Challenge of Ba

Author: Karsten Mittag (Raymond)

Secrets: 5

Walkthrough: CC and Karsten Mittag

Some good advice from Raymond: Look carefully at textures and lights in special places (doors, levers, trigger tiles, etc.). This can give hints about corresponding event (for instance, which lever opens which door).
Shooting vases into pieces triggers important events.

There are altogether five secrets (two in each Ba level and one in the bonus level).

And advice from CC: Follow the instructions carefully when converting the files. It has to be done properly for these levels to work.

Note from Moderator: This is a revision of an existing walkthrough for this level.

Ba 1

Lara falls down in front of a hand receptacle. Ahead is a crawlspace to a good looking water room and we see a rope. On the left is a waterhole but it's toxic. And further in you'll see a slope with a monkeyswing overhead. That's where we're going first. You can sideflip onto the slope and jump to grab the monkeyswing but it's much easier to do a running jump across to the entrance.

Drop down the other side. There's another toxic pool on the right. Go left to shoot a vase. This changes that toxic pool to water. (This is a hint of what happens later on - shooting vases to change things).

Dive in and swim forward, not to the very end of the tunnel, but to the first turn up to the right. There is really only one way to go. Keep swimming forward until you reach a pharoah texture and airhole. Climb out and go along the corridor. There's another corridor across the water. Go over and have a look if you like then come back here. See down there on the left, the pharoah texture, swim down to it to get ammo, and come back to swim under the corridor you just dived from (below where the fire was).

You eventually come to a room with slopes. Stand Lara in front of the left slope. Jump up and grab the slope. Shimmy to the right as far as you can. Press up to start Lara pulling up, then press jump twist and left keys together. Immediately let go of the twist key but keep pressing the jump and left key. Lara will start to jump forward and backwards until she lands at the top. Take the hand from the pedestal and go back to the beginning of the level and place it.

That toxic pool here is now clear. Dive in and swim to the room with the rope you saw through the crawlspace. A flyby shows us this room and we soon find out the water is toxic here too.

Look past the slope ahead and see a gate on a ledge. That's where you're going first. Thereıs a column just to your right and the back of a slope beside it. Take a running jump to that slope, slide down, let Lara slide onto the patterned tile, then jump over to the other slide. If she lands properly she will start to slide towards and be able to jump to the slope beside the wall. If she doesn't, keep jump and the left key pressed until she does. Then slide down the patterned tile beside the wall, almost to the end, and jump to grab the ledge where the gate is. Phew! that's the first part done, and youıve touched two patterned tiles. You can see now that the idea is to touch all five patterned tiles.

Line up a running jump from the end of the ledge, beside the pillar, to the slope in the centre of the room you were on before. You may have to backflip and forward jump with left pressed to get Lara onto the slope on the left. Slide down that slope and jump to land on the non-patterned slope under the rope. Slide down this one and jump to the tile on the small ledge behind the pillar.

Next is a running jump to the double doors. Climb up to the ram statue on the left side of the doors and turn around to face the rope. Do a single jump to the slope ahead, then immediately press left and jump to grab the rope. You are literally only touching the slope, bouncing off it so to speak, before jumping left to grab the rope. Turn to face a high patterned slope near a side entrance. Don't swing too far. Aim to drop onto the slope, slide down and grab the edge. Pull up, press jump twist and left, let go of twist when she starts to turn and Lara will land beside the entrance.
Jump back to the double doors to do the last patterned tile just in front of these doors. A running jump to it, and keep jumping and sliding left again and again until youıre back on that small ledge behind the pillar. And finally a running jump back to the double doors.

There are probably more, and better ways, of doing this room. This is just the way I did it.

One of the double doors is open (we can see a lever behind the door if we look through the crack, but we can't get at it right now). Go in to the left and around, past ladders and a pit. Two ninjas attack and the camera changes.

This room has a large hole in the centre of the floor. Looking down we see more toxic water and a slope.

See that tall ladder on the left wall, opposite where you came into this room. Run at it from the side to trigger a spike boulder, then climb the ladder, backflip at the top, and push the lever there. A camera shows an underwater gate opening in the room nearby.

Climb down the ladder and go to this room. More toxic water. A flyby shows a floor lever, and another hard jumping sequence.

Stand behind the slope on the left. Jump up and grab the slope. Pull up, slide and jump across to the next slope. Jump to the next, slide and hang from it. You could continue with this jumping sequence, but hanging allows you to save before getting ready for the next part. Shimmy to the left, pull up, backflip to the slope behind, slide to the end (if you don't slide to the end you won't make it, at least I couldn't). Jump and press left to land on the outside slope, slide and jump to grab the crawlspace.
Drop back and shimmy around to the next block. Pull up, backflip twist to grab the block behind. Shimmy to the left, pull up, press jump twist and right. As Lara starts to turn let go of twist and keep jump and right pressed and Lara will slide and grab the lower slope. Now just shimmy to the right and pull up.

(It's taken longer to write all these instructions than it did to do it in game, lol). OK, next for shaving.

Climb onto the block beside you and go forward to the medpack. Before taking it, turn to face the block you've just climbed. Pick up the medpack and run for that block, because a spike boulder will fall on the place where the medpack was. From the block do a running jump back over the spike boulder. Backflip onto the slope and forward jump to grab the entrance above. Go in and shoot a vase. This shows the water is now clear in the room with five patterned tiles.

Back down to that block again near the spike boulder and do a running jump across to the floor lever you saw in the flyby. This shows one of the double doors closing, so you now have access to the lever behind it.
Jump back across to that block beside the spike boulder. See the slope and the monkeyswing above. Stand with Lara's back to the slope, backflip onto the slope and forward jump to grab the monkeyswing. Swing across to the other side (the gate is still closed) . Line up a jump to the slope around the corner, slide and jump to grab the slope across the water, and shimmy back to the crawlspace.

Hang from the crawlspace and shimmy left as far as you can go. Pull up, press jump twist and right key, to the slope behind, slide and grab the edge, shimmy to the right, pull up, slide and jump back to the entrance.
Go to the switch behind the double doors. Push it (a camera shows you the opening of a gate in the adjacent big room) and come back to the hole in the floor with the toxic water below and a slope with four spike boulders at the top.

Climb down the ladder, backflip twist and grab the slope behind. Shimmy to the right and pull up on a safe part. There are four boulders up there, how to move them?

This is what I did. First go up the right side. Jump to the pattern tile in front of the second-from-left boulder and jump back. That boulder falls.
Jump again to that pattern square, face towards the ladder. Run onto the pattern beside you that's in front of the far left boulder, and jump immediately left and grab the ladder. Backflip onto the slope again and get up.

Stand in front of the far right boulder. Turn around and face the ladder. Backflip onto the pattern square, and forward jump to the right to land again on the flat square at the end of the slope. Three down, one to go.
Jump to and climb back up the ladder to the top. Back to the pit where the camera changes and look into it. There's a ladder down, and a tall ladder on the side. Down there at the bottom of the ladder is a vase to shoot, to clear the toxic water below. There's no point in climbing down and trying to shoot it, there's not enough time. Stand with your back to the pit, pistols ready, then drop back, shooting as you fall down. You should hit the vase and the water should be clear when you fall into it.
Swim into the opposite tunnel and climb out of the water. With a series of jumps and climbs to get flares (a running jump with action from the lower part of the block), then grab the ladder (a running jump with action from the higher part of the block), you climb back out to the large room before the double doors. Now the water is clear.

Look to the right and you see that fire is now out, so jump over there and through the newly opened gate.

Go forward and jump two pits - use action as you jump. Find the ladder at the end and climb up and see a room with sand covered floor. Drop down and get ready to shoot three scorpions. The uzis are on a shelf across the room. Near this shelf, stand on the highest part of the sand beside the wall and look in the corner for a opening, and you'll see a vase up there. Jump to the ledge with a precise running jump, pull up and shoot the vase. A camera shows you one pool is now clear.

Go back the way you came to one of the pits you jumped over earlier. Find the climbable surface in one pit. Drop down and grab that surface. If Lara won't pull up into the crawlspace because her legs are up, let go of the action key for a second to let her hang and she will pull up into it.
Go around and climb the ladder before the fire. There is a half cartouche up there. Back down again and the fire is out to let you go through it. Climb up the left block and youıre back at the start of this water room.
Look for a way to the opening on the left side of the room and drop down there. Dive to the pit. Pull up into the alcove and jump to the ladder. Climb up and run past the pit with the four boulders, to the water room where we did all those peculiar jumps, floor lever and underwater gate. The water is clear now for us to swim through that underwater gate and through some underwater tunnels to a room with a sink area. Simply follow the tunnels to this room. You see the alternating flat rows with sideward currents and sloped rows with blocking currents. The rows with blocking currents have flat tiles with no current.

So let Lara drift with the first sideward current to the right and use the tile without current to move to the next sideward current. Let Lara drift to the left and pick up the medipack(see texture!) there. This also opens a door nearby in an underwater tunnel. Swim back again to the first sideward current. Let Lara drift to the left etc. and use the sideward currents and the tiles with no currents to swim to the exit. No need for crossing any current, but you can do it with forceful swimming. Then you can go straight ahead outside for air or go down and to the right and not too far in you'll see a slanted part to swim through and ahead to a greenish texture with a pattern tile. The camera changes and you see Lara swimming up into a room to collect the half cartouche.

I didn't know what else to do here, so I headed back through the sink room. It's much easier going back, simply swim straight to the other side.
On your way through the tunnels notice the spikes and the textures around them. There was a column with the same textures in the pool in the desert valley, where Lara got air. This is the anti-trigger for the spikes and then you can find a secret. That´s for later.

Go all the way back to the pit where you dropped to shoot the vase as you fell. Drop down into the clear water and find a place where you can combine the two half cartouches and place them. The ground shakes a little. What's happened? Climb the nearby ladder and youıre back at the room with the hole in the floor and four boulder slope below. All four boulders are now in the toxic water and the gate at the top of the slope is now open. Climb down the ladder, backflip as before, and go up to that gate.

On the slope ahead is another spike boulder that will start rolling down towards you. I tried to go for the crawlspace and the alcove on the right but didn't succeed.

This is the way I did it:

Go forward, slowly, onto the slope until you trigger the spike ball, then hop back a bit. You are safe because a gate stops the boulder. Turn around and go back to the closed gate and stand on the bright square there. Go back up to the different coloured tiles in front of the spikeball. Donıt run onto them. Turn around and back up to them. As soon as the boulder starts rolling again, sprint down through the now open gate and back onto the top of the slope above the four spike boulders in the water. Now let go of the sprint key and turn slightly to the right as you go down and jump to the ladder. You may actually land on the safe square below, but I had to jump to the ladder. Go back up the slope again and through the gate.

Go to the very top for the pickup, then nearby, through the gate to trigger a flyby that shows the outside and two ninjas waiting for you.

Run outside, to the left and up around the side of the temple and find a hole. Jump in to see a gate opening somewhere underwater. The ninjas are hiding, go seek them out.

Go back to the front of the temple. Climb up the ladder, and find a floor lever. Be very careful on the way back. You'll see a spike boulder up there. It will trigger spikes on the floor if you just run for it. An excellent suggestion from Michael is to sprint on the right side and press jump so Lara will literally roll under and past the spike boulder. Kristina suggests to press crawl as well, but I did it the first time the way Michael suggested.

When you've recovered your breath go back a little towards the spikeball and climb up. You see where you can place a cartouche later. Climb up again and see a ladder. Climb down and go in to get the flares. Continue down, back to the temple door.

Go outside and to the right. Climb the steps at the side of the temple.
You'll see a pit and ahead is a gate to a secret. Stand by the pit with pistols ready and save because this could take a few tries.

Holster the pistols. Drop back onto the ladder and climb down almost to the bottom. Backflip, draw pistols, shoot the vast, holster pistols, jump and grab the ladder below. The fire stays on all the time. When you know you have shot the vase, backflip and forward grab the ladder and climb up. Go into the secret room for the pickups.

Just outside this secret room you can pull up onto the wall, then backflip over to the other side and land in another corridor.

To the left is a small crawlspace maze where you'll find a floor lever. Push it and a camera shows you a gate opening nearby.

The other way is to another crawlspace, where you see ladders on the left wall, and a monkeyswing overhead. See if you can drop from the crawlspace, slide, jump and grab the monkeyswing. I couldn't do it. This is what I did. Back out of the crawlspace and let Lara slide down the slope, grab the edge, shimmy to the left, pull up, press jump and twist, let go jump twist and press hard right, and she lands safely on the ledge behind her.

This gate, which you opened with the lever switch earlier, is where you were before with the water and that long swim. Press action, slide, jump and grab the monkeyswing. Swing across and get the half cartouche. Climb up the ladder behind it, not to the top, and jump/twist/grab the crawlspace behind. Crawl through and you're facing a fire in a ladder and a tiny crevice behind you. There is another vase to shoot in that crevice.
Jump up to grab the higher part of the ladder and don't press action until Lara is at the top of her jump, otherwise she'll grab the lower part. Press up once so Lara brings her feet up. Press jump/twist/draw weapons and shoot, and Lara should shoot the vase on her way over so to speak. The fire is now out, crawl through. Lara needs to hang off the lower ladder before she crawls in, if she brings her legs up she wonıt crawl in. So let go of action for a split second and pull up. Crawl around and drop down.
Weıre not going to get away with any magic jumps this time. We have to grab that monkeyswing. So jump across to the ladder on the wall, let Lara bring her legs up, and climb up to the left as high as you can go and beside the crawlspace. Let go for a second, then press jump and grab, and she should have no problem grabbing the monkeyswing. Turn around and swing right up against the crawlspace. Let go for a second, grab the crawlspace and crawl in. You are back at the entrance of the temple and the outside area.

Climb onto the higher pillar at the pool. Music starts, and you can dive to get the secret. Back in the pool, from the secret, swim down to the bottom and along the tunnel there until you come to a room with a ninja shooting at you, but you can't get out of this water. Dive back down a bit through the open gate and come out of the water. You can now shoot the ninja through the slit in the wall, and go around and get the half cartouche. There's a hand over the other side but you can't get at it.
Swim back to the outside pool and climb out. The spikes that were on that block are now gone and you can climb out. Go to the entrance of the temple, climb the ladder there and place the cartouche pieces.

Back down to the entrance of the temple and go back inside towards the slope where the boulder was. A gate has opened just before the slope, to show a hand receptacle. As you go in the level changes to . . .

Ba 2

You're still facing the receptacle, without the hand. Run forward and see a hole in the floor. You can shoot two ninjas from up here. Jump down to the pyramid and shoot two more.

There are four double doors in this room. At the base of the pyramid are two different textured squares. Standing on these opens one side of the double doors beside them. Go in there to see a two tiered grid/gate/trigger puzzle setup. The trigger tiles have special textures (on the floor or the ceiling) and there are helpful cameras to identify which trigger tile triggers which gate.

When you enter the first corridor with grids, you see a gate rising, but if you go further and want to pass this place the gate falls down again just before Lara's nose.

(Important notice: Because of some peculiarities of the gates some of them are unfortunately not really closed, when they should be. [In other words they are closed but you can run through them]. That means, that there is a small gap between the gate and the neighbouring grid, where Lara can move through. But don't take the fun out of the challenge to solve this puzzle and consider the gates as closed.)

Get up on the grid ahead (the gate rises ahead of you), run in to the left trigger (the camera changes, and you raise the gate outside). You'll see this happening.

Go back through the double doors (notice one gate falling down again) and climb into this newly opened gate outside (the camera changes).

Go in to the right but pay attention! Don't step on the trigger tile in front of the closed gate. As you should remember: This closes the gate behind Lara and she is caught there, so be careful.

Go in to the left (camera shows the gate rising behind you) and drop down. This is a timed trigger to open the double doors. Run the fastest possible way to the doors and let them close behind Lara. Here is one way to do this timed run: face the tile at a slight angle and facing towards the double doors outside. Run onto the tile at an angle (the camera changes). Hop back twice so Lara is backed up against the wall. Get control back of Lara (with the look key). Take one jump up, forward, onto the grid, through the gate and sprint towards the door.

Now Lara can enter the alcove with the specially textured floor trigger. This removes the trigger for raising the first gate in the corridor. You can now enter the part after the first gate in the corridor and you see a second gate, which functions in the same manner as the first.

Before you do that, you should step on the trigger tile in the room to the left for raising the gate at the back of this room. At the same time Lara makes the way free to the room with the hand below. Get up on the grid there and then to the left.

In this corridor you drop onto a trigger tile, that closes the gate to the big hall and puts out the flame in front of Lara.

In the next room turn left and make your way to the room with the hand and pick it up. (If you forgot to raise the gate to the room with the hand you will have to do the timed run again).

Raise the gate to the corridor, so that you can go to the hand receptacle. Place the hand and you´ll see that one part of the double doors is closed and behind that part you can see the newly revealed trigger tile. So you have to close this part of the door again. Go through the room where the hand was to the timed trigger tile for the double door. No need to do the timed run again. Simply go back through the room where the hand was and you can now enter the alcove with the trigger tile. This disables the trigger for lowering the second gate in the longer corridor and now you can exit this area and climb up the ladder.

At the top of the ladder you turn into a corridor. Have a look at this before you move on. Thereıs a spike boulder overhead. Look down into the hole and see a ledge into an alcove down there, and another alcove on the right. If you aim for the alcove on the right the spike boulder will kill Lara. So this is what to do. Slide a little bit down the slope and jump with action pressed to land on the ledge in the alcove ahead of you. The spike boulder will fall and miss Lara. Turn around and jump to grab the slope you slide down. Pull up, twist and keep jumping until Lara lands in the alcove on the right. Now continue along the corridor. To a room ahead with a half eyepiece on a stand and two mummies.

Grab the eyepiece and drop into the hole, there's a ladder down. At the bottom you are in a room with toxic water. Now there's a surprise! Turn around to see the other half eyepiece in the water and two ropes.

First task is to shoot the vase up in the corner. Save before doing this. Let lara grab the one rope facing the vase. Swing towards the vase and at the highest point jump, draw the uzis or pistols, shoot the vase, land on the slope, holster the pistols and grab the edge of the slope. Shooting the vase has put out the fire in the crawlspace on the other side of the room.
Move Lara via the platforms to the other rope and from there swing to the platform in front of the crawlspace. Crawl through, slide down the slope and jump. Jump, facing the crawlspace, then backward on the slope and from the slope jump and grab the monkeyswing. Move to the lever switch in the end of the corridor. This switch opens a gate on the other side of the room outside. Swing back to the platform in front of the crawlspace and jump to the nearest platform on the central column.

From there move Lara via the platforms and the rope into the corridor, where the gate has opened and shoot the vase. The pool is healthy now and you can pick up the second part of the eye piece.

You get out of the water by pulling up and backflip/twist to grab the rope behind. Jump over to where you combine the eyepiece and use it.
What a sight, fire on the floor and a boulder ahead! But it's easy. Jump to one of the side slopes and keep pressing jump so Lara moves along forwards and backwards. There's no need to think about what's going to happen. The boulder will roll and you'll trigger a flyby to show the area below.

There are two ways to get down there:

The longer way is to follow a natural impulse and dive into the water. There are four corner areas at the bottom of the pool. One has ammo, one has a sink you canıt swim through and the other two have nothing. Climb out and shoot the vases. Climb up the blocks and make your way to the top, using the monkeyswing and the rope, to where the mummy is, and push the floor lever.

The shorter way is to drop to the platform below and from there directly via the rope to the floor lever and push it. This clears the sink in the south hole in the pool. So dive down and keep swimming until you come out to a familiar room. We can now claim the hand we saw earlier. Back into the pool and climb as before to the now open double doors above.
There's a crawlspace ahead. The "danger music" should tell you something is about to happen. Crawl in just one knee movement and crawl out again. You have triggered three scorpions. Kill them outside unless you think you can make it to the centre of the room where you can stand up and kill them there. In the far right corner thereıs a drop to a floor lever, push it. When you pull up out of this drop another scorpion is triggered, so just drop back and kill it from there.

Crawl to the left side of the room and see steam emitters ahead. Thereıs a medpack in the first dip, and for good reason. Move quickly through the steam as you climb your way up.

You are now back at the pyramid. Jump up the first layer, face the tiny pyramid at the top, jump over its top to bounce off the other side and jump again to grab the ledge above. Place the hand in the receptacle you saw when you entered this level.

Back down again to the pyramid and another double door has opened.
Enter this room and the doors close behind you. We see square holes and water below. There are poison darts criss crossing these holes, trigger tiles and a timed door.

Jump across to the right and see two doors. Go in left and climb over blocks and you the camera changes. The gate you are looking at is the timed gate. Beside this gate is a crawlspace. Climb in there to get ammo, and back out again.

If at any time you fall into the water you can get back out again at the entrance... where you came into this room.

Go to the other corridor and find a crawlspace. Climb in and see a trigger tile. Actually this is timed too but it's not so bad. Best way to do it is to hop backwards onto the trigger tile and run forward to the crawl space, climb out, drop down and run to where you saw the two doors. Try to jump across the holes to save time, and through the door on the right. Inside over the block on the right you can see a medpack if you need it. But if you go for the medpack now youıll have to fall back into the water and do this timed door again.

Behind this door, run left to find a floor lever, push it. The corridor is on fire, and there's no way out. (Have a look through the crawlspace to see a crossbow). So Lara will have to catch fire. You have to run through the fire, jump over the block and drop into the water. Save before you start. Lara should be able to do this losing only half her health.
Climb out of the water and go towards the two doors again. As you approach the door in front of you opens. Inside is a mummy, just run past it. There is a crossbow in a side corridor (you saw it when if you looked through the crawlspace). This needs an angled running jump, around the corner, to land on the tile with the crossbow.

How to get back. Stand Lara on the right side facing the crawlspace. Hop back and do a running jump with right key pressed and she should get back safely.

Beside her here is a drop down. Look down and you'll see a crawlspace. Press action and jump to land on the safe square. Crawl in and get crossbow ammo. To get back out again stand, not in the centre, but at the side and a single jump with action to grab the edge will get you out.
Do an angled jump over the fire tile to grab and get into the crawlspace. The fires are now out on the floor so itıs safe to run over them and drop back into the water.

Go towards the two doors again, but this time wait a minute. If you cross the trigger tile the door opens again. What you want to do is get behind it on the left before the opening door blocks your way. This is what to do.
Stand at an angle to run in behind the door. As soon as you are behind the door jump to clear a block and jump to a crawlspace. As you drop from the crawlspace backflip immediately, and you will get through to the next room with a second to spare.

Run forward and get up into a crawlspace. Crawl forward all the way and see a monkeyswing and a closed gate on the right. Back up and left and drop down from the crawlspace. Find the fire with two slopes either side. Run around to the left and find a corridor with ammo. Then back to the fire. There's a vase to shoot behind the top of the left slope. With weapons drawn, take a running jump to the left slope and keep jump pressed so Lara hops forwards and backwards until she shoots the vase. You'll know you've done it when you hear the gate open. Go back through the crawlspace towards the monkeyswing and gate. The next task is to shoot the second vase from here.

Drop back from the crawlspace and shimmy around to the right, your back to the slope. Backflip jump, draw the pistols, shoot the vase, holster the pistols, slide down the slope a little bit and jump to grab the ladder again. This is a very tough sequence to master.

The door behind you is open now. Again, a backflip jump and grab the monkeyswing above. Turn around and swing to the floor lever. This opens the double doors and puts out the fire in the other room. Monkeyswing back to the crawlspace, drop and grab it, donıt let Lara bring her legs up and get into the crawlspace. Go through the double doors, past the pyramid, to where the fire went out.

You enter a corridor and see torches on the wall and three dips in the ground. Simply go forward to the trigger tile in front of the gate. Turn around and you see the torch light up above the first dip and the trigger tile there is activated. Go back to that dip and the torch above the middle dip lights up. Enter the second dip and when you enter the third dip again the gate opens.

Right, so we're in a cave... kind of.

The sand bank on the right is to the outside area, but for now go forward to a room with lava below, ladders and crawlspace on the left. There's a cartouche behind the column but you canıt see it. Here is one of those awkward jumps around the column (now called banana jumps). So save before you attempt it. Line Lara up to take a running jump very slightly out to the right and keep the left key pressed so she lands on the other side. Do it on the left side if it works better that way. Get the cartouche and use the crawlspace and ladder to get out again. Up the sandbank to the outside area. Not too far and drop into a hole to place the cartouche.

You are now in the bonus level . . . otherwise the level ends if Lara runs to the jeep in the desert valley.


Note from Karsten: This bonus "level" is only the starting part of a not finished level. It´s mainly a complex door-tunnel-puzzle. If you set one of the numbered doors in motion, they open and close some tunnels at the same time. The starting position of the door is the "closed" position.
As soon as the flyby stops get ready to shoot the guard and the dog in this coastal city type level. There are two machine guns here and you can see a pulldown switch ahead. Run over to the block in front of the left machine gun. You can't get that ammo yet. Walk slowly along the left side of this left block until you are almost at the end facing the machine gun. Then run a zig zag over to the left and to the right and dive into the tunnel below. If you run straight for the tunnel Lara will be on fire before she reaches it. Take a breather.

Just where you dropped down there's a white tile. You have to stand on it to open a trapdoor further on in the tunnel. Don't run towards the white tile or the gun will burn Lara. Rather stand with your back to it, hop back onto the tile and sprint forward into the tunnel. Turn to the right and a machine gun starts shooting at you. Drop down into the trapdoor.
Pull the floor lever-1 down there and the brown door-1 ahead opens (and also a door-0, you just passed).

Climb up where the brown door-1 is and you are right behind the gun. It's ok, you can shimmy around and climb up behind it and run into the tunnel.

Follow the dirt floor around the corner and find the trapdoor to pull down. Jump up through the trapdoor and use the pulldown switch. This opens a door-2 in the tunnel around the nearby corner. Go there.

Run in (door-2 closes) and you see a crawlspace ahead of you and a fire floor below. Get into the crawlspace. At the end there is a white tile that is a timed trigger to open door-2. Drop down behind it and go round the corner to shoot a blue ball (This opens a door-3 nearby. There should be a camera, but it may not show sometimes). The fire is now safe, so go back towards the door, turn around and get into the crawlspace again. I'd recommend you back Lara over the tile (you wonıt have time to turn around if you crawl towards it), and drop down again. This time run for the door-2 before it closes again.

Go around to the left until you see a drop in the floor and get crossbow ammo. Get out and go through the nearby door-3. Go to the right, then follow the tunnels to the end (passing a guard below). Drop down to a floor lever-4. Pull it. You see a door-3 opening ahead through the grate.
Climb back out and step on the white trigger in the green lighted alcove, which closes door-3 again. Go out along the newly opened tunnel (see the timed block rising some time after you had stepped on another white trigger tile in this corridor) and see a dead soldier on the ground. Drag him off the lasersight, take it and head back out.

When you step on this white tile again, the block lowers as you approach. Go stand on this tile and the block rises like an elevator to let you climb up to the crawlspace. Drop down the other side to get the armour, a secret. Climb back out and stand on a trigger tile in the other, now green lighted alcove. Turn around and door-3 has opened again to let you go back behind the machine gun.

Make your way to the room with the guard, passing the now open door-4 (you saw before from above). Shoot him and take the revolver. Combine the revolver and lasersight and blow up the machine gun. Go forward a little bit and get the medpack. Come back again to the dirt floor and the trapdoor.
You should be able to blow up the sentry gun through the opened trapdoor. Climb up and shoot the other gun. You can now collect the ammo on the block.

Drop down into the hole again, beside where the left machine gun used to be, and stand on the white trigger there, just like you did before. Follow the tunnel and drop down through the open trapdoor again.

Use the floor lever-1 down there again to close the brown door-1 ahead (and reveal another tunnel). Climb out of the trapdoor and go to where the machine gun was. Drop down behind the newly closed door and find another floor lever-5. This one opens door-5 to the area with the nitro. Get back up and go towards the open trapdoor over the lever. Turn left and in through the brown door-5. You see the nitro ahead of you on a fire tile.

The idea here is to trigger door-6 next to door-5 to open behind you, but the trigger is in front of a ladder ahead. So, facing the nitro, stand Lara as far right as possible. Jump and grab the crawlspace above. Crawl through and stand up. Take a running jump over the slope ahead to land on the trigger tile in front of the ladder. Go on the right side of the ladder and face the ladder.

The timed run starts when you jump up to grab the ladder. Immediately backflip jump and twist on the slope and in the right moment jump from the slope to the ledge (You can reach the ledge directly only from the left side of the slope - facing the ledge) and run without break to the crawlspace, and again without any break in the movement go down into the crawlspace and crawl to the right side. Turn around, drop down and immediately do a backward jump with twist (This jump works only on the deeper side of the slightly sloped tile, that's why you had to go to the right side of the ledge above!) and then sprint through the door.
In the room with the water use the pull-down switch. It opens the trapdoor above the water nearby.

Now you have to bring doors-2 and 4 with levers-2 and 4 in the right positions. That means back in the starting or closed position, so that you can make your way from the water pool directly to the tunnel with lever-5 and close door-5 again, and to have the way free to another, now open tunnel (It´s the tunnel you saw through a grate near the exploded gun).

From lever-5 go back to the water pool and then through the open trapdoor into this open tunnel.

Open the trapdoor above and jump through it to the outside area. The fire is out under the pulldown switch. Use it and you can now go to the room with the nitro. When you pick up the nitro, you see the big double gates open where the machine guns used to be. Go towards the bike and the level ends. What a pity, that street looks very inviting.