TEMPLE OF ASUS by Timo Turunen

Walkthrough by eRIC


A vast outside area with blocks scattered. Go forward and you will see jeeps and 4 ninjas.
They donít go too near so you can use this to your advantage, shooting them from safe distance , then stepping back a bit , repeat the process , in doing so you wonít loose much health.
When dying , they let drop a big medipack, the Uzi and Uzi clips. Pick up also flares.
Go down into the hole , that leads inside the temple.


baddies , goodies and secrets
At the end of the corridor on the left side, you see a closed room with many goodies and a ninja inside. Kill 2 ninjas after the corner, they both let drop flares. Avoid the 3 mummies and explore the place. Four pillars are at the centre of the temple, if you go there you get a view of a fixed camera, which is a hint. Continue to visit the place, the centre is surrounded by high walls. East is a little place with sarcophagus. If you look South you will see double closed gates, a bit farther a crawlspace and then a ramp with a statue that blocks the way to run down farther. If you go West then North behind the walls, there is a cartouche receptacle. But letís go first for some goodies and a couple of secrets.
Jump and grab one of the 4 pillars at the centre of the area. And jump from pillar to pillar. When you have stepped on the 4 pillars the door of the goodies room (South-East) open. Go down , kill the ninja and take all the goodies : 4 big medipacks, flares , shotgun , laser-sight, revolver and ammo. Go out, turn left and left again to the crawlspace in the dark (South side) , killing a ninja and collecting another big medipack on the way. Crawl in , at one point youíll see a mysterious pole rope on fire, maybe there is a secret room above ?
For the moment , continue a bit farther. On the right side is the statue that blocks the way and a ramp that goes up to the central area, we shall go there in a few minutes. But letís go for a secret first. Turn left to a long room with plenty of chaotic blocks to climb. Begin by two jumps forward on the left, then a diagonal jump to the right to go over a sloped block, then continue to go up until you canít progress any farther. Go the right wall where the ground is flat. Jump and grab the wall (although it does not look climbable) and shift left and up until a flat triangular block where Lara can stand. Make a couple of standing jumps in diagonal to go to the opposite wall , then jump/grab it and shift right until the top. In the corner you get SECRET 1 : Grenades. Notice the triangular crawlspace above the block where you stand. Enter in and crawl to the opposite corner of the room. There is a different patterned tile on the ground. Stepping on it , a camera shows that the fire is turned off at the bottom of the pole rope. Now you are done with this area, go down this long room and return crawling to the pole rope. Climb it and back flip to get SECRET 2 : grenades in the corner. Go down (beware that if you grab the rope which is stacked above the pole rope and swing too much you can be stuck for good in the walls) and return crawling to where the statue blocks the way. Take the next corridor on the right just after (this corridor has Cleopatra faces tiles on the ground) and run up. Once at the top, you can see the cartouche receptacle and maybe beyond a flat block , the head of another statue and a bit of water. It is quite possible to jump to this flat block but that wonít do you any good, so face South and continue to follow the ďCleopatra pathĒ until the end. Jump to a block on the left (East) then to another block below patterned with the Cleopatra face. Continue to jump East to the walls ahead with the grey lion statues. You can see that the Cleopatra path continues , so jump to the ramp ahead. Once at the corner face North and grab the ceiling bars and monkey swing North to the end to go beyond the sarcophagus and the sloped walls with Cleopatra patterned tiles.


The 3 pools
Behind them is a pool you may have seen a bit earlier. You see the second statue that blocks the way. Follow the path that runs up around the pool and flip the switch , a camera shows the opening of the double gates in the main area.
Now dive , there is a little opening in the water leading to a maze. Firstly you can swim to the right side to get a small medipack. Return to the pool to breathe some air. Return in the underwater maze but this time ignore all the ways to the right, always follow the left wall and you will arrive in a second pool collecting another small medipack on the way. (you can find yet another small medipack : if you return in the underwater maze, take the first path on the left and then return to the second pool). You can see a third pool behind fences. Firstly dive again to the opposite opening for a big medipack then get out of water (where the pedestals are) to a room with blocks. The golden top of the blocks are fire traps so you canít climb on them. Follow the way , beware of spikes that pop up. Carefully, time some runs between each spikes until the end where you pick up Cartouche piece 2 . Return to the second pool the same way and return to the underwater maze . Take the second opening on the left , at the next intersection swim right and immediately left, and swim forward to the third pool. You see the second pool on your left, get out of water and follow the large ramps that go up.

Ramps and spiked balls
At the top make a running jump and turn right to other ramps. Run up carefully as a spiked ball is rolling down. Run down and turn to avoid it. You can use the crawlspace to go beyond the immobile spiked ball and continue to run up the ramp. Run down the next ramp and turn right to avoid another spiked ball , then run up the following ramp , be careful as there is a third spiked ball that rolls down fast. When the path is clear, continue to run up and grab the orange bars to monkey swing North, then turn left , drop and grab the top of the left wall. Crawl North and jump to the block ahead. Turn left and jump to next block. Go West and look down : you will see another ramp. Make a long jump to land on it. Then make your way up until a dark hall with dart emitters and make a long slide jumping or running at the end to avoid 2 spiked balls.
You are back in the central area with the cartouche receptacle. Go right , say hello again to the mummies , killing 2 ninjas and enter in an new area by the open gates in the South wall in a room with four lion statues , a closed gate and a big pool.


Dive and swim to the next area by a large tunnel. Pick up flares and kill 3 small scorpions. Notice the double gates West beyond which you can see mummies and a gate North.
Go East to a dark place with greenery where you can see spikes. Grab the ceiling bars on the right side and monkey swing until the end.

Rooms with spikes
Enter in the opening and run up big ramps avoiding 3 spiked balls on the way until a yellow room with dart emitters , shallow water , and a switch in the far right corner. Beware that the floor is trapped with spikes. There is a hint : the tiles which are completely yellow are safe , some of the tiles which have a bit of brown are trapped. What causes the confusion here is that the tiles with a bit of brown are safe in the first part of the room, and also the shallow water does not help to see clearly the pattern of the tiles. To make a long story short : Go forward 4 tiles, turn left until the wall , turn right and go along the wall until the far left corner, turn right and walk along the wall 2 tiles, turn right and walk one tile, turn left and walk two tiles, turn left and walk to the wall, turn right and go flip the switch. Come back the same way. Run down the big ramps, the pillar at the bottom is climbable but rather useless as the immobile spiked balls are not a real hindrance to exit the area. After the spiked balls , turn right, climb the blocks, and after a bit of crawling and shimmying you are back.

Room with spikes , mummies and fire burners
By the double gates which are now opened, enter the new room with 3 mummies. This room is not so easy to master, a good method is to lure the mummies outside , far from the trial to come to not be annoyed. The room is trapped with fires and also spikes. The squares on the ground which have brown tiles are traps, also a few squares which have the same patterned tiles on the ceiling are trapped. So make your way to the right side walking on the safe tiles to the right ramp. Look up at the ceiling to notice a spikes trap on the ramp. Go down to avoid it , go a bit farther and climb back on the ramp. From there make a running jump to the safe tile of the central squares and pick up Cartouche piece 1 .
Now if you want to get a secret, look up to see bars on the ceiling, monkeyswing to a little opening North and crawl 2 blocks and prepare revolver and lasersight as 2 small scorpions are coming. It is hard to see them coming in this darkness but you can hear them coming by lowering down the music volume and boosting more the sfx volume. Anyway you can see them with the laser-sight. After killing them , continue to crawl and climb a pole rope. Ignore the mummy and go down the corridor North. Push the statue on the golden tile to open the gate near by, beware that it is a timed door, so if you fail pull it out of the square and push it again on the golden tile. To go beyond the door in time : push the statue facing North, and immediately make a jump backwards with a roll. Another door is opened in the room with the mummy and the pole rope. Climb the ladder and follow the corridors. Pick up SECRET 3 : the hand of Orion . Exit by the opened door , go down the pole rope , and return to the trapped room via the crawlspace. From the square with the left lion jump to the left ramp, go down and climb gain a bit farther to avoid the trapped square of the ramp. You see that a spiked ball has been triggered making the way back a bit more difficult. From the ramp make a running jump over the spiked ball and land behind it, then follow the safe tiles to the exit. Dive into the large tunnel to come back to the main area , itís time to place the cartouche.


The labyrinth
A camera shows what happens when you place the cartouche. Go around the walls to the opened door. You are at the threshold of a labyrinth with walls and pillars. Firstly know that they are two other exits to this labyrinth. In the North-West corner there is a long hall with the big Eye of Horus portal (and a little corridor with closed doors at each end) , and in the East is another area with a statue in a pool and two closed gates, behind one of them you would see an Eye piece if you went here but for the moment we need to flip a switch at the top of the walls in the labyrinth. Always follow the right wall and you will eventually find some low blocks. Climb on the different blocks. At the top if you turn back you can see a switch on a wall. Continue your progression by jumping on the pillar ahead , then turn left and jump to a higher opening. You will see below a mummy on a wall. Jump down , avoid the mummy, time a standing jump to the next block with spikes and another standing jump to the next block. Turn left and jump up to grab the crack. Shimmy to the left until you canít shimmy anymore then pull up. Turn left and crawl a bit over the block which is a bit higher.
When Lara canít crawl anymore , continue your way shimmying to the left again. After two corners, you can pull up. Crawl to the right ( West ) , stand up and climb a block to your right to get SECRET 4 : the grenade gun . Exit the secret area. Now you can go down to the bottom of the room and have to find again the low blocks (located South) as before. Climb them , jump to the pillar ahead then to the higher opening , you meet again the first mummy. The goal is to make your way counter-clockwise around the room at the top of the blocks, jumping from one to the next, avoiding or blowing out more mummies and avoiding more spikes that pop up. You will eventually find the switch on a higher block. Unfortunately at this point the camera bug does not help to see what is triggered , but know that when you flip this switch you open one of the two doors in the hall with the Eye of Horus portal. No need to go there for the moment, the next task is to go to the East to the new area and push the statue in the shallow water.

Pushable statue , jumps and timed door
Place it on the square with Cleopatra patterned tile. It opens a little gate near by. Enter in and run up the corridors until the top of the room with the statue. Your goal is to go to the opening you see at the other side of the room. Jump down to the blocks on the left and make a series of jumps counter-clockwise around the room to go to the opening to a room with white floor. Go down and pull a switch that opens the other gate in the previous room with the pushable statue. It is a timed door, not difficult , but better start running up the ramps before the camera returns back to Lara to spare some seconds. Pick up the Eye piece . The timed door may close behind you , but it reopens when you step on the Cleopatra tile in the corner. Stepping on this tile opens also the second gate in the hall with the Eye of Horus portal. There may be a problem here if you go too quick in your timed run : you can pick up the Eye piece and exit the room before the door closes and without paying attention to the different patterned tile, and so when you would be in front of the (closed) door in the next area you could be greatly puzzled.


High room with many ledges and maze with 3 statues
Now this area is raided , return into the labyrinth and go North-West to discover and raid the next. Beware of dart emitters and notice the big hexagonal portal at the end. Enter the little corridor on the right (where were two doors you opened earlier by flipping the switch at the top of the labyrinth and stepping on the Cleopatra tile in the little room with timed door).
You are now at the top of a high room with many ledges and greenery. You see below a switch that will open a gate at the bottom , there is also a closed door near the switch. Go down a couple of ledges , pull the switch and dive. Pull up into a small maze with shallow water where you have to place 3 statues on 3 Cleopatra patterned tiles. I let you figure that by yourself as it is pretty obvious although it takes a few minutes to accomplish. When itís done the door near the switch opens. Exit the maze and climb a couple of ledges to go to the door. Pick up the Eye piece . Kill 3 small scorpions. Go out and to the right. Face North , jump and grab the ledge above. Then jump to the next ledge North-West , then face West and jump to the next. Face South and jump to the next ledges along the wall. Jump up to grab the ledge above. Turn back facing North and Jump up and grab the ledge above. Turn South again and jump and grab the upper ledge. Go out into the small corridor and go right to place the eye of Horus on the big portal.


East bank
You are now in the final area and on the East bank of a river. The goal is to reach the other side but going there is far from being obvious. Firstly dive to collect an extra artefact (quite useless to complete the level but finding artefacts is the goal of raiding !) : go to the right and pull up into the immobile waterfall. Once behind the waterfall swim to the right and pick up the Hand of Sirius and then return. Secondly you need to open the double doors on the West bank : swim to the South , at one point on the right you will notice an underwater opening. Swim in a long corridor with many turns to a room and flip a switch. Come back the same way then swim North and pull up on the East bank.
Now letís go for a long journey clockwise around this area. Go to the edge of the bank and face South , jump to the flat block over a slope. Then jump South with a left curve , you will slide backwards , grab the edge to not fall into the river. Shimmy to the right and pull up on a flat block. Climb on the block ahead (East) then turn South. Slide towards two pillars with greenery. Beware there is a spikes trap between the two pillars. Jump up to grab the top of the right pillar. Walk carefully to the end , then go down , go left, then turn right. A bit farther, you will slopes leading to an area with palm trees. The brownish tiles in the middle of this area are safe but the yellow sandy tile at the bottom of each of the slopes hide spikes. So donít slide. Rather, make a standing jump with a curve to avoid the spikes. (you can also climb one of the smaller blocks with greenery then jump to the safe brownish tiles). Now you can go to the river and jump to the block in the middle of water.
Turn North-West and make a running jump to the flat block of the West bank.

West bank
Climb the first block West, then go South. If you use the binoculars you will see orange ceiling bars. So go climbing the blocks in the South-West corner and grab the ceiling.
Monkey swing until you canít anymore, then turn right and monkey swing 2 tiles then
turn left and monkey swing until Lara drops on a long and higher block. To your left is a deep pit. Ahead you see an area with blocks , two vases, and a pushable statue. The golden top of the blocks is deadly, donít even try to climb any. Shoot the vases and pull the statue out of the way so you can enter in a crawlspace behind the statue. Crawl in, beware that when the opening becomes wider, 2 little scorpions appear, you can get rid of them easily with revolver+lasersight. Pick up flares then crawl outside. Shoot the vases in order to place the two movable statues in the two opposite corners, on tiles patterned with Cleopatra face.
Placing the statues has triggered a couple of ropes in the previous area. Crawl back to return there. Once back, go South to climb some flat blocks and jump to the long
slope in front of the first rope. At the end of the slide , jump and grab the rope. Swing and jump to the second rope (swing just a bit). After a longer swing with the second rope to land beyond the area with the movable statues, you can enter by the opened black doors into the last temple. There is no way to open the left gate, go forward to the nice area with palm trees
to end this good adventure.