Level by Mike McCracken (Chronicles5)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

Start in a pit besides a building in front of a pedestal. Turn around and run left towards the far corner of the pit. Pull up before the wild pig bites you. Go through the door to the right and enter another area of great jungle Cambodian architecture. Turn right, go to the corner and jump into the bush. You drop into a pit for secret #1. Get a Golden Skull (1) from the corner pedestal (the animation looks strange). Use the lever on the floor and get a cut scene of an underwater door opening. Get out and go North straight into a lion temple area as another wild pig appears. Run to the right and dive into some water to get a small medipack (2). Dive through the floor in the North-East corner and follow the underwater tunnel. At the end surface into a room for secret #2. Pick up a Golden Skull (3) and use the lever. No cut scene this time so I cannot state what it did. Return through the tunnel and get out and back to the temple to find a door in the North wall. Exit and enter a large outdoor area where the pigs did not follow.

In the North-East corner is a large medipack (4) in a bush. Enter the doorway to the north and the camera view changes. Continue down this tunnel to emerge onto a bridge. Run across the bridge and you get a view from below and see a helicopter flying overhead. The gate at the bridge end is closed. Dive off the bridge into the water and pull up onto a platform. Use the lever and hear the gate opening above. Turn right and jump to a hard to see platform against the wall. Then just use the other platforms to get back to the bridge and go through the open gate. You are in a Shiva statue temple area. Go around the statues to the right and notice a gate at the back wall. Remember this place, as you will return. Then go to the door in the South and crawl under it. You are on a ledge with a bridge with breakable tiles over some water with crocodiles. If you fall in the water you are swept away to drown. Go to the left corner behind the waterfall and get a Golden Skull (5) and secret #3. Run over the bridge and climb the pillar. Use the monkey swing to get to the doorway. You have to chris-cross back and forth since the angle is steep. However at the end the monkey swing does continue over the platform so you can drop with safety.

Enter a very dark room with spikes and skeletons. Continue to room that has a flooded floor and crocodiles. You have to get into a corridor in the South-East corner. You can use the monkey swing above you or just out-run the crocodiles. If you run, stop behind the spike platform at the South wall for a large medipack (6) in a deep water hole. In the corridor, run past the door and run through the waterfall and into a tunnel. Walk a bit and get a cut scene of the tunnel ahead with a switch at the end. Walk down the tunnel until there is waterfall for both sides. Turn around and jump up to grab a climbing wall. Climb through the leaves and pull up into a room. Notice a switch and a pedestal as the door closes behind you. Pick up the Golden Skull (7) but no secret this time. Use the lever to get a cut scene of another door opening. Go to the East corner and the wall drops. Continue and the next wall drops. You are in a room on the other side of the waterfall. Pick up a small medipack (8). Climb down and continue to the end for a switch. Use the switch and the two walls in front of you descend.

Pass through the next room to a flooded room. The right opening is block by an invisible wall so go through the left opening. You get a flyby of the area with many platforms and Shiva statues. Run to the South-West corner and into a climbing wall on the right. Climb up and when you just pass the leaves, back flip, roll, and grab an upper platform. Look towards the Shiva statues and see a lever behind the left one. Use that lever and two ropes appear behind you. I suppose the ropes are to get to the platform for the right Shiva statue. However, I used the platforms to get to the back wall and used the ledge there. At the fourth opening, go right and walk through the leaf wall for secret #4. Pickup up a Golden Skull (9) and a small medipack (10) nearby. Use the lever to get a cut scene of two walls descending somewhere. Exit to the platform with two Shiva statues and run/jump/grab the platform to the right. Get behind the right Shiva statue for a switch. Use it and get a cut scene of a gate opening. This is the gate I asked you to remember.

Safety drop down and exit this room as you came. Go through two rooms and the tunnel to emerge through the waterfall where the crocodiles are waiting. Notice the closed gate to your right. Go through the next flooded room back to the monkey swing. Get back to the pillar and jump the remaining blocks to the other side. Crawl under the door, run to the left and enter the door. Go to the left and use the switch against the wall. Go back over the water and monkey swing to the spike room. Go through the flooded room to the corridor, avoid the hungry crocodiles and go into the now open door at the end of the corridor. You enter a purple coloured cave. Go North through an arch and see a waterfall to your right. But first go to the yellow corner to the left and drop into a hole for secret #5. Run down the tunnel in the left wall. At the end, drop into a water tunnel. Swim to the end to get a Golden Skull (11) from the pedestal. Then swim back, go through the tunnel and use the switch. The wall descends in front of you. Go inside and go through the water to the Shiva statue and two switches. Use both switches and a large medipack (12) materializes on the pedestal. Get back to the cave above and go towards the waterfall. Jump to the rope and the level ends with young Lara in the water.

End of level

Secrets: 5 out of 5

Items: 12

Kills: 0