Level by Marcos


Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth



Begin with a flashback, followed by a brief transaction with a monk in the Divine Stone Monastery. Be prepared to take cover the instant you get camera control to avoid taking fire for two baddies posted on a ledge. Since you have no weapons, turn right and loop around the perimeter of the enclosure to find a passage near the NE corner where you can find refuge. Open the door to a room with another baddy, quickly open the door to your right and enter the bathroom. Turn left to avoid the baddy's fire and search the cabinet in the corner for a large medipack, three small medipacks and a key named DEPOSIT. Also note that the eponymous stone is already in your inventory.


Run over to the cabinet against the N wall (you were facing N before, so yes, the compass is backwards in this game) and strap on the BELT AND HOSTER before arming yourself with the REVOLVER. Before leaving, take the flares and note that the baddy is protected behind a fence. Exit to the previous room, run across to the SE corner and open the door. Loop around right in the next room and take the flares and a small medipack from the table. When you then pick up the ACCESS TO BACKYARD a cutscene shows an arriving helicopter dropping off reinforcements to impede any further progress toward your goal.


Open the SW door to the bathroom, pause for refreshment and return to the previous room. Hop behind the wood-burning stove and pull up into the S crawl space. Follow around to drop into another room with a wood-burning stove and take the flares and a small medipack from the table. The door to your left leads to another bathroom where you can try unsuccessfully (since you have none left) to relieve yourself once again. Open the S door, run past the burning monk in the next room and hop over the railing into the water-filled channel. Go around the corner and pull up into the N crawl space. Look down into the occupied bathroom and press the action key for some juvenile fun. Return to the channel, side flip S over the railing and follow the hallway around to a W passage.


Shoot the wooden barrier at the end, kick open the door and enter a dark room where you'll hear some eerie sounds. Search the wall cabinets for flares and a HELP AND WARNING. Examine the latter for some important clues and press the Star of David button in the SE corner to open the exit gate. Return to the hallway and turn left (S) past the opened gate into a room with two bird plinths. The one on the left is inactive, but you can turn the one on the right to separate the overhead curtains to reveal a painting. At the same time, the nearby gate lifts, so step inside the alcove for a key called the LIBRARY.


Exit N, run toward the far wall as you're met with gunfire and veer right into the adjacent hallway. Jump N into the water-filled trench and pull up into the crawl space to verify that the bathroom is now unoccupied. Return to both bathrooms you previously visited, try to use them again (unsuccessfully, in my case), return to the trench and hopefully find that the flames surrounding the monk have gone out. I have no idea what triggers this phenomenon, although it did happen in my case when I went through the motions described in this paragraph. Step onto the still-smoking corpse of the monk and pick up a small money pouch for SECRET #1.


Return to the previous room, loop around to climb past the wood-burning stove to the connecting room, exit N and run past the waiting baddy through the W passage to the outdoor area where the level began. A steady rain has begun to fall, so run forward and jump over the railing to find that the monk you encountered earlier is now apparently dead. Go around his corpse and pick up the CHURCH ACCESS KEY, jump back over the railing and run to the SE corner where you'll start taking gunfire. In the E alcove is a keyhole, so use the Deposit to lift the gate and enter a storage room.


Search the cabinet to your right for flares and a generous 6 x revolver ammo, then go over to the E cabinet for a diagram of the LIBRARY COURTYARD. For a secret, run back out into the open area and try to get the posted baddy to lob a grenade at you so that it lands in or near the SW pool without blowing you to bits. If you're successful, a small money pouch will appear in the pool for SECRET #2. Pull out of the water and go into the SE passage to find a gate at the end you can lift with the Access to Backyard.


When you enter the back yard a flying saucer darts across your field of vision. Turn left and pull up through a gap in the railing near the NW corner. A cut scene shows a guard lurking nearby, so sprint SW across the courtyard and pull up into the W window on the left to get a fixed camera view. Turn around, shoot the wooden barrier in the E wall across the way, go over there and climb the ladder while being fired upon (you can first target and kill your nemesis by jumping up and down if you like). Pull up and run forward to trigger a flyby through the lower back yard. Walk to the opening and stand jump to grab the underside of the bridge. Monkey swing across the back yard and you'll start taking gunfire before you reach the other side, so save your game when camera control is restored following a brief remote view, stay left and hope that you're not hit by a grenade before you can drop safely onto a balcony.


Go through the opening, hop down left and go down the S steps you saw in the flyby. Open the gate with the Church Access and turn left at the wall. Open the door to the sanctuary and run across to open the W door. Follow the passage past a closed gate to your left and go up the steps for some healing incense. Return to the sanctuary, turn left and go behind the altar. Stand right against the open book, press the action key and the door to your right will open. Go around to the opposite side of the altar and pick up the HOLY WATER.


Follow the SW passage to an outdoor courtyard and turn left to find a protruding brick in the W wall. Push it to lift the gate in the alcove to your right. Go there and use the Library to open the next door to a reading room. Run down the red carpet, turn left and push the table against the N wall. Vault up onto it and push the cross button to open the W door. Go down the steps, light a flare so you can loop around left at the bottom and not fall over the edge, continue to a crossing and refer to the map you picked up earlier. If you like, you can save your game, go straight forward and do what's described below to see what happens. But for now, take the right (N) path, step on the raised slab, combine the Holy Water with The Stone that Killed Goliath and place the BLESSED STONE on Goliath's brow. Watch the ensuing cut scenes and after you've revived, reverse roll and go back upstairs.


When you reach the reading room a cut scene will warn you of a menacing bald dude waiting outside. Continue to the courtyard, turn right through the N passage, turn left at the wall and return toward the sanctuary. Watch the helicopter being destroyed as the bald dude rants and raves, and when the flyby has ended run forward into the sanctuary, turn right past the pews and exit E. As you go N up the steps the baldy boss starts cackling and throws flaming bolts at you, so sprint underneath his perch where you'll be safe for the moment.


Wait until he floats down and treat him as you would a demigod, kneeling close to him while peppering him with revolver rounds. When he finally explodes he leaves behind the key to the REVELATION ROOM. Jump over the railing into the shallow pool below for a modest health loss, pull out and search the nearby corpse for the SHOTGUN with a generous supply of ammo. Run across the courtyard to the SW corner and stay left to enter an enclosed room. Open the W door with the Revelation Room key and go down the steps into a torch-lit room with a plinth bearing the SCROLL OF REVELATION. Examine it for some valuable information and retrace your steps to the outdoor courtyard.


The flying saucer re-appears along with some aliens. Turn right and run to the NW corner. Pull up past the gap in the railing and loop around right to the ladder. Climb up to the opening you visited earlier and monkey swing E to the other side of the courtyard while the flying saucer hovers below. Drop to the balcony, run forward to baldy's perch and hop down left. Go S down the steps and return to the sanctuary. Go to the SW passage, turn right (S) and see a beam of light emanating from the flying saucer into the courtyard. Run forward into the light to complete the level and trigger the scrolling credits.