Level by Mike McCracken

Walkthrough by Cher

After a very long opening flyby, dive into the pool and swim beyond the waterfall, surface before the closed brown gate and pull up into a room, enter and follow around to the right and then left to reach the climbable wall you saw in the flyby. At the top, in an alcove on the left, pick up some Uzi Clips, follow the passage until Lara can jump up on the left to pull a switch, you see a door opening. Continue on, under the crawlspace and find the opened door. Careful entering, you need to jump over to pick up the Flares, turn right and pull into a room to find the Uzis. Watch where you walk up here for you are in the treetops above where you started. See the double ledge on the right, Shiva on the top ledge? Perform a tricky little jump to land Lara on the bottom ledge, then further to the top of the tree beyond and finally to jump into the next ledge to pick up a Small medi and pull a switch. You see a cut scene of the area where you began. Jump back to where the monkey is and before leaving, jump over to the right and pick up some Revolver Ammo. Make your way back down the climbable wall.

Swim back out to the pool, a tiger is waiting for you, kill it and go towards the building, on the right, you’ll see the doors that opened when you pulled the switch above. Go through the mist covered opening on the left, stop along the way and pick up a Small Medi, watch the flyby and then continue in to kill another tiger that attacks and a giant wasp. In one corner are some Uzi Clips, in another, Flares.

Jump onto some rocks right of the temple, and down to push a block. Turn right and carefully jump to a flat spot overlooking the deep pit. Slide backwards down the slope and hang/drop to the ledge below, pick up another Uzis and dive into the water. Surface and find a switch in a corner to open the gold door. Part way up the path, on the left next to the 2nd leafy plant, you can go through the underbrush to another area and pick up a Small Medi, return to the main path, jump up to the top and kill the tiger that attacks.

Hop onto the block and climb to the ledge above, pick up some Shotgun Normal Ammo off to the left, then go into the opening past the 2 Shivas, and climb up. Pulling the switch there makes some stones tumble from the alcoves in the main room, so now back for some rope swinging. Standing between the 2 Shiva statues, run to grab the rope, swing to the 2nd and then to the one on the left. See in the 4 alcoves? The top 2 have pickups, the bottom 2 switches, be careful though, the entrance to this area is now behind those stones that fell and if you slide down there, you cannot get back in. When you are done with those 4 alcoves, go back to between the 2 statues and in the door that you opened, and pick up the Key of Indra, do the rope swing once again, all the way back to the rear of the room and land on the lower ledge. Off to the right, behind the watefall, is the 2nd door you opened, pick up the Key of Ganesha. I was not able to get Lara to swing to the top center for the pick-up there.

Use the 2 Keys to open the door, follow the passage all the way until the gold block. This is the one you pushed in a while ago, push it back now, all the way and you are back over the chasm, now partially filled with water. Jump in and find a hard to spot place to swim through, just left of the ledge where you had picked up one of the Uzis. Swim thru and pick up another Key of Indra, go back to climb onto the ledge, jump across and climb up to the surface, kill another tiger.

To the right of the closed door, use your Key, you have 2 open areas, right and straight and to the left, a closed door. Go to the area to the right, dive into the water and the current dumps Lara into another pool. On a ledge, pick up another Indra Key and work your way up to the top and around the other side, carefully make your way to the opposite bank from where you entered the water and use the Key in the lock there. Go in and pick up the Crystal of Brahma.

Jump back into the water, fight the current and you can get out on the other side, go back to the other open area. A giant wasp attacks, it becomes difficult here to kill the wasp without shooting at the monkeys, once you shoot at a monkey, they start to attack and makes the level more difficult. Have a look around, there’s a lake, a closed door and some Shotgun Normal Ammo to pick up. Go to the extreme left side of the lake, and jump into the corner, pick up some Uzi clips, Wideshot Shotgun Ammo, a Large Medi and Normal Crossbow Ammo. Use the rocks to go around the lake and back to dry land. Approach the door and it opens, behind one of the trees is a pink grate, look at the tree, place the Crystal there and the grate opens.

On the wall is a switch, this is timed but you have enough time to pull the switch, jump into the water and one of the gates is open, swim through to pick up another Key of Ganesha. Use the Key in the lock, and pull another switch which opens the 2nd door underwater. Surface and pull another switch to open the closed gate in the start of this area.

Enter a watch the flyby, wow, quite an extensive area here. Shoot the tiger that attacks and let us see what we need to do. To the left of the entrance climb on a block that has a plant on it, up to another higher ledge and up a ladder to the treetops. Hop over to the branch on the right and stand on the peak and pull up to the higher branches. Jump to the next set of branches and make your way to the roof of the building at the left. *NOTE Remember this route because you will need to do it again, but in a timed run. Once on the roof, drop down onto a pink ledge next to the waterfall, pick up the Key of Indra, use the zip line over to where you use the Key.

A door has opened in a room opposite the entrance to this area, go in, climb up and see the switch. This switch opens a timed door up in the treetops, just below where you jumped onto the roof a bit ago.

Pull the switch, back flip with a roll and run into the passage below, out the door and right, jumping over the tree trunk. Onto the block, up to the next ledge, the ladder, over the trees, this time you don’t need to go up to the higher treetops, head for the door and jump in.

Use the zip line down to the Crystal of Brahma, up the steps to the right are some Uzi Clips and a Small Medi. Go up the steps on the opposite side and where there’s a torch burning, reach up and grab one of 2 Torches, take it to the opposite side and light it on the wall torch there, use it to light 2 others. The door opposite opens, go through it. Torches light as you pass, when you get to a little step, turn and pull up into another hall, follow the passage to eventually climb up on the Right, take another zip line to end up where you made it into the timed window. To the left is an extremely hard to see gem receptacle, place the Crystal of Brahma and the door opens.

Drop down into the jungle and then down again, walk past the pool and through an overgrown area to another room, notice the switch left of the entrance, this is timed to open the door ahead. Pull the switch, side flip right and sprint through the door. Careful, poison darts here, crawl under them unless you don’t mind running through them, at the end, go up the step and jump to grab the ledge above, monkey swing across to the switch. Pull it, flip and run/jump down and through the timed door on the other end.

Back outside now, go forward and through the small stream, climb up the ladder you see and move to the right to step off, pick up the Revolver andRevolver Ammo. You might want to equip it right now to shoot the giant wasp coming at you. Jump back to the ladder and climb higher, through the greenery. Now this had me running around scratching my head for hours…………you can pull up through that wooden fencing into the room above.

Pick up the Torch, and turn, jump down to the now opened door by the tree, light the torch, and go around the tree and light the torch there. Jump into the opening and follow the opened hallway to the door with the Key Hole, jump down and in the alcove, Left, light another torch. Now drop the torch and run/jump off the tree trunk to grab the pink ledge where you started, go into the door, hop up to grab a Key of Indra, go to the lock and use the Key. Go down the hallway, through a newly-opened door and into the outside, 3 tigers attack, shoot them, hop onto a block and the level ends.