Egyptian Mythology Series.


4- Nofreteteís Lost Palace.

By Jedi Master  

Walkthrough by Dutchy, revised by G&D Prod. 04-05-2010.

When you start the level you are sliding down a slope, hold down the jump button and in the end jump/grab the crack in the wall in front of you, shimmy left over a slope and drop/slide/jump to another slope behind you and jump/grab the ladder, climb up and time your jump to pass the burner.

Run-jump to the emitter and when you land side jump to the left, be careful spikes in there and look for the ledge with the vase that holds some Shotgun ammo. Time the next jump over the spikes and past the burner, to land in the passage to your left, you'll land on a slide.

Follow the passage down, don't let the ladder fool you, you cannot get off without burning (save your game instead), jump again aiming left into the next passage and slide jumping over the pits and when you reach the flat floor in the end, turn and look back up the last slopes. You have to shoot a lionís head in there (SE), which will open a door along the next passage. Go on and passing a door that is closed for now, run straight (E) past the burner and climb up to follow the passage, jumping over deadly pits to get the Shotgun in the end. Return and now go right at the burner and follow till you can use a lever. Get back to the closed door you saw before (W) and go in, drop/hang and let go jump to go over the burner tile.

Balcony room.
Go to one of the balconies and see the Lionís head on the other side, shoot it to open a door in the NW corner. Jump in at the pit so youíll slide forward down and jump/grab the ceiling, to go over to the pit and drop/grab/pull up in to the passage. Run into the next pit so you slide backwards and grab the edge of the pit. Shimmy to the breakable tile and pull up, run-jump/grab the next and pull up/run to the safe ledge and run to the end. Drop off the edge and hang, shimmy left to reach another passage, pull up and go in. Push the lever there and return to the passage you came from, the closed door E is open now.

Enter the door and at the slide shoot the vase first, because that will open the escape route for you. A door opens in front of the slide and when you slide a ball chases you (no surprise). Jump into the open door and run forward, but not too far, there's a deadly tile. Jump over and climb into the passage to your right, go left and meet the Hellhounds. Follow the passage and go S and look for the push-block in the wall to your left, just after the passage with the closed door.

Pull it out and push it to the South all the way. Then pull the block that was behind it out once.

Enter the passage with the closed door (around the corner E) and find the push-block to your right and push it all the way in, turn right and push that block once. Go to the previous one again (S wall) and pull out twice. Go around again and pull the former block out (to the S) and aside to reveal an opening with a ladder, climb up and push the button. Get back out and head left (S) to find an open door in the SE, follow the passage and push the lever there, back again and into the passage to your right and up another ladder. There is another button.

Get down and go right, left and at the pit stand in the middle of the ledge, take one step back, stand-jump/grab the ledge at the burner. Hang and shimmy all the way left and pull up into passage. Slide down and jump/grab the ladder, climb into the passage left and climb up and then use the ladder to the right (W), use the monkey swing over the pit and go left. Then jump over to the other side, climb higher, jump over a deadly pit and pick up the Flares in the corner. Go back and jump W and follow through until you can see the Balcony room. 

Drop/hang and shimmy left; pull up and find Secret #1 (15) shoot the vases for a small medipack, Shotgun and Uzi Ammo. Return and shimmy back, from the entrance shoot the Lionís head on the West wall of the Balcony room, this will open a door in the passage to the West. Go in and right (W), jump over the deadly pits. Go to the ledge at the pit with the ladder and side jump right on to the slope so you slide/jump/grab the tile. Pull up and run to the ladder, grab and climb around to the ledge to get the Ornate Handle.

Use the ceiling to go back, but keep to the wall to your left, drop at the entrance and follow through using the monkey swing and at the end the ladder down. Face E and climb up and into a crawlspace on your left (N) you are back at the slide with the ladder. You can't use that one, so take the passage E, shimmy through the burner room to the right until you can't go any further and pull up and back flip into the passage.

You are back in the area with the push blocks, go N and at the intersection E. Stand with your face against the N wall at the pit. Side jump in a way that you will land on the tile and jump to the crack in the wall, shimmy right and pull up. Climb the ladder and another surprise awaits you, a bunch of Scissors, hacking away. Run through the first set and go into the crawlspace to your right and use the lever in there. Go through the next set of scissors and shoot the vase for some Uzi ammo and on we go. After the last set keep going S, jumping the pit and grab the Hathor Effigy. Go back to the last scissors and then left (W) into the lava pit, the spikes went down when you took the Effigy.

Take one step back of the edge stand-jump/grab the tile and pull up. Run-jump to the ledge at the ladder, climb up and back flip into the passage. To your right is a closed door, so go left and use the ceiling to go either right to get Flares and go S to pull a lever and sit back to watch the flyby of new rooms to explore.

Go back to the door you opened and drop down to the place where you opened all the doors before. Go W and left (S) shimmy again the ledge where that emitter is, slide and grab the ladder and climb the ladder next to it so you are looking again at the Balcony room.

Just run in so you will fall into the water down there. Go for the centre of the structure and find the ladder near the 2 slots for the Pharos Knots and climb up to the 1st floor.

Stand in the middle and shoot the vases by turning around quick and head for the edge of the roof so you can run into the water at ground level again (Wraith). Under the NW vase is Uzi Ammo and SE has Shotgun ammo

Climb back up and if you happen to meet another Hellhound on your way, you know what to do. Take the ammo that was in the vases and if a Skeleton attacks, blow him off the edge with the shotgun. Go into the Middle room (E) and look for the place to use the Portal Guardian in the NE corner after climbing some steps. The door will open in the passage there, go in and slide from the slope jump/jump/grab the ladder, climb to the top of the slope on your right and drop on it so you slide again and jump to a flat ledge. Climb up and go into the passage and use the ceiling to go over to the other side, drop/grab and go for the button.

Turn and climb up W, shoot the vase for some Arrows. Use the monkey swing to get back to the door. You are back in the Middle room and go E into a big Greenroom. Explore to lure out some Skeletons and go for the E side of this room, climb one of the ledges next to the yellow doors and take them out with arrow headshots (I counted 4 of them) and if they are headless they cannot harm you anymore. (And it's great to see them running into the water by themselves.)

Look for the door that opened with the last switch in the SE corner. Go in and find the jump lever behind a pillar in the West. Probably there is a Hellhound or two, but you know what to do. The switch opened a door in the SW corner of the Greenroom. First find the 1st Star behind a pillar on the other side. Shoot the white vase in the water of the pool. One of the underwater doors opens (NE), swim in and get the 1st Gem. Taking it opened the other door, but there's no need to go in now, you'll need another Gem first.

Go back out back to the room, go straight head (S) to the just opened door. Go in and jump to the ledge on the right, climb the ladder and go over to the jump switch, save here as there is a nasty camera shot and you canít see what Lara is doing. Drop, grab the lever and keep your action button down, otherwise you'll land in the pit, now pull up and back flip to the exit. Go W and when you reach the brown covering of the floor go left.

Near the fire that is the pillar you saw in the flyby so you can reach some breakable ledges up there. Stand on the pillar and stand jump/grab the breakable ledge W. Pull up and turn running to the next, turn and jump using grab so you'll land on the ledge in the centre pillar. Drop/hang and shimmy left to the push button and use it to open a door near the pillar you raised in the SE. Jump back to the floor and to the SE corner of this room.

Go into this new passage and be careful for the burner that will start as you enter, follow and get the 2nd Star in there. Take notice of the closed gate, blocking another passage. Go back to the steps in front of the last door you entered (N) and look up right for an opening go in and place the 1st Star (screenshot of the gate), go to the steps in the NE and look for a similar place to put the 2nd Star. Around the corner is a vase hiding some Uzi Ammo. The gate you just saw is now open, so go back up the steps S and find the 1st Pharos Knot. Go back to the steps in the Middle room and run into the close by hole in the floor so you will land in the water down there.

In the room with the fountains go to the N wall and swim in the right opening, follow through, get out and crawl through. Up the ladder, jump over the deadly pit and jump down, into the water for Secret # 2 (16)2 x Shotgun ammo. Swim back to the room with the fountains. There is nothing in the underwater opening on the left. Go to the S wall and take the left opening, swim all the way to the end and once out, shoot the four white vases in the corners. This opens a door in the wall of the pit in the Green room, but we leave it for now. 

Climb the ledges to reach a lever on the South side of the middle structure. Push it. The flyby will show you where to go, so swim back W to the closed door under water in the S side of the Middle room. Near the door, swim up and look for the open door at ground level S wall and go in. Follow through, jump over the pit and shoot the brown vase to the right, go into the crawlspace and jump to the left to the ladder under the vase. Shoot it; get the Shotgun ammo and jump to the ladder behind you. Climb all the way left till you are over a jump switch and drop/grab the switch. Slide, slide again and jump/grab to the ladder in front of you, climb up so you can transverse left over the opening and drop on safe ground. Back through the crawlspace and right (S) to the gate in the last passage.

Save your game. Slide/slide/jump the pit and slide jump to the wooden floor and run forward to get out of harm's way as a ball comes rolling after you. Turn left and jump to the ladder, climb all the way left around to the other side of the pillar and back flip/roll/grab the pillar behind you. Again climb around and back flip to a ledge, keep jumping right till you reach a flat ledge. Climb up the ladder and go S along the W wall using the columns to climb around. Get the 2nd Pharos Knot (a flyby will show you the way out and also that there is a gate open in the water of the Balcony room, S side) go N again and jump in the water to the exit.

Swim out and up and get out, go W to the Balcony room to place the Knots. The underwater gate on the West side opens, go in and get the second Gem. Go to the tunnel in the South and find the underwater lever to pull, do the same in the tunnel in the North. The gate in the West wall, on the brown ledge opens. Go to the E and at the entrance of the Middle room (ground floor) climb up to the ledge along the left (S) wall. Take the Uzi ammo in the vase on your way and go right (W) to the open gate. Enter the passage and run into the pit so you land on the slope down there, slide/jump and grab the opposite ledge, climb over and pull the lever and an underwater door opens. Turn and be quick now, stand-jump to the green ledge, over the pit and out the door into the water below, before the wraith burns your behind.

Go to the Fountain room and to the S wall. Jump in the water and take the now open right door and pick up the Pharos Pillar.

Go W and climb the ladder in that middle structure. Once up go all the way to the E and in the right corner (SE) jump in the water. Take the SW opening and swim in. On the right is a small crawlspace, swim in and use the underwater lever at the end. Swim back, at the crossing go right and out of the water. Follow through and at the end place the two Gems left and right. Go back to the water, swim to the small pool and get out. Go N all the way, up some steps into the newly opened place. There will be a wraith and a dog, get rid of them both. Although this wraith can be a bit nasty as it wouldnít die but at a certain time disappeared, you can try shooting it, which might work.

Opposite the entrance (N) is an opening in the wall, jump in there. Around the corner climb up and turn around. Jump to the jump lever and go back to the small pool. In the pool the door on the left is open. Find the lever around the corner past the burner. Go back in the water and left into another door you opened.

Get out in front of the gate (W) and swim into the tunnel in front of you, follow and pull the lever in the end. Swim back and once on dry land the gate (W) is open. Follow through jumping some deadly pits and use the lever at the end. You see some big doors opening. Go back, jump into the second pool back to the outside (S). Take note however of the closed door E, you will be back later.

Once out take a left (E) and jump the brown blocks going along the S wall. Go into that passage. Drop back and shimmy around on that breakable tile.
Run-jump/grab the next tile and run onto the ledge, run-jump/grab again and shimmy to the passage on the right, go in and push the button. Back out and East to the East room, from the second brown ledge jump to the rope, swing to the second and climb up about once (do not swing from the bottom of the rope or you will go over the middle pillar) and swing over to the pillar with the vase, take the ammo under it and stand at the edge in front of the breakable tile, stand-jump/grab the next ledge and pull up run-jump to the button.

Push the button and the room will flood and opens a door in the pool of the pit in the Green room, swim there and into the tunnel that opened in the W at the bottom and swim in to pull another flood lever that will flood the pit in the Green room. Swim through the tunnel, at the crossing go right (NW) and all the way at the end is an underwater lever. After pulling it go back and at the crossing swim up. The pit is also under water now. There is an underwater level on the S wall, and also an opening on the left of it. Swim in, and follow through and pick up Secret # 3 (17), 2 x Shotgun ammo and Revolver ammo. Swim back, get air and now use the lever on the S wall. Swim into the opening NW, follow through and at the end grab the Music Scroll. Swim out for some air, now we go to that door we saw opening in the flyby.

Climb out the water at the W side of the pool and take a right (N), up some steps. Jump over a deadly pit and use the monkey swing to get over and place the Pharos Pillar. This will trigger the closed door in the tunnel under the Wraiths room to open. Go back and out of this passage, go W jumping over the water and take the first on the left (N). Then jump in the water, swim W and right to the right door and climb out E. Get the second Music Scroll, which will trigger the Big Doors in the E room to open. Swim back and out of the small poolroom and go E. Jump in the big pool there and climb out at the other side and climb up and go in to end this nice level.