The Lara Croft Show



You arrive in a long dart-trapped hallway inside a large theatre. Start by running ahead and you will meet your first enemy - a large scorpion. After taking him down, continue on through the hallway, beware of the central spike-pit and gun down the demigod that attacks from the left. Now run to the right of the spike-trapped floor to avoid the fire and steam-emitters and head through to the arena.

Gun down the two dogs that show up, and then head to the west side of the theatre and collect the Shotgun and Normal Shotgun Ammo. Note the closed door in the west wall, and then run to the top of the seating area and search between the seats for Wideshot Shotgun Ammo and a SMP.  Head down to the north wall, note the closed door and then take a right turn (east) into another long hallway.

Make your way down to the area with the turquoise carpet, gun down the demigod that attacks from the south room and then collect a SMP from the end of the hallway. Ignore the north room, it's spike-trapped and enter the south room. Negotiate the spike-traps to get to the other end of the room, and then enter the small south room, watch out for the dart-traps and take out the dog that attacks. Now use the floor-lever to open the west wall door out in the arena.

Head back to the area and save your game outside the newly opened west wall door. Inside the room there is a rolling-blade, a demigod and a harpy. Wait for the blade to pass from left to right, and then run inside the room and run behind the steps in the SW corner. Gun down the demigod and harpy, and then head up the step and use the floor-lever at the top to open the north wall door out in the area. Now time the rolling-blade and exit the room.

Make your way to the north wall, enter the newly opened door and you have arrived in a glass maze. Go straight ahead northwards until you can't go any further, and then go left and pick up the Uzis ~ 2 x Uzi Ammo from the end of the passage. Head back westwards and go L - R - 2nd L and pick up a SMP. Turn around to face north and run straight on to the north wall. Now go left, run straight ahead (west) and exit the glass maze.

Stop at the end of the following passage. There is a room ahead with two pillars, a deadly pool and two harpies. Start by taking out the two harpies, and then jump to the first pillar. Now stand-jump to the lower pillar, turn around and safety-drop to ground. Shoot the dog that attacks from the SW corner of the room, and then run outside and head to the west side of the courtyard to finish the level.