Download the Back to Basics 2010 package here.

For a guide on how to install BtB 2010 please have a look at the Installation page.

Choose a level below to download and play it. Please mind the bug & comments section before playing a level and remember to activate Vol. FX in the setup!

Level (Download)
Secrets Bugs or Comments
Abandoned Theater 5
Aurum Potestas Est 2
A Very Good Year 4  
The Black Lodge 3
Cannaregio 4
Clockwork Orange 7
Cult of the Mask 2  
Door to Venice 2  
The Heart of Venice 3
Kill Jill 5
Knights of Cydonia 3  
Leave the Gondolas in Venice 5  
Legacy of the Lament Rose 1
The Night Before Carneval 3  
No Warehouses in Venice? 2  
One Day in Venice 4  
Palace Dionysus 5
The Phantom of the Opera 2  
The Power of the Dragon 5
Revenge of the Illuminati 3  
The Rose, The Witch and the Godfather 5  
Sunken Venice 1
Venice Vino Vendetta 5


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