The Forgotten Palace

Level by Paco Arriaza (PacRaider) (July, 2001)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

You start in a room with a hole in the floor. Drop into the hole and fall into a pool of water. There is an item you need to the south but skeletons guard it. You can get it later. Swim north and pull up to a ledge. Jump east into a corridor and follow it to a room. You get a flyby showing that you need two items. Go into the north-west corner to shoot a box and pick up a shotgun. I could not get the shotgun shells in the north-east corner. Notice the closed door in the east wall. Return back to the water and swim south. Pull up and shoot the two skeletons into the water. Then pick up the Ornate Handle and swim back to the north to pull up to a ledge.

This time, jump west into a corridor and follow it to a room. Go south into another corridor and kill a demigod. Follow the crawl space in the west wall and pick up the Mechanical Scarab. Crawl back and pull the jump switch on the east wall. Go back north and west to notice that a block has risen under a crawl space. Get inside and at the other end, start to climb down the ladder and then back flip over the spike trap. Reach into the hole in the north wall for a large medipack. Reach into the hole a second time for the Winding Key. The wall beside the ladder is also climbable so use it to shimmy to the left over the reach-in hole. Climb up and enter a corridor but do not move forward yet. Use the mechanical beetle and key to trigger the spikes and pick up the mechanical beetle afterwards. Run down the corridor and beetles attack so run back to the entrance hole and let them drop to the bottom. It took four trips before they finally stopped. Go back to the room and pick up a Pharos Knot, large medipack, red shotgun shells, and Uziís from the sarcophagus. Then use the reach-in switch in the corner to open the door in the east wall.

Follow the east tunnel and look south to see the room where you started. Now go north and use the mechanical beetle with key to get over the spikes. Notice that the spikes continue popping up so you have to carefully time a run through them. Go to the wall and look down the hole and see an opening. Run east into the hole and use grab and you should land into that opening. Get secret #1 and pick up blue shotgun shells and Uzi ammo. Grab the ladder and continue down to the bottom. Go south into a doorway and loop to the left to climb some blocks. Go to the north wall and pull the jump switch. Then dive into the water hole in the middle of the floor.

Swim west into an underwater tunnel. Follow the tunnel and when you reach a T-junction, swim to the right. At the next junction, turn left and swim up into another tunnel. Ignore the branch tunnel and swim straight north to the end and pull up into a room. Run forward and get a flyby of the area you have to reach. Go north and use the reach-in switch at the east wall just before the slopes. You get a cut scene of a door opening. Reach in twice just to make sure. Now jump with the appropriate curve on the slopes walls to get to the far side over the deadly floor. Search the sarcophagus for a Pharos Knot. Then use the slopes to jump back to the south room. Of course, you have to contend with a skeleton, beetles, and poison darts. The beetles will follow you back to the water. At the T-junction, continue straight and turn left to pull into a room. Pick up the Uzi's from the floor. I think that this is secret #2 but it did not register. The author stated that they are two secrets. Now swim back to the room with the jump switch. Go down the steps and climb up the ladder. Go through the spikes again and down the ladder to the south and into the room where you started.

Go east back to the room where you got the shotgun. The door in the east wall is open but the tunnel is blocked at the other end. Use the two Pharos Knots and the door in the north wall opens. As you enter the room, there is a flyby of the area. There is a closed door in the pool and a closed door in the north wall. Go to the pool area and climb up the west ledge. Enter the opening in the west wall and loop to the right to see a ladder on the east wall. Climb the ladder to the top and into a small room. Pick up a large medipack from the floor. Use the reach-in switch in the corner. Only use the switch once and not twice. Beetles pour out of the floor. Get down the ladder and jump from the ledge into the pool with beetles right behind you.

Follow the underwater tunnel in the east wall of the pool. Swim until you can pull up into a room. Go south and just before the steps going down, pick up a large medipack from a block in the corner. Go down the stairs to a room with two pedestals on fire. Lure a skeleton back to the water to shoot it into the water. Back to the room and use the jump switch in the north-east corner and get a cut scene of the room with the pool. Pull the chain in the north-west corner and beetles appear. Go south and be careful of the scissors trap. Go to the sarcophagus and more beetles and a skeleton appear. Pick up the Hathor Effigy from the sarcophagus and exit through the doorway in the west wall. You are back where you started so run north back to the pool with beetles on your tail.

Pull up the east ledge and enter the open door. Make the Portal Guardian and use in on the pole. A golden harpy attacks but if you stand in a corner, you can shoot it and it cannot get you. Exit and get down from the ledge. The door in the north wall is open. Enter the tunnel and run down the slope as the level ends.