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Author(s): Matie Tombraider95
release date: 13-Jun-2011
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Early morning at Croft Manor the residents were already awake. Lara Croft, dressed up in her sports outfit, has just finished her warming-up training. Heading to the assault course outside, she went across a small room where Zip was sitting on a sofa with his laptop in his hands.
Hey Lara!
Hello Zip. Lara was opening the door of another room, when Zip said:
Lara! Do you know Kane Pawsner?
I have heard of him. He is the archeologist, who has found an ancient temple in Mexico recently. Why?
He sent you a video message a few minutes ago.
Lets see it!
Shortly after, the picture of a handsome, brown-haired young man appeared on the screen of Zips computer.
Good morning, Miss Croft. This is Kane Pawsner, archeologist. I know something you might be interested in. I am sure you have heard about the legendary Crystal Skulls. These skulls have enormous powers and big knowledge one can hardly imagine. Well, I am searching for these skulls, trying to solve their secrets. I have to stay in Mexico for a while. I know the location of one of them, though. I have forwarded the coordinates to you. Are you interested?
Here they are. Zip said, showing the location to Lara.
China, the Valley of the Tigers. Sounds great.
And so she set off...