Angkor Wat - Drive That Jeep!

Level by Li'l Kid

Walkthrough by DJ Full

1. If the jeep disappears because of a camera, shift gear to R, drive for some metres, shift to D, drive some metres as well and if necessary, repeat this sequence.
2. If Lara runs over herself (Monty Python?) and she looks like she's dead, switch to R to bring her back to life.
3. If Lara runs over herself while reversing, shift to D to "respawn" her.
4. There are no golden skulls to find.
5. Every camera but the last one can be interrupted.

Go around the pillars and pick up the jeep keys from next to the jeep. There is another bunch of keys several squares to the S - it's a SECRET#1. Stand in the sun to activate Von Croy - you'll need him to disable spikes. Enter the jeep and drive downstairs. When you have enough watching Von Croy bleeding, interrupt the camera and proceed throug the temple. Interrupt another camera on your way towards the first spikes. STOP in front of them and wait for VC to disable them. Then go through the trap. Don't leave the vehicle, even if you played the original Wat and expect finding a secret in the surrounding pool - it's not there, so go ahead and help VC fight the wild boars, killing them more efficiently than the mentor does with his knife. When you get on the first ledge in the jumping tutorial part, use the ramp on the left of the entrance to drive down to the bottom, but watch out for the pools - they are deadly for the bike! If you get out of the jeep and stand on one of the squares next to the SE pool, you trigger SECRET#2, as this is the place the golden skull lies in the original game, and it appears the trigger for this secret remained untouched.

Drive up the RIGHT side of the E ramp (the left side is buggy) to get inside the temple, leaving VC outside. You don't need to worry about him - as soon as you proceed to the end of the passage, he teleports himself to your location (interrupt). Now you need to jump down, but of course there is no pool, that would be a certain death in this case. When you find yourself at the bottom, interrupt again. You can climb the S wall to throw a switch, and, you can find another one in the central chamber, but these two levers, normally lowering bridges, are completely impractical now. There is also an E broken route around the room, and through the grated floor you can see a large medikit, usually waiting for you to collect it from the pool, is placed there standard way. And there is a way for you to pick it up. And to obtain SECRET#3. However, SAVE before you try to do this, as there is no way out of the pool. The water becomes accessible when you go S upstairs and reach the ledge you normally start monkeyswinging from.

So now you can jump into the revealed pool, swim over the bottom to activate SECRET#3 - secret nothing - and swim into the underwater passage to find the familiar small and large medis. Now, when you have all the pickups collected, LOAD, get in the jeep and drive up the ramp to leave the temple through the after-monkey-swing exit. Drive outside, run over several more wild boars while going around the temple and drive into the SW corner, where the golden rose usually lies, to trigger SECRET#4. Go downstairs, go around the RIGHT pillars to activate SECRET#5, bypass the spikes, interrupt and get out of the vehicle in front of the crawlspace. Crawl in, on the junction go left to find SECRET#6 (nothing again) and continue through the crawlspace until you find and pull the lever to grant VC access to the catacomb full of darts. Get out of the crawlspace, come closer to VC to interrupt the conversation, drive through the catacomb and under the descending ceiling as fast as you can to get to the other side of the dungeon to finally get outside by going up the ramp. In the SW corner of the yard, SECRET#7 tile waits for you to bump onto it. Now, when you have 7 secrets only, you may be worried VC won't choose the reward path for you. But it's not your fault, so don't worry. BTW, there is nothing more to worry about - drive upstairs, towards the VC and watch the jeep cunning and rotating like some kind of ridiculous Steampunk machine, until you get bored, because VC can't help soundless and endless talking and you start to realize you can't interrupt this camera... so you have no other choice than to hit Alt+F4 to force tomb4.exe to shut down.