The Tomb in the Mountains

Level by Thomas Brueckner (D.Jackson)

Walkthrough by Sutekh

CS = Crawlspace - MS = Monkey Swing - L = Left - R = Right - N, S, E, W = Cardinal Points - UW = Underwater
SJ = Standing Jump - SJ+G = Standing Jump + Grab - RJ = Running Jump - RJ+G = Running Jump + Grab

Enemies: Bats, Ninjas, Crocodile
Items of note: 2 Guardian Keys, Canopic Jar 2, Canopic Jar 1
some Traps - 1x2 Timed-Run

[Note: You won't find any flares in this level, which means you've only got 3. Since they will be much needed at certain points, save them and use your binoculars instead. By the way, you won't find any medipacks either.]

First Steps

You start the level on a cliff overlooking a cave, a stream and a cascade below. First things first, and before going down there, run a bit and use your binoculars to spot a lever ahead (W) in the distance. Reaching it will be your first task.

Turn R (N) and follow the ledge to its end. Turn 45 deg. R (NW) and do a RJ with a right mid-air curve to the ledge ahead. Run W to its end, stop just past the top of the cascade, turn 45 deg. R (SW) and do a RJ to land on the triangular green ledge. Do a SJ to the next green ledge then a RJ to the triangular one ahead. You're there. Go to the lever and activate it. This will open a door somewhere beyond a ladder. Now time to get down.

Walk to the edge of the cliff, turn 45 deg. R (SE) and do a SJ to the green triangular ledge. Safety drop from it to land on the slopes below. Now make your way to the start of the stream (ie: its southern edge) by sliding down the sloping rocks.

Through the Greenery for the First Guardian Key

Run S toward the green wall then turn L (E), run a bit then turn R (S) at the corner. The wall just ahead looks a bit different and the reason for that is it isn't a wall, but a greenery covered opening. So run S and through it to enter a very dark place. Resist the urge to light a flare and simply run L (SE) to the lit area. You'll soon enter a small room with some shotgun normal ammo, a big breakable vase and a Guardian Key on a pedestal. Pick up the ammo, shoot the vase to get shotgun wideshot ammo then go get the guardian key.

Immediately draw your pistols as a bat attacks, soon joined by 2 ninjas. Those are quick and good acrobats, but they tend to take a defensive stance, using they're sword as a shield so you won't do them any damage. When they do, trick them to quit the stance by sheathing your weapons, then draw again to shoot. Once they're dead, find your way in the dark back to the Outdoor Area.

Lower Temple Floor and the Second Guardian Key

Turn L at the exit to run to the little bridge. Cross it (it will collapse) and run W to enter a large dark cave. Keep running until you're just about to reach an almost pitch black area and turn R (N). There's a large opening up, giving access to another part of the cave. Jump in it and run ahead, drawing your pistols as a ninja will soon appear. It's not very easy to fight him in the dark, so try to lure him toward the better lit entrance.

Once he's out of the way, resume running through the cave until you reach an open area which seems to be the entrance of some temple. Run a bit in the courtyard to trigger a fly-by that shows you a nearby room with a hieroglyphs covered wall. That's precisely where you're going. Run W past the columns and into the second courtyard. A warning music resounds as you enter and you can see a showy ninja practicing his acrobatic skills above. Don't mind him (yet), just keep running ahead to the W wall then turn R (N) to enter the room shown by the fly-by.

You can spot two openings up in the N wall on each side of the hieroglyphs fresco. Climb in the L one first (NW corner) and go to the lever there. Activate it to open a door beyond the other opening.

Return to the Hieroglyphs Room and prepare yourself to dispatch another ninja who just popped in to say hello. Now go to the other opening (NE corner) and follow the short corridor to enter a new room. You've apparently disturbed 3 bats upon entering, so kill them pests quickly. Once you're done, shoot the breakable vase in the far R corner (NE). This time, it's 2 black scorpions that seem displeased by this act of vandalism, so explain yourself with pistols and bullets then go pick up the Shotgun that was hidden in the vase. Now you may pick up the 2nd Guardian Key on the pedestal.

To Upper Temple Floor and Canopic Jar 2

Return to the Second Courtyard via the Hieroglyphs Room. Ahead of the room entrance, to the S, you can spot a block with two little brown crosses: it's a moveable block. Pull it then push it aside to reveal a corridor. Upon entering, several things will happen: first Egyptian Blades will activate in the opening you just passed, a brazier will catch fire in the corridor to your R (W) and, finally, a ninja will come and attack you. The three combined aren't easily dealt with so you might want to go back to the Second Courtyard to take care of the ninja on safe grounds.

Go back in the corridor (if needed) and run ahead (S) to reach an empty square room. There's another moveable block near the NE corner under a torch (this one's very easy to spot). Pull it then push it aside, to have access to the previous corridor, but this time on the good side of the brazier. Run ahead (N) across it to enter the Third Courtyard.

Turn L (W) upon entering and notice the two dark alley on each side. Go to the R (N) one and use your binoculars to locate a button ahead at its end. Push it to lower a grate blocking a nearby ladder. Now turn around (S) and go to the opposite alley. Again, use your binoculars to locate a button at the end on the L (E) and push it in the dark to open a door somewhere on an upper floor.

Return to the courtyard and turn L (W). Run around the rectangular structure in the center: the ladder is on its other side. Climb it, pull up and draw your weapon to deal with the practicing ninja there. Once he's out of the way, do a RJ to the platform on the R and run into the opening to your R (S). Push the button there to open the nearby door then run through the corridor and down the stairs to reach a water hole beyond an opened door (that's the one you opened with the button in the dark).

Dive to find yourself in an underwater maze. Swim through the tunnel and turn L (W) at the junction then L again (S) at the next. You'll soon find yourself in a rather large room. Locate an opening to your L (NW) and swim there to surface and pull up on the ledge to the W. Pick up Canopic Jar 2 on the pedestal and dive. Be cautious though as a crocodile will very soon show up. You may either quickly swim and dodge it, or you may return to the nearby ledge to take it off from dry safe ground. The latter requires a bit of patience and you may have to dive again once or twice to lure it near the ledge.

Whatever you choose, make your way back to the maze entrance through the tunnel to the R (SE) then R (E) at the junction, R (S) at the next and through the corridor. Go back to the upper ledge via the stairs and the corridor.

First Trip to the Guardian Keys Room

Turn R (E) from the opening and run on ledges and roofs until you find yourself above the First Courtyard. Safety drop down there, then keep running E to the Cave and through it until you're back to the other part, by the nigh pitch black area. Use your binoculars to locate a ladder on your R (SW) and climb it to pull up on a high ledge. Follow it to an opened door (which you did with the lever on the cliff up there) and a brown corridor. Run up the ramp and through the corridor to reach a small, dim-lit room.

There's a closed door ahead (W) and two Guardian Key Receptacles on each side (N & S). Go use your keys on them. This won't open the nearby door (so don't go there), but another one behind the cascade in the Outdoor Area. So head there via the corridor, the high ledge, down the ladder and L (E) through the cave. Jump over the stream, turn L (N) and run to the R side of the cascade.

First Trip to the Cascade Area

Turn L (NW) and do a 45° SJ to land behind the cascade. Pass the newly opened door and run ahead (N) up the ramp until you reach a closed black door and a wheel. Shoot the vase to your L (W) to get some shotgun normal ammo then turn the wheel four or five time to opened the nearby timed-door. This one's too easy to be counted as a timed run, so just run through it.

You're in the Statues Room (named such for obvious reason). There are four Pharaoh Statues here, on your L and R (W & E). In the far R corner (NE), you can spot an opening in a wrought-iron fence leading to an upper corridor.

Go behind the first statue on your L and use your binoculars (if needed) to locate a Canopic Jar Receptacle there. Use Canopic Jar 2 on it (this will open the closed door in the Guardian Keys Room). Now you need to find a way out, since the timed door is as closed as can be.

Run to the opening in the wrought-iron fence in the NE corner and climb in the upper corridor. Run through it until you reach a wheel near a pitch black corridor on the L (S). Start turning the wheel, but quickly stop and draw your weapon as a ninja comes to fight from the corridor you just came from (NE). Now get back to the wheel and save, as you're in for one tricky timed-run.

Turn the wheel five or six time then sidejump R, light a flare while jumping and immediately roll upon landing. Quickly sprint through the dark corridor, turning R at the corner and hit Jump while sprinting to roll under the timed-door before it's completely closed.

Now crouch as 2 nasty blades slide to you along the wall and crawl through the corridor until you reach a step. Now you can safely stand and run ahead to a hole. Safety drop in the Cascade Area below.

Second Trip to the Guardian Keys Room for Canopic Jar 1

Return to the Cave via the cascade and L (W) over the stream, then climb the ladder in the dark again to be eventually back in the Guardian Keys room. Again, resist the urge to light a flare in the dark areas. There's only 2 left, and you'll need them both.

The door ahead (W) is now opened. Run to it but stop at the top of the ramp and SJ while holding Action in the dark short corridor to avoid stepping on a floor blade trap. Walk to the end but don't go down in the room below. Turn R (NNW), light a flare, and locate the opening up there. SJ+G to it and pull up in the dark corridor. Follow it to an opening. There's a MS above you so jump and grab. Swing to the opposite side of the room by going R of the obelisk (the L part of the MS is trapped). You'll eventually reach a high alcove. Let go and pick up Canopic Jar 1 on the pedestal.

Drop down in the room below (the Obelisk Room) and notice the closed large stone doors to your R (W). Go back to the Guardian Keys room via the opening up near the NE corner, and from there to the Cascade Area and the Statues Room.

Second Trip to the Cascade Area

Once there, go behind the second statue to your L and use Canopic Jar 1 on its Receptacle there, opening the large double doors in the Obelisk Room. And guess what? You'll now have to do that timed run again. So proceed to the second wheel, save, and do exactly like you did the first time, burning your last flare in the process.

Third Trip to the Guardian Keys Room and Leaving the Tomb.

Once the timed-door passed, though, there won't be anymore blade to fear, so you may run to the hole to drop down in the Cascade Area. From there, return to the Guardian Keys Room then the Obelisk Room.

All you have to do now is pass through the newly opened stone doors to the W and leave the tomb to end the level.