Level by SheepyCyanide


Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth



Slide down into a courtyard, where you're met by a wild boar. Look for a short passage beyond the SE palm tree and step on the trigger tile there to open a nearby door. On the way there, pull up onto a rock slab for shotgun ammo (note that the shotgun is already in your inventory). Go down past the opened N door, shoot a scorpion and continue into an underground arena where a bat will attack. Shoot the scorpion scurrying about below and look left to see ladders at the NW and NE corners. Hop down into the shallow pit for shotgun ammo and pull up S onto the block. Make a counterclockwise circuit around the room, jumping as necessary, and shoot the wooden barriers blocking the NE ladder.


Climb the ladder, note the closed gate behind you, vault up onto the wall and hop down into the NW opening. Continue to a room with the CROSSBOW and a wall switch that opens the nearby gate. Return there, jump over the ladder hole and follow the S passage while lighting a flare. Keep right to find flares in an alcove, then go the other way and vault up for the ELEPHANT KEY. Climb back down the ladder, slide down W and run past the awakened skeleton to climb the block on the other side of the room.  Go SW and loop around left to find a receptacle for the Elephant Key. Use it to open a door elsewhere and go back the way you came and pull up into the NW opening (climbing the ladder is not necessary).


As you enter the next room you can see the opened door ahead. Pull out the shotgun and shoot the advancing skeleton into the pit, whereupon he will disappear. Pick up the nearby crossbow arrows, hop down into the pit and look for flares near the NW corner. Pull out, hop toward the opened door and enter a small room. Pull up onto the block and shoot the grate. Enter the crawl space and go up the ramp to an outdoor area. Prepare to engage a crocodile as soon as you can stand up. Loop around left and climb the blocks at the SW corner for a large medipack


Jump the column tops to the NE one and take a running jump NE curving left to land inside an alcove near the corner. Pull up N two times for the LASER SIGHT and continue through the opening onto a ledge. Look down NE to find a hanging bell, combine the laser sight and crossbow and shoot it to make it ring. Climb the nearby ladder and jump up to grab the ceiling. Monkey swing N across the room, drop to the ledge and hop down E. The door ahead opens automatically, so go on in and follow the passage around the corner to a fire pit. Jump over it and continue to a small room where you'll find crossbow arrows on one block and a small medipack on the other block.


Safety drop S from the floor hole and drop further to the floor to engage a scorpion. Go to the SW alcove and pull the pushpiece several times so you can go around it into the revealed passage and pull up N. Jump over the fire trap, turn right and take a running jump E to activate the jump switch in the previous room. Bars lower at the NE corner, so drop down and run down the steps past two Buddha statues to an apparent dead end. Go back up a bit, face E and see a small gap near the ceiling. Shoot the bell to open a door at the bottom of the steps and go on through to engage a wild boar and hear the sound of crashing waves.


The NE room requires a key you don't yet have, so go through the SE opening, pull up onto the ledge for shotgun ammo and jump into the water hole. Swim along the only available route and up a shaft to pull up into a dark opening that leads to a slope. Slide down backwards, grab the edge, drop onto the slope below, back flip onto the facing slope and jump off with a left curve to land on a flat corner. Walk up to the tip of the pointed block and jump S to grab the opening. Pull up into the crawl space and drop out the other side. Search the ledges in the next room for 2 x shotgun ammo and go to the NW opening.


Hop onto the slope and slide down into a dark room. Light a flare and hop over to the NW corner for the LION KEY. Three skeletons are awakened, so either blast them into the pit with the shotgun or shoot off their heads with the crossbow. Stand facing W near the raised slab where you got the key and shoot the bell beyond the crack high up in the wall. Hop back over to the S side of the room, look for a similar crack in the N wall and shoot the bell to lower the bars behind you. Jump into the water hole and swim until you reach a wall. Turn left and continue until you can pull out near a previously explored area. Loop around right into the NE room and use the Lion Key to open a nearby door at the SW corner.


Go there and follow the passage to a crawl space. Continue through the long passage past a fairly shallow pit and around the corner until you're attacked by a bat. Keep on going until you reach a N room with a wall ladder. Climb up to a ledge and hop down into an outdoor area with a pyramid. Climb onto a flat block at the near corner of the pyramid and carefully make your way toward the top with NE standing jumps (it helps to keep the up arrow key depressed). When you reach the third such flat spot, stand jump N into a hole for SECRET #1 and pick up the explosive arrows.


Hop S out of the hole, slide to the ground (you will encounter a tiger and a crocodile either now or later) and climb the corner block once again. This time go all the way to the top, and a flyby will reward your arrival at the summit. Pick up the COG and get back down to the ground. Work your way toward the SE corner and jump to the ledge there for flares.  Down in the NE corner you'll find a large medipack. Near the N wall you'll see a receptacle in the side of the pyramid for later use. Return to the SW corner where you entered this area and look up N. Shoot the bell to open a door up in the NW corner. Go there, pull up onto the block between the columns and the pyramid and hop up NE to the flat corner. Jump W over the gap and go past the opened door ahead to place the Cog.


The door opens down in the W wall at ground level, so go there and proceed to a room with two closed doors and a bell you can shoot with your pistols to open them both. Go past the one on your right (N) and follow to a room with a tiled floor. The tiles aren't significant for stepping purposes, but the two bats that attack do merit your attention. The object at the NW corner is a pushpiece, so note that all the tile monsters face in the same direction save one near the SW corner and move the pushpiece onto that tile. You hear the sound of a door opening, so go to the W wall and find the opening.


Pull up twice into a passage and follow to a small room for SECRET #2. Collect 2 x shotgun ammo, a large medipack and the WHEEL STATUETTE on the raised slab. Return to the pushpiece and move it onto the elephant tile about midway along the E row. The N doors open to release two tigers, so make short work of them and go through either doorway. Turn around once inside to find the ladder and climb to the upper ledges. Go around to the right side and from the jutting ledge take a running jump E across the room to grab the ledge on the other side. Grab the wall crack and shimmy right until you can drop safely. Run W to find the BLOCK and safety drop to the floor.


Shoot the waiting tiger and exit S. Go up the ramps past the bell and the second opened door S that you ignored earlier. Follow to a ladder and hear the sound of a door opening somewhere above. Climb up to a room with a central pool, swim across to the other side and pull out left for flares. Jump back into the water and swim to the center face tile in the N wall, which is an unmarked phantom tile. Swim right through it into another pool and pull out at the low SE step. Draw the crossbow, jump to the outer ledge and allow five skeletons to chase you around the perimeter until you can reverse roll and take them all out with a single explosive arrow.


There are two trigger tiles, one near the SE corner and the other on the W side. Step on both to open the NE door and go on through to a ledge partially enclosing a pit. Shoot the wild boar at the far end, target two scorpions scurrying about below and drop down into the pit for another BLOCK. Combine the two for the C BLOCK, climb out of the pit and continue E into a new area. Make your way down to the wall, drop down the floor hole and find yourself back at the outdoor pyramid. Hop out, go counterclockwise around the pyramid and pull up onto the flat spot near the NE corner of the pyramid.


Continue around until you reach the receptacle on the N side that you noted earlier. Place the C Block to separate two stone doors down near the S wall (next to the NE flat spot where you pulled up onto the pyramid). On your way there you'll encounter two tigers. Shoot a bat just past the entrance, hear the sound of a door opening (or closing) and light a flare to find the crawl space. Drop down the other side and you'll slide with a fixed camera view to a flat spot. Save your game, as any further movement will trigger a boulder. Face S and sprint down the ramp as the boulder follows, when you reach the bottom hop left onto another slope, slide and grab the edge, pull up and take a rolling back flip to grab the facing slope, and shimmy right to get out of the boulder's path as it drops down beside you.


Pull up and save your game once more. Safety drop to the slope below, slide and jump with a left curve over the flames onto another slope, drop down into a passage with a spike wall, reverse roll and light a flare while running N away from the spike wall. There are a number of wall switches, but pull only the one on your right with the elephant design to open the NW door. Go on through, climb the ladder to a familiar area and go past the W opening for a small medipack. Go N up the ramp, turn left at the wall and shoot two tigers and a bat in the next room.


Drop down left past the ramparts, shoot two scorpions and pull down the wall switch to hear the sound of a door opening. There's nothing on the right side, so pull out, walk up N and look for a gap near the ceiling on the left side. Shoot the bell and go back the way you came through the E passage. The door ahead is now open, so go down and turn left into a room where Lara's theme music plays, signaling the end of your quest as you pick up the HEALING CRYSTAL BUDDHA. Step on the SE trigger tile to open the exit door, leave this room, turn left to deal with the skeleton waiting on the ramp, turn left again past the opened door and the level comes to an end.