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Author(s): Topixtor
release date: 15-Sep-2018
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average rating: 8.26
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file size: 26.60 MB
file type: TR2
class: nc

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Note: Level updated with various fixes on Oct 9, 2018. If you experience weird visual glitches like disappearing objects / clipping / see through objects, press F7 while ingame and everything will be fixed. This is an original TR2 Detail Option, but there is no need to activate it in this or any other Level.

Lara, while searching for a certain Drilling Site in Alaska, sights a complex disseminated with the Fiamma Nera marks (the Xian ones to be precise), seemingly abandoned due to the damages caused by avalanches and some strange ice deformations that seems to be the direct consequences of the violent ice drilling; she starts to get close to the base when suddenly something hits her helicopter: a mercenary with an intimidating mechanichal arm is sinking it with shots! Seems that the area has not been completely evacuated yet... She manages to shoot and make the mercenary fall off the roof, but in turn due to the altitude she needs to get off the helicopter while still on the base to avoid crashing, and in the haste she loses her pistols and the majority of the supplies, leaving her only with the little she had in her backpack... Now she needs to find a way to escape; and whats that? An elecritified fence? Mechanical arms, destructive escavations... Fiamma Neras technology has really been improving. She sure needs to return home in order to come up with a better plan for the assault!