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Author(s): Lara Croft
release date: 21-Jul-2006
# of downloads: 1186

average rating: 6.21
review count: 12
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file type: TR4
class: South Pacific

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Lara Croft

Lara is fed up. Again and again she is exploring old tombs or fighting dangerous creatures. She needs some rest and because of that she rents a comfortable ship for sailing. Like it was fortune Lara fastly finds herself in a disaster. One night she gets surprised by a heavy, terrible storm and her ship sinks. When Lara awakes again it's day and she finds herself on a very small island. After sometime she goes to explore the sea. Soon she finds some underwater-caves, which look like they were built by humans. Then she also finds a beautiful underwater-city. After all there she can't find anything that could save her and so she watches out for an exit. At the exit she finds something she didn't expect. Is this her rescue?....