Hall of Forgotten Knowledge

Level by Suzie Croft

Walkthrough by manarch2

NOTE: There are several scrolls to find in this level, but you don't need them to proceed in this level.

Slide down till the end and crawl NE to fall in a water pit. Find the Crossbow and Explosive Ammo, a Horsemen's Gem and the first Knowledge Scrolls in this room, then climb back out. Crawl W and use the gem to open the right door. Through the E crawlspace you can see and then shoot a Harpyr. Jump in the water and climb out right afterwards. In the new room go W behind the thrombogenic, there kill a skeleton and find the Ornate Handle SW and Explosive Crossbow Ammo NW and Broken Glasses on the block.

SECRET 1: Climb the N ladder, backflip and find Explosive Ammo, a Large Medikit, the Uzis, 2x Uzi Ammo, the Pharos Knot, the Grenade Launcher and another Knowledge Scroll.

Back to the last room go SE and find a jump lever to open the N door. Go out.

SECRET 2: Turn and jump to the Shotgun.

Monkeyswing to the middle platform and shoot a skeleton, then jump to the last platform and climb down the ladder to find the Hathor Effigy, Flares, a Large Medikit, the Revolver+Lasersight. Combine the effigy and the handle to a Water Guardian and climb back up, then slide down in the next room. Place the Water Guardian there and search for a Knowledge Scroll in the sarcophagus. Then jump on the S block and climb out, then follow the tunnel to the very end to see a little cutscene.

SECRET 3: Go directly to the room ahead and watch out for spikes here. Place the Pharos S to open the door right of you to get a Knowledge Scroll, Grenade Shells and Shotgun Ammo.

SECRET 4: Jump in the pool in the last room and find a Crowbar on the floor, then enter the tunnel. At the end find the Revolver, Revolver Ammo and the last Knowledge Scroll. Swim back out.

Jump (or swim and climb) to the S block and run through the tunnel. In the last room find 2x Shotgun Ammo and Uzi Ammo. Run to the scroll and the level ends.