The Old Library - Forbidden Zone

Level by Cool King (March, 2001)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

start in a tunnel as an earthquake happens. The door in front of you opens. Turn around and go east. Light a flare and hop up into an opening. You get secret #1 and pick up the large medipack and revolver ammo. Then go west through the open door that closes behind you. You enter a small room with boxes. There are closed doors in the north-west and south-east corners of the room. Pick up flares from the top of the high box in the middle of the room. Ignore the hole in the ceiling for now. Go south and use the floor lever to open the south-east door. Enter the tunnel and pick up two large medipacks. Continue down the tunnel and enter a room with a sentry gun.


Face the east wall and run there to pull down a jump switch as the sentry gun shoots you in the back. Then side jump to the left to fall into the open trap door. Swim east and pull up onto the left side of the ledge. Pick up the grenade gun and return to the water. The tiles on the right side of the ledge are deadly fire traps. Get back into the water and swim to the west. Swim down and around the black ledges. At the bottom to the south-east corner and swim up a vertical shaft. Pull up onto a ledge and open the door. Follow the tunnel to a room with a deadly floor. Jump over the obvious safe tiles and at the third tile jump into a hidden opening in the north wall. Check in the mirror image to see the location of the opening. Pick up the Uzi's and jump back to the safe tile. Jump to the last tile and then jump into the tunnel in the east wall.


Follow the tunnel and climb a ladder into a corridor with closed doors. At the end, jump north into a room. Kill two guards and pull down the jump switch on the north wall. Climb the ladder on the west wall. Go to the end of the tunnel and safety drop into a dark room filled with boxes. This was your starting room. Go west and now the north-west door is open. Follow the tunnel to another dark room. Go west to use the floor lever. Go around the ledge with the fire and enter the south tunnel. Pick up the revolver and enter the open door.


Go north and use the floor lever to raise a block to your left. Hop onto the block and turn kill two guards on the higher boxes. Run and jump to the grab the boxes to the west. Pull up and pick up revolver ammo. Go south and jump onto the next row of boxes. Kill a guard and pick up the shotgun. You should save a few times in this room. If you fall onto the floor, there is no place to climb back up to the boxes. Go east to pick up a large medipack. Then return and pull down the jump switch at the west wall. A block rises beside you. Turn and kill a guard to the east. Then turn to the south and you can shoot two guards at a long distance before they can shoot back.


Jump south to the column of boxes. Jump south to another box and pick up the laser sight. Shoot the guard you see to the east on the boxes. Notice the tunnel in the east wall that he was guarding. Jump south to a box and shoot another guard to the east. Pick up Uzi ammo and then jump over to the east boxes. Go to the corner and pick up Uzi ammo. Hop into the north opening and destroy the sentry gun below you. Jump north to a column of boxes and then jump into the east tunnel. Go to the end of the tunnel and pick up the crowbar. Now follow the same route back over the boxes to get back to where you entered this room. Go around the ledge with the fires and return to the starting room.


Climb to the middle box and now pull up into the hole in the ceiling. Go west to open a door. Go down the tunnel and a door closes behind you. Use the crowbar to open the door. You enter a room with Chinese characters on the wall. Enter the west tunnel and use the crowbar to open the door. Go down the tunnel and slide down a slope. Climb a ladder and shimmy to the right and onto a ledge. Pull up to the west to a dark ledge. Go west and hop over a slope. You slide down the slope and take a long fall into water. Pull up the north side ledge and see large closed gates.


Go to the north-east and a block rises in the corner. Hop onto that block and another bock rises beside it. Hop onto the second block and kill the guard on the higher south ledge. Pull up into a north ledge and then run and jump to the south ledge. Pull down the jump switch to open the large gates. Get down to the ground and go west to enter the building. Go west and hop onto the dark ledge for flares. Then go up the stairs and pass two closed gates. Use the floor lever and the south gates opens. Enter the room and climb the south wall. Back flip to a second floor and go north to climb the north wall. Back flip to a third floor. Notice the block at the west wall. Go east and enter the library bookshelves. There is nothing under the dead body. Go west and use the floor lever. Then enter the room with dead body. Use the floor lever and two wraiths appear. Run out and jump to the wall. Drop down and go to the next wall. Drop down again and run north out of the room. Continue north into the next room and run to the end. Drop into the water to get rid of the wraiths.


Swim north and pull up onto a ledge. Use the right floor lever and you hear a door open. Open the right door and go around the fence and use the floor lever. Exit this room and return to the two floor levers. Do not use the left floor lever. You can open the left the left door and see shotgun shells behind a fence and a closed door. The left floor lever opens that gate. It also triggers a set of six sentry guns on pedestals that make it impossible to exit this area. Just swim back and go to the corridor between the two gates. A block has risen at the west wall. Go there and pull down the jump switch. Go east and see a rope. Use the rope to jump to the east platform and pick up a crossbow. Climb the ladder at the east wall and back flip onto a ledge. Use the floor lever to open the larges doors. Shoot the barricades and enter the doors.


Four wraiths start to attack. Turn and go down the ladder to the nearest water to get rid of the wraiths. Then go back up to the ledge and enter the gates again. This time there were four guards in the doorway to kill. Hop onto the central platform in the room and pick up ten large medipacks, ten small medipacks, and five revolver ammo. Go up the stairs at the north wall to reach an upper balcony. Kill a guard on the east balcony. Kill four guards on the columns in the room. Go to the south balcony and kill three guards. Go to the west balcony and you can pull back a dead guard for one tile. Step onto the nearby fancy tile to open a door in the water below. Then dive off the balcony to the west to land in a water channel. Swim north and into the open door. Just swim into the blackness and the level ends.