Tomb of Leonis by Alex Chang

Walkthrough by eRIC

Double click on setup : the Wads files will be placed in your trle/graphics/wads folder and the scripts in the trle folder. Convert the level. Place the savegame.4 in the trle folder and start the game with this savegame : in your inventory you will have the crowbar , a gem and an Eye piece.

Central area
You start sliding the slope, and a music announces some kind of danger : at the end of the slope you should jump with a curve (right or left) to avoid the rolling ball. If you want to kill a bat, shoot the vase. Pull the switch in the corner to open the trapdoor and jump into the hole. Lara will fall in a pool.

This central room branches onto 4 halls :
East leads to a burial chamber with burners , there is nothing to do here , it is probably the tomb of Leonis.
North leads to a room with a non aggressive ninja , a vase on a central platform with a small medipack inside, a door on the left you can open with the crowbar. That leads to the Eye of Horus portal but you have only one piece so far.
South leads to a double-floor central structure in a pool. There is an underwater opening but there is not much to do there for the moment apart from finding some Uzi clips.
So go West to a room with 4 pillars and 2 doors. Kill 2 ninjas. Notice the ladder on the side of one pillar. Pull the switch to open the timed door opposite the ladder. Run to go to the ladder, and as soon as you grab it, back flip into the opened door. That was easy. A bit more difficult is the trial that follows.

A fun run on collapsible tiles
At the top of the slope you can see strange (and deadly) water moving , and there is a run on collapsible tiles to make over it. Slide , and before the end of the slope jump to bump Laraís head in the ceiling (in doing so she will run on the first collapsible tile) , and jump to the 2nd tile ahead , run and jump with a right curve to the 3rd tile, run and jump with again a sharp right curve to the 4th tile, run and turn left while running, (you continue to run on the 5th tile) and jump to the block in the corner. (Tip : there is no need to jump between the 4th and 5th tile which would be difficult to make, if you run near the pillar Lara will continue to run from the 4th to the 5th).
Another method would be to try grabbing the edges of the tiles and position Lara for the next jump (the tiles do not collapse as long as Lara is not standing on them) but I think this method is more hazardous (and less fun).
Pull the switch in the corner to open the exit door.
It is not timed so no need to hurry to deal with the two last collapsible tiles. Jump to grab the edge of the tile in the corner , aiming the right side , pull up and run/jump to land on the last tile. Enter by the opened door. In the next corridor, a crawlspace on the left leads to a room with brown blocks in the corners. But there is nothing to do there for the moment as the blocks are too high (some will be lowered later). So go right and grab the ladder. At the top, back flip to grab the edge of an opening. Be careful as 3 rolling balls are waiting that you make a wrong step . Pull up and go forward a bit to trigger the first rolling ball then step backwards and grab the edge of the opening. When the danger is over, go forward and pull the switch. Immediately do a lateral jump on the right side to avoid the 2nd ball. (the 3rd rolling ball is only triggered when Lara is in the lowest corner of the room). Run up the ramp and follow the way.

Vertigo : hunt for 3 switches
At the end of the corridor, go down carefully at the top of a structure in a very high room. The goal is to flip 3 switches on different ledges. Let us begin by the easiest one in the North-West corner : with a running jump (without pressing the Action key) to the North ledge and a running jump to grab the block in the corner, itís done. Jump back to the previous ledge along the North wall (running jump without Action) and face the central structure to see a small ledge below on the left side of the structure. Make a standing jump to land here. Turn North-East and make an accurate standing jump (without Action) to land on the block. Flip the 2nd switch and jump back to the previous ledge. Now face South-West and jump to the small block along the South wall. Face East and make a running jump to the slope , slide and jump with a right curve to land on the next slope. Grab the edge and shift left. Pull up and back flip (with a roll) slide and grab the edge of another slope behind. Pull up , jump back on the previous slope , slide and jump forward with a right curve to grab a flat block. Make a running jump (with Action) to the block with the 3rd and last switch in the North-West corner : the exit door opens. Return to the previous block with a running jump (with Action). Face South-West and jump to grab the top of the block , at the right of the central structure. Slide , jump with a right curve to grab the blocks in the S-W corner. Jump up to grab the 3 climbable blocks in this corner, then jump to the next block. Now to reach the exit door located in the North wall , there are different ways, you can do :
1/ The hard way : Make a running jump to grab the top of the central structure. Then face South , step backwards and grab the edge of the structure, and let drop to fall backwards, slide and grab the edge of the slope below, shift left. Pull up and make a jump with a roll and with a right curve and grab the exit.
2/ The easy way : Jump to the small block located right of the central structure and from there make a running jump (with Action) to land into the exit.

Room with brown blocks
Beware of the rolling ball in the following corridor, run and jump left at the end over the spikes pit in the corner. In the following room , kill a ninja and pick up his shotgun ammo.
Continue your way until the room with brown blocks in the corners. This time one brown block in the North-West corner is lowered. Climb on it to enter into the opening. Follow your way until a pole rope, go down in a room where Lara paddles in the water. After climbing a ladder and some blocks, pull a switch (that lowers another block in the brown blocks room),
Kill the scorpion and pick up the big medipack. The blocks are flipped into a slope, and at the end of the slide, Lara is welcome by an hungry croco. Once back in the brown blocks room, see the South-West block is lowered. Go in to flip another switch that open the 2 trapdoors located each side. Go down. As you flip another switch, a dramatic music and a little fly-by announces a danger. To avoid a rolling ball immediately run down the corridor into a room where you are welcome by a ninja.

6 switches , shootable vases and maze with doors puzzle
East is a closed door. Run up the stairs (West) to a room where you get a view of a little maze
with doors you have to open/close using 6 switches. Just before the room, you can go down some blocks to have access to the maze , and a bit farther there is a ladder leading to another room with a closed door and where you can see vases and a switch beyond a pit. There are also vases in an alcove on the right side but you canít see them yet.
The goal is to open a small door located in the South-West corner of the maze to flip the switch you see beyond the pit. But firstly the doors positions in the maze must be changed to
reach areas in order to get the crossbow and explosive arrows.
Probably, there are different ways to solve this big puzzle. Here is one possibility :
Flip the 3 switches located North side, do not touch the 3 others located West.
Exit the 6 switches area and go down the blocks and turn right into the maze. Go North-East you will find a button to push. Then find your way in the little maze as there is an opening in the North-West corner with a ladder where you will find explosive arrows. Climb back the ladder and into the maze. Exit the maze (South-East corner) and go right down the block to the pit, you will see an opened door (opened when you press the button earlier in the maze) , continue and you will get the crossbow. Aim the vases at the other side of the pit with crossbow + explosive arrows (no laser sight is not needed for this kind of target practise). Return into the maze , go to the North-West corner as before, down the ladder and blow out the vases at the other side of the pit. When all vases are blowned out, the little door in the South-West corner of the maze is open.
Go there and down another ladder to flip the switch. A camera shows the opening of an underwater gate somewhere at the beginning of the level , it opens also the exit door in the room where you killed the last ninja. So up the ladder and to the maze exit, then turn right after the blocks to this room and go ahead into the newly opened corridor.

Water section
After climbing some blocks, a door opens on approach and you are back into the room
where you have flipped the switch for the timed door at the beginning. Continue ahead to the central area, killing 2 ninjas on the way, and turn right (South) to the double-floor central structure in a pool. Itís time to raid this area, the underwater gate you opened after the maze puzzle is in this section. Dive into the water and into the opening (North). Firstly (and if you have not done already) you can do some extra swimming to get some ammunition : swim to the right to get some Uzi clips , then swim left/right (see a closed gate) to get other Uzi clips.
Swim back to the pool to get some air.
From the pool : swim left , continue to see the UW gate you have opened, swim up and left,
then down and to the right to pick up shotgun ammo before a closed gate , make a roll , and continue until you swim up to the next room. Get out of water and jump to the opening of the East wall.
There is a switch and a closed gate at the opposite corner, and two sets of spikes that pop up.
This is not a timed door so donít panic although the switch has also activated two other lines of spikes. Walk carefully until the first set of spikes. When they pop up, run (without dashing) to the door. Youíre now at the upper floor above the pool, jump ahead to the central structure, kill 2 small scorpions and press the button on one of the pillars to open the gate in the South wall. Jump there to grab the 2nd Eye piece. Dive into the pool and find another underwater opening (East) and press the button to open another gate in the underwater section. This opens the way to lead you back to the central area. Swim into the opening (North) then left/right and swim ahead to the central area. Get out of water and go to the North hall. Shoot the vase for the small medipack if you have not done already and open the door located on the left side with the crowbar. Combine the two Eye pieces to open the big hexagonal portal.

Courtyard and doors
In the next room, go down the stairs to push the button in the little corridor located South
under the entrance and exit to the great outside courtyard. You will find many ninjas in this final section (it is more fun not to kill them and see them running and jumping after Lara) and many rooms that look the same around the courtyard and most of them open on approach , others close behind your steps. One way to solve this puzzle is to turn left (North) in the courtyard. Enter inside the room : your final goal is to open the double doors on the left side (West). Return outside to the courtyard and turn left (East)
. In the new room turn left (North) then left again (West) you will see the double doors open as you enter in the first room where you have been. Go ahead and turn right to hit the finish trigger.