Coastal City / City Chronicles


Unauthorised Walkthrough written by CC

This is by no means a complete walkthrough, but it'll get you through to the end, hopefully. The City Chronicles level is littered with bugs and it's
possible to do actions too early and get stuck in lots of places, just reading the thread will show this. So I can't guarantee if this walkthrough
is going to work for everyone, all I can say is what's in this walkthrough worked for me. I hope it helps at least.

Coastal City starts in a coastal courtyard, run forward and trigger a warthog, kill it. Run into the first small room on the right, kill another
warthog, and pick up ammo. In the second room on the right is a pool with ramps either side, two locked doors up top and a route to a boulder+rope that needs to be burned. Run up to the locked gate on the right and shoot the lock, inside is the lasersight. Shoot the locked gate on the left to get the crowbar.

You might as well do this now - hop into the pool and swim down, then up to a room where you see the pharos pillar. Be careful of hidden spikes just before the pillar. The flame brackets on the walls now are lighted. Go up the ramp to the room with the boulder+rope. Hop down and a skeleton pops out of a coffin. Behind the coffin take the beetle of the wall (secret). There are three entrances here, one at the end of the slope, one to a dirt room and one to a room with flames on the wall. Go into the the dirt room. Be very careful of the hidden spikes in the floor and the poison darts, get the pickups and a torch at the back. Now go into the room with flames. As you hop over the walls use your lasersight to shoot a target down there, or hop down and shoot. Light the torch on a flame and go back and light the boulder+rope. This triggers spikes at the end of the slope and it's safe now - for a while! BTW there are more targets later on and I really don't know what all of them achieved, it could be the opening of a door that looks like it needs a key but opens as you approach, you'll see this much later.

In the next room a skeleton lies on the floor and there's a hole in the dirt pile. Save your game. Slide jump and grab and climbable wall ahead. Climb
down slowly and step back slowly to pick up ammo, walk forward and get back on the ladder. I did this the quick way and got spiked. Backflip at the top to a corridor. As you turn the next corner look at the white square. Up above is a boulder. Sprint forward while the boulder is chasing you and run off the start of the ramp into the next room. If you run too far forward on the ramp spikes kill you. Hang on the edge of these walkways and shimmy to pass the spikes that I can't remember exactly where they shoot up, and you'll see the coin on one of these ramps. Again continue on your way shimmying as far as you can go. When you come to a corridor the spikes shoot down instead of up, and eventually you'll come to a trapdoor that drops you back in the flame room. Head back to the pool and the snakecharmer beside it and put you're coin in the slot. This opens the two trapdoors above, where you got the crowbar you can now get the pharos knot, where you got the lasersight you can now get the revolver and ammo. Watch out, there are two more warthogs about.

Go across the courtyard to where the breakable barrier was earlier. Shoot it if it's still intact. And you come to a room with spikes and central
platform. Four skeleton rise from the outside platforms. I suppose you could wait 'til they hop over to you and shoot them into the spikes, or you could just run across and place that Pharos knot and enter the next corridor. Run fast though as there's another boulder after you and hop up onto the block ahead. (There is a beetle on the wall down there among the spikes but the only way I could get it was to drop carefully down feeding Lara at least 3 large medpacks as her health slowly disappeared. Perhaps there's a way I didn't see to turn these particular spikes off!).

You're looking at another target, shoot it and see horrible spikes. Walk forward a bit to trigger the spikes nearer to you. At the end turn right and
shoot another target. Walk towards that target and turn right again. You need to use the look button and the lasersight to shoot the next target far away down this long corridor, and this trips the horrible sideways spikes along the corridor. Climb down the ladder and see a corridor with trapdoors. Save your game here because this could take a few goes. Drop through the trapdoors just once and get the pickup, and climb back up again to the start. Only some trapdoors drop, so you'll need to do runs across some and running jumps across others to get to the end.

You're now in a room with ropes. Swing across and get those pickups now. Climb down the ladder and get the star. When you climb back up there are three skeletons up there, so save you're game and run for the first rope and swing back across. You could shoot the skeletons into the pit, but I just left them there. Now for that nice run back across the trapdoors, up the ladder and back to the door with the lock on it, it opens as you approach (remember the targets! I think this is it), but when you go through stop for a minute and save you're game again. You'll need to outrun another boulder and dive for a crawlspace ahead. Climb the ladder. At the top you see a room of tall pillars, but don't go there yet. Jump across the gap and prepare yourself for another boulder run. Climb the ladder to a room with fire floor, a sort of coffin platform and a target on it. Shoot the target and two ropes rise from the floor. (Maybe this is what the targets are for, I don't know). This is really cool. What you have to do is run and grab the first rope, it's like a pole now, turn around and backflip to the platform. Jump and grab the second rope/pole and backflip to the ground ahead. Pick up the blue gem and do the same thing with the poles on the way back. Go back now to the room with pillars.

Prepare yourself because as you jump from pillar to pillar at least 6 skeletons will rise around the room. I burst out laughing when I saw some of
the skeletons trying to hop across to me and miss the jump and fall to the floor below. There's another beetle down there on the side of one of the
pillars near the gem receptacle, use the ladder. Place the blue gem in the slot and continue onwards to a door with a lock. Shoot it and drop down
where you can place the star. Slide down into a jazzy decorated room. Here starts the second level.

City Chronicles now starts here. In this same jazzy room. Open the trapdoor and slide down into a nice looking library set room.

Ahead of you are blue doors, open them and you'll see a horse. Run ahead and trigger the horsemen. Shoot him and get his blue gem. You could pick up the scroll here too but it was no use to me because it was purely trial and error that got me through this level and there are numerous bugs. Here is where you'll just have to trust me, as it's the way I did it, albeit going round in circles a bit. If there's a better way then please, somebody, write and tell us.

Have a look around this room. There are five doors, four of them have globes behind them, and there are four sun signs on the floor. I started by placing this first gem in the door on the right, and pushing that blue globe to the star in front of the middle door in the back wall. You'll see the door outside up on the balcony open. Run outside and up the ladder to the open door. You'll see a hole with wheel blades, leave that for the moment. Go further in past huge wheel cogs into another room with a structure with hole in the centre, get the ammo in the hole. Turn around and use the pull switch over the entrance. This raises a block so you can climb up. Turn around and get ammo. Continue along this corridor to a room with a switch and two doors. Pull the switch and two knights come out, get rid of them and go into the room they came from. Pull the switch in there, and this opens the other door. Go in and the door closes behind you.

You see two boulders and two globes. The idea is to get one of the boulders to roll all the way to very end. Here is what I did. Pull the globe on the right side out, this lets the right side boulder roll down into the hole. Now pull that same right globe over to the sun sign in the centre, you'll
see two blocks raise covering the first boulder. Now pull out the left side globe, and the left side boulder rolls down over the block and onto the end square. Push this same left globe into the previous room and onto the sun sign, this raises those blocks even higher. Now go back and push the first globe onto the sun sign at the back of the room. You get a flyby of a door in the pool room opening.

Head back to the hole with the pole and blades and slide down. Through a small chain maze to pick up ammo, the uzi and pull a switch that shows the door beside the huge cog wheel and metal ball opening. I know I know you've probably seen this before as I did when I got stuck in all the bugs, but let's take it that this is the right way. So now head for the water past the big cog in the downstairs room and swim up and get out at the left open door. Inside shoot a vase and you get a fire wraith, might as well do it and get the feel of jumping back in the water, because that's what you'll be doing pretty soon. Forward with blue doors, open them, into another room and open the blue doors that are openable. Drop down to a brown sand floor room. Kill a knight and shoot a vase, collect ammo. See that switch on the wall, well just before you pull it, hop up into that entrance beside it and open the double blue doors. This is going to be a run to water so you'll need to have the way clear. Go back to the switch and pull, two fire wraiths come out of the pedestals, now run for the water.

Go back to where the wraiths came from and look for the open brown library door and follow to another big room. There are switches on the left side wall and square running along the centre, the switches raise these square into blocks so you can get up into that opening. The way I did it was to start with the farthest right switch, pull it, sideflip to the next, and the next, and the next, when you pull the last switch save, roll run and jump to the lowest block, turn left, hop back, run and jump over the next one and a running jump and grab the last block in front of entrance. See, easy peasy.

Another room with switches and horse. The one of the left of the exit door opens it. The one on the left opposite the exit door starts the horseman. Collect his gem and go back to the globe room. Place this gem in the next door on the right, pull out the green globe and push it to the sunsign at the entrance to this room. You see a flyby of the right hand door in the water room opening. Go there.

What you see are two high slopes in front of you, two poles to climb each side and blue doors at the top. Climb the pole on the right side and use the pull-down switch, this opens the door above the other pole. Jump to the slope and slide down and climb up the other pole and through the door. The door closes behind you. Through a crawlspace into a room with a door open ahead of you. Now this is where I was stuck for months, so don't do what I did. See the first square at the door, it looks like a round fire tile, and there are other squares like this in the room, well you must jump to these squares. If you don't the door closes and you're trapped forever. Through the door safely you come to a pool, dive in, you see an opening and a closed door. Head for the opening. This is like a water maze but it's not bad. You find a hole to climb out and pull a switch, which opens a door elsewhere in the maze. You climb out here and do a small bit of climbing and shimmying to pull another switch, get a pickup and out again to the pool. Across to the now open door to another room with a fire pedestal, ignore it, climb the ladder beside you and pull the switch. This shows a camerahot of a block rising in front of that blue door between the slopes. Hurry back to the water as a fire wraith has appeared from somewhere.

Back through the pool, and back through the room with jumps to firetiles. Before the crawlspace you see a pull-down switch over the door. Pulling this releases another wraith. I've no idea what this switch does, but pull it anyway just to be on the safe side, and try your best to get back to the slope room and into the water to kill the wraith.

Now the door up the other pole is open, go there. You see a two tier structure in front of you, a crawlspace on the wall, a door above the
crawlspace and two switches ahead of you. Run to the switch on the left, this raises a block to bar your exit. Go to the other switch. Save you're
game, this is a timed run and you'll have to do it three times. So pay attention, I will say this only once, LOL. Pull the switch, backflip to the
slope behind, forward jump to the slope in front, roll, running jump back to the slope, keep running up onto the structure and run and grab the
crawlspace, crawl on the left side till you can stand up, pull up, and run and jump to the top tier of the structure. This is a very tight timed run so
clip corners on the way. First time, use the pulldown switch on the structure itself, second time the high up switch over the exit door, third
time the other high up switch. This shows another block rising in front of the blue doors. Now use that switch on the left side again to lower the
block in front of the exit and escape. Now you go through the blue doors and tackle another horseman to get his gem.

Bring this gem back to the globe room, and use it in the left door of the three at the back - not the left door as you enter the room. Pull this grey
globe to the sunsign on the other side of the room. This opens the brown library wall door outside and up the ladder.

You see two closed doors on the left, a scroll stand below, library brown walls and a crawlspace. Go through the crawlspace, and half way through a fire wraith starts after you. When you come out you see water. Oh goody, but wait, therešs floating blades in the water. I didnšt bother waiting to figure this out, I just dived in, and through the next water room as well. You’ll lose some health. There are pickups in the water also. You see a
scroll room ahead of you, and as you approach the stand two knights come at you. Therešs not much room in here so just fire at will. Pick up the scroll (it’s not on the stand), and go back through the floating blades. Place the scroll on the stand and the library wall opens to show a ladder.

Save before you climb as you will go through two blades on the way up. At the top save again but these blades are easier, just crawl under them. Hop down the other side. Youšre in a room with a balcony and a horseman down there trotting around. Youšll have to go down and kill him and get his gem. Climb back up and get the pickup in an alcove. Go round to where you dropped from the crawlspace and use the pull-down switch, climb up near this. You have come through one of the previously closed doors. Go back to the globe room and place this last gem in the last door and pull out the last globe to the nearby sunsign. Go back to where youšve come from and the other door is now open.

Run forward to the rope. Youšre aiming for that pulldown switch on the wall. This shows the door opening in the room with the big cog wheel beside the water room. Go there and a knight runs out as you approach, kill him. In there is a switch to turn off the water. Therešs a metal ball to shoot near the cog but I have no idea what it did. Go ahead and shoot it anyway if you like. Go into the water room and itšs drained except for the small hole in the centre. Dive in and swim until you come out in a big room. You see ahead of you another horse and a switch in front of it, pull that and two foot knights appear, so get rid of them.

Run around and find the two pull down switches high up, those squares underneath them will become blocks later on. Run up into the corridor behind and find the switch. This raises the block under the left side switch, so go pull that one down. Go back up to the corridor and now therešs a block there to climb up. Pull up into that room and a foot knight is waiting for you. Get rid of him and look at the floor, therešs the hole you came up and two more. Find the switch on the wall and one of those holes is now deeper so drop into that hole and pull the switch beside you. This raises the block under the other pull down switch. Go there are do that. You get a flyby of the horseman. Kill him and take his gem.

Go back to the globe room, and this time you get a flyby as you approach the globes of the middle door opening. I have no idea if anything else needs to be done so run through and finish the level.

Questions I'm left with: What exactly did all the target shooting do? What is the last gem for? What did shooting that metal ball do? and what did that pulldown switch in the firetile hopping room do? If anyone knows let us know. I found three beetles but I believe there are four.

I had great fun playing these levels, it's well worth the download and if the problems were fixed in City Chronicles it would be perfect. Good luck to
you all.