Deep in the Jungle

A Custom Level of two parts by Hokolo
Walkthrough written by Drew Pizza (with Hokolo's permission)

Revised and extended by GeorgeTR

1 : Through the Jungle

1st Canopic Jar.

Lara starts with a cut scene. Go cautiously to the pedestal and stay a bit to the right of it. Grab the Canopic Jar and back flip immediately. The moment you get the Jar, the door in the other end behind you opens and a boulder up ahead in front will roll fast at you. Two options here:

(1) Run forward and make a sharp left (or right) turn jump over the acid and onto the ledge near one of the fire emitting statues and stay there till the first boulder passes. Then go down to the open door and another boulder is ready to roll the moment you step on either the left or right square of the intersection. I suggest that you trigger those squares and make a flip back to the safe spot by the door and let the second boulder roll before you take the hallway to the left.

(2) After the back flip from taking the jar, roll and run as fast as you can and make a sharp left turn down the hallway to avoid the first boulder. But you have to keep running in long cam view because you triggered a second boulder right behind you.

Do a running angled left jump at the end of the hallway to clear the deadly gap and avoid the middle spike pit on the long slide ahead.

First Jungle Area.

At the end of the slide, kill two boars. Explore this first jungle area. You get some Flares on top of the right wall. Beyond the left wall is a river you cannot cross from here. Just get the pick up at the bottom. You see the first totem pole and the skeletal remains of Indy back at the jungle. Shoot an RX tech box and get those Medipacks. You also see a face marking with a boulder under it and beyond the bush.

You need to roll that boulder so you may go inside this cave. So near the box you shot, go left and a bit N, look there for a climbable tree to get to a high crawlspace. Go in and to trigger the boulder quickly run down, then drop at the end of the run to the ground on the left. N under the grass there is an (invisible) underwater tunnel (need I say, scour the bottom) that'll lead you to the plane wreck area.

Holy Scripture.

Swim N and look for a ledge to get out. Go N and turn to the W, look around and see parts of a broken plane. In the SE shoot another box to get a Holy Scripture. Watch the cut scene of an underwater area you have to go to later. Run to the far NW, go up the stairs and shoot the obstructing wreckage and dispose some camouflage-attired Ninjas. After killing them take the right opening (W) and go the whole way.

Monkey swing to the right to a slope that'll bring you to the first jungle area. Now go through the cave under the face and pull up on the left, turn right and locate a crawlspace E for Secret #1, the Shotgun.

On the Way to a new Area.

You are in another totem pole area. Go W, directly opposite the totem pole in the S is a second cave with a boulder. Go on W and through the stony hall. At the end drop in an underwater tunnel with a small Medipack and a closed gate at the end (W). Swim back and pull up, this time N. Go on to the end and then right. Pick up some Flares in one end of the corridor. Go back and left (N). Crawl for some shotgun Ammo in another corridor W. In the crawlspace ahead (N), there's a couple of scorpions in front and behind you. Crawl in and quickly out again to kill them both.

Out into another area are some wide stair steps S up. There are two Hand receptacles on both sides to open a middle door at the top. Shoot those Ninjas at the top of the stairs. Explore this new area: on the left (E) are some areas you may have passed already (the two crawlspaces). There's a drop at the top left corner but the steep slope is no good. You'll slide back here later. Go on to the right side W. There you find a slide. Don't go near the skull mark at the end: Spikes! Crawl out to the right instead for some more Ammo.

Now it's time to look for the Hands. At the foot of the stairs, in the NW corner, there's a slope. You must jump over S to reach a another area (with crocodiles and wraiths).

Catacombs Pool.

Swim left and pull put of the water. Kill all crocs you can see. Go E, behind the light blue pyramid you'll find Ammo – and release a fire wraith. Run to the water and jump in. There's a floor opening at the bottom NW under the central structure. Look here for Secret #2, one Hand of Sirius. Quickly get out und swim to a place where you can pull out. Shot the croc.

In the SW is an opening you can pull up and crawl for the other Hand of Sirius. Better use a flare, and hurry up. A wraith is bothering you. Save the problem back in the water. In the SE corner there's a platform with an opening, you can climb up on the W-wall and slide, climb again and back to the left side of the top of the stairs with receptacles. Put those Hands in and enter the middle door.

Go to the left or the right side and you'll be enclosed in a new area with fire-emitting statues and another burning Canopic Jar on a pedestal surrounded by a pool. On the left is a closed gate with a Wall Switch. That will roll the boulder in the second cave outside. And that gate will only open once you get that 2nd Jar by placing the gems on the ledges above.

Underwater Hunt.

Either you snag it now and take some burning damage or do the correct way: put out the fire first. To turn off the fire, dive in the pool and locate an open tunnel W (the other closed one E is what you saw earlier).

At the end of the swim, you'll be in an area that you saw in the cut scene when you picked up the Holy Scripture earlier. The air hole is beyond and above the middle structure; swim left around to the E-side, there's a golden door. Open it, swim in and up for that much needed air.

But if you swim down again you'll be chased by a nasty croc. Swim fast to collect lots of goodies here in this underwater area: first swim right around and a little bit down to the steps S and pick up the Crossbow. Turn to N and swim to get the Flares and a big Medipack. Better you now swim back to get fresh air (and to recover from the crocs bites).

Then go back and left around again and N inside and down to the bottom and snap the Lasersight. If you want you can throw the 1st UW-Lever in the SE corner (a bit higher up). Or you first get fresh air and then come back to pull the Lever. Immediately roll, swim to the SW corner, grab the 1st Horseman’s Gem, roll again and swim fast back to your air hole.

The 2nd UW-Lever you'll find directly above the place (SW) where you got the Gem up on the N-side. It will open the two blue gates outside. Swim there through one of them, inside in an alcove S you'll find a 3rd UW-Lever. Throw it to open a long gate in the SE corner of the underwater area.

Two-Totem Pole.

Pull up S and get out of the water, and go outside to the two-totem-pole area. Jump onto the rock SE, turn left, draw you pistols and jump into a shallow pit (left of the closed gate). Kill the scorps, then pull the Switch and go beyond the gate. At the end is another closed gate. But before that, there's a ladder. In the corridor above, there's a slide back to the water where you get out to this area.

Inner Courtyard.

But you don't need to go back yet so hang by the ledge after the slide and position a short drop in a dark halfway room. Shoot those pesky bats. Inside this room are the 2nd Horseman’s Gem SE and a Wall Switch NW that'll open the last gate in the underwater croc area.

Now drop and swim back to that croc area, and out through the new opened gate in the NE corner. There's another UW-Lever in the middle gap S of the swim up (don't miss that!).

Sloped Columns and Swinging Balls.

Pull up E in a small lava pit and sloped columns room. Go to the ladder in NW and climb up. Slide and jump your way up around the columns. Pull up E and go to the topmost ledge and get Ammo (S). Then runjump with a right turn and delayed grab that opposite alcove W. Shoot the two swinging balls with Crossbow and Lasersight (first N; then W).

That will raise a wall platform (thank God it's not timed!) and also release two fire demons. Just slide back to the water hole to get rid of them. Go through the same slide/jump around the sloped columns. At the top ledge, jump onto the now raised wall platform. Pull up in a new hallway above and go N.

2nd Canopic Jar.

While being attacked by new wraiths, turn and run back to get to the water hole. Now you have the third time to do the procedure to arrive back up in the hallway. Jump N over the ledge and turn to S. Put the 1st Gem in the receptacle, jump to the other side N and do the same with the 2nd Gem. Maybe there is another wraith, but it doesn't matter.

Drop in the water below to avoid burning. Climb out and jump to the block in the middle of the pool, now finally you can get the 2nd Canopic Jar. The gate at the NE corner will now release the Switch. Go in and pull it. The big door will open again. Go out and back down the steps, turn right (E) and crawl through the crawlspace, go all the way S, then return left to the area with the totem pole. Opposite of it in the S the boulder blocking it is now rolled out of the way.

Second Jungle Area.

Go inside the cave, on your right (W) is a hidden water hole. Swim through and out. You need to explore now the long water channels. Three separate areas in all, you may kill the crocs first by pulling up on an isolated ledge SW in the second channel area near the grid window (or in the E), then you may get some pickups at the bottom.

At the end of the swim (in the narrow channel), there's an opening to the N, swim into and a bit around to the NW out in a small area where you can stand. The E-side wall is climbable. Go up and pull out on the river shore. Go S and hoist left up to the top of the wall. Left (E) is a closed door. Deal with the Ninja, go N to the end and get Ammo, then go W and at the end jump right to those bridge branches to get near the waterfall or fountain.

Turn W and runjump in to that room opening behind. If there is a fire, you need to avoid it by climbing the face N on its right side. Go the whole way until you arrive a reddish lighted room. Collect the 1st Golden Vraeus. If you want, you may climb further up N to check out another vast room which is closed from this side.

Go back to the fountain and jump back to the branches (if you fall in the water, you need to swim through it again). There's another climbable wall at the end of the bridge branch S. Climb and shimmy right and around (under the bridge) the corner to locate the hidden Switch. Pulling that will open a gate you probably saw on top of the wall.

To go to the gate you must swim again (and perhaps you'll meet another croc). Don't slide back to the first jungle area. Instead jump/grab the climbable wall directly in front N. Shimmy right and through the new corridor. Go down all the steps and kill a Ninja on the way. Put the Vraeus next the door, go through and you'll be in the area opposite the river you first saw in the first jungle area.

The Pyramid.

That structure on your right is a pyramid. Go a bit and jump on those flat squares to advance upward. If you step on a slope, you may slide all the way down (so you should save your game several times). If you do it right, you should be able to reach the top from the front side of the pyramid. [Best begin at the NE corner, try it to the S, then up NE around the corner, go on W and the last steps S.]

At the top, get those Flares and some Ninjas greet you inside. Go on and put those Canopic Jars on E-side and you'll get inside W a vast, spiral stairs and torches around a central structure. At the ground is deadly lava (watch the cut scene as you enter this room).

Lava Room.

Go down the stairs and look for a torch on your left with a marking. Hang on the right side of the stair (looking S) and drop/grab the crawlspace just below. Crawl in and pull that Switch to turn off the first burner at the ground. Now proceed completely down to that first extinguished burner SW near the ladder. Pull the moveable yellow pillar E and N to the end in the middle structure. A door with small rotating blades will open.

Jump around the pillar and go straight N and inside the opening (you know how to pass that). Forget the monkey swing above, but go jumping back and forth those two sloped ledges on the sides to reach the opposite flat spot NW in the other end. Throw the Switch there and another burner turns off. Get back to the central structure and this time SE. Pull the pillar to the middle. The blue room up above is briefly shown.

Go to the ladder SW and up. Jump N and go on right (W) counter clockwise around the central structure. The opening is in the N. Go in the whole way to get the 2nd Golden Vraeus on the pedestal (you saw this on the wall in the jungle area but you can't reach this room from there). Go back to the middle structure and look NE for another pillar. Move it to the middle and another door opens in the S.

Spinning Spikes.

This next area is going to be deadly! Jump around the pillars and go there. Observe the burner tiles on the floor. Pull up right and avoid the spinning/rotating/rolling spike cylinder above and around this area. From ledge to ledge, you need to go way up W, then left and left again (E). There is a ladder on the N-side, climb up and quickly get in a room S. Take the small Medipack there.

Left and right you'll find a Switch on each end. And in the hall room on the N-side there are two other Switches. Three of those will light up the burner tiles that you saw on the floor. One Switch will extinguish the last burner back at the central structure (Hint: look at the markings of the Switches, the one in NW is the right). Go down (need I say, avoid the rolling spikes!) and back to the lava ground.

Go to the NW corner and pull that last pillar to the central structure. A middle trapdoor up above the rolling spikes room will open. Go there again. Between the hall rooms with the Switches there is an opening with a ladder (N-side). Climb down to the closed gate with Vraeus receptacle. Placing that last Artifact will open the exit door at the lava room.

Outside the Temple.

Leave the room with the nasty spikes cylinder and go back to the lava ground. Run to the ladder SW, climb up, go to the central structure and counter clockwise around again. Tis time don't go S, but turn right and go W though the new opened door. Go up the steps and wait. Then run fast along the corridor to beat the boulder behind you. Wade on either the left or right and let the chasing boulder sink into the shallow pool.

Swim through, between the crocs, pull up, and deal with more crocs and two Ninjas. You are now outside an open space. Those RX Tech boxes are not breakable. Go to the NE and look for a Switch to open the gate to the next Level.

2 : Higher and higher

The Cabins.

Get rid of all the dogs and Ninjas that stand in the way. At the starting point, the road for the Jeep is on the left side. Take the right path (NE) and you’ll see two cabins with closed gates. Inside the left is the Jeep. Go to the right area where the sun shines. In the NE there are two dogs to kill and two boxes to move. Pull the first box and push the second. Get the 1st Gate Key.

That will open the gate by the wooden ledge up NW. Go to the W, pull up and go right (N). Open the door and throw the Switch inside to open the roof door of the cabin on the right. Then run around the wooden ledge and go to an opening behind the building (N). Below that are some Flares. Back to the ledge, from there jump/grab N to a higher room where another Switch will release a rope.

Go on over the boxes to the front of the building (S-side) and rope swing to the top of the right cabin. Kill the bats, then drop inside the opening N and pick up the small Medipack and the Ammo left. Shatter a box E to get Arrows. Hoist up W to take the 2nd Gate Key. Another box releases more Ammo. Draw the Switch near the door to open it and to meet a Ninja.

Go out and right to open the Jeep cabin. Kill two dogs and shot the boxes right to get Ammo and a big Medipack. In the NE is a pushable box. Pull it aside to find the Ignition Key in a crawlspace. A flyby shows the way you have to drive.

On the Road.

Go to the Jeep and start it. Remember these pointers when driving the Jeep: you can only park and get out at certain spots (you won’t be able to get off it on narrow road); avoid sliding on steep road leaving the Jeep behind (you won’t be able to get back to it).

Go left and the right (S) and right again. And the end (W) turn left and go up. Follow the way until you arrive at the junction with two waterfalls on both sides. Park your Jeep and take the left, swim a bit through the water to an opening W. There you meet ab bat und find a small Medipack. Stand facing W before the sloped wooden ledge. Jump back and forward, grab and pull up. Now begin facing S and jump to get one level higher. Take Secret #3, a small Medipack.

Go S down the ladder and carefully left. Avoid the boulder, run back and around the corner. If the boulder is quiet, squeeze through, go on E and get Ammo at the end. Slide down and you are back near the Jeep.

Now go to the other waterfall E and through and you get to a water channel that has an opening along the left side wall. Jump in the water, swim  a bit W and then in the SW to explore the opening. Be careful of the retracting spikes here. Pull up in a new room.

Get up on one of the alcoves with torches W. Inside is a Switch that will raise a box and enable you to jump/grab the ladder. Pull it and go back. Avoid the spikes at the bottom. Pick up the Golden Vraeus at the top. Return to the water channel and swim to the other end NW. Climb another ladder.

The 1st Canopic Jar.

You see a closed trapdoor above and left (S) another ladder with a closed trapdoor at the top. You also see a running water. First go S and get some Ammo. Then dive in the water and pull an UW-Lever (E). The first trapdoor opens. Go back and up there and climb another ladder. Then back flip to a new hallway.

At one end (W) is an exit to a lake. At the other end E is the holder for the Vraeus. Go there and place it (over a closed gate) and a new trapdoor opens. That’s the one that was closed a while ago at the top of that ladder. Go back to the ground and climb the ladder now (it's near the UW-Lever).

You’ll find yourself at a high area overlooking the lake. On a block you'll find Ammo. Look down W and you see two statues on both sides of the 1st Canopic Jar. Hang and take a long drop. Get the puzzle item. Dive into the lake, swim W and left to the opposite end, climb a ladder and the rock and shimmy left around.

Now we should look for the Jeep. Go N and follow all the way down until you can see you Jeep. Slide down E (this is the way you soon have to drive up) and you arrive your vehicle.

The 2nd Canopic Jar.

Now you can continue the drive, go on and pass the ladder you earlier got up. Stop if you see an obstructing fence on the left. Driving further this fence will bring you to a steep downhill shallow pool. Careful; your Jeep will explode on water! If you accidentally slide to this area leaving your Jeep above (to pick up Ammo at the end), you can grab and shimmy sideways via the wall using the ladders on the W-side to go back.

Break through the wooden fence and park your Jeep here. Go W a bit to the left wall and turn E. Climb a the ladder and go for the Secret #4, shotgun Ammo. And there is a Switch, that opens an underwater gate in that lake you see below. You may take a dive and look for the tunnel. It's S under the column.

When you see an underwater pyramid, you may swim through the opening above the pyramid for some air. There’s a closed gate there. Swim back to the top opening of the pyramid. You will have to manage a darts maze inside the pyramid. Within the maze, look for a UW-Lever in the W. You must go up a bit, it's on the E-wall there und will open a blue gate. Get the small Medipack nearby. Return to the air hole and refresh. Then swim down again and N this time. Up and left into the blue gate. Getting the 2nd Canopic Jar will open the gate above the air hole. Swim back to the air hole. Now you can pull up and out within a new room.

Rolling Boulders.

You may first swim for some pick-ups nearby in the water (Ammo left and right) and in the surrounding pool, a small Medipack in the NW, a big Medipack near the S-side. Then go up the steps W.

The idea here is to time a run to a safe spot away from each boulder that rolls back and forth. Run to the left away from the first boulder. Run to the right away from the second boulder. On the third boulder, pull up and immediately jump back to trigger the boulder. Then run to the left to find Secret #5, shotgun Ammo. Right on the N-wall there is a crawlspace. Get in and pull the Switch that raises a platform wall.

Go back to the safe spot and this time run to the right side N for a drop onto the now raised platform. Pull up, go down the stairs and short jump to a closed gate on your left. Run, jump to the sloped ledge E opposite this gate. The moment you land on this ledge, a boulder drops. Either step back and hang or run fast to the left side (without falling off!) to avoid it. On this side are spikes, so go the right SE below, there is a flat surface you can jump to. Crawl for the next Switch and use it.

Draining the Route.

Go out back to the other side through the now open gate NW, avoid the spikes, and slide back to the road. To the right is the road back to your Jeep. Up ahead, you see another steep downhill shallow pool. Drain that first; you need to drive the Jeep here. So slide down N, wade through the shallow water and at the turn of the road, pull up on the opening to your right. Go on and up to the end. Jump to the ledge with those two statues and throw the Switch. Now the road pool is drained. From the statues, shimmy left so you won’t slide down the road again. Go S and follow all the way (passing the lake on the right side) until you are back at your Jeep.

Treacherous Ride.

Drive forward and onward. You'll pass a block with a skeleton and a Medipack. But don't stop, it's a trap. Go on and be careful. The next driving routine will test your skill! You barely have enough room with the narrow road that has sharp turns! You will be driving around another lake that does not yield anything important at the bottom.

At the end of the road, turn left to an opening for a final steep uphill climb. Leave your Jeep by the big wide gate (that’ll remain closed till the end of the game) for good. Your next task is to go to the opposite side of this gate or inside it.

Shooting Bones.

Crawl to an opening on the left side of the big gate (W). You may crawl further to get some crossbow Arrows at the risk of getting stung by deadly scorpions. Or pull up immediately to a corridor above. The hallway splits into two. You may take either turn at a time. The idea here is to do running jumps from pillar to pillar. The difficulty is you have to do these jumps amidst an intimidating foggy chasm down below while more than a few pterodactyls attack you!

Shoot all the bones you see with your Crossbow and Lasersight. You have to go around all the pillars to be able to locate and shoot a total of 5 bones to be able to open a door on the left side of this area. Let's begin at the right opening (N). Jump to the first pillar and deal with the harpy.

Bones #1 are on a far pillar in the W. Destroy them. Jump to the N and turn to the W. There is an opening. Go in and be cautious. Shoot bones #2 and don't slide into the spikes. Return to the pillars and encounter the next harpy to kill it. Go on jumping SW (perhaps you meet another harpy) to a sandy area with some skeletons and a stony face. There are bones #3 too. Shoot them, take the small Medipack nearby.

Return to the pillar and look S. There are bones #4, you can try to hit them from here. Or you shoot them later. Time to go back to the opening from where you came. Now we change to the other (left) opening. The target is NW. Jump left around to a cave SW. On the way you'll meet the next harpy. Inside the cave, that shotgun Ammo in the middle will trigger a boulder. Go E and turn left to a crawlspace. You can see bones #5 and shoot them with the pistols.

Inside the Big Gate Area.

Now the door opens. Go back and turn left (E) to get into another crawlspace. Go in and pass through the opening, along a foggy corridor E. Maybe a last harpy will bother you. Kill it and go your way on. Drop to the area below, this is the opposite side of the big gate where you left your Jeep (you can see your Jeep outside S).

First destroy all the harpies you may meet there. On E-side you can get Arrows. In one shack SE you see a Switch behind a closed gate. Go to the dry pool in the W and drop to the column you see below (losing some health). Short jump to the nearest opening S and face two ladders.

If you take the left, you’ll die from a boulder before you can even pick up that crossbow Ammo at the bottom of the slide. So take the right ladder instead. On the slide, grab the halfway ladder and up to a Switch that will open the shack door. Slide down again and pick up the Arrows in the N. Then go and find the ladder at the end (W-side) that will bring you back to the shack. Before dropping back, take care where you are. Crawl or shimmy N to avoid getting toast by the burning drum below.

Go around the shack and throw the Switch. This will flood the pool. Dive in and swim to the other opening E to reach the final area.

Placing the Jars.

Against the bright sunlight, you will see a magnificent final room with two statues and a ladder (with spikes at the bottom!) on each side. Some harpies will attack you for the final time. Exit is the middle corridor ahead. But you have to do a couple of last tasks to safely go out. Proceed to the middle corridor (not too far - boulder!) and climb that halfway ladder.

Take either left or right turn, go and slide down and put the 1st Canopic Jar (SW or SE), turn around go and climb down, back flip from the ladder avoiding the spikes at the bottom. Repeat climbing the ladder in the middle corridor, this time go the other way and place the 2nd Canopic Jar (SE or SW). The deadly boulder in the middle corridor will be triggered.

You may now pass safely outside as the theme plays to signal the end of this level. (Perhaps you must jump sharp left or right to leave the level.)