Caribbean Disaster 1-3

Level by Christian Schleicher (SilentViper)

Walkthrough by Sutekh (followed by Michael's translation from German of the information contained in the level download's readme file)

CS = Crawlspace - MS = Monkey Swing - L = Left - R = Right - N, S, E, W = Cardinal Points - UW = Underwater

SJ = Standing Jump - SJ+G = Standing Jump + Grab - RJ = Running Jump - RJ+G = Running Jump + Grab

-- Level 1: Von Croy Industries Headquarters --

Enemies: Soldiers, Gas Mask Guys
Items of note: Crowbar, Fuse Key, CD Key, V-Shaped Key

-- A Call to Arms --

So once again Ms Croft has broken into VCI quarters and is very ready to raid the place to find those informations. Needless to say, it's not gonna be easy since the current CEO has apparently raised the security budget a lot and hired an army of new guards as well as some heavy artillery. The like of which you're going to taste very soon.

For now, you're at the top of a wooden stairway leading to a room ahead (N). You already can spot 2 soldiers chatting in the distance. If you go a bit further to the room and look up at its ceiling, you'll also spot a black tile hiding a sentry gun which will activate if you get too close. Since it doesn't only shoot but also acts as a nasty flame thrower, your best chance is to enter the room then go either L or R to keep close to the walls while crossing the room to the opposite opening.

You only have your pistols at the moment so forget the soldiers (or fight them at you own risks) and run (or even sprint) through the N opening to the next room. Once there, don't stop. Draw your pistols and go to the R (W) to run off the catwalk you're on to the room below and turn L (SW) to face a gas mask guy. He's alone, so you have your chances. Dispatch him quickly. Provided you don't get too close to the entrance, you're safe (for the moment). Time to get some weaponry.

First, pick up the Uzi ammo your late friend has left behind then turn E to locate a closet against the middle catwalk pillar. Go to it then step back once and press Action to open it and collect shotgun normal ammo and shotgun wideshot ammo. This is how you'll open all the closets you'll find in this adventure, by the way. Ammo is all very fine, but having the matching weapon is better. So run under the catwalk to the other side of the room (E - notice the "machine" against the wall and the closed metal shutter above) and turn around to spot another closet. Open it to pick up the Shotgun. Feeling better, aren't you?

But why stop there? Let's collect some more fire power and incidentally go for a Secret:

Turn L (N), go to the ramp leading up to the catwalk, turn L (W) and run up the ramp then across the catwalk until you reach the top of another ramp. Run ahead to the crates to your L (SW) and climb on them from the ramp. Turn R (W) to face the CS ahead with the dead gas man guy and do a RJ+G to its edge. Shimmy to the L and pull up (stay away from the dead guy or you may be unable to get back down). Crawl to the end of the CS to pick up the Crowbar then return to the room below.

Turn around (E) and run up the ramp until you're high enough to do a SJ to the pile of crate L (NW). Turn R (N) and do another SJ to the crate against the wall and turn L (W). The crate ahead can be opened with the crowbar so proceed to find Secret #1: 2 uzi ammo and the Uzi.

Now that you're well prepared, let's go for more shooting and even more weaponry. Jump down the crates and run S past the ramp along the W wall. Stop before the desk, turn R (W) and look up to spot an opening in the wall and a closed door beyond. Climb in the opening and turn the wheel to open the door. Be quick: those guys have top quality ammo and their bullets can pierce the thickest steel, as you may have found out by now. You find yourself face to face with 2 gas mask guys so draw your weapon of choice (the shotgun works like a charm) and teach them who's the boss.

Pick up some uzi ammo one of them left behind and some more uzi ammo a bit further in the room on the floor. Run ahead (W) to the other side of the room and search (hit Action)the middle shelves to pick up even more uzi ammo. Turn R (N) and search the middle shelves there as well to collect the Fuse Key (you could search the two others, but they only contain pistol ammo and pistols which obviously you don't need). Last but not least, turn R (E) and search all four shelves to pick up the Rocket Launcher (which will only launch non-explosive tiny rockets aka bullets), 2 x non-explosive rockets and some uzi ammo. Return to the Catwalk Room.

-- Sentry Gun and Dark Places --

Run ahead (E) and cross the room to the "machine" against the wall. Use the key on the big keyhole on its R to open the metal shutter above. Climb on the machine then into the opening and run through the metal shaft until you find yourself right above a new room. Draw your weapon of choice, jump in the room below and shoot the soldier and the gas mask guy before they have any time to retaliate.

Ignore the black tile on the roof: the sentry gun hidden there won't activate (out of order, maybe?), turn L (NE) and run to the desk in the corner and turn around (S) to pick up a CD Key on it. Run to the automatic door ahead (it will open as you approach) and across the hallway beyond. Ignore the side doors which are fake and go to the computer L of the closed heavy door. Use the CD Key on it to open said door.

Climb up the stairway beyond until you find yourself in front of a (fake) grey door and with a small room to your R (W). Locate the goodies on the floor: tempting isn't it? The problem here is the flame-thrower sentry gun above which activation and deactivation seem to follow strange rules. The following procedure isn't very logical and may require several attempts so you'd better save now.

Turn L (S) to face the breakable fire extinguisher ahead and pick up 2 non-explosive rockets and a Rocket Launcher. Shoot the extinguisher (to make room) and turn around to face the couch. For the following to work, Lara must be turned a tiny bit to the R of the N direction (ie: very very slightly E). Run against the couch (which activates the flame-thrower) and quickly hop back against the wall which deactivates the flame-thrower. Now you're free to go without being burnt to death.

Turn R (E), climb up to the very top of the stairs and turn around (W). Do a SJ to the platform and pick up some flares. Turn around and do another SJ to return to the dark room you just came from.

Run into it to the next junction and turn L (S). Enter the corridor to your R (W) and run through it until you get past the second turn (you can now spot a fan in the distance). Turn around (S) to face a switch and activate it to open a door in another part of this mini-maze. Return to the start of the corridor and turn L (N). Run past the junction to the end of this corridor and turn L (S). Activate the switch to open a door beyond the fan. Which, obviously, is your next destination.

So run all the way along the corridor and past the junction until you reach the fan. There's a closed door to your L (NW). Crawl under the fan to a mosaic short corridor, stand up and activate to the small switch at the end to open the nearby door we just spotted. Return to the corridor (don't forget the fan on your way) and turn R (W) to run through the door to reach an opening overlooking a new room.

-- More Gunfights and Flying Away --

There's a soldier down there so draw your weapon before jumping through the opening and quickly dispatch him. Go to the shelves ahead (N) and search them to pick up a small medipack then turn R (E) and go push the button near the door to open it and enter the next area.

You're now in a hallway and a distant camera allows you to spot a breakable tin trunk to your L (N). It indeed contains interesting goodies, but don't shoot it yet. Draw you weapon and run toward the trunk, turn L (W) at the first recess where a soldier is waiting in ambush. Shoot him down then quickly turn R (N) to deal with another soldier shooting from the far R corner (NNE). Run to the trunk and shoot it, triggering yet another soldier to your L (W). Once he's down in turn you can pick up a large medipack, 2 shotgun wideshot ammos, 1 shotgun normal ammo and a Shotgun.

Ignore the grey doors which are very fake and turn around (S) to run to the other end of the hallway and turn the wheel to open the door. Run through the corridor beyond to enter a small room with a square hole in the center. Make sure Lara's healthy enough and drop from the hole to the room below, losing a small amount of health in the process.

Turn to the W and shoot the breakable crate in the middle against the wall and pick up the V-Shaped Key. Turn around and shoot another breakable crate in the SE corner for some flares. Leave the room through the opening to find yourself on a ledge overlooking a deep pit.

Turn 45 R (SW) to face the metallic ledges beyond the pit. The next jump is a bit tricky and essentially a matter of exact positioning. You must aim at the very corner of the ledge (see screenshot), hop back and take a run up to jump at the very last moment over the pit. Keep the Forward key pressed upon landing so you don't fall and you should be fine.

Turn L (SW) and do a SJ to the metallic platform then run to the door ahead. Open it (press Action), enter the next room, turn R (SW) and go use the V-Shaped Key on its Keyhole to open the nearby door. Run through the long corridor beyond to the next room.

There's a metallic door ahead of you with a card slot on its R, some crates and a line of closets to your R (N) against the wall. Run to the middle closet, stop one step away then open it to pick up the ID-Card. Turn around (SW), run to the Card Slot and use the ID-Card on it to open the nearby door. You're about to leave the VCI Headquarters.

Run through the door. A fly-by starts, showing you a couple of planes. It won't stop, but you can still move Lara so just run ahead (W) toward the planes which will end the level and send you to...

-- Level 2: The Submarine Base --

Enemies: Soldiers, SAS, Officers, Crow, Dogs
Items of note: Green Key-Card 1, Blue Key-Card, Green Key-Card 2, Yellow Key-Card, Red Key-Card

-- On the Beach --

Looks like the odds are against you. Your plane has just crashed and here you are, swimming in the crystal clear blue caribbean sea. That wouldn't be that displeasant if it weren't for two tiny details: a soldier on the nearby beach and a SAS in a watchtower. Congratulations! Of all the islands adorning the Caribbean Sea, you managed to crash by the one which harbors a terrorists submarine base.

This is a particularly tricky and confusing moment. As soon as you set foot on the beach, a neverending fly-by starts, "blinding" you, which surely doesn't help. You can sometimes stop it by hitting the Look key but it will start again if you go too close to the sea. To avoid being helplessly shot to death, run L behind the stone blocks as soon as you step on the beach and keep the Forward key pressed, hitting Look from time to time to see whether it stops. Once you've gotten rid of the annoying fly-by, draw your weapon (the Rocket Launcher seems to be the best option) and finally dispatch your opponents.

There's a jungle-like area to the E, but go S first and past the watchtower, turn L (E), climb up in the CS in the wall and crawl to its end to pick up a small medipack. Return to the beach and run through the large E opening to enter the jungle area.

Turn R (S) at the entrance, run past the crate (jump to pass the plant) then turn L (E) to spot a soldier and an officer watching over the place. The soldier will run to you but you'll have to go after the officer in order to be close enough and use your shotgun's full capabilities. At this point, you should be able to spot a SAS up in the tree to the NE. Use your Rocket Launcher to take care of this one.

Now return to the crates by the entrance for a Secret. Locate the crate at the western end of the low stone wall. It is moveable. Pull it once and go where it was to pick up Secret #2: uzi ammo.

Run to the E side of the area until your reach the SAS tree (last one to the E). Climb on the L (S) end of the low wall before it, walk to the edge and jump, grab and pull up on the "branch" above. Turn 45 L (NE) and do a SJ to the branch ahead where the SAS was standing to pick up the Green Key-Card he left behind then drop down to the jungle below.

Turn L (N) and locate the large opening in the distance. Run there and turn L (W) upon entering to run along the large metallic shed then R (N) around the corner. Locate the panel to the R (E) and use the Green Key-Card on it to open the nearby doors. Enter the shed and run ahead a bit until you reach a water hole to your L (N). Jump in the water.

-- Into the Base --

Turn around (S) then swim R (W) through the short UW tunnel to a larger partially flooded room, noticing the door to your R (N) on your way. Turn around as soon as you enter the room and locate the two UW Levers on the E wall, to your L (NE) and R (SE). Pull them both to open the door in the tunnel.

Swim through the door and along the UW tunnel until you can stand up. Don't climb the ladder ahead (N) yet. You'll soon hear wings flapping and a typical cawing indicating a crow is flying around. Draw your uzi and wait for the pesky bird to come at you to shoot it down while taking minimum damage. Now you can safely climb the ladder to pull up in the room above.

Turn around (S), SJ to the metallic platform and turn L (SE) to locate the breakable crate. Shoot it to reveal the Blue Key-Card and pick it up. Immediately draw your pistols and sidejump R (E) to shoot 2 Dogs running after you. Once they're dead, immediately draw your shotgun and quickly locate the officer shooting at you. Kill him and go pick up the Green Key-Card he left behind.

Run to the W side of the room. There's a large (fake) door on the wall, two grates above on each side and a Blue Card Slot. Use the Blue Key-Card on it to make the rightmost grate fall, revealing an opening. Turn R (N) and climb on the crate R of the one where the grate has fallen then turn L (W) and do a RJ to land in the opening. Pick up an Uzi and uzi ammo on the floor and stand one step away from the closet to open it and collect some shotgun wideshot ammo, a Shotgun and some more uzi ammo.

Drop down in the large crate room and turn R (N) to run to the Green Card Slot L of a large double door in the N wall. Use the Green Key-Card on it to open the door and enter another large room with crates and palm trees. There are some baddies in the L (W) part of the area (3 soldiers and 2 officers) but thanks to the crates and the trees they haven't noticed you so stay to the R and run ahead across the room to open the door (hit Action) near the NE corner [you may try to kill the baddies if you want, but your chances are indeed very thin to make it alive]

Enter the corridor beyond and push the button on your R (E) to open the metal shutter ahead. Run in the next room then into the darkness to your R (NE), turning L (W) at the corner. You can see a desk, a Yellow Card Slot and a closed metal door. Go between the desk and the slot, turn R (N) and look up. A flickering green light allows you to spot a CS up in the wall (you might also want to light a flare). Climb in and crawl through it until you spot the Yellow Key-Card. Pick it up.

A door has just closed behind you, cutting off the way out. Turn around and look up to spot a ledge above. Jump, grab and pull up in the well-lit corridor. Run ahead (S) to the door which opens as you approach then resume running through the next corridor until you reach the top of a slope. A crow will soon come after you so draw your uzis and again wait for it to shoot it down.

Slide down the slope and walk to the opening. You're on the roof above the Crate and Palm Trees Area and you can probably spot some of the baddies to your R (resist the urge to go and kill them. Really). Drop down from the roof, turn R (E) then L (N) and pass the doorway again to return to the dark room and the Yellow Card Slot. Use the Yellow Key-Card on it to open the nearby door.

-- Leaving the Base --

Go through it then R (N) to enter the next jungle-like area. Immediately draw your shotgun to take care of the SAS and the officer who come running to greet you, soon followed by a second officer.

Ignore the opening to your L (W) for the moment and run to the brown bush ahead (N) to pick up a small medipack. Turn L (NW) and go pick up the Red Key-Card in the green bush in the corner. Now turn around (S) and pass through the opening to your R (W) to enter the next room.

Not much to do here so simply run across the room through the opening in the W wall and run along the metal corridor beyond. Pass an opened door and go use the Red Key-Card on the Red Card Slot to your L (N) to open the door at the end of the corridor. Run E through it then across the next room to the closed door and turn the wheel to open it. Pass through it and run a bit ahead to leave the base and enter...

-- Level 3: The Submarine --

Enemies: SAS, Gunmen, Dogs, Officers
Items of note: Green Key-Card, Blue Key-Card, Crowbar, Red Key-Card, Nitrogen, Oxygen

-- Green, Blue and Red --

So far so good. You're still alive and have finally managed to enter the submarine. Now you need to take control of it. Sort of.

Run to the closed metallic door ahead (S) which will open as you bump against it and run ahead to enter an area we'll call the Hub Passageway. At the end and to your R (W) is a closed glass door with a Blue Card Slot. Ahead and slightly to the L (SE) another one with a Red Card Slot and finally, a closed wheel door at the L (E) end of the passageway.

Run there, turn the wheel to open the door and enter the torpedoes storage room. Run ahead to the ramp stopping at the top and turn L (N). Look up to spot a ledge above and jump, grab and pull up on it. Go to the CS to your R (NE) and crawl/run/crawl through it until you reach an opening overlooking a small room.

Draw your shotgun, jump in the room and turn around to dispatch the SAS watching over the place. Pick up the shotgun wideshot ammo he left behind then go the SW corner to activate the jumpswitch up on the S wall. This will turn off a fire emitter in a corridor elsewhere. Now run to the opposite (NE) corner to pick up the Green Key-Card. Finally, climb back on the central crate facing S and pull up in the corridor/CS above to return to the torpedoes room.

Run down the ramp to the E until you reach a small room with a closed door ahead of the entrance (W) and a Green Card Slot. Use the Green Key-Card on it and wait for a little while for the door to open. Run through the corridor beyond, staying on the R to pass the swinging cables at the end (they're harmless, just in the way) and enter the next room.

You find yourself on a catwalk running along the walls above a room full of crates and containers. Draw your Rocket Launcher and wait for a gunman and a dog to show up and shoot them down from your relatively safe position.

Drop down in the room below, turn around (E) and run to the R (SE) past the metal container and the crates to locate a breakable tin trunk to your L (N). Shoot it and pick up 3 non-explosive rockets. Turn R (E) and run to the recessed crate ahead: it's moveable. Pull it twice then once to the R (S) to enter the now accessible "passage" behind the crates and shoot the breakable tin trunk which is hiding a large medipack and the Blue Key-Card. Now, before leaving the place, let's do one more task for the last secret of the adventure.

Turn R (N) after the "passage" and climb over the crate ahead to go toward the NE corner. There's a moveable crate here as well. Pull it once then pull it aside. Go over the crate again then to the NE corner to pick up Secret #3: 2 non-explosive rockets and a Rocket Launcher.

Now you can leave the room by running to the opposite side of the room (W), climbing on the L (SW) container then run through the entrance via the catwalk. Return to the Hub Passageway via the metal corridor and the torpedoes storage room. Once there, run ahead (W) to the other end and use the Blue Key-Card on the Blue Card Slot R (N) of the door and enter the Dining Hall.

First, and if you have missed it in Level 1, climb on the table ahead (W) to pick up the Crowbar then turn L (S), run through the room toward the far R corner (SW) just before the Kitchen and use your crowbar to open the lighter panel. Enter the dark corridor ahead which soon turns into a CS and crawl/run/crawl through it. Carefuly deal with the steam at the end to pick up the Red Key-Card (there's some smoke there, but it's harmless).

Turn around (W) then enter the CS to your R (N) and crawl to the end where you can stand up. Turn R (E) and jump, grab and pull up in the short passage above then drop down from it into the Hub Passageway below. Turn L (W) and return to the Dining Hall.

-- Chemistry 101 --

Run through it again to enter the Kitchen at the other side (S). There's a Yellow Key-Card there on a very hot stove and you can spot the Yellow Card Slot in the far R corner (SW). Turn L and go to the NE corner to activate a jumpswitch on the N wall which turns off the stove then go climb on it to pick up the Yellow Key-Card. Run to the R and the SW corner to use the Card on the Yellow Card Slot and wait a little while for the nearby door to open.

Enter the room and climb on the blocks of fake closets ahead (W). There's a hole up there so drop in it to pick up a large medipack and the Stickstoff (Nitrogen). Doing so, you'll soon hear some footsteps in the nearby room so pull up on the blocks, drop down in the room and quickly draw your uzis to get rid of the 2 gunmen who have just popped in. Pick up the small medipack and the flares they left behind.

Now climb on the other closets block to the N and drop in the hole up there as well into a partially flooded room below. Pick up the Sauerstoff (Oxygen) in the center then turn around (N), swim back to the opening and stand one tile away from the wall just before the slightly higher floor. Jump and grab the ladder above, climb to the top but don't pull up or you would fall back down. Let go, immediately press Action to grab the edge and pull up as you would if it were a crawlspace above (meaning holding the Duck key).

You can hear baddies sounds in the nearby room so again drop down and ready your shotgun to dispatch the officer who's walking around. Pick up the small medipack which just dropped from his pockets and return to the Hub Passageway via the Kitchen and the Dining Hall.

-- Seizing Control of the Submarine --

Go to the opening ahead and to your R (SE) and use the Red Key-Card on the Red Card Slot to the R (W). Draw your shotgun to dispatch the gunman and the officer there then run SW past the block witth the red sign on it to locate a ladder on the W wall. Climb then backflip in the next room.

There are two bottle receptacles here. The Nitrogen/Stickstoff one on the L (N) and the Oxygen/Sauerstoff one on the R (S). Use the bottles on their respective receptacles to start the Submarine (or so do I suppose) and complete this first part of the Caribbean Disaster adventure.

See you in Level 4.

Caribbean Disaster
By Christian Schleicher (Silent Viper)

This is Michael Prager's translation of the story.txt file provided with the level download.

Story: Lara wants to collect information over an artifact and therefore infiltrates the Von Croy Industries multistoried building. Unfortunately, she is not
able to outwit the security system and the guards spot her. When she arrives at the lower roof and the small airport, a jet is waiting to carry her away. However, the jet crashes and Lara ends up in the Caribbean Sea where she swims up to an island. However, she is not alone there, as some terrorists have occupied the island with their battle submarine...

* The jump from the balcony of the multistoried building to the other balcony: jump to the edge and aim precisely, otherwise you will fall to your death...
* Beginning of 2nd level: Swim towards the center where the triangle is - there you can get out.
* Course with the many crates: Walk as much to the right as possible to not disturb the guards as they are chatting away.

New features
* TRC elements: talking guards whom you need to sneak around
* New enemies: re-textured soldier, sniper from TRC, Mafiosi
* New music: for perfect action and horror scenes
* TRC cabinets


Level 1:

1. Follow the course and go to the left or right along the wall. Jump from the bridge and take cover. Open the door to the left and go to the middle cabinet at the back wall.

2. Put the fuse into the right keyhole and go through the now open rolling door and take the CD from the table and insert it into the computer at the end of the
course. Go up the stairs and take the MP5. (Careful - ceiling mounted gun!!!)

3. Climb into the ventilation shaft and turn the switch.

4. Enter the office and open the door

5. Enter the next walkway and immediately turn to the left and do not follow it to the right (attention, soldiers!!!).

6. Jump into the warehouse room and make sure you take the VCI key from the crate.

7. Jump to the other balcony and take the card out of the cabinet with you.

8. Go to the platform and you are done!

Level 2:

1. Climb out of the water and make your way into the 'garden'. Use the blocks to get into the trees and take the key card from the sniper.

2. Use the key card, pull the switch in the water and swim to the door and it opens.

3. Climb up the ladder, shoot the crates, take the blue key card and find one of the secrets. Then a guard and dogs show up. Kill them and pick up the green key card.

4. Open the door and sneak past the crates on the right and go through the door.

5. Climb into the crawlspace in the dark room and pick up the yellow key card.

6. Climb up and leave the room.

7. Outside kill the giant bird.

8. Go back to the dark area and use the yellow key card.

9. Pick up the red key card behind the bushes and follow the walkways to the submarine and you're done.

Level 3:

1. Approach the door and it opens.

2. Go the left and open the turning door

3. Monkey swing across the torpedos and follow the path.

4. Pull the switch and take the green key card.

5. Leave this area and follow the ramp downwards, open the door with the key card and arrive in the storage area. Move a few blocks to get another key card.

6. Go back to the starting point.

7. Open the door at the end and enter the dining area. Pick up the crowbar on a table.

8. Enter the kitchen, activate the switch and pick up the yellow key card from the stove.

9. Use it nearby and enter a new room.

10. Climb behind the three cabinets and take the bottles.

11. Back to the dining room use the crowbar on the left side.

12. Follow the course and pick up the red key card and open the door near the starting point.

13. Climb up and place the bottles and you are done.