The Stolen Coffin (Saudi Arabia episode 1)

Level by DNF productions (Donald Forgues)

Unauthorized Walkthrough by Dutchy.

I wonít mention all enemies, only relevant ones.

Lara slides into a Town square, go to the NE corner and face the N side grey hill, hop onto the somewhat flatter part one square up the hill and turn NW, standjump to the next part and up NW one more time, turn W and do standjumps from ledge to ledge and finally up NW again, now jump into an opening NW. Follow in to a dark room and light a flare to spot the deadly pit in the middle of the statues in the room. Shoot the vases to get the Flares and a Ĺ MP and go walk up to that invisible pit in the middle of the room, drop in from the side where thereís no statue and climb to the W side. Go down the wall to the bottom and get Secret #1, Ammo from the passage, climb back up and get into the CS in the wall NE. Follow to the R at the crossing, come to a higher passage and a door will open to the R, go into the Labyrinth.

The Labyrinth.

Youíre in the start room with 3 passages, go to the W and follow straight at the crossing, past a closed door and left into next passage, look up to the right and get into the crawlspace, shoot the left vase for Flares and go pull the levers, the door at the Pillar opens. Go up the ladder between the 2 levers, kill the Ninja (get his guns), down into next room and kill 2 more, get the Ammo one of them drops.

Stand with your back to the sloped pillar and backflip/jump/grab the next ledge, go all the way up to the top, look in the West wall and enter the passage, pull both levers (I donít know what for, because all the ropes where there and I saw nothing changed, but do it anyway) and go back out, jump/grab to the rope, swing to the top of the roof and go shoot the right hand vase for a MP, go on to the lava room.

The Lava Room.

Swing to the other side of the room (only using the right hand rope will take you there easy) and go runjump with a L curve into the East passage, jump/grab the ceiling and swing on the ceiling over the lava. Go to the right (left is a crawlspace for the exit), to the pool, dive in (not easy to navigate here) and into the shaft, follow till you get the front view of Lara, push the look button and see the Spike balls hanging, go along the left side, till you feel a ball falling (room shaking), then go right to the other side of the room, up into the hole the ball came down from, swim till you see the room shaking again and roll, get back down and to the East into the new tunnel, follow to a room with a lever and pull it to open a gate. Swim back carefully avoiding the Spike balls.

Get back to the pool and climb out, use the crawlspace you saw before, climb L over the ladders in the next lava pit to get into the CS N to return to the Lava room. In the room with the sarcophagus, only shoot the left vase and take the Ammo, use the rope in the lava room to swing into the right hand passage. (green light) Climb up the ledges to the open gate you saw before and pull the lever to open a set of double doors.

Go down the ledges and jump/grab back in the exit, go runjump/grab the rope in the Lava room and swing to the S, go backwards down the slope at the next rope from the W side and drop to a ledge below, make your way down and leave through the open door N. Follow back to the start room of the Labyrinth.

The Pharos Pillar.

Go in W again and now take the R hand passage near the door thatís now blocking the passage ahead. Follow up a ramp and go R at the crossing, into the door you opened (ignore the open doors for now) and get the Pharos Pillar, a MP from the vase and throw the lever in the other side of the room to open a gate on the Town square.
Face the N wall and climb the wall to the R of the entrance, backflip to the ledge behind you, go to the Trigger Tile on the E side and see a door opening up. Itís TimedÖ

Timed Run.

Face the exit below and light a flare, save and run off to the exit, runjump with a R curve and run a bit to the start of that ramp to the L, now start sprint down and go L, then R,L/R. youíre in the start room turn R into the n passage and L down the steps. When you come to the door and itís still open. You have to stop for a short while and do a standjump to the L, because the Tile behind the door is deadly. Standjump E and then to the Tile in the back with Secret #2, all the Ammo and the Star of Heaven. Go jump back over the same safe Tiles and up the steps to the Start room. Head W again and return to the room where the Timed run started.

Place the Star of Heaven on the L hand wall and see a gate opening up, now you can go down the slope behind those big open doors and slide to some steps, go up and get the Shotgun from the pedestal L, climb up to the floor W.

Timed Pool Jump.

Walk to the N and just in front of the ledge in the pool, the Timed gate will open on the other side. Hereís what to do, stand on the ďopenĒ tile on the right side facing the gate, step all the way back and do a standjump to the right corner of the ledge in front, do a running jump diagonally across to the left pillar and land on the left corner, turn right, runjump to the closest corner of the ledge in front of the gate, turn right a little and sidejump left into the gate.

Town Square.

Follow the passage to the end and climb the dark wall, slide down to the Town square, shoot a Ninja (L) for his Ammo and go in the passage between the church you came down from and the purple building with the open gate and on the back corner of that purple building, you can grab up to the roof of the church, pull up and then backflip onto the corner of the roof of the purple building, get Secret #3, Ammo. Get back down and go into the open gate at the front of the building.

Swim down the tunnel and at the crossing go R and pull the lever in a room, back to the crossing and straight to next room for a lever, now back and up at the crossing. Follow the last tunnel (L) from the crossing and reach the big room with the colored UW gates.

Timed UW Gate Puzzle and The
Arabia Knot.

Just to the R inside NW is a Ĺ MP and across the room SE is a MP. Then climb out N and go up the ladder on the wall, climb off to the L and follow the ledge to a Trigger Tile on the W ledge, stand back to the wall and face into the room, Save here. Runjump into the pool with a slight curve to the right, into the open yellow gate, (watch the shadow on the bottom) on the 3rd square roll, swim out and sharp L/L into the red gate, to 3rd square and roll, out and sharp L to the pink gate in the W, go in and the gate closes, just inside the gate is the Arabia Knot.

Now some doors opened up on the ledge on top of the room, so get out of the water and up the ladder again, go around the ledge and drop/hang from the side to shimmy past the door thatís blocking the way, go up the ladder and slide down the slope, hopping over the Spike-trap halfway down. The big doors open and youíre back on Town square. Go to the NE corner again and jump up the grey hill once more, now go over into the NE corner where a passage leads down to the receptacles for both Arabic Pillar and Arabic Knot. The big doors SW on Town square open up.

Go back up and down the hill, go to the open doors and get the Ammo on the crate to the L, then go to the SW corner of the room and climb a ladder to a room above. Get the Ammo from the W alcove. Go to the next opening W and run in to grab the ladder, go down to a room with Secret # 4, all kinds of Ammo and Guns, back up the ladder and backflip to upper room again, go over to the crate in the NE corner and climb on, runjump/grab the ceiling in NW direction and monkeyswing N through the passage, turn R in next room and drop to the pink ledge, go over to the N side and turn L, jump/grab to the ceiling again and into the next room W, drop and shoot the Ninja, take the Ammo lying about and go W.

The Jumps.

A camera shot will show you the jumps you have to do next. Runjump/grab the ladder on the pillar and climb to the right, to the top and with your feet on the 2nd step, backflip/roll/grab the pillar and hang, overlook the next set of jumps, youíll have to go along the left wall to the other side of the room. Pull up and just slide from this first pillar onto the next. Then start jumping. (itís quite impossible to tell all jumps, but if you save when hanging on pillars, you will get to the other side) Last of the first series is a long slide to a ladder, jump/grab in the last moment, climb left and up, from one step down, backflip/roll/grab the pillar behind, pull up on the R hand side, slide to the end and jump/jump/jump/grab the higher pillar, pull up and slide/jump and slide 2 long slopes down till you drop in a pool of water. Climb out to the right and enter the Labyrinth.

The Labyrinth.

Go R/R and get the 1st part of the Osiris Cartouche, back and R, shoot box for a Ĺ MP, back and R end R, SW box for Ammo, back and L/R/2nd R/ follow to Isis Cartouche, back out and straight N for the lever to lower a wall near the pool, back and R/R and over the small pool you dropped in, to enter the room with the Coffin.

The Coffin.

The flyby shows the gate and some rooms upstairs, donít step on the ledges at the Coffin, but go around to the other side, enter the N room with the 2 statues, switch the statues places (L one goes to R alcove, R one to L alcove) and the gate in the Coffin room opens (NW), pull he lever inside and 2 blocks rise, giving you access to the 1st floor. Explore all 4 rooms up there to get Ammo, a MP and the second half of the Osiris Cartouche, now place both Cartouches and the big doors open.

Kill a Ninja and go up the looong ladders, on to the higher passage, kill another Ninja and up more ladders, to finally reach a room under the glass floor, you saw before, take out the Ninja guarding the place and go down the steps, slide out of the level.