Pharaos Pyramid

Level by Robert Bowman

Walkthrough by Yoav

You begin in an Egyptian room. Turn to the south and jump up to grab the ceiling hole and pull into a passage, run forward and drop into the room. Head to the center pedestal and pick up Cartouche Piece #1. Turn around and back to the north wall, climb back into the passage and return to the first room, which is now flooded with water. Swim to the east opening and keep going to the next pool, then get out of the water and follow the east opening. Ahead (I guess) is the great Pharaos Pyramid, and it's so tall you cannot see the end. Anyway, you have to climb up to the top of the Pyramid and pick up a small medipack, then get down to the other side and stand in front of a double door. Turn west and climb the stairs to the top, take from the pedestal Cartouche Piece #2, then pull the lever nearby to open the doors, run down the stairs and kill three ninjas.

Save and slide down into a room with two rows of spiked buolders from both side walls, as soon as you reach the bottom you have to cross this room as fast as you can and turn left into a passage. Slide down the next slope and follow the passage to a very big grassy room. There's nothing in the pool and also around the room, so head to the north wall and find the opening. Follow up the slopes, then climb into a passage and reach the end. Jump/grab the ceiling and the monkeyswing leads you to the first column. Run and jump north, grab the next column, turn east, run and jump/grab the column and two more ahead. Face north, run and jump to grab the column and the opening. Run up the slope and enter a room with a pedestal and take the Eye Of Horus. Head west and follow the passage to the end, then start climbing to the top and follow the passage outside, you're back in the Pyramid area.

Just run and jump forward, land on the Pyramid and go back to the earlier opening you entered.

Look for a ladder on the west column, climb up and at the top of the column combine the pieces you have and place the Ba Cartouche. The gate opens at the north column. Run and jump over there and follow the passage to a room covered with face tile traps and a few ledges. Run and jump north, east and north twice for the shotgun and go back to the beginning. Jump west three ledges, north twice and east three ledges to reach the receptacle on the wall. Place the Eye Of Horus to open the wall and be aware as the tile ahead is a trap, so jump over it. The next room is a copy of the first room. You have reach the west opening by following the ledges. Start by jumping east and on each ledge around the room until the end, then enter a short passage. Head forward and you drop by an invisible hole into a tunnel of water.

Swim forward between the walls and keep forward, turn west, south into a small opening and west into the next opening and immediately north into a small opening for a Ba Cartouche. Swim back to the walls and turn west to find the exit hole. Climb out of the water and place the Ba Cartouche at the receptacle, it opens an underwater gate. Go back into the water and swim east, turn north and east into a room with two pillars and find the opening gate between. Follow the tunnel to a pole, swim east and climb out of the water.

Go to the opening and the camera angle will show you two slopes with deep bottom to cross. Fix the camera and turn to face north, take a simple jump to the sunken square. Back to the slope, slide and grab the edge and shimmy right to the next sunken square. From here run and jump across the deep bottom and grab the opposite slope. Pull up and slide directly to a new sunken square. Turn to face south and by running and jumping the next two sunken squares reach the last one. From where you are standing take a running jump across the next deep bottom and grab the opposite wall. Pull up and go over the opening.

Enter the room and start running up the slopes, kill two ninjas and when you get to the end, climb onto the block. Run and jump, grab the rope and swing over to the next rope, swing again and reach the south ledge. Follow to the end of the passage and take from the pedestal the Revolver. Get back, run and jump over the rope and try to grab it, if you make it then you're better than me as I didn't manage it (I used dozy here).
Anyway, back to the slopes and run down until the room below the floor becomes a pool. Swim north into a tunnel, keep swimming up the next tunnel and reach the exit hole. Climb into a burial chamber with three pharoah statues floating. This will be the final room, as there is no "finish" trigger in this level.