Level By Colin(trlestuff)

Walkthrough By Anya Marie McDonald

The level starts off with Lara sliding into an open area, there are several clay pots in the corners of this place and what appears to be closed doors. So, let's begin this adventure, shall we? First, turn around and press the face tile, this opens the door beside it, but find something to deal with the skeleton that comes charging towards Lara(or you can just avoid it), then go into the next room and use the floor lever there. Next, go through the door that opens to the next room, take care of or avoid the skeleton and the two mummies, then go into the room beyond the open door.

Jump over to the left to the block just barely sticking out of the lava and go into the passage. When you reach the end of the passage turn left and pull up to the next passage. In the distance you see a lighted section of the passage you are currently in, so head there and notice the two closed doors. Now continue on to the end of this passage, turn left and pull up to the next passage. Next run/jump/grab/pullup to the ledge beyond the opening in front of you, then turn and jump to the ledge behind and to your right. Now go through the crawlspace into the next room and use the floor lever; after a cut scene of a door opening up somewhere, leave this room and go back to the lava room and through the passage again.

In the next passage in the lighted part of it the door there is now open, so go in and to the next room. Go through the opening to your left and use the floor lever in the next room. Now head back to the passage and the closed door in the dark area. Go through the open door and you are now in a maze. So, the first thing you do is avoid or deal with the skeletons that attack, then head straight(make no turns yet) til this passage ends, then turn left. There is a place in the wall to your right where you can pull up, so pull up, but do not go into the area beyond.

Instead, pull up onto the maze wall and walk around in safety and without fear of getting lost in the maze. So, now you need to head to the northwest corner of the area; drop down and go through the opening there. In the next room there is a floor lever. After the flyby, head out of this room and turn right, then pull up onto the block, then pull up onto the maze wall again and head for the open door you entered the maze room by.

Now go back to the area you started this level in and you notice that the door on the south wall is open, so go through the open door and into the next room. Go through the next room and into the room beyond and get the item that looks like a chalice off the pedestal, then head back to the start area and the door on the west wall is now open. Go through the open door on the west wall and the level ends.

Note: I am not sure if the author of this level intended for the level to end like this, but if he did then I hope he takes the time to revamp it and make it more challenging. Also, this would be great as the start of a series of levels, but only time will tell.)