Level and walkthrough by Lucas (

Secret Agent: Lara Croft
Mission: Severnaya Bunker


a. Steal the names list
b. Get the capture record
c. Recover GoldenRaider operations manual
d. Escape alive


Lara, I can't believe you were caught by those men! You must get out of there right away. As these guards relied on you and didn't take out your guns, you have a chance to get through them all! If you show them a menace, they will come and try to get you! After completing your objectives, a helicopter will be awaiting you outside.


Lara, you better try to find the special discman I gave to you before anyone else discovers it is a bomb -- well, it wouldn't be that bad to explode these bastards, BUT you can't do this now. Escape from the cell and come back with it!


- You start in a cell. Find your way out, kill the guard and get the magnum in his body. Go ahead and turn to the left. Enter to the right and get the "Names list" (objective a accomplished). Go back.

- Go straight and then left. Crawl through the crawl space and get the uzis to your right. Go back and on. Now, enter on the door to the right, get through the ventilation room and then get the Capture record on the table (objective b accomplished). Go through the door and then to the right.

- Now you can either go to the left or to the right. In the big room, kill the guards and find a button. Over a table, there's Zip's discman. Get it (Zip's request accomplished). Push the button to open the door in front of the cells room. Go back there.

- Examine the shelves and find the GoldenRaider op manual (objective c accomplished). Now, go back and then to the main room, with the world map on the wall. On the room by the glass door, there is a button. Push it to open the exit door. Go through it and get the helicopter on the helipad (objective d accomplished).