Level by NeuroticNinja


Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth



Loop around right in a room that evokes memories of the very first Hall of Fame custom level and find flares in the corner. Open the N doors and step into a larger room with more flares in the NE corner. Climb the SW ladder and pull up into a passage. Turn around near the other end and jump up to grab another ladder. Back flip into a higher passage and go to a wall switch at the other end. Flame tiles are activated when you pull it down, so reverse roll and sprint back out of the passage.

Return to the room below and find that a door has opened in the W wall. Get past the swinging crate into the library and go to the back left corner. Climb the S ladder, shift right and drop onto an upper ledge. Run underneath a ceiling trap door and turn right at a break in the railing between two benches to see a jump switch. Take a running jump E to activate it and open the front doors in the main entrance area. Look between the N shelves for a small medipack and find a book switch between the S shelves to open a door and release a guard.


Await his arrival and exit past the swinging crate. Run straight forward past the opened SE door (noting the lion's head with a gem in its mouth), continue down a hallway and turn left into the N side room. Pull down the W wall switch to open a door somewhere, exit to the hallway and turn left. The way N is blocked by lasers, so go S down the stairs and past the opened door and listen for a burst of action music as you turn the corner heading N. Take a running jump over the spike pit and continue to a mausoleum.


Turn right into the NE passage and come to an opening that overlooks a warehouse. Open the N door and go up the steps to a cathedral in a sad state of disrepair. Go W and loop around right up the broken steps. Jump to grab the E crack and shimmy right until you can pull up onto a ledge. Turn left, pull up into the higher N opening and go around to pull up twice more to reach the uppermost ledge near the ceiling. Jump over to the ledge against the S wall, turn right and stand jump from the other end to grab the ceiling. Monkey swing W until you can drop next to a raised platform.


Take a running jump N onto a block, hop NE to the checkered block and jump up E next to a wall switch that lowers the platform behind you against the S wall. Jump SW back to the block, take a running jump SE curving right to land on the flat portion of the slope and hop down right into the fenced alcove. Pull down the wall switch to open a door at ceiling level and pull up left onto the flat slope. Turn around and take a running jump E onto the jutting ledge, turn right and take a running jump to grab the ladder. Climb up to a ledge and find the opened W door.


Go past the spider webs and shoot the rat in the next room. Go around to find a floor lever, push it and pick up the nearby large medipack. Return to where you pulled up from the ladder, walk out E onto the jutting ledge and jump up to grab the ceiling. Following the track (left, right and left again), monkey swing around to the NE corner and drop onto a ledge. Hang from the W side, drop onto the slope and jump onto the block. Take that curved running jump SE onto the flat portion of the slope, run off E onto the lower slope and jump to land on the facing slope. Shift left to the corner so you won't drop into the flaming barrel below and release.


Exit this room SE to find that the warehouse area has been flooded. Jump into the water and swim across to the SW corner. Pull out and go around left for the YELLOW FUSE. Swim back across, pull out N and loop around left through the next room and up the S steps. Take a running jump over the spike pit and continue up to the hallway. Place the Yellow Fuse in the receptacle ahead to turn off the lasers and go N up the stairs to a hallway blocked by more lasers. Pull up into the last opening on the right for a small medipack. Note the S ladder for later, go back to the previous N opening and pull up to shoot the window. Step out onto the roof and take a standing jump NW onto a flat portion, followed by a running jump to the NW block.


Pull up into the passage and follow around to greet two rats. Loop around left at the crossing and hop down into a floor hole for uzi ammo. Pull back out, go E and left to an opening looking outside where a flame blower is activated. Pull up to your right, jump up to grab the ceiling and monkey swing N, timing your way past the flame blower. Drop down onto a balcony, go around and take a running jump onto the first of two slopes. Jump them both to land on another balcony, go to the W wall and safety drop onto the block below. Take a running jump to the E ledge and shoot the fuse box to expose a button.


Push the button to raise a platform, jump back W to the previous block and jump N into the alcove to attract a vulture. Hop down into the enclosed area, grab the revolver ammo on the other side of the block and use the block to get up onto the raised platform. Pull up onto the E ledge for flares and jump across onto the S ledge. Save your game and hop W between the columns to activate two hammers and a flame blower in the passage ahead. If you're quick enough, you can time your way past these hazards before the flames ignite, making things much easier for you. Otherwise, you'll have to pause between the two hammers. On the other side, take a running jump S onto the balcony, safety drop to the ledge below and run off NW to land on a slope. Slide and grab, drop to the ground next to a parked car and jump over it.


Note the pushblock ahead, but for a secret, loop around right past another parked car and shoot the crates in the short alley to expose the UZIS, uzi ammo, flares and a large medipack for SECRET #1. Return to the pushblock and pull down the nearby wall switch to raise a platform in the adjacent alcove. Move the pushblock around until you can get up on it to access the raised platform. Pull up right onto the block, hop SE and climb the ladder to an upper alcove. Turn around, jump up to grab the ceiling and monkey swing N to drop onto the same balcony as before.


Go around, jump the slopes, follow the same route described two paragraphs above and find that the traps in the passage have been turned off. However, I had to crawl underneath the still-deadly hammers, raising the possibility that some players returned to find them in the down position and were forced to replay the previous section at least once. Safety drop to the ledge, but instead of running off NW onto the slope, hop SE around the corner onto a balcony and go around to find a ladder in the W wall. Climb up to an alcove and hear the sound of spikes snapping. Open the door ahead, go around to a slope and face two breaktiles with spikes underneath. Stand right, slide to the bottom and jump onto the breaktile, pull up quickly up deal with the approaching guard.


Pick up the small medipack he dropped and look left for the CROWBAR. Shoot the S glass panel if necessary, hop down into the lodge and go right through the dining room. Turn left at the steps and activate a book switch to move aside a shelf at the SW corner. Enter the passage and come to a room where a crusader will shuffle slowly toward you from around the corner. Take the CHAPEL KEY from the plinth and run past the crusader into the passage where he came from. Jump over the spike pit and hear the sound of the floor trap door opening just ahead. Drop down onto a familiar library balcony and drop to the floor from a gap in the railing.


Exit the library E past the swinging crate and continue through the next E doorway. Turn left at the wall, go up the steps where the lasers were turned off and in the hallway climb the S ladder to your left. Loop around into the lounge and shoot the guard coming out from the bathroom to your right. Open the SE crowbar door, enter a den and shoot the waiting wolf. There's a dark side room SE where you can stand at the NE corner and jump up to grab a ceiling hole. Pull up for a small medipack and the LASER SIGHT, drop back down and exit. Climb down the ladder and return E and S down the steps and continue S down the next flight of steps to the basement area (and don't forget to jump over the spike pit).


Go to the W wall and open the door there with the Chapel Key.  Enter the tiny chapel, shoot another wolf and take the BELIEVER'S HEART from the plinth. Grab the small medipack in the SE corner, meet a zombie during your return trip and go back over the spike trap and up the steps to the hallway. Turn left and run W to the main entrance area, turn right and go past the large opened doors where wall torches ignite to light your way. Go W down the steps to meet another zombie, grab uzi ammo in one of the alcoves and place the Believer's Heart in the receptacle to open the door to a royal conference room.


Shoot the guard waiting inside, go around to the W side of the room to find a scroll platform opposite a closed door, but you can't pick up any of the scrolls on the nearby plinths. Go back to the other side, shoot the painting near the SE corner and hop into the opening to find a wall switch that opens a floor trap door somewhere. Exit, go back up to the main entrance area and through the W opening just past the swinging crate to find the floor hole to your left. Drop down for the REVOLVER, climb back out and go across the hall to the E opening.


Combine the revolver and laser sight and shoot the gem in the lion's head hanging over the opening. Nothing exciting seems to have happened, so enter the E hallway to find that the S door has opened. Crawl into the passage to avoid the horizontal blade traps that are triggered. In the next room take the WRIT OF PASSAGE from the central plinth. You have a pretty good idea where that goes, so crawl back under the blades, turn left in the hallway and turn right in the main entrance area. Go N past the opened double doors and down the steps to the royal conference room. Go across to the W side and place the Writ of Passage on the scroll platform you noted earlier to open the door behind you.


Run through the passage into a vault where all the safes are open and empty, grab the flares and find a floor crawl space in the dark S wall. Light a flare and crawl to a button that lifts a curtain so you can access a pushblock in the W wall. Crawl back out, go to the pushblock and pull it out from the wall. Push it aside, enter the next room for more flares and note the nearby keyhole. Continue W to a ledge overlooking the sanctuary and turn right. From the far end take a running jump N to the next ledge, drop to the lower block and hop down to the ledge below. Pick up the small medipack at the corner, go W a short distance and take a running jump S to grab the ladder surface on the block.


Drop to the floor and go toward the front of the sanctuary to find an alcove at the SW corner of the central structure. Hop up and pull down the wall switch to rotate a book shelf elsewhere. Exit the sanctuary S and go down the steps to find revolver ammo at the SW corner. Return to the sanctuary, climb the block with the ladder surface and take a running jump S onto a ledge. This activity will attract the attention of a guard, so you might want to drop back down and deal with him so you can resume. From the S ledge jump W to another ledge, pull up higher and jump over to the longer ledge against the W wall. Go around and hop over the railing into a balcony. Pull down the wall switch (which can't be reset), reverse roll and climb the ladder to the uppermost ledge.


Go to the S end and take a running jump across the gap to grab the next ledge. Pull up, step forward for flares and safety drop from the E end to a lower ledge. Take a running jump E onto a still lower ledge, turn left and jump onto the block with the ladder surface. Take another running jump to grab the N ledge and pull up. Go a bit left and turn right to face a spike pit. Stand left and jump across to land near the rotated book shelf. Pull up W into the opening for SECRET #2 and collect flares, what looks like 2 x MP5 ammo but shows up in your inventory as shotgun ammo, then the accompanying SHOTGUN (a rose by any other name...), 2 x uzi ammo and finally a large medipack.


Go to the opening, jump out onto the bookshelf to your left, stand jump with grab into the N opening where another shelf has rotated, get past the swinging crate and pull down the NW wall switch to light a candle in the sanctuary. Exit and jump over the spike pit to the ledge overlooking the sanctuary. Jump to the block with the ladder surface, drop to the floor and go to the S vestibule where you found the revolver ammo earlier. Turn around at the steps and look up to see a mounted lion's head. Shoot the gem in its mouth to lower a block behind you. Go down the steps and past the S opening.


Stay left and go around for 2 x flares, note the keyhole, open the floor trap door and see the spike trap down below. Turn around, save your game, hang from the edge, drop onto a slope, slide to the bottom and jump with a roll to land on a facing slope, immediately jump with a roll so that you land sliding backwards, grab at the end and shimmy right over the spikes. Wait for the flame blower to subside if it activates before you reach it. Continue around the corner and pull up onto a ledge. Go around the passage, jump into the water and swim into the W opening. Turn left, swim past a closed door and continue looping around left (pause for uzi ammo) until you reach an underwater lever that unfortunately does not open the door you just passed.


Flip turn and swim back the way you came to get some air. Don't pull out, but swim back W, and this time turn left in front of the opening and keep looping around left past an opened door until you reach another underwater lever. Pull it, flip turn and swim back around to your right, pausing if you like for shotgun ammo in the NW alcove, and get some air if necessary. That door in the passage is now open, so swim through the W opening, turn left and then right past the opened door and quickly loop around right to pull out NE while being pursued by a sea hag. She's not all you have to worry about, however, as a boulder will be triggered when you step into the N passage. Run left around it and go up the ramp to meet a crusader in the next room.


You have more to do before going there, so return to the water's edge, stand jump slightly SW to grab the ceiling hole, pull up onto a ledge and see a nearby pushpiece. Stand next to it facing N, jump up to grab the higher ledge and pull up. Jump over to the S side and enter the E side passage for the ARMOURY KEY. Return to the lower ledge and move the pushpiece W onto the marked tile to lower bars you may have seen earlier. Drop into the water, pull out NE and go up the ramp to the room with the waiting crusader. Run past him to the SE corner, climb the ladder and pull up onto a ledge next to the lowered bars to your left.


Go on through and loop around right to the keyhole you noted earlier. Insert the Armoury Key to open a door up ahead and to your left, go there and pull up S into a room filled with goodies: flares, a large medipack, shotgun ammo and 2 x uzi ammo. Pick up a TORCH and make your way N past the lowered block to the sanctuary. Light the torch on the NE candle, go to the front of the sanctuary and carefully (without getting up on the raised slabs) light the bowls on either side of the angel statue to lower a nearby NW trap door. Drop down into the floor hole for the VAULT KEY, pull out and engage a wicked witch. Go to the block with the ladder surface, climb up and take a running jump to grab the N ledge. Pull up, loop around right and pull up onto a block. Turn around and jump up to grab a higher ledge.


Pull up, turn around and jump S to the next ledge. Enter the SE passage and use the Vault Key in the next room to open the door to your left. Slide down to a dining room and shoot two guards. Pick up the MASONIC GRIMOIRE from the floor and the E door will open as you approach it. Go on through to end the level.