Level by Sabatu


Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth





Go straight ahead into the N opening and down some steps to find uzi ammo next to the column on your left. In the next room look in the NW corner for the SHOTGUN and two shells, enter the SW side passage and shoot the pots for uzi ammo, a large medipack and flares. Shoot the larger jar in the SE alcove for a shotgun shell and return to the starting room.


Go past the opened SE gate into an empty room with a knot receptacle (already filled) and a spike-trapped passage. There's no way to proceed at present, so return to the previously explored area to find a triangular opening at the end of the dark NE alcove. Hop through it. climb down the ladder in the floor hole and drop to a lower passage. Take a running jump to clear the spikes and low ceiling onto the SE block and climb up next to a floor lever that opens a stone door near the spot where you picked up the shotgun. Pull up onto the S ledge for a large medipack and revolver ammo.


Climb back down and return to the previously explored area via the same route. Go through the W passage and come to what appears to be a hub room. The small pots are empty but the jar hides 2 x small medipack. When you step onto the central sunken tile, all three hub doors open.


S Door


Go around left or right (on the left step is a small medipack) to a flooded room. Jump into the water and explore the SE niche for revolver ammo and the SW alcove for uzi ammo. Locate the N opening and swim through the passage. Surface, pull out and find that there's nothing here to do (unless you've just stepped on a trigger tile, which is apparently what has happened). Return to the flooded area, swim to the W wall and turn left to find a raised area where you can jump up S to grab a ledge. Pull up and turn left to find an opening that would have been blocked had you not stepped earlier onto the trigger tile. Pull up E into the opening, jump across onto the central block and hop down two times for a small medipack and flares.


Hop back up W, jump N to another block and hop over to a ledge with uzi ammo and the UZIS and a floor lever that gives you no visual cue of what happens when you push it. Safety drop from the E side to the ledge below and exit N to the hub room.


N Door


In the room to your right, one of the pots contains revolver ammo. Stand on the edge of the sloped block facing S and jump straight up to grab the higher ledge. Pull up and jump three more times in a counterclockwise direction to an opening beyond which you see a floor lever. Push it to hear the sound of a door opening, get back down and exit to the hub room.


W Door


The containers here are all empty, so turn right into the N cave and greet a giant scorpion. Vault up into the E opening and drop down the other side in front of a floor lever that causes a portion of the floor in the hub room to lower. Return there, go down the winding steps through the W opening and a ghostly guide will walk past you and right through the wall ahead. Grab the flares to your right and ignore the empty pots. Look for uzi ammo near the SW corner and turn to face a steep pit. Note the rope, but pick up the large medipack on the ledge to your left and climb down the ladder in that corner. Light a flare to find the SE floor hole and hop down for SECRET #1 and 8 x uzi ammo.


Climb back out, jump to grab the rope and swing to the other side of the pit. The wall panel ahead lifts as you land, so step forward into a room filled with pushpieces. Step into the shallow pool near the entrance for revolver ammo and find a small medipack in the other pool across the room. Climb the two blocks for uzi ammo and a shotgun shell. There are five marked tiles in the middle section of the floor, but it matters which pushpiece (PP for short) goes where, as you can tell if you look down from one of the tall blocks to see the design markings on the top of each PP. Move them as follows: N PP on the right, onto the SW tile; E PP on the left, onto the NE tile; E PP on the right, onto the NW tile; W PP on the right onto the middle E tile; and the last PP onto the remaining tile.


The N doors open, so go past them to trigger a brief flyby. Your way back is now blocked, so enter what I'll call the main room, go past the empty pots and up the steps, check the trenches on either side for a shotgun shell and a small medipack, note the closed doors opposite each other in the W and E walls and go back toward the entrance. Enter the SE opening and engage a harpy. Pick up the LASER SIGHT and the REVOLVER as a cut scene shows doors opening. Return, go back up the steps and take a running jump N over the gap to grab the jutting ledge on the other side.


Pull up to face the opened doors and note that the way beyond is still blocked. Turn left and take a running jump to grab the W opening. Pull up and run through the short passage to an opening overlooking a hazardous room below. Safety drop into some shallow water and run toward dry land to attract two crocodiles. Hop onto the SE ledge, locate the overhead jump switch and activate it to neutralize a spike trap and release two more crocodiles that you can deal with from your present position of safety. Go to the NW corner and pull up safely behind the boulder. Push it down the ramp, and it will roll down to neutralize more spikes and drop into a floor hole.


Follow after the boulder, jump over the floor hole and pull down the wall switch to bring a block out from the wall at the SE corner and release yet another crocodile. Go to the block, climb up on it, face the S wall and back flip onto the ledge above the jump switch. A boulder is activated, so immediately run off to your right to avoid it. Get back up to the ledge, run around the corner for revolver ammo and push the floor lever in the passage to open one of the doors in the main room. To get there quickly, walk around the floor lever to the opening, run out right onto the slope, slide and jump off with a left curve to land near the opened double doors.


One or two harpies will attack (just one in my case, but the second one showed up after I'd already left), so deal with that distraction before taking a running jump to grab the E opening. Pull up and step forward to an opening that overlooks a deep room. To get down, take a running jump SE to land on the slope. Without sliding, take a rolling back flip with grab to land inside the W alcove. Climb down the ladder and note that there are three skeletons waiting for you down below. When you near the bottom, back flip over the skeletons and run over to the opening in the NE corner. If the skeletons follow you into the water, for some reason they'll become immobile and pose no further threat.


Grab the small medipack in the water and the flares in the SE corner, pull up into the NE opening and go around to the end. Pull up higher S, run up higher to the opening and take a running jump SE to grab the crack in the wall. Shimmy right around the corner and pull up onto a block. Take a running jump W to grab a ladder surface, climb up to a higher block and pick up the shotgun shell. Jump up to grab the ceiling and monkey swing W until you can drop in front of a floor lever that opens the other door in the main room (just beyond the opening ahead). A second harpy may still be hovering about in that room, so you can try to target it from here.


As before, run off the edge toward your right onto the slope to slide down to the ledge next to the opened double doors. Another harpy will attack, so be ready. Take a running jump S across the gap to grab the jutting ledge, pull up and take your pick as to which area to explore first.


E Doorway


Pick up the uzi ammo at the base of the ramp, go up to a high ledge overlooking the room and pick up revolver ammo to your right. Step on the face tile to neutralize a spike trap elsewhere, locate the raised block below and safety drop onto it. Go across into the opposite doorway.


W Doorway


Go up the ramp and step on the face tile to neutralize more spikes, pick up the revolver ammo in the corner and climb up onto the N block. Take a running jump onto the next ledge, pick up the uzi ammo and note the spike-free passage to your left. But first, jump to the ledge against the N wall and grab the revolver ammo in the alcove to your left. Jump back to the spike-free passage and go on through to the next room. One of the pots hides uzi ammo and there's a small medipack in the SW corner. Go through the N passage and come to a slope. Draw your revolver and save your game.


Slide down the slope to a room with spikes and a rotating Medusa head. As soon as you land, try to target and shoot the Medusa's green eyes before they spit out deadly fire and fry you. Then time a sprint past the spikes to the block formerly occupied by the Medusa head and pull down the wall switch to clear more of your path in the main room. Turn left, stand jump onto a safe raised spot and pull up W onto a high block. Stand jump slightly NW to grab the crack and shimmy right until you can pull up onto a flat spot. Turn around and jump to grab the rope, swing over the spikes and jump with grab to land inside the E opening.


Take a running jump over the gap and retrace your steps through the spike-free passage to the ledge overlooking the main room. Jump across to the E side and get the revolver ammo in the NE alcove. Loop around the spike-free E passage for a shotgun shell and loop back around through the passage to the SE corner for another shotgun shell. Go through the N opening to a slope, bring out the revolver and save your game once again. Slide down to a room where you have to deal with two harpies as well as a rotating Medusa head. When all have been vanquished, save again and push the floor lever to open more doors in the main room and raise a block in the nearby corner.


Climb onto the raised block and jump NE to grab the wall crack. Shimmy left to the flat spot, pull up, reverse roll and jump to grab the rope. Swing and jump across with grab to land inside the W opening. Take a running jump across the gap and return to the main room via the spike-free passage. Jump across the gap to the jutting W ledge and run off onto the slope to your right to slide down near the opened doors. Now that the way is clear, head N and up the steps to an immense room.


Note the small pile of bones (1 of 5) to your left. It's essential for the next secret that you shoot these and others you'll soon come across. You can either use your revolver and laser sight or save a valuable round by standing in front of the bones and firing your pistols continuously while rolling back and forth until they shatter. Get on the rock slab against the E wall and take a curved running jump to grab the tall block against the N wall. Pull up and shoot the next pile of bones there (2 of 5) by your preferred method. Jump to grab the ladder surface in the W wall and climb up in front of a crawl space near the ceiling. Enter and crawl around to an opening.


Look down to see another pile of bones (3 of 5) on a ledge. Due to the tight quarters it's best to invest a revolver round this time to shatter them. Slide down and take a curved running jump onto the ledge, hop over SE and enter the S room. Shoot the pots and jars for a small medipack and revolver ammo, then shatter the pile of bones (4 of 5) in the W alcove. Exit, hop to the NE ledge and stand jump with grab to land inside the hallway down below. The final pile of bones (5 of 5) is next to the complete skeleton near the S wall. When you shatter it, a door lifts in the NE corner, opening the way to SECRET #2. Enter and pick up 3 x uzi ammo, revolver ammo, a small medipack, two shotgun shells and a large medipack.


Exit to the W ledge and safety drop to the room below at the cost of some health. Take another curved running jump to grab the block against the N wall, pull up and jump to grab the ladder surface. Climb up as before to the crawl space, go around and make the jumps to the S ledge, but this time continue around counterclockwise with jumps to the ladder in the E wall. Climb up to an opening and run up the ramp to a room with an enclosed boulder. Go around to the back side of the boulder and push it W down the slope to trigger an impressive flyby. Run back down the ramp and take a running swan dive down into the water far below.


Surface, pull out N and step forward to pull up higher onto a ledge leading to a dark cavernous area. Run down the central pathway, and to the left of the wall torch on your right is an opening you can reach with a standing jump and grab from the corner. Pull up onto a trigger tile, hop down and continue N down the path to alert two harpies. Just past the column with the first trigger tile is a flat spot up W with another trigger tile. Hop up to activate it, and near the end of the pathway is a ramp to your right with a third and final trigger tile. Reach it with a running jump NE from the wall to your right. The doors open in the distance and the cut scene warns you of the spike trap you'll encounter on the way there.


Slide down and continue N, jump past the spike trench and a couple of empty pots, and just before going past the opened doors look left for revolver ammo and right for a shotgun shell. Go up the steps on either side toward the far wall and prepare yourself for a thrilling but harmless surprise. After falling down into the water, surface and pull up onto the S ledge. Pull out of the pool and see that there's a vast area to explore here. First, go around the rim for uzi ammo on the E side, then go to the dark N area past the archway for more uzi ammo in the left alcove. Loop around into the alcove on the right and climb the ladder to the top of the archway. Pick up the shotgun shell and activate the jump switch to open the door below.


Before going through, reverse roll and see the ladder in the central structure. Climb to the top, turn around and hop up N for SECRET #3. Pick up 2 x small medipack, a large medipack, a spare SHOTGUN and a shotgun shell. Hop down to the central structure, climb back down the ladder and go past the opened N doorway. Follow the passage to a TRIDENT (1 of 3) and prepare to do battle with two harpies and a demigod when you return. When all is quiet, go to the closed door on the W side of the pool and shoot the pile of bones in front of it. Shoot all the nearby pots and jars as well, and the door will open. Follow to a ledge overlooking a pool and drop down to a lower ledge. Take a running jump to grab the ledge across the pool and pull up for uzi ammo and a small medipack.


Jump into the water and swim around to emerge at a second pool. Follow the passage to awaken two skeletons, and either shoot off their heads with the revolver or blast them into the water or the pit around the corner with the shotgun. Shoot the pot for a small medipack and jump E across two pits where a third skeleton is waiting. Go to the S opening, deal with two more skeletons across the way and take a running jump SW onto the connecting ledge. Go around to the S ledge, look back and see another opening to the right of the one you just left. Take a running jump to grab it and pull inside.


Climb the ladder at the end of the short passage and pull up to encounter three more skeletons. The better part of valor here may be to turn left and simply outrun them to the W wall, jump S to the connecting ledge and take a running jump S to grab the tall block. Take a running jump to the E block, then the S block for two shotgun shells, and retrace your steps to where the skeletons are waiting. If you have time, you can grab the uzi ammo near the middle of the N wall and shoot the NE jar for revolver ammo before jumping over to grab the broken column against the E wall. 


Pull up, jump to the W block, then the S block, pull up higher two times W and light a flare. For a secret, don't pull up N yet but instead, with your back to the wall stand jump slightly NE to grab the ladder. Climb up to an opening and follow the passage to an opening. Run down the ramp onto an otherwise inaccessible interior ledge for SECRET #4 and grab the UZIS together with 3 x uzi ammo. Return, climb back down the ladder, shift left near the bottom and drop onto a flat surface. Pull up W and N and step forward to pick up the TRIDENT (2 of 3). If you had done this before obtaining the previous secret, you would have found a closed door at the top of the ladder. Two harpies will be awakened, so deal with them and jump over to the upper N ledges where two skeletons are waiting.


Go left to the W wall for uzi ammo and then to the NE corner. Look down to see the pool far below and jump down into the water. Swim back E to the other pool, pull up S two times and   return through the passage to the vast inner area. Run all the way across the room toward the closed E door and see two wall switches in the alcoves to your right and left. Both are fire-trapped, so take an immediate rolling back flip after pulling each one to avoid being set aflame. The E door opens, so enter and go down the ramp to a dark hallway. Turn left and enter the E room to trigger a host of fire wraiths. Reverse roll, sprint back up and jump into the pool to extinguish them in the water.


Pull out S, and if you didn't note them earlier, go to the SW corner for revolver ammo and a shotgun shell. Return to the E doorway and go down to the room where you encountered the wraiths. Being mindful of places to fall off the edge, find the pushpiece and pull it two times so you can climb up on it and reach the upper ledge. There's another pushpiece up there, so move it three times near the closed door up in the E wall. Take a running jump with grab to land inside the S opening and save your game for a double timed run. The trigger tile to your left turns off the flames atop the columns for a few seconds, giving you just enough time to get over to the wall switch, pull it down and get back (reverse roll at the switch and take a walking/running jump back to the first column). The wall switch opens the E door in the previous room, but it's also timed, so you need to climb up onto the pushpiece and jump into the opening before the door closes in your face. It will re-open once you get past it.


Turn around and climb down the ladder on the other side of the opening. Pick up the TRIDENT (3 of 3) at one end of the short passage and climb back up the ladder. Hop down the other side onto the pushpiece, whereupon more fire wraiths are awakened to plague you. Run off a bit to your right so you'll land on the ledge below and then run off further onto the lower pushpiece. Hop down, run W through the passage and right (N) up the ramp to douse the wraiths in the pool. Pull out S again and turn left to see another pushpiece with a crawl space next it. Enter the E crawl space and come to a torch-lit room with a sunken floor. Light a flare to see that the floor has a clear central path with a row of face tiles on each side. Two ghostly buzz saws are poised over two of the face tiles, but all is dormant at present. Presumably you'll be coming back here later.


Grab the uzi ammo in the SW corner and exit to the main room. Pull the pushpiece three times W and in one continuous motion push it six times S between the first two columns against the E wall. Four skeletons were awakened during the pushing exercise, so quickly climb up onto the pushpiece and hop onto the top of the middle column (which appears spike-trapped but isn't, although the other two are). From here you can target and shoot the heads off the skeletons and then hop down to the floor. Push the pushpiece W across the room four times, climb up on it and take a running jump SW onto the only safe column top on the W side. 

A door opens nearby. Drop to the floor, note three boulders poised up in the S wall and push the pushpiece one time so that it comes to rest against the W wall (we may see later if that was necessary or not).


Turn right, then left past the opened W door and go down some steps. Climb down the ladder in the floor hole, hop down two times, pull up E two times and find yourself in a room guarded by a demigod. After dealing with him, go through the S opening into the next room and back to the SE corner. Find the ladder and climb up until you can back flip onto an upper ledge. Note the Poseidon statues in the distance and in the nearby side room, but for now head straight E into the dark passage and pull up into the crawl space on your right. Crawl around until you can stand up, pull up E and follow the passage to a crossing.


Both paths lead to a pool, so jump into the water and swim N around the columns to a larger pool. Surface, pull out NW and climb the nearby block. Take a running jump to grab the block in the other corner, pull up, reverse roll and take a running jump to grab the upper ledge. Pull up and follow around for SECRET #5. Grab the REVOLVER and 3 x revolver ammo from the ledge overlooking the main room, return to the pool and the area with the Poseidon statues the same way you came (or take a long dive into the pool below and go back the other way).


Directly opposite the S side room, to the left of the N wall torch, is a trigger tile that drops a trap door in the alcove to your left. Hop inside and climb the ladder to a passage behind one of the boulders you saw from the room below. Push the boulder down the ramp so that it rolls into the main room, climb back down the ladder and go into the S side room. Hop over to the Poseidon statue, place a Trident and head W into another side room. Place another Trident, hop into the SE alcove and climb the ladder to an upper passage. Monkey swing across the spike pit and push a second boulder down into the main room.


Monkey swing back the other way, climb down the ladder and exit both side rooms. Turn left once outside but avoid stepping on the marked floor tile on the left side of the W opening (it will set you aflame). Pick up the uzi ammo to the right of the tile and jump over to place the final Trident. Get up into the NE alcove, climb the ladder to the last boulder and push it down into the main room. A flyby shows you that the large pool in the main room has been drained.


Climb back down, return the way you came and go through the N opening. Turn left at the wall and find a water-filled floor hole at the corner. Jump into the water, swim W and pull out. Turn around, jump up to grab the ladder and climb up to a passage leading back to the main room. Drop onto the ledge at the S end of the pool and hop down to a lower ledge. Go around the perimeter either side, drop onto a slope and slide down to the floor. Step on the raised slab to open the S door, hop into the passage and follow around as the door closes behind you to run into the finish trigger.