor, I dare you to take it and get into the opening left before you die. I just left it as it cost more health loss than gain. Now be ready for some Bats, but also more sturdy enemies. In the next tunnel is a Skeleton that wakes up, around the corner is a block, from standing on it you can grab up to a room above. Go through an open gate and from the right a Knight will attack (a Grenade will work fine). Follow through shooting Bats, a Skeleton and in a room with a Spike trap you will trigger another Knight. In the area behind the Spike trap you can climb up in the right hand niche, go left a bit and then right into the crawlspace, hang out at the end, but don’t drop yet. Shimmy right along a crack and get into a tiny niche to get SECRET #12, a ROCKET and a SMALL MEDI.

Castle, Rusted Gate Keys.

Drop out left into a corridor with a Spike wall closing in. Quickly roll, get to the lever left, open the crawlspace with it and get in. A big courtyard, some closed doors, the one straight ahead needs a Key. Shoot some more Rats and push open the doors on the right (stables). In the far corner is a lever opening the opposite door in the courtyard. So get back there and enter, a Knight will emerge from the room to the right, check where he drops and find the RUSTED GATE KEY. In the room on a table (climb on, don’t jump as you can get stuck in the wall) are FLARES and a SMALL MEDI. Get out to the courtyard and open the big door left, go up to another door which will open for you and step into the Arena, a Knight will mount his horse and come for you. Easiest (I read in a forum) was to just fire a Rocket at him till he is set on fire and then just dodge him till he perishes. Search the remains for another RUSTED GATE KEY.

The Laser Skull, Laser Sight.

Open the big door to the left of where you entered before, another stable area, in the back, next to a harness is a crowbar lever on the floor. It will open the hatch next to it, drop down into a flooded cave, let the current take you (bit to the left) and surface to climb out straight ahead. Go right and behind the crates you can go up the rock ledges to get up to some opened wooden doors. Go in, climb up and get a preview of the next enemy, we need a Revolver and Sight for that. In the far right hand corner is a rope hanging down, go down the rope and drop the last bit behind a crate. Stay along the wall where the crate is and to the left to a door that will open for you, behind some containers are a REVOLVER, AMMO and LASERSIGHT. Put the sight on the Revolver and step into the doorway, aim for the eyes of the Skull and shoot them (savegame.3). When the Skull exploded, go to a now open hatch in the floor.

Hazardous Catacombs.

Drop down into the caves, after sliding down, take a right into the tunnel, best sprint as a Boulder will chase you, take refuge in an opening left, now first return to where the Boulder came from and pick up SECRET #13, SHOTGUN AMMO and UZI CLIPS. Go back to that passage left of the Boulder and find a whole bunch of Knife traps. Get your health up if needed and do run jumps over the tips of the Knives. There are Spike traps in between, so don’t dilly dally but keep going (savegame.4).

Up to the right is another one of this big boulders and down to the left is a hatch in the floor, sprint onto the hatch and drop into a passage below, a slide with Blade traps, stand left or right, start when the Blade is on the other side and in the end is a Spike trap you have to jump over (savegame.5).

Lava Pools.

There’s no way we can go left because of the Flames (see F), so right it is, jump to the first ledge in the Lava pool (notice the lever left; for a Secret). Run jump almost straight to the one with the single flame and land when the flame is down. Stand in a corner (that’s where you are safe), or immediately do a running jump to the next safe ledge. Stand jump right to the ledge in the side passage and a running jump onwards to a gate, stand jump up into the room, maybe shoot the Skeleton after he wakes up and go down straight into the passage, open the wooden doors down there and come to a closed door. Go up left and find the lever showing the flames in the entrance passage (see F) are now gone (you can spot the SECRET in the Lava pool if you look out).

So, return the way you came to the room where you shot the Skeleton and slide down to the ledge in the Lava. Jump back over the ledges towards the entrance and spot the lever on the now safe ledge right, that one will make the ledge with the Secret safe. So, if you want that Secret, go back over the ledges to that last room with the lever, slide out to the ledge in the Lava and jump over to grab SECRET #14, a ROCKET, a ROCKET LAUNCHER and a MEDIPACK. Back again and to where you entered the Lava pools, straight over to where those big doors are and from a rock to the right you can grab up through a hole in the ceiling, crawl through to a cave. Follow those caves up while dodging boulders and climb up through a hole in the ceiling once more, you’ll come to a door that will open for you. You are now near the Church.

The Church, opening the Doors.

Shoot the incoming Knights and go up the stairs to the church yard, two Big Knights come alive, they are easy prey for the Grenade launcher. Check the ledges left and right of the Church entrance for 2x SHOTGUN AMMO and enter the Church.
Go right around into a room under the Bell Tower, shoot some Bats and climb up to the rafter, on one side is SECRET #15, REVOLVER AMMO AND UZI CLIPS. Drop back down and you have to pull the rope to sound the Bells (#1 for the door in the back). Out of this room go left and look on the back of the last pillar to find a Jump lever (#2 for the door in the back). Go to the back of the Church and left of a knight statue is an opening, on the floor is a Crowbar lever (#3 for the door in the back). Go straight across to the opposite side and into a passage there, shoot a Knight and in the end is a wall lever (#4 for the door in the back). Go out and keep right to go through those doors. Go through and wait in front of the opening left

Dangerous Basements.

When you look up in front of the passage left, you can see a boulder. That boulder will stop at the skeleton, but you’ll have to get through those Blades, so top up your health and run down. You may end up in a Spike trap, just walk out slow. You can pause between the next set of Blades and after that you have to run jump over Knife traps while Spike walls are closing in (savegame.6). Around a corner another pair of boulders will chase you, there’s a niche to the left where you can take refuge, for the second one a niche to the right. Jump over the Spike pit with the boulders and down the stairs is an entrance to a Lava Pool.

The Dragonoth, the Eye of Dragonoth.

The blue diamonds will douse the flames if you catch fire, but won’t replenish health, so keep an eye out. Shoot remaining Rockets while side jumping left right and throw all the heavy weapons (Revolver) into the fight to kill that Demon (well, that didn’t take long).
Jump over to the central island and claim the EYE OF DRAGONOTH.

Get through the door that will open in the back and go into the tunnel, to the right on a wooden crate are STICKS OF DYNAMITE, go up the slope opposite the crates and place the Dynamite on the wooden fence, stand back and watch the show. Go through and start the generator right of the elevator platform. Step on the elevator and that’s the end of the level….