Level by Marion Hundertmark (Commari)

Unauthorized walkthrough by Gerty

Lara starts in a small square in a small city. In the west are some flares, and on the left (S) is an opening between the houses. Go right and again right and find [/b]SECRET # 1, the Uzi and ammo[/b]. Go east and shoot that dog. Jump over the fence and find around the corner a jump lever.

Return to the square and east is an open door. A dog is in there and once inside, turn right and climb into that crawlspace. At the end down and follow through. Left (E) is a crack so shimmy to the other side of this deadly pool and use the lever. Go back to the square.

Go west, under the arch and go north. On the right is a big poster of Elvis LOL. Go around the corner and on your right is an open door. Climb down the ladder and when you are almost down, back flip and find a lever there. Back up the ladder again and go right, keep the wall too your right, around a corner and in the end get the Revolver and ammo, this also opens a door nearby.

Enter the house and shoot the dog and go left, up the stairs into a room with two TV screen (showing Elvis LOL). The guard leaves a small medipack, and in the corner is another corridor. Enter and turn around and use that jump lever. Better light a flare as halfway this corridor is a crawlspace on the right. Once down, get into the water and climb out to find a medipack and the Sight.

You canít cross the deadly water so head back, through the water and crawlspace and resume into the corridor heading south. A soldier is there and after shooting him go around the huge safe and pick up the flares. As you see you are on the other side of that deadly water.

Go back, through the corridor and stairs and head out to the open again.

Keep the houses on your right and find another open door. In the NW corner is a ladder, and once in a small room, some bats will pester Lara. In a corner is another opening and there is a deadly pool. Use the revolver and sight to shoot the swinging ball there. Head back and find the door (E) that opened. On top of that safe is a Horsemanís Gem.

Go back to the street and keep the houses on your right, around the corner is another door that will open when you approach. On the right get the flares and uzi ammo and on the left is a small medipack.

Back on the streets have a look at that sculpture. That is Modern Art (they keep telling me). Now go to the block of houses in the middle and left of that statue (E) is a jump lever. Go south and find another door that is open. Shoot the guard and the door opens when you approach. There is a secret chime so this is SECRET # 2, small medipack and uzi ammo. Once back in the street again have a look at that sculpture and read the sign, LOL.

Go to the last left pillar (W) and watch for guards. On the back climb the pillar and a back flip to the balcony and use the lever there (camera of a trapdoor).

Get down and travel north, keep the middle building on your right, around the corner and find a ladder. Climb it all the way to the top and keep going south, find another ladder, climb down (you can see that sculpture) and pick up the revolver ammo and small medipack there. Go back on the ladder and on the roof turn east and climb down. You see a door with two receptacles for Gems. Keep going east and find another ladder to climb down. Here is the trapdoor from the camera shot earlier.

Climb in and slide down and dive in the water.

First swim west and around a corner left. In the SE corner is a ledge and a jump switch. You hear a door opening, so swim back and to the right, and find some stairs. Get the Horsemanís Gem, and a trapdoor above Laraís head opens. The west wall is climbable. You are back at the sculpture.

Go north and around the corner to that ladder again and climb it and now go to the two receptacles for the Gems. Place the Gems and enter.

Watch out for the guard and his dog, collect some uzi ammo and flares. Go up the ramp and jump into the opening.

Lara falls into water, climb out and see a tank full of alien bodies. On the left is a crawlspace. Climb the ladder and you are above the tank. A soldier is there and in the corridor is another room with aliens and some smoke emitters. Find the lever and use it. Now dive in the tank an in the SE is an opening and immediately swim up to find a lever. Back into the water and follow through and up. Go straight and shoot the guard there and you see another alien floating in a tank. In the corner find the opening and a ladder. Get in the corridor and see more aliens and on the right is an entrance to an huge hangar.

Watch for the guards and you see three ships on the right and a lot of boxes on the left. For now enter the opening on the left and find the jump switch next to the lockers. Two guards are alerted, so kill them and go to the corridor and in the east the door is open. Follow through and in the next room, go behind that structure and climb up as there is an opening in the ceiling. At the end dive in a tank with aliens and find a medipack.

On the south wall behind some crates is a jump switch and you can climb the boxes in the east side.

Jump on the first low one and stand angled to the SW and do a running jump with grab to the next. Climb over the boxes and jump to that wall switch.

Go back to the same boxes next to the jump switch and turn around and do a running jump to the boxes north. Walk all the way to the end and get on the red crate right. Take a running jump to the north and enter the door you just opened.

Around the corner is a jump switch (you donít need to use as it puts a block in front of that crawlspace, but you can get in with out that block). In the next room you find the Dragontooth and sliding from the ramp in the east you hit the finishing trigger.