Mystery of Eden 2
by Sascha Wandelt / Sweet 25

This is an unauthorised walkthrough by Monika Pietsch.
This walkthrough is meant as a guideline to get you to the end of the level, even so there might be other ways too.

You start with a savegame. Either you use your own from Mystery of Eden 1 (especially Mac Player) or the one supplied by the author.

In the end you should have 15 Secrets.
6 from Mystery of Eden 1.
9 from Mystery of Eden 2.
3 in each of the levels except Under the Temple.

Level 3
Eden Temple Of The Four Elements.
3 Secrets

If you turn around in the water you come to a crowbar switch. Remember that for later.
You start swimming forward.
When you can climb out 2 giant mosquitoes are there. Kill them.
Go to the southwest corner and climb a ladder. You have to jump over several fire pits and at the end grab a ladder.
In the next room there are swinging blades.
Run over the breakable tiles and jump past the blades and grab a transparent block.
Look for the other swinging blade. With a running jump grab the edge of a breakable tile.
Pull up and with a running jump get into the opening avoiding the blade.
You see a fly-by with mutants behind doors and some switches.
Collect the shotgun ammo from the statues before pulling the first switch. Pull the switch and kill the first mutant (e.g. 5 shotgun ammo). Go into his room. Pull the switch there and kill the next mutant. In his room is a golden globe. Pull / push it out to just one square before the fire. Go into the corner. Climb up a block and pull the trapdoor there. Go up and pull the switch. This will stop the fire for a little while. So get down fast and push the globe onto the fire square. This opens a door above. Pick up a large medi-pack.
Crawl in and shoot 2 giant mosquitoes. Watch out that they donít push you down.
You see 4 swinging blades. First get over to the ledge straight ahead. If you jump from there over to the left you will find some arrows. Then jump over to the right. Crawl in and you will see 2 switches. A giant mosquito comes in. Kill it. Pull the right switch first and you see a picture. Pull the left switch and this will put up timed platforms to reach a switch. After you pulled the switch crawl to the exit, jump over to the right, run along and jump to the first platform. Actually if you donít waist much time on your way you will reach the switch in good time. Pull the switch and the double door down below opens.
Collect some goodies from the blocks. Then go to the water in the corner. In the water you find the Crowbar. When you come out you have to deal with 2 giant mosquitoes.
When you go through the door and in the next area is a mutant waiting. So get weapons ready. Take a small medi-pack from a statue. A door opens and another mutant appears. Kill him. Take a second small medi-pack from the second statue. Go to the second room and take the Golden Star from the wall. Go over to the ornamental door, which is open now. Pull a switch in that room. Go over to the first room and a trapdoor opened. Slide down into water. Swim along a passage. On your way pull an underwater lever. This opens the ornamental door to the pool where you came in at the beginning.
In the pool dive down the centre and swim along the passage. At the end climb out and use the crowbar switch. This opens a door and behind it is a Golden Rose (Secret).
Swim back to the pool and swim into the opening on the east side. When you climb out you see a rope, a lava room etc. Use the crowbar switch. This will drop another rope from the ceiling. Go to the right side and make your way over the sloped blocks till with a last jump you should grab the rope. Swing over. There is an open door and on a statue you find the Crossbow. Before using the other rope go to the wide slope. Drop and transverse to the right till you reach a ladder. Use it and transverse to the left till you reach a crawlspace. Inside is a Golden Rose (Secret).
Go all the way back and with a running jump grab the rope. From the sloped block you reach the other side and safety again.
Now pull the switch on the wall. This will flood an area. Go there. It is on the south side in the pool.
Inside that room you see 2 knight statues with Golden Stars, but guarded by spikes.
First look for a narrow opening in the south wall. Inside you find the Lasersight. You will have to go back outside to get some air. Return and find an underwater lever behind the far right hanging block. Pulling it removes the spikes. Go back to the room in the east. Pulling the switch again drains the room. Go back to the knights and collect the 2 Golden Stars.
Leave the pool and go to the north side and up some stairs.
You come to an area with 4 walkways leading to Elemental doors.

Hint: water, air and fire door open only if you have the Crowbar and the Lasersight.

When you go down you see 4 receptacles for masks. On the left is an entrance. There is a crowbar switch. Using it opens an ornamental door to a room with 3 scales in it for water, fire, and earth.

You can start with any door you like. This is how I did it.

Start with the Air door (west).
Go through and the door closes behind you.
Climb up a ladder and you come to a labyrinth. Explore and find some goodies.
The important things are down the middle passage. At the end and right you find an Elemental Mask. In the middle passage and left is a metal door. Picking up the mask opens the door. In the next labyrinth you have to find a lower wall (southeast corner). Climb over and in this area to the right you get a Golden Star. Taking it opens a door.
Go left and there is the door. Climb up and open a trapdoor in the ceiling.
You will see a moving block and swinging blades you have to pass. On the other side is also a moving block. Run to the left and pick up an Elemental Mask. A trapdoor opens.
Fall down into the water. Climb out and go to the left. The door opens and you are near the scale room.

Go back up and go to the Earth door (south).
Go in and go down into the mud. Wade to the right and climb out at an opening. Make you way up the slopes till you reach a platform. In the room there you get the Bag of Sand from the statue. An earthquake starts. Watch the fly-by.
The platform is gone and 2 ropes are hanging from the ceiling.
Jump over to the block on the right and from there make it to a block in the corner using the 2 ropes. Use the ledges to go to the exit of this area. Use a ladder to climb down.
Pass 2 sets of moving blocks. Behind them you find an Elemental Mask. Leave near the scale room.

Go to the Fire door (north).
When you enter this area watch a fly-by. Collect a Jerrycan near a filling station. Kill a giant mosquito. Go to the opening in the ground and you come to a room with a set of constantly fire spitting dragonheads. Look to the opposite wall. There you have to shoot a gem in a lionís mouth. This changes the set of the fire spitting dragons and the other ones are having intervals between the fires.
But before you cross the transparent platforms hang from the edge and drop and grab a crawlspace entrance. Go in and collect a Golden Rose (Secret). Leave through a door and now cross the fire room.
Use the intervals to get onto the transparent platforms and to the other side of the room. You can stand in the corners and that is safe.
In the room you enter avoid a swinging blade. Take an Elemental Mask from the statue.
On your way back you have to jump over 2 fire pits and pass a spike trap and an intermittent fire.

Go to the Water door (east).
Jump into the water and swim down the centre. You will see 2 underwater levers. Pull them and it opens the middle door. Swim in and climb out. Collect the Small Waterskin.
You can fill it now or later. Climb up the ladder. When you enter the next room a fire wraith appears. So run back to the water to get rid of it.
In the room is a central block with popping up spikes. First look for a lionís head hidden in a corner. Shoot the gem. This will stop the spikes. Use the ladder and back flip to the ledge. Look for a Torch. Light it and light the other 3 wall torches with it. This opens the ornamental door down below. Jump into the water and swim on and to the right. In an opening is an underwater lever. Pull it and the door to a crowbar switch opens. Swim back to the entrance. Jump to the left slope and transverse till you reach a ladder. Climb up and use the crowbar switch. This opens a door at the end of a corridor. Swim to the southwest corner and climb out. Jump over 2 fire pits. You are back at the walkways. Go down and insert the 4 Elemental Masks. The 4 Statues turn and a secret hole in the floor opens up. Go in and take a Torch. Light it and take it with you to the scale room.
There empty the water, the sand and the oil into the scales. Use the sand before the oil.
Light the oil and the exit door opens. In the next room look for an ornamental door. If you have all secrets from this level the door is open. Collect some goodies. Then pull a switch and hurry to a timed trapdoor. This is the end or this level.

Level 4
Eden Under The Temple
No Secrets

You slide down and land on a breakable tile. Jump up and grab a monkey bar.
Swing forward and to the left. You come to a room with 2 big wheels. Watch a fly-by.
You can go down by the big wheels and collect medi-packs. Look for 2 switches. They open high up a door. They are timed. Get Crossbow and Lasersight ready. Pull one switch and run. Turn around and shoot into the opening. A big wheel starts turning.
Repeat this with the second switch. Go back to the monkey bar and swing to the left.
On the right side you find some shotgun ammo. Straight ahead is a room with several globes (5). Pull / push them to their right place. A light will glow over the globe if it is on the correct circle. Red rays start and a door opens. Go there and get a Golden Star from the wall.
Go back to the room with the big wheels. A rope has come down from the ceiling.
Climb up and use the rope to swing to the opening and grab the edge (might be a bit tricky). Inside is a receptacle for a Golden Star. Insert one and a trapdoor opens. Climb up a ladder and walk along a corridor. At the end fall deep down into water.
Get out. You see a slope on the left. Look up and there is a lionís head. Shoot the gem to open an ornamental door. When you walk up the ramp a fire wraith appears. Run back to the water to get rid of it.
Go to the middle passage. You have to pass 2 moving blocks without getting caught.
In this room you see 2 golden doors, a pool and unlit wall torches.
Turn around and look for the lionís head behind the moving blocks. Shoot the gem. This opens a golden door. Go in and you come to room with sloped ledges, a rope and 2 intermittent fire burners. You have to cross this room. First slide and jump and grab a ledge. Get up and with a running jump go to the ledge on the other side. Pick up some goodies. Now watch the burner and with a running jump go over to the slope. Slide, grab and transverse to the left. In the middle of the next square pull up and twist jump to grab the rope. You should reach the opening high in the wall. Watch the burner.
Swinging once should be enough to grab the edge of the opening.
When you go down a dog will meet you. Kill it. You enter the room behind the second golden door. Pick up a Torch. Light it. You have to stand on a block for that. Go outside and light the 4 wall torches. This opens an underwater door in the pool.
Use the switch on the wall. This opens another underwater door. Jump into the pool. Pull one underwater lever and then the other. Now the golden door up the ramps is open. Donít forget to take the large medi-pack from the floor.
Get out of the pool. Pass the moving blocks and go up the ramp through the open door.
2 giant mosquitoes come flying along. Kill them. When you go through the next open door it closes behind you and 2 mutants come running towards you. Eliminate them. Go along the right side and the other door opens. In this room are 4 receptacles for Golden Stars. Use them and blue rays appear. After having inserted the fourth one a trapdoor opens. Drop in and you fall into water. That is the end of this level

Level 5
Eden The Old Monastery
3 Secrets

Hint: If you avoid shooting at the khaki dressed Soldiers, they will help you with the SAS. If you shoot at one, you have to kill them all. So it is up to you. I just always did run away from the SAS and let the Soldiers do the dirty work.

In the pool swim to a block and use it to climb out. Collect some goodies and then pull a high wall switch. This opens a door in the pool.
Swim through. When you enter the next area you see a fly-by. At the same time you loose some health. Just swim around. When the fly-by is finished you realise that some SAS had been shooting at you, but the Soldiers had taken care of them.
Collect the items in the pool. Get out and look for a dangling ball. Shoot it. (There are 2, but I think shooting one is enough). A door opens and you can take a Trident from the pedestal. Taking it also opens a trapdoor. Look for a climbable wall. Go up and when you have taken a few steps watch a fly-by. You enter the Monastery. You see Soldiers coping with SAS and you get a short view of von Croy. When the fly-by is finished you can just wait till the Soldiers have eliminated the SAS. You see a closed door.
Go to the next yard and climb up the rocks. You can jump over to the balcony and pick up some goodies. You see von Croy pacing up and down. Look for a dangling ball on the right side. Shoot it. Go back to the rock and climb down to a crawlspace. Inside is a Golden Rose (Secret). If you want to visit von Croy you have to jump into the opening where the dangling ball is. But there is nothing there and he doesnít seem to be interested in your visit.
Go back over the rocks and into the first yard. The big door is open. Go up some wide stairs. In the room on the right side you see a Trident behind a wooden door.
In the first room on the left you see a mesh curtain with targets behind.
Go to the second room on the left. Use a ladder and transverse to the left.
Climb up again. With your hands on the third rung above the lilac painted wall do a twist jump to grab the opposite wall. Climb up till you reach a high wall switch. Jump up and pull it. This removes the mesh curtain. Make your way down again and go there.
Shoot all the targets (normal arrows) except the very left one in the last row.
This opens a door on the right side. Go there. When you enter the next room 2 spike walls come out. Run along before they get you. You see a wooden door. When you get there spikes pop up behind you and a spike ceiling comes down. The right corner is safe. Open the door with the Crowbar. Go up some stairs. On the left you see a gong and 2 star doors. Go to the next yard. Climb the wall and when you turn around you see on the left side a very high wall switch. Make your way over and pull it. This opens a trapdoor in the yard. Go down and you will see a mesh curtain rising. Shoot all the targets. That removes the spikes in the room below. Go to the right and up. Pull a switch. This opens a door. Climb up the ladder. There will be 2 SAS outside in the yard. Cope with them, as you like. Run away or go back down. Once they are done with go to the right star door near the gong. Inside you find some revolver ammo and a Trident.
Go down a corridor and you can take a Trident. It is the one you saw right at the beginning. You have 3 now. Use the crowbar to open the door. Go to the door straight ahead and you enter the main hall.
Watch out for SAS. Run around and let the Soldiers do their job.
Climb up the ladder on the east wall and collect the Roof Key. Across the room high up are 3 Neptune, but they are surrounded by fire.
You go to the far right corner and you see an open door. But now go to the left till you reach an empty pool. Drop in and pull a block out. This is important. Otherwise you will not get the Golden Rose there later. Return to the open door. Slide down and start wading across. Watch out spike walls and a spike ceiling starting to move. Leave through the open door. You see a wide slope. You have to trigger 3 big balls. Then go up and there is a keyhole. Use the Roof Key. As soon as you go towards the door another big ball is triggered. So just hurry in. In the next room are 2 switches. When you slide into the room the door behind you closes and a spike ceiling comes down. Pull the 2 switches fast and jump into the open trapdoor. Down the next slope you have to run / dash and jump over a spike pit. A big ball is following you till the pit. In the room you enter is a switch. Pulling it stops the fire around the middle Neptune. Pick up the ammo and the large medi-pack. Open the wooden door with the Crowbar and go back to the main hall.
There is a movable block on the north side. Pull it and enter. Inside you have to move 3 blocks onto their corresponding tile. Start on the right side, then left side and then get the block from the entrance. This will open a trapdoor. Climb up. In the next room you have to move 2 blocks onto their corresponding tile. In this room is a corridor in the corner. This is a way to get to the still closed star door.
You step out onto a balcony. Use the 2 ropes to swing over to the middle Neptune.
Use the first Trident. This will stop the fire around the left Neptune. Using the Trident on him stops the fire around the right Neptune. After having used the Trident on him the pool is flooded. Drop down to the floor and go to the pool. Jump into the water and collect a Golden Rose (Secret). Look for a ladder. Climb up, transverse to the left.
You have to jump over sloped blocks, use a monkey bar and some more climbable wall till you can back flip into a niche. (If the pool isnít flooded there is a fire there)
Pull the high wall switch and a door opens on the south side. Go there and take the Northern Shaft Key from the wall. This opens a door on the south side of the main hall.
When you leave the room a SAS will start shooting at you. Avoid him.
Go back to the main hall and go through the opening where the block was. Go up and use the corridor. Drop at the end and go to the left star door. It is open. Collect a Golden Rose (Secret) and the Uzi.
Go over to the other star door and go on till you are back in the main hall.
Go to the door (now left) you opened a little while ago.
Just run for the door and you will leave the level.

Level 6
Eden The Ruins
3 Secrets

You see a jeep just in front of you and on the right side is a wide slope.
Now you need a key. Turn round and look up (north) and you see 2 dangling balls there.
Shoot one of them with normal arrows. This will open a trapdoor. Go and look for a ladder. Pick up some arrows and then climb up.
In this room is a pole. Use it to climb up higher. The next room is covered with spike traps. So wait till the fire stops and back flip onto the only safe square.
Use the pole there to climb up to the next room. Back flip. In this room on a pedestal you find the Ignition Key. Make you way down again, watching the spike traps.
As soon as you are back down at the bottom 2 SAS are there to greet you with gunfire.
Get rid of them.
Use your Ignition Key to start the jeep. Drive up the slope. Stop and get a large medi-pack. Drive down a slope. Stop and go forward to the right side. Climb in and pull a high wall switch. Near the exit jump to the right and grab the edge. Pull up and pick up some shotgun shells. Walk a few steps and kill a SAS on the stone bridge. Go on till you reach a spike pit. Look for a climbable surface in the pit.
Use it and you reach a crawlspace. Go in and collect some goodies and the Revolver.
Look for an open trapdoor on the right side. Climb up. The trapdoor closes again. Walk on. You will find a Golden Rose (Secret). You have to kill a SAS. Leave through a metal door and go back to the jeep. Slide down to where the jeep is. Drive it up the slope. You have to cross over the spike pit. Start and make it not a too long run. It might take a few tries, but it is possible. Drive on and eliminate 2 SAS on your way (driving over them is one way).
Get out near the pool. Jump in and climb out into the opening. You find a switch inside.
Pull it. Get out of the pool and get up the rocks with jumps. There is an open door. Go in.
On the right side is a Golden Rose (Secret) on a pedestal. As soon as you picked it up 2 SAS come and start shooting at you. Kill them. Leave and the door closes again.
Get into the jeep and drive up a very narrow passage on the left side (coming from the pool). Stop just before the wooden bridge. Get out and jump over to the left side. There is a Golden Rose (Secret).
You can drive the jeep over the bridge or just walk on.
Behind the bridge and in the next area is a SAS shooting from a stone bridge at you.
Kill him. When you have all 3 Secrets a big round door is open. Use a rope to swing into the opening in the wall and collect goodies and the Grenade Gun.
When you climb up to the next area you see a fly-by. A dragon appears. The kind that sends out locusts and breathes fireballs. There is a round door on the other side of the area and a high wall switch.
Run to the left and collect the Southern Shaft Key from the wall.
Climb over a block. Then you have to run to the high wall switch on the left side of the dragon (facing it). Locusts nibble away your health. To make it in time it is advisable to do the run so, that you donít have to adjust in front of the switch. Pull it and run to the open round door there. Donít stop. Just slide down. Save your game. You have to jump over some spikes at the end of the slope. It might take a few tries. Once you have managed that save and keep this savegame for the Mystery of Eden 3.