Fede's House

Level by Alex Davis

Walkthrough by Yoav

Run forward along the road with your pistols out and kill the bats and the soldiers ahead. Another soldier will come from the left alcove with gate. Kill him too and go through this gate. In front of you is a closed door with a sentry gun behind it! Kill the soldier from the right and head left toward the courtyard. Kill another two soldiers and get down the stairs, kill the soldier, turn around and kill another one at the top of the stairs. Open the door and follow the metal floor passage, kill the soldier, then stop in front of the hole. To your left side there're two sentry guns so you cannot go through there. Jump into the hole and go to the other side, climb up the ladder and you are on the other side of the sentry gun. Jump up, grab the black/green grated ceiling and monkeyswing above the lava room toward the next ledge. Kill the bats and push the lever, it opens double gates somewhere at the end of the road. Jump/grab the ceiling again and monkeyswing forward to the next room, go downstairs and get out into dead-end bottom of deep pit.

Make your way back up the road. Go forward, pass near the dead soldier and come to a junction. From here you need to watch out for a sentry gun hidden in alcove. Go a little forward down the road for the Grenade gun in the left alcove. Further in the road there are sentry guns from both sides and a closed gate at the end. Turn back and take the right side road. You have to run forward like the world champion Carl Lewis to stay away from the sentry gun. Kill the soldier and get his clips, then climb up onto the block for Uzis. Keep moving further on the road and kill more bats and soldiers until you come to the next junction. Head to the right and run to the end of the road where you can see the gate you just opened and the motorbike. Go to the right wall and pull the jumpswitch, then get on the motorbike. Start riding along the road over the soldiers and keep toward the wooden barriers ahead. Take the right ramp to cross the deep pit you've been to already (at the bottom) and reach the other side of the pit. Keep riding further through the gate you opened and come to the swimming pool.

Kill the company soldiers under and around the seating place, get Revolver and all the ammo they will drop, then climb up onto the roof for shotgun ammo, clips and grenade gun normal ammo. Drop down to the ground and go under the red/white roof and open the door. Following this passage to the end is for nothing as you'll be killed by a sentry gun. However, from here you're also able to climb up onto the roof above. but as soon as you get there you'll be under attack by three sentry guns!!! Notice that later you'll have an opportunity to take care of them. You don't really have to; well, it's up to you. Head further along the wall, kill the lifegurd (soldier) who is standing on a ledge above the pool. Get the shotgun ammo from the left cloakroom and another stash in front of the door. Open the door for empty cloakroom, turn around and go forward to get more ammo around the pool. Kill the next lifeguard (soldier), then climb onto the blocks ahead for more ammo and kill more soldiers. Jump into the water and swim west into the alocve for medipack, then dive and pick up the clips from the bottom. Swim east toward the tunnel, get the Lasersight and later along the tunnel climb out into Fedes House.

Open the door and get out from the room, ahead is another closed door. Turn right into a large living room. Kill the soldier and go west to push the lever, it opens the gate in courtyard outside the house. Go toward the fireplace and if you want to, shoot on the vase. Go the left side and climb into the opening above the fireplace for revolver ammo and medipack. Kill the soldier and head toward the stairs, climb up to the second floor. Ahead are four closed doors. Open the door from the left, kill the soldier and enter the bathroom for revolver ammo and medipack. Then open the door in front and enter the bedroom, kill the soldeir. Open the door from the left and kill the soldier, get the revolver ammo and back to the bedroom from the next door. Cross the bedroom and open the door, get out to the balcony for clips from the right. Proceed left and pick up the shotgun ammo, then open the door to enter the next bedroom. Get rid of the soldiers and open one of the doors from left, nothing in the short passage. Get out from the bedroom and open the next door, enter the next bedroom. Get the shotgun ammo, then head left toward the door and get the medipack from the alcove. Shoot on the vase in the window and climb outside to the ledge, kill the faraway soldier from the right. From here you have a good position shooting range to blow away the sentry guns on the wall ahead.

Back to the first floor and open the door you left earlier. Enter the kitchen and open the next door, get out the courtyard around the house. Head toward the shed and open the door, get inside. Kill the soldier and push the lever in the alcove. Back to the courtyard and follow around the house, shoot on the vase, see the opening gate but first open the door and enter the control room. Kill the soldier and get the clips, then go through the opening gate and back all the wall to the swimming pool for the motorbike. Drive back the road to cross the deep pit to other side. Keep to right road and see the sentry gun in front of you. Keep driving fast to the left road, you be under shooting of more two sentry guns from both sides of the road. Pass the gate you already opened and up onto the hill into the tunnel and get off the motorbike. Climb into the doorway, jump to the right and take a few steps forward down the slope, end of the level.