Levels by Debbie Overstreet
Walkthrough by Dutchy

The Swamp:
You stand on a rock in the swamp forest, go SE and find the flares behind a tree on the ridge, jmp forward over the ridge and at the deep pool to your left, turn right and follow the ridge to the West to find the Crowbar, now go back to the deep pool and dive in, see the trapdoor (get back here later) behind the grey rock and the arrows a little bit further, go on to the NE corner to pick up a Key, go S for a medpack behind a tree in the shallow part and get out of the pool in the SW, follow the South wall and find grenades, and arrows to the North of them.

The Forest:
Go North along the West wall to the forest beyond the swamp and find arrows and a medpack behind a tree to the right, a Pig will attack around here, go North and follow the wall in the North in Eastern direction. Ignore the brick structure with the hole in it, it’s certain death, keep going East and in the NE corner is a gate to open with the key. Go in and take the “Star” to your left, open next gate with it and go over to the palm tree left of the gates, take the Key, kill the Pig and enter the building. Go to the oil lamp in front and find the torch there, light it at the lamp on the ledge in front and go burn the rope of the boulder. When it drops, the gate will open. Get the ammo and 2 “Stars” and place one of them in next room, to open the trapdoor in the deep pool.

Deep Shafts:
Take the torch with you for some light and head back to the forest.
Turn right and find a medpack and arrows at the big tree, follow this side of the forest and reach a wooden structure with fences on it. Look behind it for another “Star” and shoot all fences to open a trapdoor inside. Take the medpack and the flares and drop down into the deep shaft. Follow the tunnel and collect all goodies in the next room, out through the big tunnel and up into the exit room, chased by some Crocs.

Place a “Star” to exit and follow the East wall past the wooden structure to the deep pool, get into the trapdoor and follow this tunnel to claim Secret #1, the Revolver and get some flares in the other corner. Get out and go though the swamp to the far NW corner of the forest and use your “Star” to open the gate. In the next swamp there are 2 boxes of grenades along the left side and 2 Crocs that are not happy that you take them.

The Tree Tops:
Go over to the far SW corner and look for the ladder on the tree. Climb all the way till you reach a branch on the left, bit tricky to get on it, but if you are a little higher, drop/hang and shimmy left to get on the branch. Get the flares in front of you and turn left, jmp into the opening to get Secret #2, the Crossbow. Back to the branches and over to the NE picking up all goodies and a Key in the end. Look at the big tree there and jmp to the opening, claim Secret #3, the Uzi and ammo, inside. Back to the ladder and look on the other side of that tree, runjmp into the opening and run forward to collect all Skeletons that will awake, drop into a lower passage and turn to shoot them with an explosive arrow, if you have em all together, saves ammo!.

Return into the higher passage and go to the gate with the lock you passed, this lock you can shoot with the pistols, claim Secret #4, the Grenade gun. Turn to shoot the Skeleton, sneaking up from behind. Go follow the lower passage till you pass a grating in the floor, no return possible, go down the slopes, but be careful you don’t slide past the Lasersight and ammo, before dropping into a deep shaft.

Down Under:
Land in the water and get the medpack from the bottom, climb out and open the door with the Key and go right, jmp over the Croc and run to the ledge in front of the gate, take the Key and open the gate.

In this dark pool room, only the ledge in front with the small medpack is safe, so dive in and swim there quickly, get the medpack and kill those Crocs, swim to the ledge in the East corner and get out there. In the East wall is an alcove, with some grenades, climb the ladder and get the ammo in front. Jmp to the big steps, leading up and follow to the high step on top, this one is sloped, so pull up/slide as far as you can and jmp, grabbing in the last moment. Climb another ladder and reach a new part of the forest, with a wooden structure in the centre.

Small Forest:
Just go forward South and along the side of the building to find some ammo behind a tree, go around the corner and see the hole in the structure, the square beneath it is a trap, so runjmp/grab the edge and pull in. Inside you can collect ammo, Key and “Star”, kill the Skeleton and ignore the trapdoor and 2 holes in the wall on the other side, all traps. Get out the way you came in, run out aiming to the left, so you land in front of a Key between structure and tree, go forward and right a little to get the medpack on the tree trunk.

The Desert:
Go left and to the gate, open next gate with a “Star and get the medpack, go left to the flares and just around the corner of this rock is another “Star” go around the rock to get more ammo and kill the Pig that will come for you as you head over to the fences around the pool in the SE.

Shoot the fences to get some goodies and kill 2 Crocs that will appear too, go place a “Star” near the pool and the trapdoor opens, follow the tunnel, chased by a Croc to another forest, quite dark and deadly as you will soon find out.

Skelton Park:
Go over to the NE corner and up the slope there, turn and take out all Skeletons that where following you. Get into the passage with the skull signs and run to the end, turn and start blasting away at those Skeletons, more will appear as you collect all goodies and a Key. Go back outside and over to the NW corner to a gate. A whole bunch of Skeletons appear as you approach the slope to the gate, but don’t stop now, run up the slope all the way (otherwise you’ll be crushed by a Boulder) and then turn and enjoy!

Open the gate and go in to leave the forest and go to the Quest.

The Quest:
In the 1st pool room, go looking for ammo in the plants and finally Secret #5, the Shotgun behind the plants in the NW. Dive into the pool to get the “Ornate Handle” from the bottom. The Chain seems a fake, go to the door in the SW and look for the jmpswitch beside it. Enter next area, find some flares on your left between the plants and leave the box alone, go pull a chain on the right side of the door in the West and go into the 2nd pool room. Get the “Hathor Effigy” from the pool and a “Beetle” from the pillar on the other side, a medpack at the closed door and grenades in the far right corner.

Climb the ladder up to the monkeyswing, use it to go over to the pillar the Beetle was on and as you land on it, 2 ropes appear, use them to swing to the hanging pillar with the ladder. On the first rope go down on the rope and climb up one step to swing to the next and then to the ladder, climb up to 1st floor and go place the “Portal Guardian” (find the right position, with me it was facing the room) and kill the Skeleton.

Check out the sarcophagus in the East for a medpack; leave the others alone, nothing but traps. Find the Crawlspace in the NW and get in to claim Secret #6, Crossbow, ammo and Lasersight (in case you didn’t have them yet) , turn around at the pedestal and look up for the jmpswitch to open the exit on ground floor. When you placed the "Guardian” a block raised downstairs, allowing you to climb the pillar with the spikes.

So go down on the ladder about 2 steps and backflip, so you’ll land in the water and runjmp to the spiked pillar to get the medpack and the crowbar. Exit and enter the lava hallway, shimmy the edge to the centre jmp over to the big room with the pillars and shoot all the boxes you see in there, a Demi god and a Harpie will appear, deal with them and go get the 2 “Gems” and the arrows, for the 2nd “Gem”, You’ll have to go around through the lava hallway again and left to the end, monkeyswing to the pillar with the “Gem” and another Harpie will attack, if you happen to fall off the pillar, there is a ladder on the pillar near the exit. Get the “Gem” and drop to the floor, get a small medpack and go to the exit in the East.

The Pillar Room:
Runjmp to the slope left and shimmy to the right, see the dark shadow under you and exactly where it ends, pull up and backflip/roll/grab the pillar behind you, a Demigod attacks, so deal with him first and then get the ammo on the pillars. Jmp to the pillar with the ladder and go down, behind it you’ll find Secret #7, grenades. Climb back up and slidejmp to the exit, before leaving, take the “Beetles” on both sides of the exit.

Get the “Beetle” from next room and kill the Skeleton, pull the chain and leave.

The Pool Room:
In the mirror you can see the Revolver and a medpack, take them and open the door, get up for some air and follow the tunnel.

The Pyramid Room:
Put the “Beetles in the pyramid and get the “Mechanical Scarab”. Go to the pool and get some grenades, then to the door in the West and open it with the jmpswitch.

The Maze:
Quite impossible to explain the route in this maze, but explore every corner to get a lot of goodies and in the end you’ll release a lot of hungry beetles, roll and run to the lava pit, runjmp to the block with the “Scroll” and use the jmpswitch after you took the “Scroll”.

There’s another pickup near the lava pit, which will release a Harpie. Return to the Pyramid room.

The Dark Pit:
Enter next room, take some flares and use the jmpswitch to the right, a pit in the centre of the room holds a medpack and the one in SE corner leads to Secret #8, a “Scroll” and Grenade gun with ammo. Back to the Pyramid room.

The Switch Room:
Take the next door and go right to get a medpack and then to the ledge with all the jmpswitches, pull the 2nd from the right and go for the doors up the big steps, climb the ladder and backflip/roll/grab the one behind, climb to top to get next “Scroll” and use the jmpswitch. Back to the Pyramid room again.

Throne room:
In next room, with the Throne find the “Winding Key” in the pool and climb the ladder next to the throne to the passage with the spikes, use the “Scarab” to deactivate the spikes and go get the “Scroll”. Go down and pull the chain a couple of times to open the exit door, sometimes it doesn’t work fine, try running around the pyramid a few times and then return to try again and leave the room, outside run to the other side and turn in the end to shoot 2 Skeletons following you. Go right and shoot one more Skeleton, enter the “Scroll” room.

The Scroll Room:
Go to the right corner and find the tunnel to swim to the receptacle for the 1st Scroll, the door to the 2nd opens, now go back to the Scroll room and place the 3rd and the door in the NE opens. Place the last Scroll and leave the room in the NW. You will reach a slide, slide along the left side and start shooting a Harpie and 2 Demigods, go into the passage they were in and get the medpack, turn and climb up into the next maze, go West and look around for some arrows, kill 2 Skeletons and a Demigod in the West and look for a box on top of the pillar next to the ladder, shoot it and get the “Pharos Pillar”, now climb the ladder, on top you will be attacked by a Harpie, so immediately roll, shoot it and find the next ladder, climb up and the same trick for another Harpie. Kill a Skeleton in the passage and go outside.

Waterfall Garden:
Just around left corner a Demigod waits for you, when he’s gone go over to the waterfall and go in, turn to take care of another Demigod and go use the “Scarab Beetle” to deactivate the spikes. Get the “Gem”, grenades and your “Beetle” and go out, left and along the waterfall, look for some ammo between the palm trees.
Go place the “Gem” to open the door and be attacked by Demigod 3, place the “Pharos Pillar” and go through the door. Be sure to be full of health and run past 2 Demigods, in next room you can deal with them one by one, take the grenades and climb the ladder and from the top, where the structure changes, backflip to the bridge behind, use the “Beetle” for the spikes and go place a “Gem” on the other side. The door is now open.

The Demigod Pit:
Approach the pit and jmp to the rope, turn and get back quickly, put some super grenades over the edge and use the rope to swing to opposite ladder, climb down right and place a “Gem”. Climb the ladder again and go out the door, kill the Harpie in next room. Blue Rays will guide you out of this level as you approach the wall in front.

Great levels, nice bunch of enemies to deal with, the music in the treetops became a little irritating (maybe because it’s not my kind of music, I put the volume down, so I maybe missed a few Secret sounds).

Found 10 Secrets according to the statistics, but my count went to 8, so I missed them or I didn’t hear the sound.

*****I did it My Way****