Autumn Creek


Levels by Brad Casali


Walkthrough by manarch2



NOTE: Right at the start of the first level, you can decide whether to play only a tiny bit of the first level and move on directly to Tomb Complex, or play through the full first level and move on to The Tomb of Lillie. When you have finished either of those two mentioned levels, the game ends and you have to reload an earlier savegame or restart the game to play the other part.



Level 1 – Main Street


First Apartment


At the start of the level Lara is standing on a large street with many buildings around her. In the NW, you can find a self-opening door leading you to Tomb Complex, but if you want to play this level and The Tomb of Lillie, head forwards and climb the N stairs, open the door and enter the first apartment. Open the left hand door, head into the chamber and use the jumpswitch ahead. Head out, mind the knife trap and in the previous room a door has opened in the NW corner. Head in (the door closes behind you) and search the high ledges for Shotgun Ammo and Wideshot Shotgun Ammo. Push/pull the block in the NW corner onto the chequered tile to open the exit door again. Now push/pull the block out of this room and straight into the E maze, then below the NW fan to lower a block SE in the main room. Push/pull the block all the way into this garden and just in the middle between the two trees (for sure just what you expected). This triggers a flyby which shows you a door opening in another apartment. Before leaving, take the Small Medipack in the SE corner with you, then head out all the way.


Second Apartment


Head straight to the S apartment, climb the stairs and open the door. Kill an attacking ninja, he leaves Shotgun Ammo. Go into the passage where he came from and take the Shotgun with you. Head S into the doorway you've opened with the block and get downstairs. Take 2x Flares with you on the bottom. Follow the passage into a maze, go right and take Shotgun Ammo with you, then turn around and follow the other path. Kill a dog, head on until you can find a chamber to the right, kill a dog who leaves Uzis for you (it must be a cruel city when even dogs have weaponry with them...). Step on the timed trigger tile which opens a door further in the maze, then dash out of the room, to the right and all along the corridor to run through the doorway before it is closed again. Head downstairs and in the next room stand-jump to any lower ledge which will take some health. Drop down to the lower stage and jump to the ledge with Shotgun Ammo and Uzi Ammo. Stepping on this ledge raises a block to the W; quickly jump over there, onto the block and to the jumpswitch before the block lowers again. The jumpswitch will stop the fires in the pit so safety-drop down and follow the passage.


The Library


You arrive in a library. Search the room for 3x Uzi Ammo (in the corners), Shotgun Ammo and Wideshot Shotgun Ammo a ninja leaves which lures in the one corner without ammo. Head into the N passage. In the next room search for two Large Medipacks, Uzi Ammo and 2x Shotgun Ammo. Climb the right stairs and follow the walkway, head into the dark S passage and follow into a larger room. Head straight through it and enter a pool room. A ninja has followed you so shoot him, then enter the W passage. In the next room only jump on the safe tiles marked on the ceiling, the others are all deadly. Head up the stairs in the following chamber and climb onto a walkway above a previous room you visited. Head S above the pool room and spot a hard-to-see jumpswitch on the S wall. After using it a flyby shows you a door opening back in one of the last rooms, head all the way back there and enter the W door. Follow the passage into the library, jump over the gap and follow the walkway to the other side of the room. Kill a dog and enter the passage.


Back to the Second Apartment, First Lillie's Key


Dive in the pool, swim to the end and climb out of the water, then head into another outside area. Step onto the brightly lit spot SE to raise a block, climb it and then jump up to the walkway. Use the jumpswitch to the N, then head SE, jump over the deadly tiles marked by the steam and grab the ladder. Backflip at the top and enter the open door S. Climb the long ladder, head on and drop on the upper level of the second apartment. A door has opened here so head through and head downstairs. There are a few doors down here. Open the near left one, head into the right passage and into the bathroom which opens a door somewhere else. Head back (ignoring the other passage for now) and into the main hall. Open the opposite door, head on straight (there's nothing in the room to the left) and kill a ninja. Head onto the balcony, climb up to the ledge above and take the Grenades with you. Follow the passage and drop into a pool, pick up the first Lillie's Key and exit this room through the only possible passage. The door opens and you're back in the main room.


Second Lillie's Key


Open the door ahead and enter a larger room. On the opposite wall you can find the door you've opened in the bathroom. Head into the right passage, pull the block out once and go around it to reveal a reach-in-switch. Use it to change the room geometry of the previous hall. Pass the first knife trap, climb into the left passage and jump over the gap. At the end jump to the jumpswitch above the door to let a fire vanish in the area after the first door you've opened. Head back there and in the room with the shallow water spot and use a jumpswitch on the opposite wall to open a door back in the SE room where you came from. Return there, head upstairs and pick up 2x Shotgun Ammo. Round the balcony, enter the open door and follow the passage into a bedroom. Head into the bathroom in the far left corner and pick up the second Lillie's Key in the water. Head back out and before leaving climb the N side of the S pillar, follow the passage and you're rewarded with the chimes of the only Secret in this game, but no additional items. Drop down on the other side and head all the way downstairs and into the main room.


Third Lillie's Key


Head into the S passage and all the way up, then down some stairs until you reach a larger courtyard with three dogs roaming around. Behind a S building is a Large Medipack. Head to the far NW corner and follow the passage into an area with the receptacles for the Lillie's Keys, you'll need three more though. Get into the S passage, push it a block twice and head into the side passage to trigger a flyby showing you a door in the E of the courtyard opening. Pick up the third Lillie's Key, then enter the just opened passage and follow it. In the next hall climb a ladder in the NW corner, get up and jump to the S platform. Follow the passage filled with greenery to an outdoor area, head up to the middle of the room and kill a dog, then pick up the Mechanical Scarab and the Winding Key. Head down S, then into the right niche and spot a jumpswitch on the N pillar. Use it to open the N door and head through, follow the tunnel and climb the unmarked ladder ahead. On top shimmy right around the corner, drop and follow the passage to a higher part of the previous room.


Fourth and Fifth Lillie's Keys


Head to the tile that is in the far SE corner of this balcony, here you can climb a ladder. Shimmy left and drop onto the high ledge. The lower tiles trigger a raising block so climb up there and use the long monkeyswing to get to the other side. Here you can pick up the fourth Lillie's Key. Safety-drop back on the balcony, then make your way up to the SE ledge again and head through the now open door. Follow the passage across a balcony and finally drop onto a ledge above the receptacles for the Lillie's Keys. Pick up Revolver Ammo, jump to the N platform and kill a ninja behind you who also leaves Revolver Ammo. Make your way to the NW platform, use the jumpswitch above to open a door below and afterwards take a long run-jump into the far NW pool to get down safe. Enter the just opened door to the W and take the fifth and last Lillie's Key. The room changes and a dog appears, kill it and thereon head back through the passage where you came from (the wall is fake so just run through it). Head to the NE of the courtyard and place the five Lillie's Keys to open the nearby door. If it doesn't open, run over all squares with the receptacles and it should open. Enter the passage to finish this level.



Level 2.1 – Tomb Complex


Some Puzzles


Right at the start backflip with a mid-air turn so that you can grab the edge of the slope after sliding down. Drop into the lower room and down to the S to find a Small Medipack. Head through the N exit and into the left room. You have to step on four non-deadly tiles – in the SE corner, one tile N of it, in the SE corner and one tile N of it. Take a mental note of the item in the fire SW, then head W into the next chamber, enter the SE passage and climb the unmarked ladder to the top. In the next room jump on the five marked tiles without stepping on any other to open the door. Enter the passage and the door closes behind you. Follow the passage, but don't jump into the passage ahead since a boulder would block your way here. Instead, drop down into the next room, then step onto the tile in the SE corner. This will change a passage back up, so climb up, turn and jump into the opposite passage. A hole appeared and if not triggered before the boulder won't drop anymore.


The Guardian Key


Enter the next room, pick up a Large Medipack and enter the lava room. Drop down on the tile with the floor lever in the lava, run into the corner and use it, then head on straight into the next room with a door requiring the Eye of Horus. Jump to the N platform and run off the NE ledge holding Action to land on a safe tile. Use the reach-in-switch to distinguish the fire in one of the first rooms of this level. Jump onto the W slope, then to the safe ledge and make your way into the S door opened with the lever in the lava. Follow a very long winding passage, simply pass the next hall and head into the opposite opening and at the end of the passage one of two doors opens. Drop down into a familiar room at the start of the level. Head into the W room and you can safely pick up the Guardian Key SW. Now you have to retrace your path all the way over the five-tile room (jump on each of them again to reopen the door) and the passage to climb down the ladder again. Place the Guardian Key NE, climb the nearby block and enter the just opened door.


The Eye of Horus


After the passage climb the very long ladder, backflip into the passage and at the end of the tunnel pick up the first Eye Piece on a bridge. Follow the next tunnel and don't drop onto the slopes in the next room; instead directly jump on the low platform (the small ledge is deadly), loosing a bit of health. Follow the tunnel and in the next room pick up a Large Medipack in front of the sleeping dogs. Climb down the ladder to the right of the entrance, jump over to the other side and use a floor lever. This opens a door on the higher stage; climb up here, shoot the two jackals who have woken up and enter the newly revealed passage. Follow it to the end, climb a ladder and you'll arrive at the top of the previous room. Jump up to grab a monkeyswing and get over to the other side of the room. Pick up the second Eye Part here and dive into the pool. Swim further and climb out at the end, the door opens itself and you're back in an earlier passage. Go right a bit to reopen the door behind you, then drop into the room near the start again and return all the way through the puzzle rooms to the room where you can place the combined Eye of Horus.


The Ba Cartouche, Finale


Follow the passage into the next area, head through either left or right passage and arrive in another puzzle room. Step on the four black-red tiles that don't show a scarab to raise a block in this room, climb up and get on the central structure. Jump into the E passage, go around the walkway (a block lowers in the previous room) and get down to floor level again. Back in the puzzle room run onto the newly revealed tile after the block has lowered to open the E gate. Pick up the Ba Cartouche and you can see a block raising in the room where you placed the Guardian Key. Return all the long way back there, but since the block is not high enough, it won't help you to get into the alcove. Instead, take a run-jump from the S opening into the passage above the raising block. Follow it until you find yourself in water. Swim to the W, climb out of the water and follow the passage to a slope which carries you to the end of the level.



Level 2.2 – Tomb of Lillie


Draining the Hall


Slide down the slope and combine the Mechanical Scarab and the Winding Key to the Mechanical Scarab with Key. Use it to detrigger the spikes in the next corridor. Head into the room with the fountain and go E to the self-opening door. Follow the passage (door closes behind you) and dive in the water at the end. Swim into a larger room and to the top, climb out and use a jumpswitch to drain the last rooms. Safety-drop down, then dive into the water and climb out S. Follow the passages (don't mind about the (inactive) spike traps) and pick up the Crowbar at the end. Use it to open the next door, follow the passage and drop on the slopes at the end. Make your way down, safety-drop to the floor. DON'T pick up the Pharos Knot (it's not intended to be there) and climb through the face texture in the E wall. At the end of the passage turn around and use the jumpswitch. Return to the previous room, climb the unmarked W wall and backflip back on the ledge. Make your way back up the now flat platforms and jump to the E walkway.


First Beetles


Open the door with the Crowbar and arrive in a larger room with a pyramid that requires four items. There's also an additional Crowbar on the floor but your presence in this room already proves you have one already. Climb the N blocks and open the door with the Crowbar. Drop into the water, head E and climb into a N crawlspace. In the next room save/reload to get rid of the fixed camera, then climb the left wall and shimmy right around several ledges, then drop down and pry the first Black Beetle off the wall. Return all the way to the main hall (the scarabs won't follow you in the crawlspace). A door has opened in the S.Enter this open door and follow the hallways. Kill a demigod and pick up two Large Medipacks he left you. Head on and into the dark S corridor to use a jumpswitch. This opens a door in the NW, dive into the water, climb out after the swimming part (open an underwater door along the way) and enter the next hall which is a higher stage of the pyramid room. Monkeyswing to the other side, enter the passage and ignore the item on the wall since you cannot get it. Instead run-jump over the deadly floor to the opposite wall which is a ladder, climb up and backflip in the next room. Jump in the far right alcove but be warned since the last two tiles in front are deadly. Climb up and follow the bridge, pry the second Black Beetle off the wall and the door opens.


Last Beetles, Finale


Head into the water, pick up two Large Medipacks and climb out of the water onto any ledge except the one with the exit door. There are three jumpswitches in this room – two on the central pillar, one on the S wall, for each you have to get on another ledge – and use them. While doing your job, you also have to kill two harpies. The exit door opens so get there and follow the hallways. Jump over the ledges to the other side, pry the third Black Beetle off the wall and the door beside you opens. Head into the maze and go right at the first T-junction, at the end use a jumpswitch to your right and head back, then straight and at the next T-junction go right and spot a ceiling hole, here you can climb up a ladder and into a passage. At the end jump to the ladder, shimmy left around two corners and backflip to the ledge with the fourth and last Black Beetle. You have all four beetles and can now insert them. To get down again, you can safety-drop down to the lower ledge, then stand-jump to the central walkway below, then drop down S. The last drop is too deep so use the water passage to return to the lower halls and return to the lowest floor of the pyramid room. Place the four Black Beetles on the pyramid. Run in its middle and the shrine opens, pick up the (right) Pharos Knot and place it on the receptacle on the W wall. Head through the just opened door to the right and the level ends.