Legend of the Crystal Skull - Lara's Home (Original)

Level by Matthew Piper (PWhirl) (January, 2002)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

[Note] There is a revised version of this level that was released a year later. This version was highly rated and the walkthrough was written because the level was in the walkthrough wish list. [End note]


You start in Lara's bedroom as is usual in these levels. Go north and press the pushbutton on the wall to open the door. Go inside the closet and pick up flares. Then go east and exit the room and get onto the balcony. Follow the balcony around to open the door to the attic. In the attic, look in the north-west corner for flares. Exit and go down the stairs. The music room on the north balcony will be entered later. There is the usual empty kitchen and freezer section. You can push a button to open a door to get to the outside. The gym and pool are empty. There is the usual pushbutton on the diving board to open a door in the main entrance area. Inside that doorway is a switch for the usual sprint and roll into the trophy room.


Just go the main doors and press the pushbutton on the nearby wall to open the door. Go east and step outside into the night. Go north and enter the opening in the wall. This is usually a maze, but this time there is another house. Go to the front door and press the pushbutton on the wall to open the door. Enter and press the pushbutton next to the stereo for music. The stairs in the corner lead down to a closed firing range. Go east and climb the ladder on the column. Jump up the slopes and end up on column #7. Jump up and grab the ladder rungs to monkey swing over to the east balcony. Go to the north-west corner and crouch to pick up the Attic Key beside the chair. Then use the book switch at the west wall. You get a cut scene of the firing range on the ground floor.


Before you can shoot anything, you need a gun. Go back to the house and up the stairs. Go to the north balcony and into the music room that you ignored before. Go west up the stairs into the next room. Look on the north wall for a book switch. Use it and the fire in the fireplace stops. Go to the fireplace and climb the inside east wall. Shimmy to the right into a tunnel. Turn around and follow the tunnel to a closed door. Use the Attic Key to open the door. Pick up the revolver on the floor next to the table. Use the book switch on the west ledge to open the door. Exit back through the attic.


Go out the front door and go north. This time go to the west and follow the path between the wall and the green hedge. You will arrive at the obstacle course. Go south and then turn to the east. Swim under the bridge for revolver ammo. Then climb the wall in front of you and you have to shimmy to pull up into the center opening. Pick up the laser sight. Now get down and continue east.  Enter the open gate at the corner of the house. Run north and go back to the firing range. It seems to help if you have your back to the south wall when you shoot with the revolver and laser sight. Shoot all the targets and exit the house. Go west and then north to find an open gate in the west wall.


Go south and find the motorcycle. Drive north, west into a depression, and then north again to go up a ramp and jump over a water hazard. Follow the track to the right and drive into a dark cave area. Follow the cave and come to a ramp. Go east up the ramp and jump a small gap and stop. Look into the north-east corner for a crawl space. Crawl inside and pick up the Nitrous Oxide Bottle. Push the block south onto a black tile. You get a cut scene of a trap door opening. Go back outside and get on the motorcycle. Go south and then west. Bump the west wall and it shatters. Get off the motorcycle and install the Nitrous Oxide. Then use it to go up the west ramp and jump the water hazard.


On the other side, stop and get off the motorcycle. Go back and jump into the water hazard. Get into the opening in the south wall. Take either crawl space and generally go to the south-east. You can stand up by a closed door. Press the pushbutton on the wall to open the door. You enter a large room with an indoor racetrack. The ladder rungs this time are not a monkey swing. Use the ladder rungs above as a crawl space to get to east side where the fireplace is located. You may need to shimmy along the edge when you are near a light. There is a book switch on both sides of the fireplace. Use the two book switches and the fire stops. Enter the fireplace to pick up a small medipack.


Get on the crawl spaces again and go to the north-east corner. Press the pushbutton on the wall and the door opens. Enter the small room and pick up flares. Safety drop to the racetrack floor. You see a lot of movable boxes. Go east and push in a movable box two times to the south. Go west and push a block onto the outside ledge. Go back to the outside and move that block out of your way. Go to the first block you moved and pull it back once. Now work to the west outside ledge and push it out of the way. Go back inside and there are two boxes to the south. Pull the left box back and get behind it for a small medipack and flares. There is nothing else under the other boxes. Go up the stairs and use the crawl space to get back to the water hazard. Stand jump over the wall to get back to the motorcycle.


Follow the tunnel to the south. Go up a ramp and drive pass an aquarium. Drive through a breakable wall and continue to a dead end.  Get off the motorcycle and enter the tunnel in the south wall. At the end, pull down a trap door. Pull up into a dark area and go west back towards the obstacle course. Exit out the gate near the corner of the house. Go north back through the opening towards the second house. This time go to the south-east corner and see the trap door that you opened earlier.


Dive in and follow the underwater tunnels to enter the aquarium. You enter from the south-west. The exit for air is to the north-west in the ceiling. Pull up and run down the tunnel and drop at the end. Go to the north-west for a tunnel. Follow it and go up the stairs. Press the pushbutton to open the door. You are back in the house. Go out the front door and run east to the front gates. Press the pushbutton beside the gate and the gate opens. Run out the gate and the level ends.