The Escape

Level by Christian Schleicher (SilentViper)

Walkthrough by Yoav

Immediately when you start the level draw your pistols and shot the guard and dog at the E, shoot the small crate and pick up the AK-47, also pick up Shotgun Ammo the guard drops. Leave the Jeep alone, as it is unusable and proceed onto the road between the buildings, turn left into the first opening, follow the short path. Enter the room, you see wounded friendly guard lying down in the corner and another one just standing next to an closed rusty door. Right now there's nothing to do here as you do not have the card to open the black door, turn back on the road.

Keep going further to next opening, shoot the locked gate, get in room and turn right into the next room, take from desk the Key Card. Turn back to the first room and head over to the next large room, short looking around tells you there's nothing interesting here, especially when the line doors stay closed. Before you leave the room, shoot on the electricity small box, it opens the double black gate, the room is empty except for a few pipes in front of you. Well, now is the time to leave this room and back to the first room with the wounded guard. Use the Key Card to open the black gate and enter into a big room, nothing except for many boxes around. Pull the lever floor in the W, it opens the rusty door in the first room. Go over there just to see that someone's fooling us, an empty small room!?!

Back to the road and cross to other side, enter the office, take from the first desk Revolver and from the next desk Ammo. Get out from the office and cross the road over the opposite opening, shoot the first soldier and take care for another one inside the office and pick up the Shotgun Ammo they will drop. Go between the desks and find the Silver Key on the last desk NE corner, back over the road and shoot the soldier who blocks your way out. Cross the road to other side, climb on a sidewalk and open the closed door, enter into the room, head W, jump over the block in a middle of burning floor and pick up Large Medipack. Jump back to the room and get out.

Stay on the sidewalk, head N and proceed into the next room, look for closed gate in the E side and Jeep behind the ramp at W side. Go forward and drop down into the next office, use the Silver Key to open the black door. Enter the room and look from both side lines of closed doors, as you already know they cannot be opened. Draw the AK-47, stand facing to the high electricity small box, jump and shoot on it, the gates in the first room are open now. Go over there and drop into the room, the gate will close behind you. Draw again the AK-47 and take care of soldiers and dogs attacks right behind the wall control, proceed around and pick up the Golden Key. Now pull the lever wall but notice the gate turns out to be a timed gate so you need to be quick enough to pass the gate and back to the road.

Follow the road toward NE, you hear shooting from the boxes, hurry over there and give help to your friendly guards as they have to deal with three big scorpions. Go over the bridge and in front of a big ship, drop into the water and swim to W, under the ship you'll see a large opening. Swim up to float and look for short slope, pull Lara onto it, backflip and you are in a ship. Head N and look for high passageway with black closed door, proceed over the end of the ship and pull Lara into high alcove. Jump, grab the trapdoor and climb up to the deck, go toward the keyhole and use the Golden Key to open the black door. Back down over the passageway, climb up, go and pass the open door to finish the level.