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Parrots Cove


release date: 06-Jan-2015
# of downloads: 2777

average rating: 8.54
review count: 12
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file size: 52.80 MB
file type: TR4
class: nc

author profile(s):

This level is based on the videogame Pirates: the Legend of Black Kat (Pirates of Skull Cove in USA and Kat la Rouge in France) of 2002. The name Parrots Cove belongs to one of the many small Islands that can be visited in the game by Katarina.

Story: Spanish Main, 1670: Spanish possessions in the Carribean attract adventurers looking for treasures. Galleons filled with doubloons traverse the ocean to reach the homeland in spite of natures dangers and the sea raiders. During the boarding of a galleon that was directed to Spain, the governator Marcus De Leon is brutally killed and his body is thrown in the sea. On Nassau, the governors island, his daughter Katarina learns the sad and terrible news. But Katarina is not an iberian lady who moved to the New World to follow her fathers footsteps: She is a brave and charismatic woman and in her veins flows the blood of Mara Rosseau, a french female pirate who married the young Marcus. Katarina finds out that the author of the boarding and the killing of her father is no one but a corsair who used to work for the governator himself. Katarina, being his daughter, knows his den: a little uncharted rock called Parrots Cove...