Palace of the Three Tridents

Level by Stripix

Walkthrough by DJ Full

Jump into the water and find a small medi and a grenade gun in the central hole. Also, there is a shotgun in the NW corner of the pool. Get out, wake up 3 skeletons and either throw them into the water with your shotgun, or blow up all of them with a single grenade. Get on the upper floor to fight 3 more enemies. Get on the 2nd floor, optionally check the stepped pyramidal middle part to kill 2 skellys and climb the W blocks, shooting another opponent on your way to the 3rd floor. Up there, another 2 dead guardians wait for you to annihilate them. Runjump/grab/pull up on the 4th floor to wake up 2 wraiths and watch out for some spikes on your way to the bird statue in the SE corner (bird statues are in every corner, but spikes are present only in the SE one). Anyway, you don't need to get closer to any of the bird statues, because none of them works properly. So just climb the block in the NW corner to jump/grab/pull up on the 5th floor. Another block on the E allows you to get on the 6th one. The 7th platform is not accessible the normal way, you need to dozy up if you wanna pick up the first (and last) of three tridents and then fight 5 skeletons simultaneously. But even if you cheat and complete the last floor, there is nothing more to do after that in this level.