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Dark City - Part 2 (Demo)


release date: 26-Jun-2018
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file type: TR4
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Lucifer wages another war against the Heavens. Still furious for being thrown out from Gods kingdom, Lucifer gathers his forces of darkness against the gates of the Heavens.

Lara continues her mission started in Part 1: She must enter the high-tech underground facilities and access the dig, where the portal to the spiritual world is hidden. She must find it and go through, she must descend to the very Hell to stop Lucifer from destroying the Earth.

The Guardian Angel, who protects the gates of the Purgatory, needs Laras help as well. Lucifer has stolen souls of prominent people from the Purgatory, hoping that these prominent souls can lead his armies against the heavenly hosts. If Lara can find all stolen souls and send them back to the Purgatory where they belong, the Angel will help Lara finish her quest.

Find the lost souls and send them back to the purgatory. You have a mighty ally, the Guardian Angel, who will help you overcome and escape the very Death and stop the cosmic war against God.