Lara Croft and the Lost City of Gold
Level 2: Museum Gate
By Bruce Zaremba (Sleeper)

Downtown Cairo: Let's cut to the chase; turn and look southeast, see the climbable surface on the building, take the scenic route over the rooftops until you reach the top of the Museum, do not forget the crossbow ammo up there.

On the Museum roof there is a lever to the right, push it and a door should open up to the left of the lever, go through the door and enter the room, in this room you have a choice of two switches, one facing south and one facing east, push the one near the paint container and open the door, proceed down into the water room.

Follow the waterway until you come to an opening and exit the water. This is a little hard; first move to the center of the room and side step right, see the flames go out, now you are timed, quickly spin jump to the far left wall and run as fast as you can past the flames that went out, do not run too fast into the next room or you will be bug squash. Walk slowly into the next chamber, slide down a little and jump back into the opening as fast as you can.

If you did it you can find secret #1 (shotgun) in where the rolling balls came out, continue on your way down the slope, do a running jump and grab the ledge, jump down and stay as far to the right as possible, jump over the flames and proceed to the bottom.

At the bottom you come to another lever, pull it and go through the open door, climb and follow the passage, look around and pick up the flares.

Remember the room with the water? It is now drained; as you enter the room take the smaller of the two rooms directly to your right, go into the room and grab the puzzle piece and also see some friends ready to greet you.

Look around the room and find some goodies, now go through the other door and follow the sewers out to the street, take out the bad guys but watch the one on the roof. Now let's take a little excursion, head west until you come to two underground walkways, one with an opening and one with a textured door, take the one with the textured door.
Proceed into the flowered room, kill the vermin and move to the room on the left, grab the flares. Point the red part of the compass south and look up, see the door, jump and grab the climbable surface and make your way to the top, shimmy left to the ledge.

From there jump over to the rooftop for secret #2 (small medkit, Uzi ammo, shotgun shells), do not try to walk over the crane there is no compensation in Cairo, go to the far end of the northeastern part of the building, see the ledge below with the medkit, jump down and replenish your health.
Now go in the direction the game started past the sewer opening, take the underground opening that just opened, follow the hall up and shoot the vases, you finally come to a metal room, take some time to notice the positions of the vases, do not blow them away right away. After blowing them away step on were they were to de-ignite the door flames.

Use the square the last vase was on to the left of the door and do a running jump over the grates at the mouth of the door, enter the room, grab the oozy and flip the switch, watch the door open and head to the mud pit.
Now make your way south into the mud pit; there is a door there that opens as you approach it, proceed into the crane operation room, climb to the top of the pole and pick up the oozy clips, push the lever to move the crane and access the next room, traverse the crane to the door on the other end, enter the tunnel.

Proceed up the brick corridor until you come
to another room with vases, watch out for the baddy about to surprise you, take him out and proceed to the next room. This puzzle is similar to the last one. Let us make it quick; step on the first raised square as you enter the room, all but one flame should have gone out, now turn to your right and go directly to the next square on the right, the last of the flames should have been extinguished, continue on down the hole, flip the switch at the bottom and proceed out back to the street.

Go back to the two underground openings and choose the open passage. Take the tunnel down and follow the open door into the corridor, continue on shooting vases as you go for some loot, soon you will come to another large room with a stairway down, take the stair till you come to another set of flames.

To do this, come to within two blocks, on the left hand side perpendicular to the second flame on the left side step to the next left block and the flame perpendicular to were you were just standing should go out, side step one block left, now side step to the far left wall and step forward, you should now be in the room's far left corner to the left of the flames.

Trace your steps back to your starting point, you're not there yet, once there side step to the right once, and forward and proceed onto the first metal grate, side step left, go forward and left again and now you are ready to make your way into the last room, enter and pick up the puzzle piece and the oozy.

There is one thing left to do, make your way to the second block perpendicular to the first flame on the right, do a standing jump to the right and then to the left take the safe path to secret #3 shotgun shells and shotgun.

Now you can go east to the museum gate and use the key on the door and you're done.

Lara Croft and the Lost City of Gold
Level 3: Inside the Museum

Right at the beginning of the level you have to be quick, two guard dogs are poised to attack you just as you start the level, take them out and head in the direction of the waterfall, pick up the flares to the left of Lara and then jump into the water at the base of the waterfall. Now follow the underwater tunnel until you come to a door, open it and head in, continue on and come out of the water.

Continue on south, pick up the goodies and blow away the small scorpions, go on and come out into a room with two large pillars, one to the right and left of Lara there is fire coming out of the top of the pillars.
Facing the west there are four raised carpeted blocks in the center of the room, these blocks trigger raising blocks on the north and south walls of the room, first we need to trigger the raising block on the north wall (the one you had seen shrink as you entered the room).

Position yourself so that you can run over the front left block, with your back to the south wall notice the block rise as you step on the block, run over to the raised floor block, jump up on to the raising block and up into the ceiling opening.

At the top there is another carpeted pad between two pedestals, this pad triggers a raising block on the south side of the room parallel to the one you just entered, turn your back when you are directly in front of the carpeted block, now do a standing jump back so that you jump on the carpeted pad and run like stink, drop down the hole and run to your left, jumping on the raised floor block, then on the rising block and up into the opening on the ceiling near the south wall.

Up here you can pick up the shotgun ammo and then for this one you need to position your self for a jumping back flip, perform a jumping back flip and run as fast as you can, jumping down the hole and running now to the north end of the room were there is a timed block, do the same as before to get up into the opening in the ceiling.

In the room above look for some goodies and head through the doorway, as you enter the next room you see a camera scene, go west through the pillared room, as you enter a very dark area in the room the camera angle will change, light a flare and turn to Lara's right, see the climbable surface, climb up for secret #1 (small medkit, shotgun shells & crossbow ammo).

Climb back down the wall and flip the switch on the west end of the large pillared room.
As you flip the switch the large display glass opens to Lara's right as you leave the room with the first switch. Go to the display and push the switch, as you do you see a camera sequence which gives you a pretty good idea what to do next, head back the way you came and take out the bad guys in the main museum foyer.

Enter the display area that just opened up and grab the first puzzle piece, now directly behind the statue is an opening in the floor, climb down all the way to the bottom so that your feet are dangling over the outside edge of the flames, you may have to shimmy to find the right position, drop down into the room below, avoiding the flames.

Pick up the shotgun ammo and flip the switch to open the door, climb down and head down the stairs, killing the lone scorpion there to greet you, head past the clippers. Oh, and by the way, just as you pass the clippers there is another dog at your rear trying to surprise you, take it out and proceed onward.

Next you come to a large room with a silver bridge, cross the bridge to the other side and enter the hall to the next room, this room is small but quite dangerous, move to the center of the doorway and angle yourself so that if you do a side flip you will land on the block directly to Lara's left as she enters the room; if you fail both doors will close and unless you have a no clipping mode there is no way to get out of this one.

Now angle yourself so that you are on the left hand corner of the block facing directly southwest and do a standing jump to the block directly in front of the door and enter the winding staircase.

As you enter,there is another cult member coming to greet you, take him out and proceed to the bottom of the staircase.
Enter the large obelisk room, there are two things to do here, first push the button on the base of the obelisk, this should open a door on the east side of the room. As you push the switch you notice a bad guy coming out of the door behind you, take him out, after that go back to the switch and face west and look up, see the monkey swing at the base of the bridge?

Turn to the left, perform a running jump and grab the pillar, climb up the next pillar on the right, while there look to the pillar on the north wall and pick up the crossbow ammo, jump back to reach the outcropping on the wall to reach the the monkey swing.
Traverse the monkey swing to secret #2 (Uzi & shotgun shells).

Go all the way down and through the opened door, proceed down the hall into the aqueduct display. There is a switch just to the left of Lara that raises a block just below you, push it and proceed downward, look around the room for more goodies and grab the puzzle piece on the north side of the room.

Now go back to were you came in, ignoring the small rising block, jump up onto the raised floor block and perform a running jump over to the climbable surface on the aqueduct display, and climb to the top, jump into the water and watch as Lara is pulled into the next room.

Once at the end climb out of the water and face another bad cult guy, proceed on up the hall and past the clippers, kill the scorpions and climb up, at the top go through the door and come out in the aqueduct room, double jump to the ledge on the right and do the same for all the others and at the end jump into the other aqueduct.
Follow the waterway and come out in a small room with vases, head north following the passage till you come to a room with a bridge. First go to the northwest corner of the room and flip the switch hidden in the shadows, this will open a door just above you, look out! There is a bad guy and a scorpion triggered also.

Do not go through the newly opened door just yet; first head back the way you came towards the room with vases just, as you exit the room with the sloping hallway on your right is secret #3 (crossbow bolts, crossbow, shotgun shells). Head back up the sloping hall and through the door.

Follow the hallway past the displays until you come to fork in the road, take the left passage until you come to a room with four vases, climb up the hole in the roof and proceed up the hall till you come to a room with two switches, to do this stand directly in front of the left or right switch and perform a standing jump in the direction of the next switch, now see a door open in the scene.

However not only did a door open but flames erupted behind you as well, so on the right and left side of the flames there are two pads, stand in the center of these two pads and jump first to the left and then double jump to the right or vise versa, this will extinguish the flames.

Now you may proceed past the darts, killing anything in your way down the right hallway.
First as you enter the room take the right door, move into a large open space and climb down the wall and get ready for action.

If you finish this tough sequence go through the open door on the north wall for secret #4 (grenade gun ammo, medkit, crossbow ammo). Proceed to the room with the two open doors and take the last open door, follow the hallway till you come to the Horus display, proceed to the far west room down the stairs and use the puzzle pieces on the door to The Lower Scroll Shrine.

Lara Croft and the Lost City of Gold
Level 4: The Lower Scroll Shrine

In this level you start in a carpeted room; head east till you come to a room with water on your left and a central pillar in the middle of the room, head straight on until you come to a room with two stone bulls, pass them and look northeast, see the picture of the saint to the left of Lara, jump into the picture to reveal a hidden room, pick up the flares and head in.

The room is very dark so light a flare, go to the center of the north wall, there should be a lever there, push it and see two torches light on either side of Lara.

Go to the southwest wall and pick up the puzzle piece, now head back the way you came toward the pool of water, dispense with the dogs and jump into the water, take the waterway until you come out in to a small square room. Warning: try not to come out of the water right at the opening to the next room, there is a camera sequence there, unless you want the bats to have you for lunch.

Now go to the opening of the next room and watch a camera sequence giving you an idea of what to do next, so watch it carefully. Run down the sloping floor on either end of the room (it does not matter), jump on any of the raised portions of floor, that way the dogs cannot reach you. Notice there are three raised portions of floor in this room. Ok now, climb on the one that is closest to the northwesternmost point in the room in the corner of the room, this will cause a timed block in the far southwest corner to rise, speed run to Lara's right as fast as you can up the slope, go southwest to the rising block and jump up. Do this exactly or the rising block will go down.

Now once you made it, follow the upper walkway north, see the portion with the smaller diamonds, you must avoid this. Drop down and shimmy all the way over to the north walkway, do not worry about old creepy there, he cannot touch you, do a corner shimmy and climb up on the irregular diamonds on the north ledge.

Now walk to the end of the ledge facing east, do a running jump and grab a niche in the wall and shimmy all the way to the right and climb up into the opening. It looks like creepy is a little pissed off down there.
Follow this passage until you come to a hole, take it and climb down, at the bottom you come to a stone cavern, look around in the water for some goodies and then head past the water pit into the cavern with the red haze. Warning: walk do not run to the center of the red room, walk until Lara comes to a stop, once she does turn around and jump back grabbing the edge as she falls.
Now you can climb down to secret #1 (grenade gun ammo, grenade gun). Head east back the way you came, once you come to the door of secret #1 jump back and angle yourself in such a way as to grab the northeast wall of the red room, do a running jump and grab the wall, once on the wall shimmy all the way to the right, do a corner shimmy and pull yourself up into an opening on the other side of the room.

Enter a room with two lit torches and a wall switch, put your hand in the wall to collapse the ceiling in another room. Go back the way you came, climb up and out. Now you emerge out of the red room facing north, proceed in that direction into the room with the collapsed ceiling, the ceiling collapsed to expose a hidden doorway, climb up the rubble to the door and enter the door. Once in the room use the puzzle piece and watch your next objective unfold and do not forget the ammo to the left of the puzzle hole.
Once done, head back the way you came to the pool of water, follow the water tunnel north until you come to an exit point, come out of the water. You enter a some hat poorly lit room, go all the way to the east wall and pick up some grenade gun ammo and uzi clips, head back and make your way up the raised floor block and to the right and out. Run past creepy into the newly opened door.

As you enter the next room two more hell hounds come to meet you, you know what to do: take them out. This room is a rather large room with several large pillars adorning the room, first you need to lower the spikes in the next room to proceed so on the far northeastern pillar there is a climbable surface, climb up the pillar and back flip onto a raised block on the west ledge. Now you are free to locate the only open tunnel.

Go to your right and find an open brick passage, take it all the way to the end and climb up, once up go directly to Lara's left and duck, turn around and go as far as you can north and jump on a ledge, once there grab the large medkit.

Now do a standing grab jump to get as much height as possible and wait for the slicer to miss you and climb for it, climb almost to the top and do a back flip off the wall, you should just make the corner of the ledge on the other side, jump back quickly and duck, now climb up and flip the lever. After that, move south and watch the teeth spikes retract.

For this next bit slide down the slope, keeping to the left of the slope, as you reach the bottom jump and grab, this should get you in to the next room, once there grab the flares and proceed down the hall to the pillar room.

Go to the north side of the room following the upper ledge, see the open gold door, take it and enter the room, you enter a room with a staircase and at the top the prize. What to do here is you must take a small step onto each stair, when you do it will mess up Lara's hair, sort of rhymes doesn't it. You can get a good idea of which stairs to be careful on by the pattern on the wall to the left and right of the stairs.

One done, grab the puzzle piece and proceed down the hall to the next open door. Oh, by the way, watch for two dogs ready to pounce at you as you leave the room, but most of you are cheating anyway.

Head out the door and go to the right and take the door now open, looks familiar! But this time the darts are not just there to make you paranoid, jump in the water and head to the opening on the other side of the room, now speed run as you enter the next room to avoid the boulders coming to squash you. You need to keep running till you almost reach the end, give yourself enough time to line yourself up with the rope you need to grab, and jump for it.

Warning: do not jump on the solid block in the center of the room; instead, reposition Lara to jump on the transparent one, from the rope jump to the first transparent ledge, double jump to the next one and then to the opening on the other side.

Enter the hallway until you come to a room with another lever, push it and see the last objective open, now return to the room with the rope.

Jump and grab either side of the door you just exited and climb down, light a flare and head northwest to find secret #2(crossbow ammo, uzi clips). Go back the way you came and go back to the large pillared room.

As you enter the pillared room turn to your right and go through the opened door, follow the passage until you come to a room with a checkered floor. (Note: So far most people have had problems with doors not opening and such in this room, if you do it right the door will open, the only way it closes again is if you leave the room with the puzzle piece, in that case you must repeat the following steps.) Notice the ceiling, see the black and white checkers, jump only to the black checkers (that is, the ones only on the ceiling), and make sure you jump from the center of each square, if you hit the white one the door will not open.

Once you have the puzzle piece, head back to the pillared room past the teeth spikes and use the amulet on the big door, once opened enter the room. In the middle of this room there is a pulley, pull it and watch the final door open.

Now head back the way you came past old creepy and through the raised gate to quest item one, The City Scroll; now you are ready to travel to the Tomb of Khysos.