By Debbie Overstreet
Walkthrough written and provided by the author.

This level was not made and is not supported by Core Design Ltd. and Eidos Interactive.
This level was made for entertainment purposes by the author.

The outfit and several of the textures within this level were made by the author. If you have any questions regarding their use please send an email.

Tales Walkthrough: There are three secrets to this level.

Lara finds herself in an abandoned warehouse.There are boxes all around. Explore and find the boxes you can push on the platform.
Pickup any goodies lying about. There are some boxes stacked against the wall blocking your entrance to a room. Move them and enter the room. It's the kitchen area. Grab the shotgun and shells and then jump up and pull the switch on the wall across from the fridge. This switch raises a block outside. Check out the john for some flares and when you leave run forward and climb over a box and go left out the back door. You are in an old and dry lake bed. Climb over the boxes and move forward to the raised block. Watch out for a rattler nearby. Climb up into the cave and grab the goodies. Another snake attacks. If he bites just give Lara a medipak for an antedote. Make sure Lara has full life, hang from the edge and drop into the pit. You are in a rocky cavern with lava below. Notice the arrows on a ledge. Go to the left and run across until you can drop down onto the ledge with the arrows. Save the game here. Across from Lara is a slope. You need to jump far enough onto the slope so that Lara will slide backwards so to grab the edge. Once you make the edge pull up and do a back flip with a twist to grab the edge behind. Shimmy over until you are above the rock below. Drop and as soon as Lara's feet touch the rock do another back flip and twist and you will land at the entrance to a tunnel. Crawl through, grab the medipak and lower into the room at the end. You are in the puzzle room. There are some vases and some blocks. Blast all the vases and grab any goodies. There is a switch on the wall to pull. This will lower the first block and you can move the first puzzle piece. Stand at the outside edge of the puzzle piece and push it to the center. A block will raise behind you. Climb the block and pull up into the small room. Grab the uzi and pull the switch. Below in the puzzle room another block will lower. It's time for move 2. Climb down and go to the next piece. Push this piece onto the square with the picture of one smaller circle next to the center circle. The door to your right will open. Go through that door and at the top is a wooded area. Move forward and go to the back of the woods. A ghostly knight mounts his horse. The fire pot at the back is harmful. Walk through carefully to the right of the fire pot and turn again to your right. Climb the rock and pull the switch. This lowers another block in the puzzle room. First you have to find a scroll to continue the game. Go past the fire pot again and turn to your left. There is a place to jump over into another wooded area. Go there and pickup any goodies you may find. Wander towards the back of the woods. Watch out for any werewolves lurking about. Once you are near the back turn to your left to spy another opening into a smaller area. There are skeletons lying about. Climb the brick wall and find a revolver and some ammo. Grab those and jump back down into the area with the skeletons. Pick up the sixshooter ammo and notice the scroll on the edge. There is a lava pit just over this edge. You have awakened three skeletons. Load your shotgun and have some fun blasting the skeletons over the edge into the lava pit. Once you get all the items jump back into the woods and make your way out to where the fire pot is burning. Kill any enemies with the revolver and grab any goodies.
Now go back down the path into the puzzle room. The next piece is ready to move. Push the puzzle piece over the square with a picture of two smaller circles above the center circle. The next door will open. Go into this area and turn to your left and then right. I'm really bad at giving directions within a maze so I'll just tell you what you need to do. There is a golden switch to pull and secret#1 (grenade ammo)and a green room to find. Once you find the green room you will see a reflection of Lara and a grenade gun on the ground. Watch the reflection and grab the gun. Turn around and go through the 'glass' into the next room. Find a secret#2(arrows) and crawl through the opening and pull the two switches. One will show a shot of the ceiling in the puzzle room with a trapdoor and the other will show a shot of the green room and blocks raising. Go back out and into the room with the reflection, climb up and out of the area. Load the grenade gun and blast any skeletons in your way. Return to the puzzle area and you will see some blue lightning above and above that the trapdoor. Push the next puzzle piece onto the square with three circles around the center circle. The trapdoor will open. Climb the lower block and leap and grab the edge of the higher block and climb up into the upper room. Grab the piece of armour and turn and pull the golden switch. The last block will lower in the puzzle room. Climb back down and push the last piece over the square with four circles around a center circle and the last door will open. Go through the door and climb the ladder at the end. At the top you will be in a rocky cliff setting. Turn to your right, back up and jump to the rocks along the edge. Run across them jumping over to the next row of rocks on your left. Run across and near the end jump ahead to a dimly lit area. There is a rock ladder there. Turn and climb the ladder. Near the top do a back flip and twist to land on your feet on the platform. Place the scroll (which opens a trapdoor in one of the pools below) and watch out for the firewraith. Dive into the smaller pool on your left and grab the large medipak. Climb out and jump into the next pool and swim through the opening. Follow the path and climb out at the end. You are in a large cavern. You can hear a wild beast of some sort. Facing the wall ahead of you turn to your right and run right around the corner at the end. Grab the large medipak and turn quickly around and run back the way you came. A couple of boulders will be coming down the hill. There is another medipak and two more boulders on the other side of this ravine. Lara will have to run back up the hill where the first two boulders came from. Run and leap up the hill. The monster can through fireballs and locusts. At the top of the hill jump up onto the wooden ladders and pull up into another room. In the room is a couple of blocks and to your right there is a small pool and an opening to a crawlspace nearby. Grab any goodies and kill any enemies and go through the opening. There are a few snakes to kill, a medipak or two and secret#3 the second piece of armour. Crawl back out into the larger area with the blocks and find the switch in one of the corners of the room. Pull the switch which will lower the block. Now you can push the block to find the crowbar. Go back to the switch and get the star puzzle piece on the wall. Once you have picked up all the goodies you must return to the outside area and the monster. Drop down without grabbing the edge and you should be on the hill again. Run fast down the hill and back to the place where you entered the cavern. Climb up onto the ledge directly across from the monster. Once you are on the ledge the monster will stop throwing fireballs and locusts. There is a small medipak nearby and a puzzle slot for the star piece. Place the piece and you will see a shot of the doors raising behind the monster. Save the game and if you want grab the medipaks across from you. Jump down into the ravine again and run back up the same hill. The only way to get into the room with the lever behind the monster is to jump, leap or run into the opening. If Lara catches fire and you are quick enough there is a small pool to jump into right behind the lever. A medipak is in the pool.
Once you have made it into this room pull the lever and turn around facing the top of the opposite hill. Leap over and run down the hill and back into the ravine. Pull up next to the area where you placed the star piece and climb up into the now open room above. Watch for skeletons. Follow the path into a room with a fountain, switch and a star on the wall. Pull the switch, grab the star and grab the small medipak. Blast any skeletons and then return to the monster's lair. Look out into the cavern and notice the lava area has been flooded with water. This is your escape. Grab the medipaks if you haven't already and jump into the water. There is an opening on your left. Swim up and out of the area. Pull up at the end and place the final star puzzle piece. Go to the chopper. Congratulations you have finished the level!