The Inverted Dream Factory

An adventure by Richard Lawther

Authorized walkthrough by Sutekh

CS = Crawlspace - MS = Monkey Swing - L = Left - R = Right - N, S, E, W = Cardinal Points - UW = Underwater
SJ = Standing Jump - SJ+G = Standing Jump + Grab - RJ = Running Jump - RJ+G = Running Jump + Grab

-- General Notes --

* Items in bold are necessary to complete the levels or get the secrets, either by using them, picking them up or both.
* You'll find a Spoiler Section and a summary of the level at the end of this walkthrough.
* Although this level comes in two parts, it will be considered as a single one in this walkthrough.

Important Gameplay Advice

Crucial information needed to complete this level is provided by a series of FLYBYS triggered by BINOCULAR PICKUPS. You must pay close attention to these flybys, and it is strongly recommended that you SAVE before picking up the 4 binoculars. It is also recommended that you KEEP these savegames (use the bottom 4 slots) and refer back to them later when you understand what you are looking for.

You are NOT looking for 16 key items for the 16 receptors seen at the start - you only need the 4 that are on show below - and these will be made available to you later in the game.

Find as much ammo as you can.


Somewhere between the Here and Now lies - The Inverted Dream Factory - the fabrication plant for all your hopes and fears.


1. Determine the key-combination to the Factory's inner sanctum.
2. Confront your inner beasts.
3. Steal the all-powerful DREAM STAR.

== Walkthrough ==

First Steps

To begin with, don't rush, turn around and take a look. You're in a large courtyard with two holes on each side and a platform ahead. You can see four Factory Keys floating above it, meaning you can't pick them up yet. There's another platform above with 16 Factory Keyholes, joined to the floor by four poles. Take good note of the poles colors and positions: they are essential hints. There's also a high passage to your R (E) which gives onto the end of the level, but there are two very closed doors at the end - which you'll open using the Factory Keys - so ignore it for now.

Now that you've got an idea of your penultimate goal, let's go. Ignore the floating binoculars behind you: you can't interact with them. Run L (NW) and go pick up some flares and the Holy Bar of Crow on a small raised platform. Now turn L (S) and go to the hole ahead, near the SW corner. You can safely drop down in it from its lowest edge. Do so. the adventure begins.

-- First Binoculars Area --

You're in a square room with a metallic structure in the center, a white catwalk extending above you and two closed tall blue doors, which we'll call the Western Access Room for future reference. The door near the far L corner (SE) requires a key you don't possess yet but the closest one to your R (W) can be opened right now. Run to the R side of the central structure and look up: there's a jumpswitch on the inner side of the high corrugated iron wall. As many other similar walls you'll see throughout the game, it's climbable. Position Lara just under the jumpswitch, jump up with Action pressed to grab the wall, climb above the jumpswitch, let go and immediately hit Action again to flip it, opening the tall blue door in the NW corner.

Run through the door and along the corridor beyond then drop down from the opening at the end. Go R (W). On your R (N) is a blue block on a white platform, and on your L (SW) are two higher blue blocks against the wall. There's an opening in the middle of said wall but it's too high for you to climb in. Would you walk on it, the block on the platform would raise a third block below the opening but it's timed. So much timed in fact that there's no way you can reach it before it lowers again, so ignore the whole thing and go climb on the rightmost block instead.

Go against the wall and hit Action. The wall here is fake and you'll simply pass through it to enter a corridor. Run ahead and turn L (E) at the junction. Continue running to find yourself at the opening giving onto the Blue Blocks Room and pick up some uzi ammo there. Return to the first corridor, turn L (S) and run into the next room.

Floating Ledges and Raising Blocks

It's black, large and empty except for the many ledges floating above your head. Run diagonally to the far R corner (SW) where you'll find a tall pillar. Its S side is climbable (corrugated iron, remember?), so grab it and climb to the top. Pull up then climb onto the next two blocks.

Go R (E) and do a slightly diagonal RJ to the platform on your L (SEE). There's a red block floating above you to your L (S) which is your next destination. To reach it, though, you first need to raise a couple of blue blocks so let's find a way to do that first.

Go ahead (E) to the L corner, turn slightly L (NEE) and do a SJ to the next platform. Do another diagonal SJ from the R corner to the large platform. Continue E, turn L (N) near the end and do a RJ to the platform ahead. You've probably noticed the nearby jumpswitch by now so turn R (E), drop down and grab the edge, release Action then immediately hit it again to flip the jumpswitch, raising a first block below the red one.

Still one to go so turn around (W) and climb onto the platform ahead. Go R (N), do a RJ to the next platform then run L (W) to the R corner. Turn L (S) and drop down, grabbing the edge. The second jumpswitch is there, so flip it the same way you did for the first, raising the second blue block and granting access to the red one.

Since you're now back on floor level, return up there via the corrugated iron ladder in the far R corner, then go climb up on the newly raised blocks to eventually reach the red one.

Jumping Practice

As soon as you step on the red block, a tall blue door opens to your L (N). It looks timed, and it is indeed, but you've got almost one full minute to get there and the path isn't that easy so don't rush too much and keep control.

First, do three RJ from platform to platform each with L curves, be it while running or in mid-air (see screenshot), then a fourth one, hitting Action at the last moment to grab the edge of the fourth platform and pull up (see screenshot). Immediately turn L and do a SJ to the next platform then run with a L curve to do a RJ to the slope. Slide backward a bit then jump, roll in mid-air and hit Action to grab the edge of the other slope (see screenshot). Shimmy to the R and pull up as soon as you reach the flat ledge. Roll to turn around and do a RJ to the door ledge with a L mid-air curve. Run through the door, again with a L curve (see screenshot). You've made it.

Go to the very end of the ledge, turn around (E), sidestep L and turn slightly L (NEE). The corrugated iron wall ahead is as climbable as can be. SJ to it holding Action and climb up to the top but don't pull up. Backflip instead to land on a ledge where you can pick up shotgun normal ammo and shotgun wideshot ammo.

Now turn E to face the left side of the ladder you came from and SJ to land on the long slope beyond. Immediately jump again as you hit it to land on the next slope, slide a bit then jump, hitting Action at the last moment to grab the edge of the flat ledge. Pull up and pick up the revolver ammo lying at your feet.

The next jump to the nearby slope is a bit tricky. Keep your current angle (i.e. facing S) and step back to the edge. Sidestep L to position Lara in the middle of the edge then side jump L to land on the slope. Immediately hit Action to grab its edge. Shimmy to the L to reach the next upward slope, pull up and immediately backflip to land on a flat ledge beyond another slope.

Let's Swing!

Turn L (E) and look up: there's corrugated iron on the ceiling above the long slope there, which is nothing but a MS. Grabbing it requires perfect positioning though. Walk against the right side of the top of the slope, hop back then step back once. Turn 45° L to aim at the L corner of the slope top, SJ then immediately jump again with Action pressed to grab the MS. Swing to its end and let go to land on another red block, opening the tall blue door to your L (E) as you do so.

This one looks timed too, but isn't. So take all the time you want to do a RJ to the platform to your R (SW) then another one to the one to your L (SE). Turn L (E) and do a couple of SJ from platform to platform then eventually a sidejump L to the door ledge. Run ahead then L stopping on the third tile. Passing over the next one would close the door so turn L (E), drop down and grab the edge. Shimmy to the left until you've passed a crack and pull up.

Turn R (S). Another climbable corrugated iron wall ahead. Climb it up to the top and pull up. Turn R, do a RJ to the large platform ahead, turn L (S), run to the end and jump up to grab the MS above. Swing to the end but turn L before letting go so you slide backward on the slope below. Grab the edge, shimmy R as far as you can, pull up, backflip onto another slope behind, jump while pressing Right to swerve in mid air and hit the other slope to your R, backflip to land on a flat ledge.

Seizing the First Binoculars

Turn around (W), jump over the gap to the ledge running along the wall and run to the other end. Climb onto the tall block then up the corrugated iron wall and pull up. Turn R (E), do a RJ to the platform in the center of the room, run ahead then turn R (S) at the end to do a RJ to the next platform, hitting Action at the last moment to grab the edge.

Run ahead and go pick up some revolver ammo and a large medipack on the low green block. Turn around, return on the platform and go R (E) to get the Stinger Key on another low green block. The First Binoculars are on the third low green block to your L (N). Save before picking them up (and keep that save somewhere as Richard told you to) then watch the fly-by with attention (you'll find a detailed description of how to interpret those fly-bys in the Spoiler Section, under "Solution to the Factory Keys Puzzle").

Picking up the Binoculars also opened the nearby tall blue door to your R in the E wall. Run through it then along the corridor to reach an opening overlooking a set of slopes winding down along the walls. Don't go on the slope yet though, there's a secret to fetch first.

Notice the white catwalk against the E wall. Walk to the edge of the opening, turn 45° L (NE) then hop back and do a RJ with a R mid-air curve to land on the catwalk. Turn R (S) and go pick up the X-Ray Specs which are Secret #1 in a small alcove. Return to the catwalk, turn L (W) and do a RJ to land on the slope ahead.

Slide down all the way, jumping with a mid-air roll to slide forward if needed. Upon reaching the last section of the slopes, jump with a hard R mid-air curve to land in the room to your R. Turn around (S) and go in the far R corner behind the slope to pick up 1 revolver ammo and 2 shotgun normal ammos. Return on the slope and slide down to be back in the Western Access Room.

Run ahead to the Stinger Keyhole on the R of the tall blue door and use your Stinger Key on it. Pass through the doorway and run along the corridor beyond. You'll soon jump to the other level. You're now on your way to the Second Binoculars.

-- Second Binoculars Area --

Drop down from the opening at the end of the corridor (you'll lose a tiny bit of health in the process). You're in a large, well-lit room with an opening in the wall to your R (W), said opening being too high for you to climb in. There's a blue block under it that obviously needs to be raised, and the square platforms to your L (E) are here exactly for that reason. Since it's a puzzle, you'll find the solution in the Spoilers Section at the end of this walkthrough.

Go climb on the newly raised blue block then into the opening. Run along the corridor to reach a large room with high ledges, floating platforms (don't bother about them, though, there's nothing up there and most are inaccessible), a closed tall blue door in the wall opposite the entrance (S) and a nasty surprise in the center.

The Nasty Surprise

Four words: Underwater. Transparent. 3D. Maze. It looks absolutely impossible at first sight but is in fact surprisingly easy once you've realized that the path is marked by red blocks. So follow them and you should find your way out. If you don't, here's a map of the maze, divided in four levels, with the path to follow. On your way, don't forget Secret #2, Ex Specs, as well as revolver ammo and shotgun normal ammo which you can pick up on level 4 (the bottom level).

Once you've left the maze itself and reached the white corridor swim near the ceiling to avoid missing the hole in the middle. Swim up to reach the surface and exit the water. You'll have very little O² left, but you can do all this in one go.

There a closed tall blue door in the far L corner (SE), a wide opening in the L wall (E) with a jumpswitch to its L. Go grab the jumpswitch to open the nearby door. You can climb into the opening if you so wish, and get a sight of the deep large and dark room which you're going to visit very soon (careful not to fall, though).

Pass through the door to enter a mini-maze. Run through it until you reach a wall (E). The large deep room is to your L (N) but turn R (S) first and run to the end to pick up uzi ammo. Now go to the opening giving onto the large deep room and walk to the edge.

The Second Binoculars are waiting for you on a green platform ahead. Do a SJ to it. Save and pick up the binoculars. Again, watch the fly-by with attention. It shows you a second set of Factory Keyholes, but also the tall blue door in the Underwater Maze room which is now open. Return to the mini-maze with a SJ and from there to the UW Maze. Swim back to the upper level and the surface and exit the water (here's a map with the way out in case you get lost)

Walking on the Water and Rains of Stones

Go to the newly opened door near the SE corner, run through the short corridor and turn L (E) upon entering the next room. Run ahead to reach a very weird pool with a hole in the center. The "water" here, albeit looking very liquid, is perfect solid ground. Run on it to the hole, which on the other hand is filled with genuine water.

Swim down the shaft to reach the bottom which looks like another maze (but isn't). Swim L (N) then R (E) through the short corridor. Swim down at the end to pick up revolver ammo then continue along the corridor. Swim L (W) at the junction and turn L again (S) around the corner to pick up some shotgun wideshot ammo and uzi ammo. Leave the room, turn L (N) then L again (W) and swim ahead and up to reach an upward shaft. Swim up and exit the water.

You're in a long passage with an opening at the end and a shotgun waiting for you on a white tile ahead (N). This said, in case the slightly sloping floor isn't revealing enough, look up. Those beige things above the opening are indeed boulders. Run toward the opening staying on the right of the central ramp. Five boulders will soon be rolling at you, but not all at the same moment (thanks Richard for small favors). The rightmost one being faster than the others, wait for it to roll by then sidejump R on the white ramp to avoid the other ones.

But don't you think you're done yet. Return on the right side of the central ramp and resume running. Soon, a second set of five boulders will fall in turn. Deal with them like you did the first time around. Now you can go pick up that teasing shotgun on the white tile.

Pass through the opening. The room you're now in is bathed in lava, and a set of emerged pillars grant access to the other side, where you can spot a weird looking gem in an alcove. To spice things up a bit, each pillar is topped by a hole in the ceiling in which you can see... Yep, that's it. Boulders. Which turns what should be a peaceful jump sequence into a tough timed one. The trick to successfully pass the next ordeal is to jump only on some of the pillars instead of using them all.

First off, locate the platform to your L (W), turn to it and do a RJ. Now turn R (NE) and go to the R corner, turning to face the second pillar (the first transparent one). Do a RJ with a slight L mid-air curve then run - this time with a R curve - and jump to the next pillar (see screenshot). Run with a L curve and jump to the pillar to your L (see screenshot). Keep running with a left curve again and do a last jump to the other side of the pool (see screenshot).

Run W to the opening and climb in it. Pick up the REM Gem, step back to the edge, jump up and hit Action to grab the handle of the ceiling trapdoor above and open it. Run to the wall and climb in the room above, changing level and finding yourself in the other Access Room (i.e. the Eastern one) near the start of the adventure.

-- Third Binoculars Area --

This room is very similar to its Western counterpart. There are two closed tall blue doors here, the one of immediate interest being the one with the Gem Hole to your L, on the S wall. Go to it and use the REM Gem on its hole to open the door. Pass through it, finding yourself on the top of a set of slopes. Slide down to the bottom, jumping and rolling in mid-air if you go backward to switch direction. Jump near the bottom over the lava on a flat, safe ledge.

Run along the ledge to the end, do a diagonal SJ with a L mid-air curve around the corner to an emerged platform then another SJ to the next ledge. Again, run to the end where you'll find a lever to push, opening a door in a room near the bottom of the slope. Return to the first ledge, run to the end (i.e. close to the bottom of the slope), walk to the L corner and turn 45° L (SW) to face the room beyond the slope. Hop back and do a RJ over the slope into the room.

There's a corrugated iron ladder ahead on the S wall. Climb it to the top then go R until you're above a white catwalk. Let go and pick up the Stinger Key. Drop down into the room below, turn R (N) and run into the short corridor. The door you just opened with the lever is there. Pass it to enter another - but this time very long - corridor.

The Amber Blocks

You don't know it yet, but fact is you need another Stinger Key to open the way to the Third Binoculars. It is nearby, in a room located SW from where you stand. Unfortunately, a very solid wall of amber prevents you from getting to it at the moment. What you need to do is make that wall disappear. You'll find the solution of this puzzle in the Spoilers Section at the end of this walkthrough. Once it's solved, you'll be standing on an amber block in the SW room and the 2nd Stinger Key will be in your inventory.

To the Third Binoculars

Return to the NE room where you used the lever. There's an opening on your L in the N wall, above a slope. Do a SJ over said slope to land in a corridor ended by a raised blue block. Go there. There's a Stinger Keyhole to your R, so use one of your Stinger Keys on it to lower the nearby block and open a way to a long room bathed in lava, with a safe ledge running along the R wall. You'll see another raised blue block behind the first, but don't bother about it for now.

Slide a bit on the short slope then jump before hitting the lava. Run a bit then look R (S) to notice yet another raised blue block blocking an opening in the wall. This is the one you're going to lower right now. Resume running to the end of the ledge where you'll find a Stinger Keyhole. Use your last Stinger Key to lower the nearby block.

Return to the opening and climb in it. There's a room beyond with a deadly white floor and a wide white catwalk leading to a very foggy area. Do a RJ to the catwalk and run toward the end. Stop running and walk once there: the catwalk will soon end and you certainly don't want to fall on the floor. You can spot the Third Binoculars ahead. Do a RJ to land right on them, save, and pick them up.

When the fly-by is over, turn around to face the poles, carefully step back and do a RJ to the catwalk. Run to the end and do a RJ to the lower opening, holding Action to avoid hitting the wall. Go on the ledge then L and do another RJ over the slope into the corridor. The second blue block has lowered, so turn R (N) and enter the next room.

The Boulders Ordeal

I sincerely hope you like boulders because you're going to see lots of them in the current room. To get a better idea of the situation, run a bit in the room, turn L (W) and look through the opening on the L of the raised blue block. You'll see a closed circuit door high above a corrugated iron ladder in the far L corner of the room. This is this door you need to open. To do so, you have to lower three blue blocks by pushing three levers, pick up three REM Gems they're currently hiding and use those gems in there respective holes. Which wouldn't be much of a problem if it weren't for the upcoming rain of stones you're going to experience.

Since it's easier to survive by releasing the boulders one at a time (when possible), we're going to proceed step by step.

* Going up the ramp:

Now that you know what's awaiting you, turn R (N) and climb on the middle of the dark blue blocks. There's a slope ahead, so grab the edge, pull up and slide to land on a long upward metallic ramp. Immediately hop back to avoid the 1st boulder.

Turn L (W) and go on the 2nd L tile. Hop back and sidejump R to avoid the 2nd boulder.

Go on the 2nd R tile ahead and sidejump L to avoid the 3rd boulder.

Go on the 3rd L tile ahead. Position Lara as L as possible with her shoulder against the wall so the 4th boulder only skim past you.

Go on the 4th L tile ahead. Sidejump R to avoid the 5th boulder.

Sidestep as R as possible then go to the 5th R tile ahead. The 6th boulder will skim past you and won't do you any harm.

Sidejump L on the 5th L tile. You'll land with Lara's shoulder against the wall and the 7th boulder will miss you as well.

Sidejump R to return on the 5th R tile then go on the 6th R tile ahead, with Lara's shoulder against the wall so the 8th boulder doesn't hit you.

That was the easy part.

What follows is a bit tricky as you'll have to dodge a series of boulders in a row. From where you stand, turn 45° L (SW) to face a flat triangular ledge beyond a slope then do a RJ to it. You'll trigger the 9th and 10th boulders on your way, then the 11th boulder upon landing. Wait for the 9th and 10th to pass then sidejump R to the upper part of the ramp. You'll trigger the 12th boulder when jumping then the 13th and 14th boulders upon landing. Again, wait for the 12th one to pass and sidejump L to land back on the flat triangular ledge (see screenshot).

Congrats, you've made it up the ramp and got rid of all the boulders there. Now let's go for the first lever.

* The first lever

Turn L (S) to face the top of the short ramp you're on, run to it then off to a flat transparent platform below. The first lever is on your L. Go to it by SJ over the gap between the two transparent platforms and position Lara as though she'd activate the lever but don't. You first need to trigger a couple of boulders to be able to pass the next trial.

Hop back, step back if needed to stand at the very edge then backflip over a lower ledge to land on the top of the slope behind. You'll trigger the aforementioned boulders on your way, and find yourself back near the bottom of the long upward ramp. Return to the lever the way you did the first time.

Push it this time, releasing another couple of boulders in the process (and lowering one of the blue block down below). Again, hop back but don't step back to the edge, you don't have enough time for that. Immediately backflip, slightly bouncing on the previous boulders and ending on the top of the slope. If the boulders had not been there, your jump would've been too short and you'd have ended on the lower platform, soon crushed by the deadly stones.

* The second lever

Run toward the top of the long ramp, stopping just after the last transparent slope to your R. Turn 135° R (NNE) to face the platform supporting the second lever and do a RJ to it. Push the lever, lowering a second blue block, and immediately hop back to avoid another boulder.

Now turn 45° R (NE) and look down. There's an uzi waiting for you down there on a red block. Walk to the edge, make sure Lara's healthy enough then do a SJ to the block. You'll lose about 1/3rd health. Pick up some uzi ammo and the uzi. Return to the long ramp by climbing on the block in the far R corner (SE) then pulling up on the slope to your R (S).

* The third lever

This time, run to the very top of the ramp, turn around (E) and drop down from it to a ledge below. The third lever is there. Again, make sure Lara's health is high enough before pushing it. You'll lower the last blue block and (of course) release yet another boulder. Immediately hop back twice, holding Action to grab the edge and let go. You'll lose health again upon landing.

* Harvesting the REM Gems and using them

You're next task is boulder free, so enjoy. Turn R (E) then L (N) around the corner. The first REM Gem is in the opening to your L. Climb in and pick it up. Run ahead to get back down on the floor, turn L (S) and go pick up the 2nd REM Gem in the opening ahead. Hop back to return on the floor, turn L (E) and go get the 3rd and last REM Gem in the opening.

Return on the long ramp the same way you did the first time, run toward the top, jump on the short ramp that led to the first lever and go on the lever platform. Turn R (S), walk to the edge then turn 45° L (SE). The first Gem Hole is on the wall ahead, near a dark blue platform. Do a SJ to the latter and go put the Gem in its hole. Now turn L (E) and do a RJ to the platform with the two other Gem Holes. Again put the Gems where they belong which eventually will open the circuit door up in the W wall.

* Leaving the place

Return to the first Gem Hole platform with a RJ, go to the next tile on the R, turn around and drop down to safely land on a block below. Turn around (W) and run to the ladder in the far L corner (SW). Immediately hop back upon reaching it as a last boulder rolls toward you. Wait for it to stop then go climb that ladder and pull up at the top through the newly opened door into a corridor.

To the Fourth Binoculars!

Run to the other end of the corridor to reach an opening overlooking a room you've already visited: the Blue Blocks room. But you're higher this time and thus have access to the catwalk. Jump to it, run toward the end but stop when the ceiling goes from white to black. A very short detour for a Secret is in order before going on.

Turn L (E) and look up. There's an alcove above. Jump up, pull up in it and pick up Secret #3: Ex Specs. Return to the catwalk.

Run to the stairway at the end, pick up the shotgun wideshot ammo and climb the stairs. You'll soon find yourself on another catwalk overlooking the Western Access Room. Run to the end, SJ to the jumpswitch ahead and grab it to flip it before falling back in the Eastern Access Room (make sure to activate the jumpswitch or you're in for one helluva backtracking). The last tall blue door is now opened, granting access to the Fourth Binoculars.

-- Fourth Binoculars Area --

Run through the newly opened door and along the corridor beyond to enter a large rectangular room with lava pools separated by ledges, and high slanted platforms along the walls (the Lava Pools Room). Turn R (S) and run to the other side of the room to pass through a pink transparent fake wall. Activate the lever there to drop a rope in the nearby room.

Return to the western ledge in said previous room (now on your L) and run until the rope is directly on your R. Turn to it (E) and do a RJ holding Action to grab it. Swing then jump while holding Action to grab the edge of the high ledge in the eastern side of the room. Pull up.

Turn R (S) and again run to the end of the room to pass through another pink transparent fake wall. There's an opening ahead, so go through it and stop at the purple wall to your R. It's fake. Cross it and go push the lever at the end of the alcove, opening the last of four tall blue doors in a nearby room. Return to the corridor, go R and enter the next room.

Playing Tic-Tac-Toe

You're obviously now in for another puzzle, which you'll find the solution in the Spoilers Section at the end of this walkthrough, as usual. Once it's solved, you'll have opened three more doors located in the L (E) side of the room.

Go to the E side of the room, climb on the higher platform and run through the four open doors. Jump over the slope through the transparent fake wall to enter the next room.

Tic-tac-toe again, but this time there's no way you can solve it by yourself: you need a map. Which is exactly what you're going to find now.

Turn L (N) and run to the L corner (NW). There's an opening there. Climb in it, run to the end to pick up some shotgun normal ammo. Turn around to run toward the entrance and locate an opening in the R wall. Climb in it.

Run through the short corridor then on the white catwalk crossing the room. Don't forget to pick up the Revolver on your way before running to the other end and entering another dark corridor. Cross it to find yourself back in the room, this time on a high slanted ledge. Turn R (E) and run to the other end.

There's a couple of transparent ledges to your L (N) against the wall, but they too far from one another to allow you to reach the opposite side of the room. There's also an opening to your R (S). Go through it, run into the dark corridor, turn L (S) at the first junction to pick up the small medipack at the other end. Return to the dark corridor, turn L (W) and run to the end. Turn L (E) at the junction and keep running until you reach a lever. Push it to drop a rope in the previous room. Return there.

Now that you've got a rope, go use it to swing and jump to the second transparent ledge and from there reach the northern side of the room. Climb into the opening ahead and run along the dark corridor. You'll notice a narrow opening on your way to your R. Looking through it, you'll spot Secret #4, but it's quite unreachable from there so keep on running. Stop before the opening at the end and turn L to enter a very dark short corridor at the end of which you'll find some revolver ammo. Return to the corridor then the ledge overlooking the previous room.

Go R (W), run toward the end and stop one tile away from the wall. Turn 45° L (SW) to face a last opening and SJ in it holding Action to avoid hitting the wall. Run through the corridor then up a wide ramp to the top. Climb on the block there to the R and run across another (well-lit) corridor ended by a hole with a pole. Jump to the pole to grab it and slide down.

You're now on a small platform hanging over the room. Pick up the Floor Map then drop down in the room below.

Examine the map in your inventory. The tiles without crosses are the one you have to jump on in order to open a door nearby to your R (E). Note the blue border on the map, there's a similar one on the actual floor so you know the map orientation. Jump on the correct tiles to open the door then run through it into a large passage.

Running in a Maze

Run ahead then around the corner into the second section of the passage. Stay on the L and stop on the third white tile. You're now going to find the fourth and last secret of the adventure.

Turn L (S) and notice the corrugated iron ladder up on the wall. Jump up, grab it and climb to the top. Pull up and pick up Secret #4: X-Ray Specs. Return to the passage by dropping down from the opening.

Turn R (W) and resume running along the passage. You'll eventually find an opening at its end in the far L corner (NW) and will enter... another maze.

Your goal is to find a way to reach the upper level (the top of the "walls") and from there an opening in the opposite side of the room. There are a good deal of goodies to pick up, including precious ammo, so make sure you get them all. Here's a map of the room with the goodies location.

Ignore the passage to your R and run ahead instead until you reach another wall. Turn R (N) and run ahead ignoring any junction until you reach the room N wall. Go L (W), turn L (S) at the first junction then around the corner. Pick up the revolver ammo.

Turn around, run to the room N wall and go L (W). Continue along the passage ignoring the alcove ahead on your way until you reach a junction. Go R (S) then around the corner until you reach a wall. Go R (N), L (W) at the junction then L (S) again. Run until you reach a wall. Go L (E) then L (N) again and run to the end of the passage to pick up shotgun normal ammo. Turn around.

Run straight ahead (S), ignoring the alcove to your L on your way, turn R (W) at the wall then L (S) and around the corner to pick up some more shotgun normal ammo. You're now done with your goodies harvest on floor level. Time to find a way to go up.

As you may have seen on the map, there are two red tiles in the room and two closed tall blue doors. The western tile (top on the map) opens the southern (left) door but only temporarily. The eastern tile (bottom) opens the northern (right) door, but with a surprise. Behind that door, you'll find a block allowing you to reach the upper part of the room.

Turn around and run along the passage, again ignoring the alcove on your way (now to your R). Turn L (W) before the long passage where you found the first shotgun ammo, R (N) around the corner and run along the room W wall to the next junction. Turn R (E) then R (S) again. Continue along the passage ignoring the first two junctions to your L as well as the alcoves to your R and go L (E) at the third junction. You'll soon find yourself before the southern tall blue door. The tile that opens it is on your L (N) so go walk on it, pass the newly opened door (which will close again once you've passed it), and locate the second red tile to your L (N). Go walk on it and save: it's timed (don't you love surprises?).

Here's a map of the room with the path to follow. You have plenty of time and don't really need to sprint or jump but make sure you don't lose your way. To make a long story short:

Ahead - 2nd on your L - L - R at the corner - L - 2nd on your L - L and past the timed door.

Climb on the red block from its southern side (with you facing N), walk to the edge and do a SJ to the top of the wall ahead. The exit is to your L on the western side of the room, but let's get some more goodies first.

Do a SJ to the ledge ahead then another one to the next ledge. Turn R (E) and run toward the other end where you'll find some revolver ammo.

Walk toward the edge (the E one), and do a SJ to another ledge near the room E wall. Turn R (S), run to the edge, turn 45° R (SW) and do a SJ to land on a large medipack. Pick it up.

Run ahead (S) to the other end of the ledge, turn 45° R (SW) and do a RJ to the end of the other ledge ahead. Walk to the R corner and do a SJ to the ledge against the S wall. Turn R (W), run to the end and do a RJ to the next ledge. Pick up the uzi ammo there. Now time to head for the exit.

Run to the edge and the R corner, turn 45° R (NW) and do a SJ to the next ledge, run ahead then do a RJ to the ledge against the W wall. The exit is there to your R (NW). Pass through it.

The Fourth Binoculars

Run through the corridor and drop down from the hole at the end. You're now on a catwalk overlooking the Lava Pools Room. Turn L (N) and crawl under the short CS. The Fourth Binoculars are ahead in an alcove. Save, pick them up and again watch the fly-by which not only shows you the correct hole for the fourth Factory Key, but also that the blocks under said key and its sisters are now all raised.

Leave the alcove, turn L (E) and drop down from the catwalk, hitting Action to grab the edge. Shimmy to the L as much as possible before letting go to land on the highest part of the floor below and minimize damage.

Turn around (W) and leave the room through the opening ahead to return to the Eastern Access Room. Go R (NW) in the large recess in the N wall, turn R (E) once there and use the corrugated iron ladder to return to the starting area.

-- Face Your Beasts! --

Climb on the newly raised blue blocks in the center of the courtyard and pick up all four Factory Keys. Go back down to floor level, turn E and locate the corrugated iron ladder on the wall. Climb and pull up at the top.

You can now see two closed tall blue doors in the distance, which are the ones you're going to open now. Turn around (W), hop back and do a RJ to land on the very edge of the transparent platform supporting the Factory Keyholes. Use the four keys in the correct keyholes (save before you start using them as you can't get them back), as shown in the Binoculars fly-by (there's a solution to this level meta-puzzle in the Spoilers Section at the end of this walkthrough in case you missed some clues).

Drop down from the platform and return to the ladder. Climb up again, pull up and run ahead (E) to the now opened doors at the end of the wide passage. Climb up and run through them, upon which you'll change level and get your full health back (which is a good thing considering what awaits you).

The Swarms of Doom

I suppose you noticed you didn't encounter any enemy until now. Things are going to change to that regard. Drastically.

Run ahead to the end of the passage and slide down the slope to reach a large courtyard. No time to take a look around though. As soon as you land, a swarm of 6 Tinnos Wasps come flying and buzzing at you. Don't wait for the camera to end (it's not fixed), draw you pistols, wait to see yourself again and start shooting. It is very possible to kill them with the pistols only without taking any damage. Just keep moving, they're rather slow and the courtyard is large enough. Save your precious ammo, Tinnos Wasps are nothing indeed compared to the other beasts you'll have to face later.

When you kill the last one, and maybe even before, another group of 8 Tinnos Wasps attacks from the opening in the S wall. Keep shooting until they're all down. Now run to the opening they came from but don't climb in. Turn around: yet another swarm of 4 Tinnos Wasps just appeared in the opposite side of the room (NE corner). But there's a little difference here. One of them will leave a Stinger Key behind. Meaning you're almost seeing the end of them.

Almost. Not quite. You need another Stinger Key and yes, it's right now deep in the err... pockets of a Tinnos Wasp. The problem being that this particular Wasp is hiding somewhere beyond the S opening.

Go there and climb in the green passage. Turn R (W), run ahead, turn R (N) again at the junction and run to the wall. A hidden and silent alarm system has warned the last 5 Tinnos Wasps of your presence, although you can't hear them yet. Quickly turn around and return to the courtyard to fight them on open ground where you can move at your leisure. Pick up the 2nd Stinger Key one of them leaves behind.

A Short Detour Via the Mesozoic Era

Climb back in the green passage and go L (E) this time. There's a raised blue block ahead and to your L surrounded by two Stinger Keyholes. Use both Stinger Keys to lower the block and pass through the newly accessible opening.

Run across the next room and drop down through the transparent white fake wall to find another room below with a black path on the floor. The path isn't really important, but you may want to follow it to make sure you've visited the whole area. By the way, you're now on a Dino Hunt. Forget your pistols for now and draw your Revolver.

Run diagonally to the L (SE) passing two walls on your L then around the third one on your R. You'll soon hear the sweet noise of heavy stomps coming at you from ahead and behind. True to their reputation, 2 Raptors have ambushed you using that good old hunt strategy. Use your revolver to take them down.

Speaking of heavy stomps, now draw your Shotgun and continue running along the black path. You'll soon hear the shrieking of another Raptor, followed by the unique music of... well, I suppose you guessed, a T-Rex running at you. Take them both down quickly (with luck, you can kill the T-Rex with one well-placed single cartridge).

You're not done yet though. Another Raptor will soon run at you from ahead, soon followed by 2 Pterodactyls. Keep moving when fighting those ones as they are an enhanced version of the Cretaceous Period ones and cast harmful projectiles. The Revolver works like a charm. Turn around and run a bit to take down a third and last Pterodactyl then go pick up the Factory Key left by the T-Rex and the Stinger Key left by one of the birds.

Seizing Your Prize

Return to the entrance and locate the Stinger Keyhole L of the slope. Use your Stinger Key in it to raise a block nearby, allowing you to return to the room above and from there to the Main Courtyard.

You've probably already noticed the Factory Keyhole on the black block there. Use you hard-earned Factory Key on it. It will remove a wall of amber that was blocking the passage down the nearby ramp.

Run down said ramp (E) then across the black and white passage and pass the white fake wall. Run up the white ramp to the top where you'll find your prize: the Dream Star! Pry it out with the Holy Bar of Crow you found at the very beginning of the adventure.

Now go R (E), run to the end of the ledge and, as hinted by the nearby sign, jump over the wall to leave the Factory and end the adventure.

In this adventure, you should have found...
Enemies: Tinnos Wasps, Raptors, T-Rex, Pterodactyls
Items of note: Holy Bar of Crow, 1st Stinger Key, 1st Binoculars, 2nd Binoculars, 1st REM Gem, 2nd Stinger Key, 3rd Stinger Key, 3rd Binoculars, 3 REM Gems, Floor Map, 4th Binoculars, 4 Factory Keys, 2 Stinger Keys, Factory Key, Stinger Key, the Dream Star
4 Secrets
some Traps - 2 Timed-Run

== Spoilers Section ==

- Solution to the Raising Block Puzzle -

Quick solution:

Look closely at the square platforms, they're not all identical.

Detailed solution:

If you look at the side of the platforms, you'll notice that two of them are different. Counting from the entrance, the first one and the last one. Climb on those two to raise the block under the opening.

- Solution to the Amber Blocks Puzzle -

Quick solution:

If you visit the area a little, you'll notice that the three eastern rooms (on the entrance side) all contain a blue block. What you need to do is turn those blue blocks into amber blocks to remove the wall of amber in the Stinger Key room.

Detailed solution:
Map of the area

- Go to the NE room and push the lever there to open the door to the NW room.
- Go to the NW room and climb on the amber block, turning the blue block in the E room into an amber one.
- Go to the E room and climb on the amber block to turn the blue block in the SE room into an amber one.
- Go to the SE room and climb on the amber block to turn the blue block in the NE room into an amber one.
- Return to the NE room and climb on the amber block which (finally) removes the amber wall in the SW room.
- Go to the SW room and go pick up the Stinger Key on the amber block.

- Solution to the Tic-Tac-Toe Puzzle -

Quick Solution:

The crosses mark the color which you must avoid for each set of tiles.

Detailed Solution:
Map of the Area

- NE: Jump on the yellow tiles to open the first door.
- SE: Jump on the white tiles to open the second door.
- SW: Jump on the red tiles to open the third door

- Solution to the Factory Keys Puzzle -

Quick solution:

There are four sets of four keyholes, each with a colored pole nearby. Each binoculars fly-by shows you the correct keyhole, and the color of the pole gives you which set of keyholes the hint is for.

Detailed solution:

See map of the keyholes.