Prison of Lost Souls/On Forbidden Path.          

Levels by Hendrik Kunze

Walkthrough by Dutchy (edited because of missing secrets).

Personnel quarters:

You are on a square at the prison, go North and at structure right look for gratings on the wall, use them to climb up to the roof, jump over to the structure on the other side of the square, there is a Crowbar on this roof, get it and get back to the spot where you started, walk further south and climb over the low wall, behind it to the left are some Flares in the dark and a door you can open with the crowbar, get the bike, you‘ll need it!

Go left/right/right and left on the square, up the slope left and right at the prison. Take the next right and at the first buildings with the steps, get off the bike and to the right hand house, open the door, go up the stairs and look take a look at the left crate, the bottom part looks different, shoot it and crawl in, stand with your back to the sloped grate in the center of the square, now backflip so you‘ll land on the slope, jump/grab the ladder over it and climb up, get Ammo and see the jump switch on the south face of the shaft, climb down 2 blocks and backflip with a roll and grab the switch, the door near the entrance downstairs is now open, go there and get the Desert Eagle.

Back on the bike and proceed over the steps, around the corner to the South. In the end, enter the building right and shoot the Dog. At the crossing of passages, look up and open the hatch there, use the grating to climb in and open next door, kill the SAS guard and take the Laser sight he dropped.

The Prison:

Back on the bike and back the way you came, go right and all the way around the prison, stop at the fences with the NO ENTRY signs and shoot them, there is a gate in the water (when you walk over it you‘ll notice the obstacle in the center you can‘t see, you have to shoot this!), stand far away (not in the water), where you can just see the gate and aim at the center and shoot it with the Desert Eagle + Sight. Take a deep breath and dive in, follow to a bigger room and turn right, to the small opening in far left corner, go right and up around the corner in next big room and pull the underwater lever, there is some Ammo on the bottom under the lever, go North to the hole in the floor and go left and up and arrive in the offices. Turn around and shoot out the window pane, enter the room and get Ammo and a small medipack in the last window right, get out and go to the big desk in the North and look behind the pillar for the jump switch to open the door to the prison cells.

A flyby shows a skeleton burning in one of the cells and a small office in the end, go there and climb the pole to 1st. floor. Go to the end of the cells and look for the jump switch for the door opposite the office on ground floor, go back and after you took care of the SAS you can open the crowbar door to go outside, immediately roll, drawing the DE and look up to shoot the SAS on the balcony, go get his AK 47 and kill some Bats as you go down again, go West to the 2nd. palm tree and to the left of it is a medipack. Turn right and look up. There is a swinging ball in one of the cells, shoot it and walk to the wall beneath it, get in the lower gutter and go left. Drop down in the end, go right/right and get Ammo, go to the burners and look beyond to shoot the wooden wall behind them, burners off, proceed, right/right /left for medipack, back and R, stand, climb up right and climb to open hatch there. Get out near the truck, go North, around the corner and behind the Landrover and boxes you can find the Crossbow, kill the Dog and go South past the hole you crawled out of and into first loading dock, push the button
S…! You pushed the Alarm, a flyby shows a Machine gun and a SAS. Proceed to the next loading dock and the SAS will come at you, take him out and get the Gem he drops, use the crowbar switch and a gate opens near a Landrover. Go South and sprint around the corner past the machine gun to the open gate, open a trapdoor somewhere with theGem”, open the blue doors and get into the kitchen, turn and pull the jump switch, the door to the meat locker opens, get some Flares in the window over the sink and enter the meat locker, get some arrows beneath the meat before getting into the trapdoor.

Go right at the crossing and follow to a room with an electrified floor and a pillar in the center. Stand on the higher ledge, try to position Lara exactly in the center and runjump as far as you can, grab in the very last moment and pull up to the pillar, look in the NW corner to see a crawlspace, the tile under it is safe to stand on, so stand jump grabbing to get under the overhang and pull up into this place to claim
Secret #1, Ammo + medipack. Get back out and stand jump/grab the pillar which is climbable on this side. Open the trapdoor, turn around and climb up, Pull the SAS out of the way by grabbing him by the hair and get the Grenade Gun he was playing with before his little accident. Open the doors and enter the swimming pool.

The Pool Area:

In the pool is a closed door. Go over to the showers, shoot out the window you see in the wall on the other side and go right. Push in the block in the end all the way in and then back up, go left and around, noticing more blocks (brighter) and push it into a wall space. Now go for the block in the NE corner and pull/push it all the way past the entrance to the blood stain on the floor next to the burner. Burner goes off. Go look where you pulled the block out, there was another behind it, pull it 3 times and go around and behind it to claim Secret #2, Ammo+medipack. Go to the burner and over it to see another blood stain on the floor, turn left and pull the block near the door to this blood stain and the door opens, go in to the mirror room, in the mirror you will see Cartouche Part 1 on a huge tape recorder. Pull last block onto burner to open the door in the pool. Go back to the showers and on the other side is another block to pull out, this one you will have to maneuver to the pool, to get it out of the way and enter the cell block, a flyby will show who’s butchering all the SAS around here, so blast him, just out of gratitude. Climb the pole you saw and find the jump switch after you took care of the fire dragon, get the medipack where he came out from and pull the switch, go down and pull the left SAS away for some Ammo and the other to get into the door. In the warehouse, you can get a medipack in the office and climb the crates to reach the monkey swing in front of the steam blowers, to get to the jump switch. This will open a door somewhere...

Go to the pool and into the now open door, go left, right into the small tunnel and follow to a room with a hole in the ceiling, just surface, don’t get out yet, look around and see the machine gun, get out to the right or left side and get out of reach. Use the DE to shoot the fuel barrel and wait till the gun explodes, get through the gap and get Cartouche Part 2 and a medipack, the burners at the door are now off, so go through and leave the prison.

Level 2 - On Forbidden Path:

Enter the big store room and go right, take 2nd. left and find the grey-blue box on the floor, shoot it and get the Ammo, shoot a Dog coming for you and look for a crate with colored stripe on it, left of where the box was, pull it out once and make your way around to push it aside, inside is the receptacle for theCartouche”, so combine both parts and place it. The trapdoor in the far NE corner opens, enter the cave below and get ready to rumble, 2 Fire Dragons want to eat you alive, deal with them and get the medipack from the guy that didn‘t quite make it. Look for the crawlspace in the corner, go through to reach a slide. Stand in the center and slide, next slide, jump/grab at the dark spot on the floor, to hang on the ladder, climb to claim Secret # 3, Ammo + medipack. Run to the right on to the slope, so you‘ll land sliding backwards, grab the end of the slope and pull up/backflip/roll/grab the rock in the lava room.

The Lava Room:

Ignore the pole in front for now, make your way around the right side of the rock to a flat square near the hanging pillar, look down to see a crowbar switch, and go use it to open the exit. Get back on the flat square and jump/grab to the hanging pillar (bit tricky, you‘ll have to stand in the exact place to stand jump and grab) climb all the way around to the other side to find a jump switch, use it and drop onto the slope below, grab the edge and shimmy right to the pole, climb it and get Gem 1 from the pedestal, a Demigod will try to stop you from leaving, so deal with him and go down the pole, go to the exit along the left side of the rock to get some Flares on the way. Jump to the exit and turn to find the jumps witch over the door. Climb up to the Temple.

The Temple:

Great music....

Find the Arrows behind you on the rocks along the wall and follow this rock pile to the North. On the high block, turn to the temple and see the vase near the gate, shoot it and use the rope that drops to swing to the roof, shimmy left and go to the gate, there is a crowbars witch hidden there, which will open 2 gates near the Temple entrance, kill the pesky Bat and go down, enter the North one. Kill the Dog and get the AK 47 from the Skeleton. Now go over to the South gate, kill 2 Dogs and use the crowbars witch to open a door inside the Temple. Go over to the alley next to the Temple in the North, look up right for a jump switch, pull it to raise a pillar in a pool, follow the alley to the pool and get on the pillar, jump over to the roof and shimmy left to the flat and walk to the Temple wall, turn right and see the swinging ball behind the rock pillar, shoot this one to open a door in the pool,
look North and take a flare, standing against the wall under the lowest part of the ceiling, jump grab the rock above and go North, turn right and land in the crawlspace to claim Secret #4, Ammo, climb back out and down, swim along the East side of the pool to find this door, get in and take Gem 2. Return to the front of the Temple and use the Gems.

Enter the Temple and turn left, there is a slope leading upstairs. CAREFUL a boulder will come down, so backup till you hear it and sprint around left corner, go up the slope and left, enter the room with the pools, go to the other side and look behind the overhang in the ceiling, for a hole, shoot the fences from down here and climb the overhang and onto the crate in the upper room, go up the stairs and enter the blue door, there is a moveable crate, with a Golden Star (1). Take it and draw the guns to deal with 2 SAS. Go down to the pool and get in on this side. Look for the small tunnel near the bottom in the South wall, pull a lever in the end and return to the Temple, look for another open door in the North of 1st floor.

The Arena:

The flyby will show 2 Fire Dragons in a big cage with a trapdoor on top. Go right and take lower passage, follow it around for some Ammo and return to the entrance, this time take the upper passage and find the crowbar switch to open the trapdoor. You will meet 2 Scorpions; you know what to do with those. Go up to the cage and climb it, if you are lucky and move around a lot you can fire a few round at the beasts, but they are clever and stay well out of reach, so just drop down on the other side of the lava pit, and jump around like crazy, firing at them. After they are gone you can take the medipack and Cartouche Part 1 which will trigger a flyby showing 2 Demi Gods. A harpy will also come to visit, take out the harpy bird first and climb up the cage, (when I stood with my back to the still immobile bloke in the passage, the other one was shooting in the ceiling, so I could take him out easy, then the other one awakes, so turn and take him out, he will drop Cartouche Part 2. Use the Cartouche (combine the parts) to open the doors. Enter the room with the 3 Star receptacles, turn right to meet Thor.


Don’t mess with this bloke, just stay out of his way. From the entrance, look up to the other side of the big hall and see a vase there, shoot it from here. Run over to the other side and get on the ledge with the 2 pillars, behind the block that rose, look back and see another vase, shoot this one to raise another (higher) block. Go to the blocks and climb the lower, be careful, Thor can climb this one too and jump to the higher one and over to the ladder on the wall, climb to 1st. floor, turn and shoot all the vases you see, follow the ledges around and on the other side climb the pillars that rose, to reach the place with Golden Star (2). This triggers a wall to lower behind 2 pillars on ground floor. Drop in to the water under the ladder and swim to the center of the room, to find another Crossbow.

Get out and enter the place you opened between the pillars, jump/grab the ladder on the pillar and climb left around the corner and up until you are in the center of the screen, backflip/roll/grab and get into the opening. Take the Medipack on your way to the next jump. Same trick and then to the lower pillar, turn right and find the swinging ball in the ceiling, this will open a door under the opening you just came from, climb the ladder down and backflip (from 4 steps up from the lava) into this place to claim Secret# 5, Ammo, go up again and left, jump to opening, get the ammo, use the crowbar switch to lower a rope over the pit. Get back on the last pillar and jump to the rope, swing to the breakable platform in front of the last opening and jump in, get Golden Star (3). Shoot the Skeleton on the ledge below and drop down. Run through Thor‘s office shooting 2 Skeletons and go place the Stars.

Enter the door that opens and get the medipack from the sarcophagus, this will trigger 2 Evil Spirits and a Skeleton. Sprint to the Ladder on the wall in Thor‘s office and just run jump over the slope below it, swim into the open door and follow the tunnel, get out and shoot the box in next room, get on the Bike and drive through the wall, to the right around Thor‘s brother and into the alley there.

End of the levels.