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Author(s): DaroRaider
release date: 02-Apr-2018
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After Dr. Willards defeat in Antarctica, the events did not end there. His cousin, and also a scientist, Dr. Seefeld, along with another arm of the RX-Tech company had discovered the presence of a mysterious power hidden in the heart of the moon. For this, the malevolent doctor required the presence of the artifacts that Lara had saved after defeating Willard. Seefeld wasted no time and ordered the assault on Laras mansion to seize the artifacts and use them to accomplish his task. Now, Lara must travel to the spacecraft where Seefeld is carrying out its operations and recover the artifacts as a top priority to thwart Seefelds plans. Will Lara be able to recover the artifacts held by Dr. Seefeld and his accomplices?