Mayan Guardian of Isis
Martin Penn

This is an unauthorised walkthrough by Monika Pietsch.


4 Guardian Gems, 4 Secret Crystals, 5 Secrets

Slide down and go left to avoid a big ball.
Up to the right is a statue blowing out fire over a block and there is a switch behind it.
Go back and run down the other side of the passage. Time it so that you can jump into a pit on the right side when the fire is off. A big ball comes rolling along. After it is gone get out of the pit, go down and through the door.
There are spikes popping up. Run to the other side avoiding the spikes. Pull a switch and run back through the spikes.
Now is a door open on the left side (coming from below). Jump over pits when the fire stops. Pull a switch. This stops the fire in the upper room. Go there.
Take a small medi-pack and pull the switch. Go back to the middle door and at the end another door is open. Go over the fire pits again.
Behind the door is a pool and you see 4 switches. Use the 2 switches with the statues above. This will open the trapdoor in the pool.
Swim in and when you get out you are in a grey cave. Just turn around and climb out. In the corner you see another statue. Pull the switch and the statue turns.
Go back to the poolroom. Climb up at the right statue and crawl in. At the end of the corridor you find a Secret Crystal (blue).
Swim back to the cave and this time go north and you will see a temple.
Look for a sloped block on the right side. Back flip, jump forward and grab. Pull up and make your way to a switch in the northeast corner. This triggers the spikes.
Go over the block where the spikes had been. In the corner is another switch to pull.
Now jump over to the green part and go to the open door. Jump over and push a switch. This will open a grey door down below.
When you go through that door you will see an area with a lake.
In the lake you find a Guardian Gem (red). Watch out for 3 crocodiles. After you killed them, swim to the right side. Get out and walk over flowers and you will find a room with 8 trapdoors. This is a tricky part. The trapdoors are timed.

1. trapdoor northwest corner
2. trapdoor next to the east
3. trapdoor southwest corner
4. trapdoor northeast corner
5. trapdoor southeast corner
6. trapdoor next to the west

The 6. and 7.trapdoor stay open. To open the 8.trapdoor go back into the hole from the 1.trapdoor. From the 2.hole on you can jump out of them. In the 7.hole are a Guardian Gem and the Crowbar. In the 8.hole is a Secret Crystal.

Go back to the temple and use the Crowbar on the black door.
Again you have to pass spikes and fires. You come into a room with 3 statues and three openings, which have different colours just above the door (red, green, blue)
Behind the doors are 3 niche switches with fire emitters and a switch behind a fire.
Use only the niche switch with the colour over the door. This will stop the fire around the switch on the wall. Pull it and some rays are on the statue outside. Repeat this with the other two colours. In the end a block rises in the middle. Climb up and take a Guardian Gem. At the same time a door opens in a grey room behind a grey crawlspace.
Go back to the temple. Use the sloped block again to go up to the green part.
Go to the left and enter the crawlspace and go on till you reach the left door, which is open.
When you enter the next area you have to kill a golden bird. Push the switch in the southeast corner. The one opposite is a spike trap. Kill another golden bird. Push the switch in the northwest corner. The other one is again a spike trap.
Enter a hall with totem poles. Kill 2 tigers. There is a trapdoor in the middle of the room.
Go down opposite the entrance. Pass a few popping up spikes.
Enter a room and the door will close behind you.
Now comes a timed sequence. Go around the corner. Pull a switch. Hit the look key to stop the picture, which shows the open trapdoor and a Guardian Key.
Turn to the right and get onto the block (If you want the shotgun shells on the block you should get them before you pull the switch.) I left the ammo there and it helped to line up for jumping onto the rope. Swing once and jump to the ledge. Do a running jump to the next ledge and to the next one around the corner. From there a running jump towards the open door. Pull the switch there. This will open the exit door from this room. Go down and dash towards the spikes and go through them and up and down the trapdoor.
Pick up the Guardian Gem. The trapdoor closes, so slide down. Pull a switch and now comes a long swim. Swim and swim till you reach an open door and you are back in the lake where the crocodiles had been. I had to use a large medi-pack before I reached the air.
Go out of the water and straight ahead and left to the temple. Use the sloped block to get onto the higher part. Go over to the green side. Use the crawlspace on the left side.
Go through the right door. The door closes behind you and an earthquake starts.
On the right side is a crevice. Use it till you can drop. Turn around and climb onto the block. Crawl and get down. Jump over to the brown ledge. Transverse to the left till you are on the small side. Pull up and back flip. Two big balls come rolling along.
Go over the block with the intermittent fire. There you find a Shotgun on a ledge.
Go back onto the block with the fire and when the fire is gone do a running jump towards a block just ahead. Pull up and slide down. Pull the switch there and this will stop the fire around the Secret Crystal. Turn around and jump and grab the backside of a sloped block. Transverse to the right side. Pull up, jump and use the right direction key. This should get you onto a small ledge. Might take a few tries.
You canít use the brown ledge anymore, because spikes are popping up in short intervals. So jump from the small ledge over to the left side. Go towards the wall and jump into the safe opening behind the spikes. From there jump over to the other side.
Go on till you can pick up the Secret Crystal. Return the way you came.
Now you see another spike trap. You have to pass it and reach the ledge behind it.
In this part there are 4 switches to pull. There is a skeleton bothering you. It wonít come out far enough so you could send it into the pit. You just have to outwit it.
After having pulled the 4.switch start running. A door closes behind you and you might get rid of that skeleton.
As you run along the passage 3 more skeletons get up and when you passed them follow you. When you come to the bigger room donít stop just run through the curtain.
The skeletons will not follow.
You see a room with a central structure and a closed door on the right. There are 4 Golden Stars you can take from the walls. But you donít need them.
Cross the room and a big grey door will open automatically. Go in. You get the key for the black door later. Go up the stairs. From here you can jump to the snake receptacle. You have to insert the 4 Guardian Keys. To go to the 2.snake receptacle you can use the other ledge near the wall. For the 2 more snake receptacles you have to jump into the middle part with the slopes in the corners.
After having used the 4 Guardian Keys you see a short fly-by. 2 Demigods are now in the room. Go down and eliminate them. One drops the Secret Key and the other a small medi-pack. With the Key go to the black door and open it.
Behind it is the 4.Secret Crystal. Pick it up and then insert all 4 into their receptacles.
This opens a door. Go through and you come into a garden with a pool. Go behind the waterfall and collect the Grenade Gun and other goodies.
Go back to the bigger room and to the open door in the corner. Slide down and the game is over.