Japanese Temple By Night

Level by Mike Mc Cracken

Walkthrough by Yoav

Inside The Temple Shin Tsao....

Begin after the short flyby showing you the courtyard ahead and some part of a garden. Jump forward over the fence and proceed behind the column, press the button. Get screenie of opening door right behind you. Turn over there and climb out through this door. Ahead is a column with three burning torch snakes and right behind it there are closed doors with a lamp in the middle. Turn to the south and pick a side and follow along the bars by getting angle camera, reach the back garden. Follow the garden south, pass through the opening under the flaming statue head dog. Take a look east for the helicopter landing pad you will use later, then reach the garden end. At the column (looks like a tree), press on the button, get a screenie of the opening doors you came from.

Go through the doors you opened now and follow the passage with the cobwebs over the locked display artifact. Press the button on the south side of the display, it opens the door in the north wall. There is also door in the west and ceiling grate trapdoor at the east. Go through the north opening door into a room covered by shallow waters. Notice the grate trapdoor floor at the faraway north-east corner, then turn north-west and follow the passage at the end, climb into the next place.

Head north, see the door from the right nearby the wooden pipe. Go behind the wall, see another door to your left. Go to the end of the passage for pressing on the button you'll get unclear screenie, then turn back and go through the opening door. Ahead are wooden pipes, turn right, then climb into the east alcove for medipack. Drop down back to the room, go a little further on and climb up through the opening, follow the short passage and drop down into the next passage. At the end of the passage press the button and get screenie of the first opening door near the wooden pipe you saw before. Back over there, enter inside and press the button behind the lamp.

Back down to the shallow water room (which has become dry), the grate trapdoor is open now. Drop down and follow the passage, climb up left, there is a closed door in front of you. Turn left and follow the next passage, turn down left, then right, reach the end for pressing another button. Go back down the passage, turn left through the door you just opened. Run all over the passage, reach the ladder at the end, then climb up the passage. Press on the button, it will open the trapdoor grate which leads you back to the display artifact and also opens the west door.

Enter the short passage with the button at the end, press on the button to unfasten the lock of the display. Back to the display and climb onto it, pick up the Artifact. Now make all your way back to the garden and toward the helicopter landing pad. Get flyby of The UNION JACK AIRWAYS helicopter that's landed. Drop down from garden, go toward the landing pad and climb onto it, head toward the helicopter and finish the level.