Pyramid of Chichen Itza

Level by Miguel

Walkthrough by Sutekh

CS = Crawlspace - MS = Monkey Swing - L = Left - R = Right - N, S, E, W = Cardinal Points - UW = Underwater

SJ = Standing Jump - SJ+G = Standing Jump + Grab - RJ = Running Jump - RJ+G = Running Jump + Grab

Enemies: Crocodiles, Mayan Warriors, Giant Scorpions, Small Scorpions, Tigers
Items of note: Crossbow, LaserSight, Quetzalcoatl 1, Torch, Llave de Kukulcan 1, Quetzalcoatl 2, Llave de Kukulcan 2, Quetzalcoatl 3, Revolver, Llave de Kukulcan 3 & 4, Quetzalcoatl 4, Llave de Kukulcan 5, Golden Skull

-- Welcome to Chichén Itzá! --

So there you stand, right in the middle of an impressive set of ruins and about to raid yet another pyramid. But this one's different, mind you. Forget about Egypt, Set and Horus and prepare yourself for the Maya experience.

First things first, look to your L (W) to spot your very first pick up: crossbow poison ammo. Now run N a bit and take a look around. You're in a rather large exterior area. To your L you can see a pool and a structure beyond in the distance which happens to be the very Pyramid. You, of course, will eventually get there, but not yet since you first have to put your hands on a very necessary item. So look to your R (E) to spot a set of ruins which is your first destination.

Getting the Crossbow and the LaserSight

Run E then S until you reach an area with alternating red and grey tiles and three low slightly sloping blocks in the center. Ahead of you (S), you can see a high brown block to the L and a low sloping one to the R which looks very much like the three other ones nearby. It's a moveable block. Go to it, pull it twice then go around it and push it once so it's next to the three other ones, all of them forming a square. This will lower the high block nearby, revealing a switch.

Turn around (S) and go fetch the crossbow normal ammo that was under the moveable block then go to the switch and activate it. This lowers another high block on the northern side of the ruins site. So turn around and run all the way to the N until you reach an opening in a small brown and grey structure. The Crossbow is there.

Exit the structure, turn R (W) and run to the pool (but don't dive yet). Locate the flares on your L and pick them up. Now go further L (SW) on a higher ledge to the side of the pool. Pick up the small medipack then look down to spot 2 crocodiles swimming around. Dispatch them quick and clean from your safe location.

Dive and swim toward the two high pillars emerging from the water to the S. Turn R (W) at the first one and spot the LaserSight lying on a low block against the W wall. Pick it up, turn around then L (N) and swim all the way to the NW corner of the pool. There's an UW lever there. Activate it to lower a block at the bottom of the Pyramid.

Exit the pool by pulling up on the low ledge on its W side. The Pyramid is there in all its mayan glory. It is possible to climb on it, but there's nothing of interest up there so let's search for that entrance instead. It's on the southern side, so turn L (S) then R (W) at the corner and run to the opening near the W wall. Turn R (N) and jump down in the now accessible entrance.

Moving Some Blocks

You soon find yourself in an apparent dead end with three red blocks. The leftmost (SW) one is in fact moveable. Pull it aside. Enter the corridor and run ahead (W) until you reach another set of three red blocks. This time it's the rightmost (NW) one that's moveable. Push it once. Turn L (S) and go around the grey block to find yourself at the other side of the block you just moved and push it twice (E). Now turn around (W). The block ahead is moveable as well. Pull it twice (E) then go around the grey block again. Turn L (W) and run a bit to find the exit on your R (N). (Click here for a map of the final position)

-- Inside the Pyramid --

Run up the ramp to eventually enter a large green-lit room. Run up the wide stairway there to the opposite (W) side of the room and climb on the blocks. There's a water hole in the center. Don't jump in yet. Stand on the very edge and look down: a crocodile is swimming around below. Draw your pistols and shoot it to death.

Once the charming reptile is dead, dive and swim S through a huge flooded red-lit room. Swim down at the end then through the opening there to enter a smaller, blue-lit pool. Surface for air if needed, swim L to the SE corner then turn R to spot the UW lever to the W. Activate it to raise a block in a room above. Now swim to the SW corner and pull up on the low ledge there.

Stand on the NE corner of the ledge and locate a tall block ahead (NE) extending from the N wall. It happens to be climbable so turn slightly to the R (NNE) and do a SJ to grab it. Climb a bit so Lara's leg are on it, then go R and around and go on until you reach the NE corner. Let go to land on a ledge below.

Pick up the small medipack then go to the SW corner of the ledge. The block ahead is climbable too. Turn slightly R (SSW) and do a SJ to grab it. Climb to the top, pull up, go to the grey wall ahead then jump, grab, climb and pull up again. Enter the small passage and run to its end past the opening on your R. Turn around (N) and look up to spot a jumpswitch. Activate it to raise another block in a room nearby.

Go to the opening and slide down the ramp to the next room. In front of you is a tall red block (the one you raised with the UW lever) and a hexagonal web-covered opening. Jump through the web to enter a new room with a high pillar ahead (W) and a couple of stairs in the middle ended by the block you just raised. Climb the stairs to the E to eventually climb up on the highest pillar and turn around (W).

There's a MS above you, so jump and grab it to swing your way W to the high pillar ahead. Let go, run through the short corridor then slide down the ramp to the S. Pick up the flares then run resume running W, passing on a floor grate on the way (say hello to the giant scorpions below), until you reach a hole at the end. SJ and grab the ladder ahead and climb down in the room below.

Huge Arachnids and First Quetzalcoatl

You now can have a better sight of the giant scorpions, but they're locked in and aren't much of a threat at the moment. Enter the scorpions room and turn R (S) to go around their cage. There's an opening to your R but before you reach it, a mayan warrior bursts out to attack you. Those guys are the mayan version of the tin man, meaning they strike hard but you can avoid to be hit by running back and forth while shooting, jumping over them if needed. You need to face them to hit them so keep running, rolling and shooting until they fall.

Now go through the opening (S) to enter a small room. Pick up some crossbow explosive ammo in the NE corner. Return to the scorpions room and run E. There's a closed stone door with a button but ignore them for now. Continue around the scorpions cage to reach the northern side of the room. There's another opening there and another mayan warrior will soon come to attack. Since you're about to fight much tougher opponents, you don't want him in the way so dispatch him now. Once he's down, go to the room he came from and pick up a small medipack in the SE corner.

Return to the scorpions room, go to the closed door to the E and push the button. This won't open the nearby door but will release the 2 giant scorpions. They are big, harmful, quick and above all poisonous, so your best chance is to blast them up with your explosive loaded crossbow. Once they're no more, enter the cage on go to the center tile: this will open the stone door. Pick up the Quetzalcoatl effigy and run E through the newly opened door.

Tiny Arachnids and First Llave de Kukulcan

Run to the end of the corridor. The wall ahead (E) is climbable so climb it up to the top and pull up in a new room. Ahead and on the L (NE) you can spot a Quetzalcoatl receptacle next to a closed portcullis. There are also two burning blocks on each side as well as two swinging chains. Stand before the leftmost one and wait for it to swing R to quickly pass it and go use the Quetzalcoatl on its receptacle to open the portcullis.

Pass it and pick up the torch lying on the floor. Go light on the Fixed Lit Torch to your R in the SW corner then use it on the Unlit Fixed Torch in the NW corner. This will raise the cage and grant you access to the large dark room to the E. Run into it (the cage lowers behind you) and L to the SW corner to light another Unlit Fixed Torch.

This triggers a fly-by showing you torches lighting around the room and eventually 8 small scorpions crawling from the walls. As soon as the fly-by ends, drop the torch and draw your pistols to get rid of them. One will drop a Llave de Kukulcan (ie: Guardian Key).

Shooting, Swimming and Swinging for the Second Quetzalcoatl and Llave

Pick it up and run across the room to the E side. There's a tiger behind a window there, but this will never open so ignore it. Locate the Llave receptacle on the R and use the Llave on it to raise a block nearby. Climb on it, turn E toward the wall and look up to locate a jumpswitch. Activate it, lowering a part of the floor behind you. Get down to the floor, turn around (W) and safety drop in the dark corridor below.

There's a closed stone door to the E which you'll soon open, but you need to get another item first. Run N (L of the door) to locate a lit pink slope. Go to the rightmost tile before it and jump to grab the ceiling which in fact is a MS. Turn 90° and side swing the steep part to the next flat one. Face the slope again and swing normally past the slope. Let go to fall in a "hole" behind it, look down to locate a Quetzalcoatl Effigy and pick it up. Exit the hole by grabbing the edge of the slope, pulling up and sliding.

Time to open that door now. Run S through the corridor, past the door and up the ramp and the low block at the end. Turn around (N), stand on either corner and look up. There's a Lion Head up there. Make sure your crossbow is loaded with normal ammo and combined with the LaserSight and shoot the gem in the lion mouth, opening the stone door.

Run N then pass through the newly opened door on your R (E). Run up the ramp to enter a large room with high ledges and a pool in the center. The four red tiles in the pool are doors which open by pressing Action while in front of them. The two left ones hide deadly spikes traps, so only the right ones (SW corner and E in the SE corner) are to be considered.

Dive and swim L to the SW corner to open the door. Surface for air then swim through the doorway. Go ahead (S) to the wall, L (E) then R (S) at the junction. Swim through the UW tunnel to its end and activate the UW lever there, lowering a block by the high ledges above. Return to the pool and take a deep breath. Now swim R (E) and open the R door on the E wall. Swim in the UW tunnel and go ahead (E) at the junction. Swim as far E as you can then turn L (N) to activate the UW lever, lowering another block above. Return to the pool the way you came.

Pull up on the E ledge and light a flare. You can now spot a button on the E wall in the shadowy area. Push it to make a rope appear in the center of the room. Go face it and do a RJ to grab it. Turn around to face E and swing then jump to the ledge ahead.

You find yourself standing right before a switch. Activate it to open a cage on the ledges above. Now run to the other switch on the opposite side (W) and activate it as well to raise a block nearby. Climb on it then on the highest ledge above.

Turn L (E): there's an open cage with a Llave de Kukulcan. Go pick it up. Turn around (W) then R (N) and run W to the other side of the room where you can see a closed stone door. Draw your pistols as a mayan warrior will attack there, soon joined by another mayan warrior attacking from behind (N). Once they're down, continue running around the SW corner and to the E to dispatch a third mayan warrior. Now return to the closed door in the W side of the room and use the Llave on the receptacle to its L.

Pass through the newly opened door and climb down the stairs to the SW corner. Use the Quetzalcoatl on its receptacle to open the nearby door.

High and Low to the Third Quetzalcoatl

You find yourself in a small room with a very black pool. There's a skull emerging from the water which looks very much like a warning. And indeed it is. 2 crocodiles roam the dark waters, invisible for now. Draw your gun and cautiously go in the shallow water, shooting as soon as Lara aims. They can go on dry ground, so keep shooting (and moving) until they're both dead.

Cross the pool turn L (E) and pull up. There's a small clear pool on the other side of the ledge. Dive then swim down the hole in the SW corner, S through the UW tunnel then up again until you can surface. You find yourself in a large pool. Ahead of you is a big skull in the W wall and there's a couple low ledges next to you. Before pulling out of the water, swim L (S) and around the block to activate an UW lever to the N, opening a trapdoor on top of a ladder elsewhere.

Now swim back above the entrance hole and climb up on the L (N) ledge. The blue pattern on the E wall above it marks a climbable wall. Climb it to the top then R to land on a ledge below. Turn around (W). Ahead is a slightly higher ledge with a pole. SJ on it, walk to the pole and jump then press Action to grab it. Climb up then slide down a bit until you can see only Lara's head then backflip to the ledge behind.

On your R (N), you can spot a tall red pillar. Climb on the higher ledge ahead of you (W), walk to its opposite edge (W) and turn around. Safety drop to grab and activate the jumpswitch there, lowering the tall red pillar. Make your way back up to the pole and again backflip to the ledge behind.

Turn R and run N then W around the corner to stand where the red pillar was. Walk to the edge, turn slightly R (NWW) and do a RJ to the ledge ahead. From there do a RJ to land on a lower ledge beyond the one ahead. Turn R (N) and push the button, lowering a block somewhere in the pool floor. Drop down in the water from the S side of the ledge you're on.

Swim to the SW corner then down through the now accessible opening. Follow the tunnel to the W then up until you reach a ledge. Pull up turn around (E) and safety drop down to the corridor below. Run up the ramp then crouch to crawl under the low ceiling. Turn L (W) then L again (S) at the junction and crawl to the end of the CS to pick up some revolver ammo. Turn around (N) and crawl past the junction then around the corner to the end where you'll find a small medipack. Return to the junction, turn L (E) and crawl to the wall then around the corner (S) to the end to get some crossbow normal ammo. Eventually turn around (N) and stop at the wall where you can stand up.

Turn L (W) and look up to spot a ladder. Climb it up and pull up in a corridor above. Run through it picking up some flares on your way until your reach another corridor. On your R (W) is a long rather dark room which we'll ignore for now. Turn L (E) and run to find yourself above a short corridor which is located in the mouth of the big skull you spotted before. Drop down there and pick up the Quetzalcoatl Effigy on the floor. Climb back up in the corridor above and run ahead (W) to the long dark room.

Dangerous Explorations

The grate door at the end is for now very closed, so light a flare and locate a floor grate in the middle of the room. Shoot it to break it (this is done by aiming at its E side). Drop down in the dark corridor below and spot the switch to your L (E). Activate it to open the grate door.

If you're absolutely desperate for flares or do want all the kills, continue S past the switch. Cross the blue room, turn L (S) at the W wall and run through the corridor to a very large and deep room. Run straight ahead (S) across the bridge to an opening and draw your pistols as a mayan warrior attacks. Dispatch him, enter the small room and pick up the flares in the NW corner. Return to the bridge to meet another mayan warrior. You may of course visit the E and W opening and beyond, but there's not much to do there, so return to the long room with the now opened grate door.

Pass the open door and carefully drop down to the pink room below. Most of the tiles here will flip open and give way under Lara's feet sending her to certain death, so proceed with caution. From where you stand, turn NW and aim for the tile which is at the edge and one tile away from the N wall and do a SJ to it. Walk to the edge, careful not to step on the one to the left, turn slightly R (NW) and do a RJ+G over the pit to the ledge ahead. Do a SJ over the next tile to the brown one to the W. Now, facing W, run a bit to slide down the slope then jump and grab the safe grey tiles.

Some tiles there are deadly (they're clearly marked by skulls), so make your way to the Quetzalcoatl receptacle in the SW corner and use the Quetzalcoatl on it to open the nearby door. Now walk to the NE corner of the tile you're on, turn 45° to the newly opened door and do a SJ over the deadly tile, holding Action so Lara doesn't hit the wall.

You find yourself in a room with lava, dart emitters and pillars against the W wall. Go R (W) then turn L (S) to face the first pillar and do a SJ to it. From there, do a RJ to the next one and repeat until you reach the last and fourth one. Turn R (SE) to face the opening in the S wall and do a RJ with a R curve in mid-air to land there.

Run S down the stairs to enter a large, high-ceilinged room. Immediately crouch upon entering as a swarm of locusts comes buzzing around (this will reduce damage). Stand up when they're gone and run to the SW corner to locate a ladder up in the W wall. Jump, grab, climb up to the top of the ladder-like tiles and backflip.

As the music hints, this is indeed poor old Indy lying there among the spikes next to where you just landed. He's been kind enough to leave a Revolver behind him so pick it up (mind the spikes, though). There's a rope ahead (E) and a platform beyond but you might want to first make a little detour for some ammo.

Safety drop from the ledge to the "roof" below and turn around (E). Run to the NE corner and look up to spot a square structure on the E wall to your L (NE). The bottom of it is climbable so stand one tile away from it and do a SJ to grab it. Go L until you can pull up and go get the revolver ammo there. Safety drop down from the R (S) side, climb down as much as possible and let go to land in the room below. Return to Indy's ledge.

Walk to the E edge and, standing in the middle of it, turn slightly R (SEE) to face the rope. Do a RJ to grab it, align E to face the platform and swing to jump on it (not from the highest point of the arc, though, or you'd go over it and Lara would fall flat on the floor below). Turn R (S) and climb up in the dark corridor above. Light a flare, run and stop under a higher ceiling. Turn around (N) and look up to locate a jumpswitch. Activate it to raise a block in a room below.

Run until you reach an opening overlooking a large room and safety drop down on the block you just raised, taking a bit of damage in the process. Looking down, you'll see no apparent way out so look around instead, and examine the colored block coming from the ceiling. The blue one (NW corner) is different, with a triangular edge. You need to shoot the hard to spot part between the triangle and the block itself and you can't do that with the crossbow, so combine your lasersight with the revolver and shoot, opening a floor trapdoor to the E.

Safety drop from the pillar (mind the burning tiles N and S), and run E to drop down in the white corridor below. Run through it until you reach a set of ladders and climb up to pull up in the room above. Don't go to the double orange door yet but climb on the blocks to the L (S) to pick up a large medipack then on the R ones (N) for some revolver ammo.

Leaving Chichén Itzá

Run E to the double orange door which opens as you approach. What you hear at this point are indeed tigers roars, which means you will meet some very soon. You already can see one pacing behind a closed wrought-iron door ahead (E). Run there and turn around (W). Look up to spot a Lion Head hidden in the shadow and shoot the gem in its mouth either with the crossbow or the revolver.

Draw your pistols or keep your current weapon as the tiger is now unleashed. Kill it, pass through the open door, turn R (S) and wait there weapons in hands as another tiger attacks. Now turn around (N), run a bit and meet your third and last tiger.

Turn to the shadowy corner to the E and run to the CS there. Crawl into the beautiful dark-green lit room. There are two separate pools here, crossed by ledges arranged crosswise. Run N toward the center and draw your pistols to take care of a mayan warrior. Run a bit further N and roll weapons in hands as another mayan warrior comes running at you in turn from the S side of the room.

Once he's fallen, dive in the S pool (first from the entrance) and locate the UW lever in the S side of the middle opening. Activate it to open a door in the other pool. Pull out of the water and go dive in the N pool. Swim to the center to locate a hole and a now opened door. Swim W through the UW tunnel until you reach a long sandy flooded room. Swim N, pick up the Llave de Kukulcan then resume swimming toward the NE corner then up the opening. Surface and exit the water.

You're in a well-lit room with a closed grate door and Llave receptacles ahead (E) and cascades and water holes on each side. Turn L (N) and jump in the middle hole. Turn around (S), swim through the short water tunnel and pick up another Llave de Kukulcan, then swim forward and quickly up to exit the water as a crocodile comes to get its breakfast. Go use your two Llaves in their receptacles near the door to open it.

Run E through the short corridor and the long, dark, sinister room. There's lava below at the end, spiked walls, two platforms and a closed door. Turn L (N) and climb on the blocks against the wall. Walk to the edge on the different tile which will drain the lava and reveal another lower platform. Turn 45° R (SE) and do a RJ to land on the higher one just before the door which will then open.

Run through the corridor ahead then climb up the loooong stairway. Once at the top, turn around (N) and look up to spot the ledge above. Jump, grab and pull up in the corridor. Run through it then down the ramp until you reach an opening. Safety drop from it on the ledges below. There's a rope in the center. Make sure Lara's healthy enough, do a SJ to grab the rope, slide down and drop in the room below losing some health in the process.

You can now see a closed wrought-iron door to the E with a Quetzalcoatl receptacle on its L and two orange doors to the N and S. Prepare some nice weapon (Revolver or explosive loaded crossbow) then run to the N orange door. It will open as you approach and release a giant scorpion. Take it off quickly then pass the newly open door and run to the NW corner to pick up a Quetzalcoatl Effigy on the colored tile.

Draw your weapon again and run across the rooms to the other orange door to the S. Again it opens as you approach and, again, releases a giant scorpion. Kill this anomaly then look in the NE corner to find a Llave de Kukulcan on the colored tile. Return to the wrought-iron door to the E and use the Quetzalcoatl on its receptacle to open it. Pass through it to find yourself before a closed orange door with a Llave receptacle on its R on the S wall. Use the Llave on it to open the door and again pass through it.

The next room is small, dim-lit and has a basin of shallow red water which looks very much deadly but is in fact perfectly safe. Go to the NE corner to pick up the Golden Skull in the water. This will lower the floor between the two previous doors. Go there, drop down in the room below and climb down the stairs to the E. There are two other skulls at the bottom of the stairs but you don't have to pick them up to finish the level.

Enter the room and take a moment to have a last look. Turn either L or R then around the corner at the junction and run ahead to see a End sign meaning the level is very much completed.

Addendum: Miguel emailed me an alternative way to solve the Scorpions Room tasks (see "Huge Arachnids and First Quetzalcoatl" part). It involves letting the opponents taking care of each others while fetching the Quetzacoatl then simply run away. I tried it and found it a bit trickier than the classic method, but it has the advantage of saving precious explosive ammo (plus, it's more fun). This is how I did it: Upon entering the Scorpions Room run to the L around the cage to the stone door with the button and push it. You've passed the N small room and triggered the first Mayan Warrior. Quickly run to the door and push the button to release the Scorpions, then run toward the other small room to trigger the 2nd Mayan Warrior. Keep running, luring the Mayans to the Scorpions (or the other way around) and once they're busy with each others, go fetch the Quetzalcoatl in the center of the cage. At some point, the Scorpions will have permanently taken care of the Mayans, so run to both small rooms to get the goodies (the Scorpions won't follow you there) then simply leave the Scorpions Room through the now opened stone door.