Level by Batotel

Walkthrough writing by Yoav

Head toward the square, then left side around the large pillar pass adjacent the big double doors toward two more double doors at the middle and from the right side. Start by pushing the double door from the right, go through the passage over the room ahead. Kill the horseman who attacks and open your eyes, he will drop the CROWBAR, climb onto the blocks up to room above with designed doors, don't try to pick up the music scroll (the real one you find later).

Follow the passage straight ahead till you come behind the closed gate, this will be your way out, just get the medipack. Back up the passage above and jump over the fence down to the place below, pick up the Fire Circle Scroll near the gate. Get the revolver ammo under the ledge, then climb onto the ledge and get the Grenade Gun. Jump down and look in front of you, there's a hanging shootable ball, usually you need the revolver and the lasersight but in this case use the pistols, just jump up and shoot it to open the gate.

Head down to next room with the pillars, pass the swinging chain, you'll not find here anything so reach the hole and jump in the canal, swim straight, turn left twice, then up into a room above. Pick up the Shotgun ammo, face toward the wall, use the crowbar to get the Golden Star #1.
Back in the canal two crocodiles are waiting with big mouth open, swim toward the exit canal out to the pool, you can get some uzi clips from the right, keep swimming further to north side and get Crossbow normal ammo.

Get out of the pool, you are in big room, face to north, take a look around for two closed gates with short passage at the middle wall and two crankshafts in the south. Go through the passage into the room ahead, get the shotgun ammo from the right corner. Head to the block with the slope, climb on face to next block, jump grab it and pull up, climb the next, turn face to the right, jump grab the climbable half wall and shimmy right till the angle camera shows you the block you can drop down to below. Use the crowbar to get the Golden Star #2, now stand with Lara's back to the edge then drop/grab the jumpswitch, fall down to the ground, get out of this room.

Head to west side, pass the gate you opened, run up the slope and arrive at the ledges above the pool. Take standing jump left, go through the passage, get out from the other side, face toward the pillar. Run jump, grab the edge and pull onto it, get down the ledge nearby, head forward, look for closed gate in the opposite wall that you'll open later, then jump left side toward the next ledge and enter the room ahead. In the room you need to pull/push the goblet on each of the two tiles, which then opens the double doors you saw at the beginning and the gate in the west side in the pool room below.

Go through the gate you just opened into a room with Knight Templar, head toward the pedestal and get the Gem #1. Make your way back to the beginning square, pass the double door, you'll see four star receptacles which open the next double doors. Since you have two stars leave this place and head toward the other doors at the square.

Push the doors and pass to large room dividend to four balconies. Kill the two horsemen, then climb down to the room above, kill the next horseman who will give you the Gem #2. Place the Gems at their receptacles, then climb up pass the open gate toward the room ahead, get the REVOLVER and some ammo. Now grab the pole in the middle of the hole and slide down, go forward to room ahead use the crowbar and get the Golden Star #3.

Drop into the pool through the hole nearby, then swim into the small canal toward the next pool, pick up the flares then swim up and get out of the pool into the alcove, throw the switch. Back in the pool get the revolver ammo from the alcove and keep swimming to other opening, climb into the room with four crankshafts. Kill the horseman, then head toward the switch and flyby shows earlier closed gate is open now.

Make your long way back to the big room you've been to earlier back the ledges above, then pass the gate you just opened. Follow up the passage but not get far as rolling ball waiting at the top beyond the corner, make sure to dodge the rolling ball from the top then enter the new room. Get from each alcove shotgun ammo, grenade ammo and medipack, then climb up the ladder into the alcove and throw the switch.

Back in the room where you saw the music scroll lying on the floor, one of the designing doors is open. Enter inside and get the CROSSBOW GUN from the left alcove, then use the crowbar at the right alcove and get the Golden Star #4. Return back to the place with the four star receptacles, place two stars which opens the first double doors then the other two stars will open the last double doors. Head toward the hole in the left corner, drop down and finish the level.