Level by Walrus

Walkthrough by Moonpooka

Some secrets have to be added later as I could only find two of them, and have no knowledge of how many there are. If anyone finds them please let me know so I can add them to the walkthrough, thank you.

I had two bugs: After using the three levers to open the RX door, it did not open and I had to go back on a save game. Also, after the explosion at the end the avalanche did not trigger until I went back to the lever room and ran round inside the small area, two more explosions happened then the avalanche appeared. This may have been due to using the levers too soon after each other, so take your time using each one.

Start the level high up on an ice ledge. Pull pistols and crouch to shoot the invisible ice barrier out in the North wall, then jump over and enter the crawl space.

Go through the ice tunnel and at the end watch out for a steam vent which will steal some health. Crouch again to shoot out the black grating, and then crawl through to enter the new ice cave. Go right and shoot out the skull barriers in front of the hut, then take a jump to the east wall door and enter the base.

Go through the passage and you will come to an RX Tech sign on the wall, if you look left you will see a closed door, I call this the RX Tech door and you need to remember this for later. Go right and up the stairs to enter the central room, which has an inner chamber with four closed doors for later.

Go left turn and enter the north door and make your way through the passage to the bridge room.

Make your way around the ledges to the right until you can jump to a rope, then swing over to the NW ledge. Head through the west door and shoot the guard in the passage, then go through to the boiler room and use the hang lever on the north wall to release another rope outside.

Return to the ledge outside and just as you leave the doorway look left to see the rope you have to jump to, (if you can, try and pick off the guard who is firing at you from up top) then take a running jump to catch the rope. Line Lara up so she is facing just left of the next rope, then swing over and catch it. From here, you can get the first secret so do not swing to the next rope ahead, instead, line Lara up with the ledge above the next rope then use the swing key a couple of times until Lara is flying high, let go of the swing key and Lara will become still on the rope, then as soon as she brings her legs up press the swing key again to give her a boost, she will swing higher now and when her legs are right up in the air, press action to reach and grab that upper ledge, now pull up for 1st Secret Revolver Ammo Uzi Clips Shotgun Ammo LMP.

Drop down on the ledge at the east side and land on the ledge below, turn and run into the short passage to use a lever which will show you a shot of the RX Tech door still closed, there are in fact three levers to open that door, so this is lever one.

Return to the central room via the ropes, and then go left to enter the east door to get to the computer room.

Here you can see two flights of stairs going up either side of the room, and also a lower area. Go down the stairs and go through the computer area, then head through to the north passage. There is a lever on the wall and it is timed, so save game and use the lever, then run and sprint up the stairs to the timed door above. Make it through and use the two levers on either side of the room. The south wall lever will open the door to get out of this room, and the north wall lever will show a second shot of the RX Tech door. (Also in this room you can see the Uzis through a glass case in the north wall, but someone on site reported that they are not meant to be got, so that may well be the case.)

Leave this area now and head back to the central room again.

Go left and enter the South door then go through to the offices. Shoot the two guards that show up and then head to the far end of the passage. Go right and shoot another guard in the south room then wait for another guard to show up. When he is seen to you can use the lever on the west wall and see the final shot of the RX Tech door opening. (I had a bug here and the door did not open, if this happens you will have to go back on a save and try doing this lever without saving after you enter this area.

Return to the central room again then go left and enter the west door to get back to the red passage. Go down the stairs and through the newly opened RX Tech door ahead and enter the sleeping quarters.

From the top bunk on the left as you enter, you can grab some Shotgun Ammo, and from the last bunk on the right you will find some Arrows. At the north wall, climb the ladder and get enter the canteen.

Go through the dining area and quickly nip through the west passage as a sentry gun is firing from above. Go left and round the corner for some Uzi Clips, then enter the kitchen via the west passage .

Use the lever on the east wall to open a door out in the passage, but before heading back there, nip into the north storage room and shoot the boxes and crates for the Shotgun - Shotgun Ammo Uzi Clips LMP. Now you can return to the passage and go left to enter the newly opened door to the rest rooms.

A guard will attack from the centre cubicle, kill him then use the hang lever inside the cubicle he came out of; this opens the last cubicle and reveals a black grating in the wall. Shoot out the grating and climb up into the crawl space, then make your way through the vent until you come to the end, go left for a SMP, then crawl back and head through the north vent until you can take a left turn. At the end of this vent, shoot out the grate and drop into the new room where a guard is waiting to attack.
Take out the guard then nip into the east room and take a look at the helicopter sitting on its pad, but apart from listing to some nice TR music, that is all you can do here, so return to the previous room and enter the short north passage and save game.

There is a pole here, but do not use it, if you do you will not make it to ground before the fire emitters burn Lara. Instead, you have to hang drop from the ledge and quickly drop and grab the wall gaps as you go down, be quick and make it to ground before Lara burns.

Enter the east boiler room and use the lever on the south wall to open a grate in the kitchen wall, and then climb the pole and back flip from the top to the upper room again. You can now return to the kitchen via the vent.

In the kitchen, climb onto the stoves and head through the newly opened grate in the west wall. Go right of the room and under the pipe so you can slide down onto a safe tile next to the fire floor. Crouch and shoot out the grate, then crawl through the vent (losing some health from two steam vents).

At the end of the vent, use the ladder to get to the lower room and use the hang lever on the west wall to open the four doors of the inner chamber at the central room. Shoot the crate nearby and take the Grenade Ammo, then go to the NE corner and find a movable east wall block. Push the block through to reveal a passage, then at the end find 2nd Secret Crossbow Arrows x 2 Shotgun ammo. Now return up the ladder and make your way back to the kitchen.

Head back through the dining area and go back down the ladder to the sleeping quarters, and then head back through the RX Tech door and go back up stairs to the central room again.

Enter the inner chamber and use all four levers, this will cause an avalanche back at the hut area. Now leave and head through the west door and go back outside to the hut.

You can now see that the avalanche has made a snowy floor for you to get over to the hut, so, drop down onto the snow and climb into the hut at the west side, then as you climb into the hut look left and find the lever on the wall to turn on the lights. Head to the NW corner and collect the Warhead Data, then leave the hut and go out to the north wall.

Shoot out the grating in the north wall and enter the ice tunnel, then slide down the slope at the end to finish the level.

The End