VCI - The Final Hit

Level by Christian Schleicher (SilentViper) (January, 2002)

[Note] The level change is buggy and crashes the game. I just started all three levels as a new game from the menu. [End note]

1. VCI House

You start surrounded by four friends. Go south and they run ahead to kill a guard. Watch where the guard dies. It can be difficult to see but pick up the MP5 that he dropped. Your friends walk through the deadly red wall and go up the stairs. Go to the area in front of the red wall and pick up two MP5 explosive ammo and the laser sight. Stand at the north-east corner and look to the ceiling. Destroy the blue light on top of the panel and the east door opens. This should go to level 2 but it always crashes. So forget about it and jump through the red wall. That is jump and not run. You have to clear the tiles behind the red wall or you die. Go up a few stairs and look east for a grate. Shoot it and get into the crawl space. At the end you get secret #1 and pick up a large medipack and MP5 normal ammo. Notice a key lock on the wall.

Exit and continue south up the stairs. At the top, your friends kill a guard so pick up MP5 normal ammo. Approach the west door and it opens. Continue past a closed door and another door opens. Kick open the gray door in front of you. In the first room pick up flares and red shotgun shells from a pedestal at the south wall. Go west and pick up red shotgun shells and a MP5 from a pedestal at the south wall. Go south and open the door to enter a dark library. Kill a green ahmet and go to the south-west corner. Pick up a Yellow Fuse, small medipack and MP5 normal ammo from a pedestal. Turn and kill three green ahmets. Exit the library and go to a north office for a small medipack and MP5 normal ammo from a pedestal. Go east to pick up MP5 normal ammo and a HK-G36 (shotgun) from a pedestal. Go east to open the door and go back into a corridor. Turn left and shoot the padlock from the gate and the gate opens.

Go up the ramp and enter the room. Pull the wall switch and dive into the water. Pick up the Mutant DNA and exit the water. Go down the ramp and kill a green ahmet. Go back to the room with your friends and go to the south-west wall. Use the Mutant DNA and the door inside the short corridor opens. Go there and down the tunnel. Go down the ramp and shoot the grates in the east wall. Hop into the opening and get into the crawl space. Shoot out a grate and emerge onto a balcony. Safety drop to the floor. Notice the heliport door and key lock at the east wall. Use the yellow fuse at the west wall to turn off the deadly red wall. Go up the stairs to a junction. You can go north to press a button to turn on the lights in the empty room. Go south and face three doors leading to offices. Enter the south-east door and go to the back office to pick up VCI Key 2 from a pedestal. Enter the middle door to kill a dog and pick up VCI Key 1 from a desk. Enter the south-west door to pick up the Silver Key from a pedestal. Search the back two offices for a MP5, MP5 normal ammo and a large medipack.

Use the Silver Key to open a gate in the south-west corner. Go down the dark corridor to enter a room with a friend. Make the VCI key and use it to open the door in the south wall. Enter and go west and stop before the red wall. Shoot out the red light on the panel at the west wall. A door opens and there is an explosion. Go south and loop to the right to pick up the Heliport Key. The door has closed at the artifact. Exit and return back to the heliport door. Your friend is stuck on the stairs so you may have to kill a guard.

Open the door and enter the room. Go up the ramp and a door opens. Go inside and avoid the mummy as your friends shoot him. Climb the north wall and get into the opening. Enter a small room to kill a guard and pick up the Heliport Key. Exit and continue up the ramp and run down a long corridor. At the end you enter the room with your friends. Another friend has joined him. Unfortunately, you have to kill the new friend and pick up Keys. If you kill them all you can get four MP5 normal ammo. Then kill two green ahmets without any help. Go back to the crawl space and use the keys in the key lock. Exit and go down the stairs and be careful of the floor at the red wall. Enter the tunnel in the west wall. Enter the room and shoot the boxes for two MP5's. Pull out the shelf at the north wall. Shoot the grate and get into the crawl space. Go west for secret #2, three red shotgun shells and another HK-G36. Exit and go back up the stairs into the room. Use the Heliport Key to open the door in the east wall. Start to run up the ramp and the level ends. Level 3 is now loaded but just quit and call up level 2 from the main menu.

2. Tunnels of Scare

Run down the tunnel into a sewer-like area. This should have been the tunnel from level 1. Kill a green ahmet and be sure that it does die in front of the receptacle in the south-west. You may also notice a dragon at the west end of the sewer. Go south and kill two crocodiles in the water. Go south and turn east and kill a green ahmet. Enter the tunnel that it came from and pick up two MP5 normal ammo and the MP5. Just follow the tunnel and you will find an opening in the north wall with a flashing blue light. This is a very small maze. You should find a friend and kill two crocodiles. Eventually you will find a flashing electrical arc over an item that you need. When the arc is off, pick up the VCI Key and back flip out of the way before the arc starts again. Three green ahmets attack so kill them or just run away. It is best to run past them to the outside sewer. They are easier to kill and if they are killed in the maze, you may be stuck among the bodies. Go back to the start and use the VCI Key in the south-west wall. A door opens behind the dragon. Get into the water and swim towards the dragon. Time a pull up between the dragon fires and then run behind the dragon into the door. Run to either side as a shield from the fire. Of course, the locusts can still get you. Pick up the Blue Fuse from the floor. This fuse shuts off the red wall in the level 1. Run back out and dive into the water. Go back to the entrance and as you try to return to level 1, the game crashes.

3. Outside/Backyard

You start in a tunnel behind a friend. Run forward and go to the right to drop on a ledge while your friend kills the two guards at the doorway. There is also a guard in high opening on the east wall that your friend may kill for you. Safety drop to the ground and enter a door in the west side of the building. Go inside with a friend and kill two guards. Pick up a crowbar and VCI Key 1. Exit and go south to the boxes. Hop into an opening and use the crowbar to open a box. Go inside to get the VCI Key 2. Go east and make the VCI Key to open the door.

Enter a room with boxes. Go south and kill a guard. Climb the box and at the top jump up to pull down a trap door. Pull up to the north side and jump up to grab the ceiling. Monkey swing south and drop onto a high ledge. You can kill the two scorpions from here but it takes a little while. Another way is to shoot them, drop into the trap door, climb up and shoot again. Then finally use the monkey swing. On the platform push the button and the black door to the north opens. Go there and run down the tunnel to enter a room with boxes. Kill three bugs from the safety of the tunnel. Shoot the boxes and pick up three MP5 Mashroom ammo, two MP5's, HK-G36 (shotgun) and two red shotgun shells. Exit east out the doorway into a roadway.

Go north and the big doors open for you. Continue north to pick up a large medipack and two small medipacks. Go to the gate in the east wall. Turn around and pull up into a crawl space in the opposite west wall. Pick up the Silver Key and use it to open the gate. Enter and kill six guards. Then go north behind a hedge to kill another guard. Pick up the Keys that he drops. Use the keys to open the gate in the east wall. Enter the gate and the level ends.